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British Neo-Nazis are on the Rise and They're Becoming More Organized and Increasingly Violent
Neo-Paganism and Satanic Occultism is at the Heart of the Neo-Nazi Leaning Alt-Right Movements
Like American "Patriots," German Neo-Nazi's Are Preparing for Civil War and Collapse of Germany
President of Greece: The Threat to Europe is Not Withdrawal of Nations from the EU, but Neo-Nazism
EU's Hungary is Now Producing White Racist Textbooks for its School Age Children in Public Schools
Racist Right-Wing Youths in Finland Formulate Racist Campaign Against Non-Whites "Invading Finland"
The Architect of European Union: "Send Us Such a Man, and Be He God or Devil, We Will Receive Him"
After 3 Days of Marathon Closed-Door Meetings, Europe has a New Cast of Powerful Un-Elected Leaders
UK Police Ready 10,000 More Officers as Fears Brexit Tensions Could Potentially Escalate into Major Riot
Elite UK Soldiers in ‘Nuclear-Proof Bunker’ Called 'PINDAR' are Activated to Prepare for Coming 'Brexit'
Pindar is Another Code Name for Satan in His Role as the Antichrist King of a Coming New World Order
Secret 2019 Bilderberg Meeting Draws Trump's Secretary of State Pompeo & Trump Son-in-Law Kushner
Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Unveils a Middle East Peace Plan That Faces Broad Arab Rejection
The Future King of England, Prince William, Spent Three Weeks Working in Secret with M-I5 and M-I6
Prince William Vows to Make Peace Between Palestinians and Israel His Own Personal Lifelong Project
The British Royal Family’s Surprising History With Nazi Germany and Prince William's Visit to Israel
Since Prince William's 2018 Visit to Israel Many Signs Are Fulfilled in Israel Connected to the Messiah
Modern Society's Longing for an Arthurian Figure to Arise and Establish a Unified "New World Order"
Israeli News: UK Internet Poll Shows Public Wants William's Third Baby to Be Named 'Prince Arthur'
Britain's Racist Prince Philip In His Own Words: We Need To Cull the Surplus Global Population
Britain's Prince Charles Hails Abortion and the Population Control of Many Developing Nations
EPA and Trump Refuses to Ban a Pesticide Linked To Autism & Brain Damage in Our Children
Britain's Prince William Gives Speech Warning 'Too Many People Currently Living on Planet'
Britain's Anti-Semitic Turn: New Manifestation of the Oldest Hatred Now Demonizing Israel
Britain's Racist Anti-Semitic Government Targeted Post-War Jews for Assassination Before

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Prince William Antichrist 666

Prince William Antichrist 666

Prince William Antichrist 666

Prince William Antichrist 666

Prince William Antichrist 666
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Prince William Antichrist 666

From Cain to Antichrist: The Royal Masonic Secret Exposed
Since the dawn of man, this conspiracy has existed. Down thru the ages it has had a solitary, albeit malevolent goal toward global enslavement. It is so diabolical in its intent that the Bible itself warns us of it as early as Genesis 3:15, where God foretells of the epic war between Christ and Satan via the bloodlines that each would work thru to claim Zion as their own. Thus, there are two warring factions behind the spiritual veil that is daily leading this world toward the end of our present Second Earth Age and toward its inescapable Armageddon. The signs are all around us already, despite how one chooses to interpret them. As a result, we have to critically ask ourselves, what have we done, or what are we still doing, to allow Satan's control to fester in this world? Because despite whatever you currently believe, don't believe, or don't want to believe, there exists an entire race of Anglo-elitists who worship only Satan within ancient secret societies dedicated to his will, who have increasingly brought man's own ignorance of reality to become their greatest weapon toward dividing and ultimately conquering this world for their false 'god of light.' For myself, despite the factors of events that came to work against it, I have only sought the truth behind their sinister trade, and this is my report. I am absolutely certain that those who secretly govern us all never expected anyone could have put forth what will be revealed to you, against their coming One World Leader. But with God's supernatural help along the way, I have done just that. To begin, it must first be established that this work, from original culmination to its final conclusion made, has been a journey of itself. I only pray that you understand how everything written herein directly affects you already, no matter what you may currently think or believe. While these same hidden controllers of our world are time and again proven to be the ardent arch-enemies of the Christian God, they nonetheless are allowed the systematic removal of God from every facet of our lives under the guise of their Masonic-devised 'Separation of Church and State,' where Satanic Witchcraft is allowed, even funded to flourish, while Christianity is pushed toward the edge of extinction. In this website you will learn that the American government itself, is actually run by a foreign government, and that since its inception, has only sought to vainly appease the people, and not be a government for the people. Since the dawn of man, they have existed and while hiding under both Anglo and Semitic names since Enoch, have they created the world's most infamous secret societies; The Council of Celtic Druids, the French Priory of Sion, the French Cathars, the French (and later, Scottish) Knights Templar, the British (and later American) Freemasons, the British Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, the British Ordo Templis Orientis, the Bavarian Illuminati, the German Rosicrucians, the German Thule Society, the Anglo-American Skull and Bones, the American Bohemian Grove, where the ancient demon Molech is revered by influential politicians and Presidents, among many other such organizations connected to British and American Freemasonry and their increasingly pervasive global institutions. And yet, all of their evil work that can be seen today is purposefully leading society toward something that involves Satanism, mind control, a one-world new order, and resulting servitude by the masses on a global scale. What could that be?

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It is because Satan's men ultimately govern this world's corrupted system from within those global institutions of their own devising that by the time they've reached this latter generation, evil has been given such wide-reaching power over all our lives, from what we eat, via their genetically tainted foods that bring us under a manageable population control, to what your children learn at schools via the paganized public education system that prepares their daily descent toward becoming future citizens of a coming society based on Godlessness and Antichrist worship. And, they are Satanic. What you may not know, yet, is how the modern Satanic religion is advancing in larger strides today whilst hiding itself behind such introductions to Satanism as today's pagan Wicca, Witchcraft, and New Age movements, and anything else that introduces increasingly younger minds toward fascination of the Occult itself. In very real terms, the Occult today and their attacks on our youth is comparable with the Hitler Youth Movement of the past, because both were/are being operated by a twisted hierarchy whose 'elite leaders' believe they can manipulate a generation, not for any one man or political leaning, but toward Satan himself. As such, because innocent children are more easily beguiled in the most subtle of ways into an interest with the supernatural, almost by default, they will be told again and again that Wicca, for one example, has nothing to do with worshipping Satan, despite those who've spent their entire adult lives heavily involved with Wicca explaining to their post-apprentice readers that indeed Satan, in the most classical, Biblical, and theistic sense, is indeed their god. Evidence presented in this website absolutely proves it. Occult authors of every stripe are increasingly displaying little shame in attesting to that fact. It is therefore no coincidence that these more lucid assertions would confuse today's Gen Z and Millennials who are being actively conditioned into such hatred against God, Jews, Christians, Israel, and the Bible itself, exactly as Satan would have for them in advance of his Millennial Antichrist. Global society itself is being manipulated toward chaos and discord that culminates in the global Collapse and reset for a New Age. And we have already seen at least one of their Masonic "new ages" before, dressed up as the Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages) of the United States of America, where from its inception was following an all too familiar pattern seen in Europe. Long before America's own British-born Forefathers (of whom only some were Freemason, but all were Anglo-racist) the Puritan and Pilgrim people themselves were slaves of the British Crown. While the Pilgrims were Separatists, seemingly, the Puritan "Christians" were openly loyal to England and the British Monarchy, as non-separating Congregationalists who believed the Church of England was the one true church, and whatever ruling Monarch that exists at the time is its Godly head. In other words, the British elites have created their own 'Vicar of Christ' on earth, but instead of a Pope, they extend all power to the ruling Monarch themselves whose lineage is believed to be traced to Christ, but is in reality traced to Cain.

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There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened beings whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has secret destiny. The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a World Order ruled by a King with supernatural powers. This King was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined [Illuminati] for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of heroes, perfected.

Manly P. Hall 33° Freemason, The Secret Destiny of America

The day has come when Fellow Craftsman [Freemasons] must know and apply their knowledge. The lost key to their grade is the mastery of emotion, which places the energy of the universe at their disposal. When the Mason learns ... the mystery of his Craft, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain.

Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree, KT (Knights Templar), The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Cain has always been at the center of true Satanism. Adepts assert it was Cain who first used the Craft to debase God which culminated in the murderous sacrifice of Abel. Robert Graves in his seminal work titled 'The White Goddess' which contains the traditional verse sung during the Witch's Sabbat. Tubal-Cain thus became associated with the most ancient Horned God [Satan] who is still worshipped.

Aradian Witchcraft: The Worship of Lucifer and Diana

In order for the Sons and Daughters of Cain to punch a hole in this earth’s ‘veil,’ certain protocols of quantum physics must be followed. The Black Cube (Kabbalah) has instructed the literal Children of Satan the world over how the conjuring and controlling of powerful demonic entities (they falsely believe they can actually control these entities) can be accomplished; that by utilizing certain geometrical lines combined with very specific harmonic frequencies of sound – the protective “Watchtowers” can be temporarily disabled, allowing very real and very powerful demonic fallen angels to communicate with the sorcerer or the “Mother Goddess” witch.

The Story Behind The Story

It was Cain who carried out the first human sacrifice to Satan, who consumed both the flesh and blood of Abel in honor of his Dark Father. Since Genesis, Cain's descendants, and those who serve their agenda, have engaged in similar blood sacrifices in the honor of their own dark father, Cain himself, of whose Masonic secret is subtly revealed in the etymology within the English words Cannibal (Cain + Abel) and Cabal. The earliest Akkadian histories seem to indicate Cain's descendants were also first in stealing children to be used as slaves, for sex, and ultimately, human sacrifices (that led to the more conventional Black Masses held in medieval Europe) that's secretly carried out among Cainite Royalty and the elites who serve them to this very day.

Clinton Ortiz, The Return of the Once and Future King

Of these Satanic-inspired false prophets and demonically-empowered racist teachers of today, one only need read the above to see how bad it is becoming in the West. Of this, the Scriptures speak thusly, "In the last days, many shall depart from the [Christian] faith, to instead listen to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Such teachings are spread by deceitful liars, whose consciences are seared as if by hot irons" (1 Timothy 4:1-2). Fleshing that out further, the Scriptures then explain, "Neither give heed to vain fables or endless genealogies." (1 Timothy 4:1). The phrase "endless genealogies" is interesting there, knowing how many are attempting to determine if they're descended from the "noble Aryan race of godlike super-beings," and all else that's being taught them by vain teachers who are increasingly sounding more like Adolf Hitler, than Alex Jones. Knowing Satan always works in counterfeit actions to God's Will, where the counterfeiting of God's Word is twisted to become the Kabballah, and the Aryan Antichrist becomes the Jewish Messiah, it should therefore be no wonder that Christ's own post-Apocalyptic Millennial rule becomes that of Satan's New Age kingdom of a counterfeit Utopia, that Satanic cults like Freemasonry works ever toward. As such, global Freemasonry is nothing more than Satan's counterfeit of worldwide Christianity, but unlike God's clarion call for mankind to unite under the banner of Christ and His inclusive teaching, Aryan-centered Freemasonry seeks to undermine God and His Son, outright, as well as placate to non-whites in a global front to make Freemasonry seem all-inclusive, when its elite core is still entirely comprised of pure-blooded Aryans who gear all of the West's dominating institutions, education, and even entertainment, toward only Occult learning for the masses. Thus, while most conspiracy-orientated websites today are turning to Nazism to explain the world to you, citing that multiculturalism itself is the by-product of "evil Jews" that want to degrade, dilute, and destroy 'white power,' understand, it is the Aryan power that dominates our world that seeks to destroy every Jew, and Judeo-Christian institution. For the Aryan to achieve a substantive dominance, they must make it appear that white privilege itself is in danger of extinction, thus creating a hive mindset among whites that they must rise up against the multicultural and immigrant tide or face racial annihilation. This is purposefully being played out in both America and in Europe today in the effort to create a stronger bond between the whites and the Aryan rulers who seek to dominate us all. Understand, because Satan wants to become God, he actively counterfeits everything of God, including God's Son, with Antichrist, and His own "Chosen people," the Jews, with Aryans, specifically the descendants of Cain that rule this planet. One clear way Satan is taking ground with his Antichrist deception already, is by blurring the lines between God's children (Sethites) and his own (Cainites), using an ever-increasing racial "Aryan ideology" to spread both great hatred toward the Jewish people, and Israel today. At the same time, many white racists, even those who believe themselves to be "Christian" are tainted with the specific Satanic ideology citing that they are descendants of the Biblical 'House of Israel,' with Adam being the first white man by which God specifically created to place all other races under his given authority. This is what the American "Christian Identity" movement believes, as well as the members within such hate groups as the KKK, with the same ideology also finding its way into the Mormon church, as well. This same false narrative and lie that serves as the foundation for Jewish hatred, is also well documented in the Aryan's "Lost Tribes of Israel" heresy, which states that the coming Messiah (Antichrist) will ascend out of the British Royal Throne, as the world purposefully crumbles under mounting debt, pivotal wars, a depleted faith, rise in paganism, poverty, homelessness, population control, elite corporate mega-mergers, and at least one Brexit.

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From the link above, it's clear how the elitist one percent is hoarding all of the resources of the world, heaping it only unto themselves, as democracy itself is slated for destruction. But what the otherwise informative article fails to explain is why democracy is being targeted and systematically being pushed toward extinction, and by exactly who. Understand, the same core elitists that have used the façade of democracy for 300 years now aim to install a global government in advance of the Antichrist's ascension, based not on democracy seemingly for the people, led by the people, but on Monarchist rule led by the Devil in the flesh. Akkadian history places Cain and his descendants as being the first Royal families of earliest Mesopotamian culture. It is written that Cain and his descendants were supremely gifted in the trades of advanced metal and weapon-smithing, megalithic stone-working, musical instrument creation, and the arts in general, all of which solidified their power and rooted Cainite culture deep into the fabric of early civilization. Out of such Cainite influences, came the traditions of heretical philosophy and a pagan-based higher education that was eventually adopted by every surrounding culture that was called Godless, Aryan, heathen, or pagan. What our public education has also never told us, is how they have never relinquished their hold on power, but have increased it toward total global domination, holding all power over every institution by which modern man has grown to depend on, including wealth, finance, the mainstream media, and education. It is this supposed Divine lineage that makes up most of the crowned heads of Europe today, including such banking cartels such as the Rothschild's, in addition to every single American President we've supposedly elected thus far, was also born into their well-established privilege and hierarchy based on their notion of Divine Rule. As Americans, we are taught to believe we are "free," but we've been educated in a system of only their own devising. You are not free. You are subject to the Crown, and are merely a pawn used in global intrigue and wars to build their ongoing, increasingly united, kingdom. Open tyranny has been supplanted by a tyranny of the worst kind, where its controllers are placed above the law, and where their goals are never fully realized by an unsuspecting public. By educating yourself to their presence among us, you'll learn to both recognize and understand their methodical brainwashing, goals, and precisely what they are subtly conditioning society for. Several authors such as the British Royal genealogist [and Jacobite] Laurence Gardner, believes this "Holy Lineage" of powerful god-Kings were descended from the so-called Children of Cain, and as a result, they should not only rule over us, but that we are to think of ourselves as little more than a collective of passive serfs beholden to their draconian Monarchy, e.g., paying our taxes to fund their increasing empire. What's intriguing there, is that much of what Gardner writes is already true, and is backed up by countless sources that deal with Masonic or Anglo-elitist history. Also intriguing, is that when other contemporary Occult authors believe they are writing/speaking to a strictly Occult audience, suddenly the ancient Reptilian Overlords, or "alien architects of this world" becomes singular and is exposed to be none other than Lucifer himself, via Cain, and the seventh generation from his Aryan lineage, Tubal-Cain, who is well-known within the secretive halls of Masonic temples to be the "first Freemason."

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Manly P. Hall stated clearly in his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, that the U.S. was nothing less than a “Masonic experiment,” designed to allow Freemasons to “dominate the world.”

10 Intriguing Masonic Connections To The Founding Of America

Keep in mind that this ritual is not of modern origin. It has been practiced by Satanists since the days of Babylon. It is a multi-generational practice and it involves human sacrifice and the Satanic Sacrament, the consumption of the Sacrificed victim’s literal blood and flesh. The British General, Lord Cornwallis, was an initiate who fully understood this dark and unholy secret. In a last-ditch effort to salvage his ego, Cornwallis divulged the hidden agenda of the bloodlines by declaring to Washington and his adjutants: “A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown.” Cornwallis went on to explain to his shocked audience what would seem initially to be a self contradiction: “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire.”

The Story Behind The Story

In America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction - enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them.

Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery

The USA is best characterized as a decomposing corpse of a nation lorded over by a tiny clique of oligarchs who control the herd by wielding Orwellian methods of mind control.

Dmitry Orlov

MK-Ultra, the CIA's infamous "mind control" program, was an extension of the behavior control research conducted by the Tavistock Institute. Formed at Oxford University, London, by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a sister organization to the Council of Foreign Relations created by the Round Table, the Tavistock Clinic became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II. The basis of the project of the Tavistock Institute was explained by Round Table member, Lord Bertrand Russell [who] offered a revealing glimpse into Frankfurt School’s mass social engineering efforts in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society: I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called "education." Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the [elitist] governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely.

The Holiness of Sin: Freud, the Frankfurt School and the Kabbalah

Public schools and children in America have become strategic targets for conversion to the ideology of the New Age movement. It can be conclusively demonstrated that Occult, New Age philosophy and practices have been integrated into public educational curricula and programs. This intrusion is especially evident in certain health, sex, guidance counseling, art, and gifted education programs. These New Age psychotherapeutic programs are usurping parental authority. The imposition of these harmful techniques and programs [no matter how subtly placed] violates federal laws and constitutional protections. As well, it can be shown that these techniques actually increase problem behavior.

Public Education or Pagan Indoctrination

In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint, to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real Creator and benefactor, [and] the enemy of God, is in reality, the highest divine Spirit.

Madame Blavastsky, The Secret Doctrine, Founder of the New Age Movement

For Aquino, Satan was a real metaphysical being whose devotees were meant to worship and serve as their diabolical deity. This constitutes the first break between atheistic Satanists and theistic Satanists — a rift which has little meaning when considering that either way it's consistent with Crowley’s notion of inversion. [Thus] it does not matter if a Satanist replaces God with himself or the Devil — the ultimate end result serves the same agenda of overturning Christianity and replacing it with Satanic worship. Whether the individual Satanist prefers atheistic or theistic Satanism is irrelevant. Some spin-off groups of theistic Satanists believe this rift will be settled with the emergence of the Anti-Christ in global affairs.

Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set

A Mortal Enemy: The Anglo-American Alliance of the New Atlantis
Their goal? Antichrist, conveniently presented to a hurting, apocalyptic world in need of a "savior." Indeed, you can already see how much people are being primed today and want to believe in a (Godless) world savior, from the way education increasingly shuns Christ completely, in favor of Satanic, pagan, or any other religious messiah in His place, to the way higher academia, global corporations, and the Bible-denying news media do the same. While end-time signs rage all around us, instead of the media presented what is actually happening to our world, they'll go at great lengths to force a false narrative that it's not an increasingly angry God reacting to man's sins and complete dismissal of their Creator) but warm air, carbon emissions, and "climate change." Instead of hearing that yet another Biblical prophecy has come true right before our eyes, in grand detail, you're treated to the liberal-run media's convenient answer of so-called "global warming" taking the blame. This is not done innocently, but purposefully, to ensure you stay asleep until the day you're under the complete control of their coming leader. Day after day, you'll see and hear how things are getting worse on seemingly every front, with no definite answers on how to counter it, other than we all need to band together to adopt Anti-Christ New Age thinking, "greener-living" practices, and become better "Global Citizens," as outlined in the Masonic plan that is preparing this planet for a One World King of European descent. While those on the far-left want to bring anarchy to destroy the State, those on the far-right want to counter that by bringing another American Civil War. Such white supremacists believe only they are under God's protection, believing Great Britain and the United States have inherited God's ancient promises for Israel. Does all of this mean we should not support American patriotism, on its face? Of course not. The American ideal is a noble one, for what most believe it still is, or could be, but while everyday Americans still believe they are somehow "free" from tyranny, the hidden hand brings forward such men like Obama to stoke the fires on the left, and immediately afterward, Trump, to stoke fires on the right, in order to expedite the fracturing of society itself. In addition, those founding documents, as written, including the Second Amendment which was not put in place as our supposed check and balance against a taxing, tyrannical government, but merely to appease and pacify the People in a an effort to make us believe we are free, when according to our own government, we are anything but free. While our elected leaders seek to do good overall, some of them have no clue of the core power that's aligned more with global governance, than anything remotely deemed to be "America First." Of that first tier of hidden government that is not elected, but generational, no one can deny that America's once defining Christian identity is being eroded into a planned "Novus Ordo Seclorum," where Christianity gives way to their hidden Luciferianism. Whenever Christianity is pandered to among the American populace, it is only done within some form that is not of God, but panders either to those who are inherently racist or fall into one of many Satanic-serving denominations that ultimately push Antichrist. I have personally witnessed this first hand in a local Episcopal-Anglican church that not only preached a very false and New Age doctrine, but the symbols engraved into the floor and found in every corner proved its true pagan influences, not to mention they greatly honor the British Royal Family and uphold its Queen as the head of their false church. But no where can their twisted endeavor be seen more than in our Godless, state-funded academic institutions, called schools, where the goal of these pagan-churning centers of higher learning release an increasing number of radical liberals into society, conditioned toward social utopianism, carrying an even greater inviolable form of systematic atheism than the generation before it.

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So while today's American and British national "patriots" can only see as far as their equally ignorant "seditious" neighbors, our true enemies remain unseen in their government-funded ivory bunkers, deeply allied to a foreign power, whilst setting the left against the right, and vice-versa. Understand, when I and others mention Freemasons in this regard, we are not referencing your older relatives who may have association with your hometown's local lodge, that for the most part only serve as duped fund-raisers for the much larger global collective. What I am referring to are those at the head of that global collective itself who have literally been born into powerful Occult networks, as catered families of affluent pedigree and world position connected to the Crown who literally worship Satan. 2 Corinthians 4:4 informs us that Satan is the literal ruler, power, and Prince of this world. And yet, who has become the most powerful nation in this world? Perhaps better asked, from which nation did America derive? So while, like Anglo-American Freemasonry itself, America seems to go to great strides to be the "light of freedom" and democracy to the rest of the planet (at times, enforcing such democratic freedom in the most violent ways ever seen in this world) there have always been internal forces working within that seemingly benign bastion of hope and charity whose loyalty lies with their perceived "god of light and freedom" of whom the most ascended Master Mason of the inner-caste believes is Lucifer himself. Both Christians and patriots in America would turn immediately ill if they finally understood what they're actually supporting in their ongoing ignorance of God's Word that supersedes any Masonic-devised nation, nationalism, or flag. Most of those same elder Templar families who have emigrated to America, from Western Europe, have strong roots in the north-eastern United States, are of Celtic or English stock, and have held political and financial influence in the New World from the start. While true, the Masonic-allied factions within the American government over these last two centuries have become well-entrenched and wholly allied to the ancient Templar cause that propels them to undertake and achieve the sinister goals of Anglo-Cainite racism, the rest of the American government carries out its duties ignorant to the central plan of the inner-caste, much like the inner caste of Freemasonry itself, as blood-keepers of The Oath [to Lucifer], keep their central secret far removed from the lower caste, who by their own connections, and lack thereof, are not entrusted to such knowledge and power. This may come as a shock to some, but to the Masonic mindset, America is nothing less than a grand Masonic (and Occult) experiment called 'The New Atlantis.' Modern patriots of this 'New Atlantis,' therefore, at some point should educate themselves as to what the Masonic Founders of this resulting nation actually intended, and what their Occult plans still are, before placing America too far in front of Christ's more just, perfect, eternal Kingdom. Moreover, the far-right in America should be asking themselves, in an already festering culture war that's drawing in increasingly harder-edged adherents toward the most extreme within the Left v. Right paradigm, who are the ones actually behind the increasing divide toward civil strife and chaos? Is it truly just the radical far-left or could other forces also be at work against us all? As I show in this website, it is this same "New Atlantis" Alliance between Great Britain and America that is dividing the world, and America itself, so whatever remnant may arise from it after the Collapse, easily falls in line with the Antichrist Masonic agenda that has permeated our government since literally day one. Their global mind control networks and programs, now facilitated by their tightening control over the Internet itself, did not end in projects Bluebird, Artichoke, or Mk-Ultra, but merely began there. And so what is the goal of the obvious Freemason agenda of destroying one empire to pave the way for another? Answering that question goes to prove of whom they actually worship in all of our Western capitals that were built by them, and precisely who they truly are.

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The dark forces that are actively working against mankind, and Christian society in America specifically, are literally bred into the ancient Satanic global agenda and globalist plan via the generational Satanic family and clan they were born into. In other words, despite the British Royals themselves being on such public display, it's those leaders within the underground Satanic operation of whom we cannot see, that are carrying out the will of the Beast already. It is they who have set the foundation for our Destroyer to rule over both the initiated and the ignorant. The left vs. right culture war is of Satan's devising to divide and conquer, along both racist and spiritual lines, which begs the question, why is the far right preparing for literal war against their own countrymen on the left, whilst never thinking to go after the actual forces at work that pit us all against the other? Despite America being tempted and spiritually corrupted with Davidic Anglo-racism in its evil history that helped lead it into its first Civil War, the same Satanic spirit behind that war is still attempting to divide the nation along Anglo-racist lines. A better service toward common sense would remind us all of our true enemy, who never held any empathy toward the Americas, today, nor four centuries ago, when British Freemasons first cast their Occult-laden eyes against the indigenous American nation of whose 12,000 years of history did they seek to trample, in building their Masonic "New Atlantis." With their self-touted "Masonic experiment" now in full effect, how could any of us remain blind to see who and what they've brought this nation in service to? Is it really to "God" or a god of their own occult elevation? We were taught and brainwashed to believe that our so-called "Founding Fathers" created America as a bastion of freedom, and moreover religious freedom, but knowing how Christianity was already the dominant global religion, what religion(s) were these men "bound to the light of Lucifer" protecting? We should be in no wise surprised, therefore, by how far the Left and now the Right have come under various disinformation campaigns under the Masonic design that effectively controls their increasingly opposed narratives today. Another point that cannot be stressed enough, despite its mostly good people that unwittingly fund the ongoing experiment in evil being carried out against them by those behind our government, whose own broken allegiance is bound to another nation entirely, there remains no single government institution that exists to help us other than God Himself, in whose Kingdom resides the only TRUE freedom, as opposed to any Masonic kingdom here on earth claiming to counterfeit Heaven, all the while preparing for Satan's Antichrist. And yet, today we are seeing right-wing American "patriots" arming themselves to the teeth against the "seditious and diabolical left wing," when true patriots of God and country always place their eternal God of Israel ahead of any earthly nation that's not Israel, and not the other way around as too often seen today where America itself has become a false god to those who worship her as such. But, America protects Israel, as some say, believing therefore America must be of God. Now, do you really believe that Israel's funding is for any other reason than establishing the very place by which Antichrist shall have a future Temple to conquer and enthrone himself? At its core, America serves another nation and god, and only to his will do they commit his goals. So where does that leave America's Patriot movement that is daily being brainwashed by FOX News, Breitbart, Daily Caller, and other far-right media that leads former Christians and moderate Republicans down a path that ends in strong Nazi leanings? The answer is in the question.

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Where does this leave today's armed and militant American "Patriots" who are reading to die to protect the Masonic ideology that they've been brainwashed with since birth? Not unlike what the Masonic Brexit plan is doing with its British population, the audiences of such leaders in the "Patriot community" are told to stockpile food, water, and other necessities to see them through what's coming. However, because this is America and not Britain, they are also being commanded to arm themselves to the teeth, because the Deep State might soon come for their guns. To be fair, some Patriots make solid points in regard to the liberal left serving Satan via abortion and LGBT rights, etc., but my entire point is that these liberals are certainly not alone in serving the European Beast. The increasingly racist, right-wing Republicans also serve Satan, via the same kind of racist ideologies that brought the previous century into its Second World War. In fact, to read the sick and twisted comments of their increasingly Jew-hating Patriot audiences, you'd think we traveled back in time to when Hitler was saying the exact same things. Moreover, in all of their misuse of the term 'Zionism,' following the Aryan propaganda put out by their unseen Masonic masters who are the authors of the many Anti-Zionist articles they read, it should be noted that in its purest sense, Zionism, of itself simply means a Jewish yearning to live in the land of their forefathers. It is the evil form of so-called "Zionism" that is both created by, and carried out by this world's actual evil controllers that most ignorant Whites are responding so harshly toward today. What doesn't the majority of the world know or understand in this regard? That such Aryans hide under Jewish names and have controlled this world and its Templar Banking system since the latter half of the Crusades and they are literally carrying out the nefarious plan of the false god they worship, Satan himself. It is still all under only their global control, and not the Jews they blame, that wield such power deeply embedded within the global financial system, perpetrating their evils under such names as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Warburg, not all of which falsely claim to be Jews, but all of which are connected to the so-called Blood Royale that vainly sits enthroned in London currently. A Collapse is coming. America will fall as predicted. However, the Great Whore of Babylon is not America, as some American Christians believe. The vampiric Whore of Babylon that plagues the world today, will still be in power and residing in London during the Tribulation period. It will be largely operated by the same global entity that has always worked toward Satan's Antichrist. Their coming post-Collapse New World will have three major capitols, two spiritual and one main base of power. America having already been routed as a nation by that point, paves the way for its master in London to finally fulfill its dark destiny of becoming that global leader from which arises the Antichrist. The cornerstone of future one world government will be headed in London, having the Satanic-tainted Vatican in Rome and the Third Temple in Jerusalem as its two spiritual bases of power by which the rest of the world is religiously deceived. According to Revelation 13, the Beast (Antichrist) will arise in Britain ("the Sea"), while the False Prophet (Second Beast) will arise in Israel ("the Land"). Revelation 17-18 more clearly explains the "Great Whore" that rides the Beast will control the remainder of what today's Vatican is still becoming. This is the unholy trinity of cities who are the representation of the Unholy Trinity itself, that is Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet as referenced in Revelation 16:13. ("And I saw three demonic spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon [Satan], and out of the mouth of the Beast [Antichrist], and out of the mouth of the False Prophet. For they are the spirits of demons, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.") What the world is being prepared for via both the liberal agenda as well as the far-right Anglo-racist agenda is oddly enough the exact same goals of this world's Satanic (and entirely racist) elites who govern the planet.

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While some are being tainted by the far-right Nazi agenda, the rest are being tainted by the far-left liberal agenda that equally works to deceive a segment of duped society toward ideologies far removed from the Christian moral or norm of the past. In fact, just as their leaders at the top are connected to the British establishment and its intelligence agencies, both political parties have been found to be secretly connected with everything from the global drug trade and sex trafficking of children, to the financing and creation of new and unpredictable strains of virus, as well as the porn, entertainment, and music industries, and anything else which works to subtly destroy mankind on a global scale whilst continually building its own financial empire for the Antichrist. While Trump pays much lip service and claims he's against human trafficking, it seems his target is once again, only the people of Mexico, when the vast majority of such Satanic trafficking remains untouched and thrives in the Satanic underground of American, Britain, and in certain nations of Asia. Perhaps more shocking than that, however, is how they have the entire planet in their servitude, via the mental divide and political conquering of the planet. The Masonic powers in London are planning to blend both the remainder of the Western Left v. Right culture war into one cohesive New Order of the Ages from which Russia and China will be pushed back from their advances against the West, for a time. After the Collapse, Europe will unite knowing its own survival depends on it. As such, the Masonic plan dictates their rise in the form of a centralized and increasingly militarized to fill in the gap that such a post-American world has left behind. While this New Order will seemingly include all peoples, within Europe, it will increasingly turn toward a racist, Anglo-police state, which is why we are already seeing that outcome being perpetuated in Europe already, and all under the guise of stabilized "peace with security," again. Since the Revolution, Britain has vainly wasted the blood of the American military to prop up, direct, and strengthen their own evil agenda that leads to the Antichrist, but this overwhelming truth does not make either Russia or China's underlying desire to eventually topple the West, as comparatively "good" by default, like some confused Millennials believe. In fact, Russia and China's own aspirations of global dominance is just as evil. Thus, like a vampiric parasite slowly draining its host, does Britain need America to survive up to a point, to protect the British establishment, and the West as a whole, from those in the east (The "Kings of the East," and "from the North") who are prophesied in Revelation 9:13-16 and Daniel 11:44 to attack the Western world leader (Antichrist) at Armageddon. These Merovingian Templar and Anglo-Aryan overlords who now direct the Crown Temple in London, have not only created our modern banking and financial system that has built the West according to its utopian design since the time of the European Crusades, but also ensure that our Western education is based on the same German system that tainted the minds of the formerly peaceful German people toward becoming mind-controlled, war-mongering pawns who would do anything for their false Aryan Messiah in Hitler. It is that same insidious force that backed Hitler's own rise and propaganda machine, who still control governments now, whilst placing Presidents and other Occult-led puppets to carry out their own wicked global agendas that ends in a final man to rise on their behalf. Each "Leader of the Free World" has only taken us one step closer toward the ultimate Masonic dream of a 'New World Order,' that was first announced on September 11th, 1990 (View the Speech written by Freemasons for President Bush calling for a New World Order exactly eleven years before the horrific events of 9-11-2001). Therefore, all things seen within America and Britain's internal policies, and even stranger foreign policies, were and still are directed toward a future of bringing the West against God, in Heaven, but closer to the present day, Russia against Israel, on earth.

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Because of God's intimate connection with them and eternal promises made to and through their lineage, it is still the people of Zion (Jews and the nation of Israel) that Satan hates most of God's creation, and is his most targeted for complete destruction through any means necessary, including the ongoing global deception campaign that targets them under a deluge of mistrust and a so-called "global Jewish conspiracy," when in fact that conspiracy is perpetrated by none other than the race of those who have assimilated themselves among Anglo-secret societies and have been manipulated global events since their incarnation as the wealthy bankers of post-Crusading Europe known as the Knights Templar, who've never relinquished their increasing power from that time to this. Because so many in America and Europe are being deceived by one or more tentacles of the Masonic Crown's global propaganda machine that forces the "evil Jew" (and anti-Israel) narrative, millions of deceived conspiracy theorists today are effectively being primed to follow anyone who would bring another final solution-styled genocide against Israel and its Jewish population, believing they are evil's culprit in the world. In this way has Satan's offspring effectively provided cover for themselves whilst always pointing their pale fingers at Jews, thus allowing their work to continue. While America seems to uphold the Jewish nation, it only does so to ensure Israel's own existence at the time of the rising of the Antichrist in order to facilitate the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, not from God's will, but from Satan's. And what is America but London's personal bodyguard and global bully in the world to ensure both London's Masonic goals are carried out via Masonic Washington that lead not to global freedom, but an Orwellian prison of the mind whereby their Antichrist can more easily control the world with ease? Have you never considered why the "business language" of the world is English or why Britain sought to control large areas of the planet to this day under the guise of so-called Commonwealth nations? An English-created "One World Order" is coming for the future, but the plan leading to its fulfillment was created long ago by one who has always rebelled against our Creator and has since become the counterfeit "God" of the most powerful secret ruling families, families, and caste in the world whose tainted belief system and Satanic religion crossed the Atlantic to prop up what became the United States of America under the guise of what is still believed to be a blending with Christianity and Freemasonry, when the two are literally as different as Christ and Satan. As far as Masonic-controlled America being a supposedly free, sovereign, and independent nation far removed from its progenitor in England, actual research that goes beyond all of the mind control proves that the shadowy cabal today referred to as the "Deep State" are comprised of those who hold zero allegiance to what we've all been taught America is supposed to be, because they know the "Masonic Experiment" that is the United States is only another proxy of the United Kingdom whose destiny is to prepare the world for Satan's Messiah.

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The American Dream, of itself, was always just that, a dream, or better explained, a hive mind control that diverts attention far away from what was actually happening since 1776 where the common man chases after their sleep-induced "American dream" all the while buying their wares from evil corporations whilst paying high taxes in both money and blood in order to fight and fund Washington's wars that help bring the planet closer under Masonic submission. America's demise and the rise of Europe after the coming Collapse itself ensures post-Brexit Britain arises to pick up from where the United States left off. The prophecy in Daniel references this "revived Roman empire" as "the fourth and dreadful kingdom" by which all others are crushed underfoot of whose power structure is derived from Rome, but as I will show, the Bible also makes clear which island nation is referenced that sees the rise of Revelation's "Beast from the sea." Daniel 11:38 and 43 further informs us that Antichrist shall arise to have all power over this world's wealth and finance, being the result of wars, but also of many generations of its inherently evil men in corporate power who have seen to it that mankind was kept virtually blind to its goals, with its nations in debt, while they fill their collective coffers for an ascending King possessed by their counterfeit god. The chaos sown today is designed to make the United States of America fall, so that all other nations fall as a result of America's demise. From chaos, order. Out of many, one world order. So those same evil men in power who played both sides from the start, that brought us the mutual deaths of both Indians and Protestants, only to be followed up with African slavery, and the Civil War itself, as well as the Anglo-racist KKK, the Federal Reserve Act, the more recent removal of Christianity in public education, and the promotion of all things witchcraft, homosexual, radical feminist, racist, and anything else against God's will, is where the Masonic 'Founders' have taken America via the left's progressive liberalism and the right's Anglo-racist ideology. In other words, the destruction of Christianity and the promotion of the Anglo-Antichrist has always been the ultimate goal of London's hybrid-human Monarchy and their Satanic-serving Anti-Christ religion known as Anglo-Freemasonry. The way the Right-wing in both America and Europe have been mind-controlled toward Anglo-racism itself proves that the global Collapse in 2020-2030 is just as much a foregone conclusion as it is the final event that leads the world to serving Satan in his guise as a British King in the years following it.

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Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirs up the dead souls for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth...All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? Art thou become like unto us? Thy pomp is brought down to Sheol, and the noise of thy viols: the souls of the damned shall cover thee. How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, the Morning Star! How art thou cut down to the ground, you which has weakened the nations!

Isaiah 14:9-12; The Holy Bible

After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the Throne [the Father], and to the Lamb [the Son]."

Revelation 7:9-10; The Holy Bible

When once the Master of the house is risen up and begins to shut the door, those who stand outside and knock at the door, shall say, Lord, Lord, open the door unto us. But He shall answer and say to you, I don't know you. Depart from me all you workers of iniquity. Then shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth when many shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves are thrust out. But the rest shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit together in the Kingdom of God. There are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.

Luke 13:25-30; The Holy Bible

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The modern global financial system and its controlling Satanic hierarchy was originally birthed in the ancient world, when the earliest pagan empires of Mesopotamia first influenced the first ruling families in Egypt. In turn, pagan Egypt's earliest financial hierarchy influenced pagan Greece, that influenced pagan Rome, that influenced the rest of supposedly "Christianized" Europe. By the time we reach the latter era of the Crusades, the Satanic-worshipping, Merovingian Knights Templar suddenly became the richest banking cartel in medieval Europe by devising a system of usury interest and loan debt that held many of its (non-Cainite) crown heads crushed under its corruptive weight. As the latter half of the Medieval period evolved into the age of Renaissance and revolution, that same banking and usury structure had grown into this world's time-honored "financial system" by which trillions are funneled back to the elitists who have effectively become mankind's Overlords as a result, ensuring their power and control generation after generation. Where most believe this insidious wealth management is traced only to today's World Bank and IMF, that are both headquartered in Masonic-controlled Washington DC, the actual headquarters of this financial behemoth (Beast) resides within Masonic London's Crown Temple Bar, and under the hidden influence of the British Monarchy itself. While some know of their presence among us, tracing their obvious evils in everything from corrupt politics, finance, banking, and a certain military industrial complex, named America, the same have no idea that all of their wickedness is directly connected to a grand pyramid scheme of the evil father's own design. At its head sits an enthroned Satan that is symbolized by his sole, "All-Seeing Eye," with the members of his thirteen tribe family positioned in global power just underneath, followed by their many Satanic and Occult-based organizations infiltrating entire governments, like Freemasonry, that both carry out their evil works on a global scale, whilst earning a substantial amount of wealth (via taxes, wars, and other illegal means) that's funneled back to the top. The next tier is the aforementioned banking system itself. Closer to the two bottom tiers resides the military control structure and its many industries, as well as their intelligence and security services that carry out the murderous will of the upper tiers on a global scale. The Security and Policing tier deals in every kind of weapon of mass destruction to the human race, including tangible weapon systems and arms, but also the intangible tools of slavery, sacrifice, murder, and immorality via the Satanic-connected human trafficking rings and drug trades, and those allied police forces that ultimately protect these trades. Beyond their aspects toward human policing, our collective minds are also being daily assaulted via their MK-ULTRA and Tavistock programs that work in tandem to ensure mankind is no longer presented with a choice, of good or evil. It's only evil. One need only look at the way Western governments are increasingly preventing you from being able to access any counter-information to their global structure and network with new Internet enforcement including increasingly strict Google AI algorithms, 'Limited State' YouTube videos, deceptive co-intel chat bots and British government social media influencers, etc. The same searches on Google that used to immediately bring you to one of a host of websites that exposed the global elite for what they are, are now deluged under a stone-walling of media counter-noise created by the elites to force the controlled belief that such websites are the result of common insanity, misplaced lies, and misinformed conspiracy theory. Ask yourself why has there become such an overwhelmingly desperate and undeniable need for Masons to go against their own supposed "freedom of speech" ideology in order to protect their own secret oaths? The answer is in the question. But what are we to expect from such slaves of Lucifer who've given themselves the name of Free-Mason?

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Search 'Freemasonry Evil' or 'the Masonic Pyramid that Controls the World' and you are immediately shown a list of websites by such Masonic-connected sources as Time Magazine, and others claiming in strange unison that Masonic conspiracy theories are themselves evil, being devised by "evil and twisted minds." How utterly ironic that those who are exposing the Freemasons are now being portrayed as "evil" but never the Freemasons themselves, according to the same media that is controlled by the Freemasons. Everything we learn in their schools, everything we watch on their televisions, everything we take our families to see in their film houses, is unmistakably deluged with Satanic, Masonic, and Illuminati re-education, leaving society itself swept away in a tidal wave of increasingly obvious mind control. The seemingly contrary words of "IN GOD WE TRUST" seems to clash with the same Freemasons desiring a "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" (a New Secular Order), but not when you understand that their Masonic God is not the God of the Hebrew or Christian Bible, nor is their "freedom of religion(s)" idea in the Constitution there to protect Christianity, but to protect Luciferian Witchcraft and Masonic Satanism, only then can you begin to understand that what they have since built around that seemingly benign Constitution, is little more than a grand Satanic Empire that hides itself behind the quite-telling and ever-shrinking title of a "Christian nation." In other words, what America is today achieving in its obvious and increasing Satanic worship toward Antichrist has literally been in the works since 1776, and long before. This is nothing new and suddenly brought about by the liberal Democrats, as the ignorant Right-wing continually deceive their flock with. It is indicative of both parties, but moreover, that force which has controlled both parties since their inception. So while increasingly right-wing White Americans and other 'Patriots" are currently being conditioned to hate George Soros, the supposed mastermind behind all global liberalism, they'd be shocked to discover how they are also being brainwashed, like the left, by the very same people controlling both the left and the right in America. In fact, their own Fox News Network is being operated and run by the proven Anglo-racist Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox global media, who is awash in the exact same global agenda as George Soros, ultimately. In fact, they are partners supporting the same Masonic agenda that works to tear down modern society in order to rebuild Satan's New World for Antichrist. Both are connected to British Freemasonry and both serve the British Monarchy's global "Monarch" mind control program that conditions minds toward New World Order. In other words, despite whichever Left or Right paradigm they seemingly fall politically, all Western world leaders and many of the heads of top corporations are merely two heads of the same coin. Both serve at least one or more tentacles of that 'One World' entity that will provide all its amassed power unto the Beast, a King from its own "Zionist" lineage and royal ranking. It is the Antichrist that such people from Round Table Society founder Cecil Rhodes, to Ted Turner, and now George Soros and Rupert Murdoch, are working to establish. And they are certainly not alone in their Great Work. This is the truth that eludes so many otherwise good people that find themselves as expendable pawns in either one of their political camps that were created so that Freemasonry can easily control both the Left/Right paradigm and the majority of the planet. This leaves our current Masonic-led "Leader of the Free World" to be nothing more than a puppet, archetype, and pre-cursor of their coming "Leader of the One-World."

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Shortly after the birth of the nation in 1776, when Christianity flourished in much of New England, and the witch trials were long since taken over by a much more tolerant view of paganism and Witchcraft (because of Freemasonry), arose the Masonic-devised, Anglo-centered cult known as "Christian Mormonism" in upstate New York. Strongly influenced by Freemasonry, its founder, Joseph Smith, claimed an angel named "Moroni" had led him into the belief that native Americans were descended by immigrants of ancient Jerusalem, and as a result, they were "the lost tribes of Israel." The angel then told Smith that these same immigrants of Israel were all supposed to have "White-skin, but because of wickedness, they became darker skinned." The evil, dark-skinned men eventually killed all the white-skinned (righteous) descendants of Israel, with only the "angelic" White man Moroni (himself) surviving. By 1830, Smith's Book of Mormon containing all of these many revelations from Moroni, regarding the righteous White men vs. the evil dark men, was printed. By the same year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was formed with only six members. Fourteen years later, his congregation grew to thousands in New York alone. [As Anglo-Israelism continues to spread like a virus, its Anglo-racist echoes are increasingly heard in the domestic terrorist manifestos of so-called American "patriots" and their equally duped brethren in various Satanic-leaning Neo-Nazi groups, both of which claim to be of Christ and Christian. One must wonder, therefore, what is still coming that shall make the entire world hate Christians and Christianity as prophesied by Christ in Mark 13:13.] Like Mormonism, that was created by the Freemason Joseph Smith, utilizing a Luciferian-based and Anglo-racist version of "New Age Christianity," the quasi-"Christian" Ku Klux Klan itself was patterned in very similar fashion by the admitted Luciferian-worshipping 33° Freemason and Civil War Confederate Brigadier General Albert Pike. Both Mormonism and Klan theology are based around Masonic Anglo-Israelism, that teaches the white race is God's "New Israel" and "chosen people," leaving all non-whites to be little more than a animalistic genetic waste of "non-human garbage." Such belief led the most prominent adherents of this doctrine in Britain and its offspring in a young America to purchase countless "sub-human" Africans from 1619 until 1865, as their own personal slaves. However, as true Divine providence had it, the North ultimately defeated the South, and slavery was forever abolished in the United States. Despite this setback, Satan's bloody wars and hatred against mankind continued. Between the two British Boer Wars, certain elitist-minded aristocrats, like Britain's Cecil Rhodes, a virulent racist (or as he and his friends termed it, a "Race Patriot,") felt it was incumbent upon his 'white privilege' to plunder Africa of its rich diamond mines. Creating the world renown diamond company DeBeers, and backed by Rothschild & Sons Bank, Rhodes went on to create a Whites-only secret society called The Society of the Elect that later become the Arthurian-themed Round Table Society in 1909, connected to English Freemasonry and the British Crown. Rhode's Round Table was to ensure the Sun never set on the British Empire thru establishing a world federation of English-only speaking Anglo-nations led by Britain (and America) who were/are to dominate the world going forward. The Round Table's ongoing success is still seen today, in their creation of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, and even the United Nations itself, among others that push its Aryan-Masonic agenda. The following image depicts the Satanic 'Round Table' of the global elite. Its framework was devised by the Cainite Cecil Rhodes, founder of the Rhodes Scholar Trust.

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It's no secret the United States is steadily losing its Biblical base. Just look at how many Americans rejoiced in New York's recent ungodly law legalizing abortion up until the day of birth. The more our nation loses its God-honoring element, the closer it draws to spiritual death. But this isn't a recent trend. Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne says the demise of America started in 1877 with a man named Cecil Rhodes, a lifetime member of the Masonic Order. Rhodes wanted to form a secret society [The Round Table] with one goal: to bring the whole world under the control of the British Empire, establishing a one-world government. Since then, a strong and single-focused institution has infiltrated American society, and it has everything to do with money...[and a] globalist system as a prime setup for the Antichrist to arise.

How the Church is Resisting the Rise of Antichrist

Fast Forward to 5:23 in this Video for a Surprising Nazi-Arthurian Connection

Sometime in the 1930s, Heinrich Himmler, [Hitler's SS leader] installed a 'Round Table' in Wewelsburg Castle. One of the study rooms was named Gral [Grail], while another König Artus [King Arthur]. Himmler envisioned it as the literal esoteric centre of the thousand year reich, where leading SS officers became Knights of the Round Table. Underneath this table was to be the Holy Grail itself ... Himmler gave Rahm until Oct. 31, 1936, to finish his next book. It was called Luzifers Hofgesind or Lucifer's Servants whose underlying thesis is that the Cathars and other Aryan groups actually worshipped Lucifer, rather than the Jewish God and His Son.

Twilight Language: Quest for the Grail

Prince William could be a great leader if he was informed by Arthurian symbolism.

The French Templars were charged of worshipping an idol named Baphomet, urinating on the Cross, ritual murder of children, worshipping the devil and committing acts of sodomy and bestiality. Though the Order was disbanded, and its leader Jacques de Molay executed, legend has it that a number of Knights escaped to Scotland, where they became protectors of a Bloodline affiliated to the Merovingians, the Stuarts, and other supposed descendants of King Arthur.

According to an Illuminati legend, King Arthur (in reality a type of Antichrist) will draw around him the bravest and noblest Knights in the realm. They and their Monarch will comprise the 'Circle of the Round Table'. In Great Britain today, certain members of the Illuminati, including Prince Charles and Prince Philip, take part in rituals and symbols of an odd secret society called the 'Order of the Garter.' This Order with its ceremonial magic, is thought to be a precursor to the coming establishment of the Round Table. So demented are the leaders of the Illuminati that they fancy themselves to be the modern-day inheritors of the Arthurian legend.

Since the earliest versions of the Arthurian legends, genealogies have been created (or kept) that link King Arthur back to ancient rulers, including the House of King David of Israel. Monarchs since Arthur have tried to claim descent from him, most notably the Plantagenets and their descendants who still sit on the British Throne.

Children of Arthur, Arthurian Genealogy

Although originating in southern France, it was in Spain that the Kabbalah would develop, and where the most important medieval Kabbalistic text, the Sepher ha Zohar, or Book of Light, was produced in 1286 AD. Rene d’Anjou, whose combined European heritage provided him with the titles of King of Hungary, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca and Sardinia and King of Jerusalem, was well-versed in the Occult. His interests included Arthurian and Grail romances. [He believed that] ...the Messiah [Antichrist] must be brought about historically, through a long chain of actions that prepare the way [to] ...actively bring about his appearance, first by manipulating the course of fate through the use of magic, and finally, by preparing the necessary political and moral circumstances to receive his coming.

Rosicrucians and Freemasons: The House of Stuart

The remarkable genealogy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, reveals that the Monarch seated on the throne of Britain fulfils the promises that God made to King David, that he would never lack a person to sit on his Throne. When the Messiah returns, according to Scripture, he will be given the Throne of David -- which is presently the Throne of Great Britain.

Hope of Israel Ministries: Queen Elizabeth II

What Corbett (seen above) forgot to fully flesh out in his video is that the Milner Group was birthed as the result of Cecil Rhodes' "Round Table Group," based on the order of King Arthur and his knights that centers around the very Masonic idea of Britain (and more specifically, London) ruling the planet, yet another racist tenet found within the kind of Anglo-superiority complex that's found within Anglo-Israelism. Corbett also neglected to mention that it was the British Royal Family themselves, in addition to the American and other Commonwealth elites in service to the British Crown, that provided funding to facilitate the "Unification of Europe" project that was supposed to be Hitler's mission. That is to say, with the exception of Britain, whose Royal Family was supposed to later annex Britain into the would-be Aryan-conquered, unification of Europe, Hitler went rogue, bombed London, and attempted a global takeover that led to the rest of World War II and the result of Western governments and their elite power structure largely turning on him. The Masonic powers were then forced to destroy what they themselves helped to create in a then wayward Nazi military machine run amok. Hitler having gambled and failed in an epic way, lost his bid toward becoming the historical Aryan Messiah he so desired. After the war, what the Western Masonic governments could not do thru bloodshed, they eventually did thru peace, thus creating the European Common Market via the Treaty of Rome in 1957, which directly led to the overdue birth of the European Union in 1993, the same union by which the UK today desires to seemingly abstain from. (Read also Former British King Edward VIII’s Nazi Ties That The U.K. Tried To Cover It Up. Corbett should have also dropped the name of Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, as another key figure in funding Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party, proving something much worse than Nazis exist among us in America to this day. Moreover, he should have finally dispelled the myth about the Rothschild's being Jewish, when they certainly are not. They are Aryans hiding under Jewish last names in order to protect their Aryan evils in global banking and finance to this day toward funding the larger Masonic plan that leads to a dystopian world under the Aryan-Cainite Antichrist. And, the Rothchild's are not the only family on earth purposefully laying all blame at the feet of Jews, while their Masonic brethren who are the real controllers of this planet carry out every Satanic work completely undetected since their rise to financial power in the Crusades as the Knights Templar. Knowing all of that, where does this leave America being currently drawn into racial conflict against its own population? The Masonic-American two-party system was wickedly built so that no matter which party could bully or balance the other into compliance, the Antichrist wins. If the far left dominates and completely conquers the next three election cycles as a backlash to Trump's reckless time in office, with the racist sentiments he so obviously used to bully the progressive liberalism side, Antichrist wins. If Trump manages to ignite the powder keg of racism to the point that it takes over the next ten election cycles, Antichrist wins. Understand, because Antichrist will first come off as a global uniter and one who unites the planet under an extreme version of multiculturalism on a global scale, this was the reason why progressive liberalism was used as a vehicle toward its human acceptance. When the Antichrist suddenly changes to show his true hand by conquering Israel 3 1/2 years later and starts trampling upon the Jews who also saw him as a Messiah, Antichrist wins. Thus, both the radical left and radical right serve one master today, and it's NOT Christ.

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The Masonic (Cainite) divide and conquer push toward destroying what is believed to be the last Christian stronghold is certainly alive and well today. In 2017, armed patriots, white separatists, and jack-booted Neo-Nazi's marched upon the city of Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of Confederate statues of known Anglo-racists, all of which believed in Anglo-Israelism, leaving this doctrine to cause nothing but human destruction and needless bloodshed in its wake, time and time again. One should remember, it was only a single generation after the founding of America, that the Knights Templar-influenced KKK, a known Anglo-Israelist elitist death cult that blends Christianity with Satanism, was born. Despite their upbringing, and skewed "heritage," the far-right 'patriot' fringe serves not God, as they vainly believe, but Satan, which is why Patriots are now rejecting Christ's teachings wholesale, and adopting a Satanic view of evil, chaos, murder, and mayhem to achieve its own selfish, patently racist, goals. Like the Mormons and Masons, Confederate adherents to this day use Old Testament phrasing to describe their "White privilege," a supposed, inalienable "divine right," backed up by their "unique heritage" and "ancestry," to skirt around the topic of their Aryan-Masonic lineage. When pressed further, they then begin to make what appears to be Christian assertions explaining their heritage, but too often refer only to the Old Testament lineage of prophets and Kings, implying they see themselves as literal descendants of the ancient House of Israel, and specifically its supposed "Lost Tribes." Anglo-Israelism itself has a defined theology all its own, called Replacement Theology, which dictates Israel is no longer the receiver of God's blessing and eternal promises made to Abraham, which according to this Masonic doctrine, that blessing and promise of a Messiah has now been given over to England, its Royal Family, and the United States, which is a clear and obvious set-up for the Beast and his coming Kingdom. As mentioned earlier, the Masonic-devised Mormon Church has much to do with the coming Antichrist, insomuch as presenting him as a new Messiah among its global flock. Much in the same way L. Ron Hubbard created his global cult named Scientology, with a similar pyramid-based hierarchy of deceived members who rally around his questionable books, Mormonism, propagates "Another Gospel of Jesus Christ" by which Smith implies native Americans and Mormons are descendants of Israel, as well as the descendants of the legendary King Arthur. So again, it is proven by their own twisted beliefs, and made crystal clear by their own words, where all of the oldest building blocks of Satan's plan, and the earliest forms of British and Anglo-American racism is heading. Despite the original legends of King Arthur written around the time of the first Crusade, it is time and again this overall Masonic heresy, known as "British-Israelism" extends itself as the root by which the coming Antichrist will later use to propagate his own claim that he is Israel's Messiah, because he is supposedly descended from the ancient Royalty of ancient Israel itself. Because Christianity is the last stronghold that these Satanic dark forces have to destroy before their 'Global Sodom' can become reality, is why we are seeing such a relentless attack on traditional Christianity coming from all sides of Satan's Kingdom already.

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Also intriguing is how the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints propagates the legend of King Arthur to include his Messianic return. In this way, the Mormons have supplanted the supposedly "Christian" King Arthur as a necessary Messianic figure that could hold the place of Christ until His own return, despite Arthur actually connected to everything pagan, Druidic, and of Satanic Witchcraft. To see how Mormons discuss the topic of Arthur, you need only read The Great Apostasy and King Arthur on their own forum. So, who will the self-described "fastest growing church in the world" side with once a certain racially-correct, British Monarch finally ascends, holding every supposed Mormon prophecy attributed to him? According to their own words, they would, without hesitation, become his most ardent followers. Thus, the spiritual trap prophesied by our Lord in the actual Bible, is already underway, and well set. From the "Exposing Satanism" website: "The apostle Paul warns us about Lucifer and Satan in 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15 in much the same way David Whitmer is warning us in 1887. Paul warns us that there will be false apostles who work in deceit by transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ —— “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of Light” so why should we marvel that his ministers are likewise transformed into supposed ‘ministers of righteousness’?" In this, the ancient Knights Templar and Masonic traditions follow closely the pattern given them by Lucifer, to counterfeit truth and the purer Light of Christ. "In the writings of French High Mason, A.C. Del L Rive, he records the following ‘High Council Instructions’ issued to him by Albert Pike on July 14, 1889, as well as to the other 23 supreme High Councils of the world: “To you, Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals, we say this, that you may repeat it to only the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees that the Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately, Adonai is also God. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Jehovah, but 'Lucifer as the God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Jehovah, the God of Darkness and Evil." In this, one must never lose sight that Pike at this time, occupied simultaneously the joint positions of Grand Master of the Central Directory of Washington D.C., and that of Grand Masonic Commander of the Supreme Council of Charleston, SC. Now, should any of this be even questioned by even the most staunch American patriots however? The Masonic experiment called "New Atlantis" sent its first colonists over with the telling agenda that, to a large extent, is still being carried out today. While the Anglo-racist Pilgrims provided poisoned food and Smallpox-ridden blankets to at least one indigenous American Indian tribe nearest them, the Puritans birthed increasing members of the lineage of Freemasonry whose allegiance was covertly tied to Britain because of secret "heritage." That term "heritage" is also used today by those in the American South whose recent ancestors were of the eldest Anglo-Saxon families to settle the United States. Thus, we should be very careful when citing the "religion" of our Founding Fathers, as if it was always that of the purest Christianity. It was not. Neither was Christ ever their guiding 'Light.' In other words, the "New Atlantis" (America) of the Freemasons was never meant to supersede the future Kingdom of the Beast (New London), but only facilitate it, leaving America's creation to serve as an increasing template toward Satan's last empire.

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It is the goal of this world's Occult elite to never reveal that Freemasonry holds Lucifer as being the god of their existential worship, knowing they could never draw in millions of potential Masonic or Mormon members by openly admitting they worship Satan, hence, their consistent mentioning of 'the Light' or in the Mormon's case, "Christ" as their leading avatar. As a result, while Masonic neophytes are busy with their Occult learning, the hierarchy at the top practices their dark art of Satanic worship in cloaked obscurity. Thus are they able to deceive the neophyte into a oaths of loyalty, backed with a supposed morality, all the while carrying out their evils under a false front based around a religion of Light. Pike writes in his Morals and Dogma, p. 102: “Satan is not a black god, but instead is the negation of God. For the initiated, this is not a person, but a Force created for Good, but which may serve for evil. It [he, Satan] is the instrument of liberty or free will.” Moreover, Pike outright celebrates Satan’s ‘liberation’ of Adam and Eve. He stated that the “power of the Serpent” in the Garden of Eden was a pure source of ‘light’ and is honored by the “pure Luciferian religion” as “Serpent power”, and the “Force”, that is also described as the Kundalini or “Serpent Force” [that later found its way into George Lucas' original storyline for Star Wars]. Pike even declares that Satan is not the god “of the Powers of Darkness,” but instead is the prime ministering 'Force' of the god of Masonry’s light, Lucifer. Albert Pike also revised the Black Mass in which Satan’s subversion of Adam and Eve is celebrated. As such, honest Mormons need to consider, are they not also ‘celebrating’ the fall of Eve in the endowment? Are they not asked to support Eve in her ‘deception’ by Lucifer when she asks Lucifer “Is there no other way?” and then accepts Lucifer's lies by saying, “I will partake that man may be”? Are Mormons not asked to honor Eve to become complicit with her as making a supposedly wise decision by obeying Lucifer and disobeying our Creator to bring man into existence, or more accurately, to bring forth Lucifer's seed approximately 6,000 years ago? The LDS Endowment parallels the Sumerian texts, and accounts of King Nimrod and his Queen, in that they both describe the Whore of Babylon as being blessed with extreme wisdom and the knowledge of esoteric mysteries, as secrets passed from the Serpent unto Eve, after her fornication with him. Thus, could this ‘fruit’ be sexual intercourse with Lucifer that produced the personage of Cain – Lucifer’s “only begotten son” as according to the gnostic tradition? Adam Weishaupt (Illuminati) and Albert Pike (Freemason) both have written extensively about the supposed levels (degrees) of illumination provided by God/Lucifer, known as the “Third Degree.” To achieve this level, a priest or priestess must use perverse sexual liaisons to mock the Biblical God, using the most sacred gift given by God – that of procreation and human reproduction, which in the Occult, is made counterfeit and twisted to become what is called 'sex magic.' (Read Books Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mormonism and Mormonism, Magic and Masonry.) Specific Luciferian rituals include perverted sexual activities to open certain psychic and/or metaphysical centers of the human body, it was believed, so that ultimately demons were allowed full access to their bodies, both physically and spiritually, in order to possess them upon which they were, only then, granted a degree of so-called gnosis.

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This Satanic teaching regarding America and Britain as being somehow divinely wrought, by supposed virtue of DNA and lineage, aka Replacement Theology, also extends itself well outside of the Mormon Church, and into a wholly racist version of Anglo-Christianity, as well, as seen in this American 'Christian Identity' website, where they interpret the Bible to say that England, and its offshoot, America, should ultimately, rule the world by divine right of God because they are the supposed new inheritors of His ancient promises toward Israel. And to which two nationalities took Replacement Theology most to heart? Exactly, Britain and America. There is much proof I will show later, by the Freemasons own hand, that they themselves are the authors of such a heresy that trumps Britain over Israel, for the reason of establishing the Antichrist, ultimately. The mounting evidence couldn't be any clearer that our nation has been completely hijacked by such entities whose goal it is to condition the minds of Western society towards becoming a cog in the coming New World system, while at the same time, laying 100% of their blame squarely on the modern nation of Israel, as if Israel even has the time to operate such an undertaking outside of doing everything they can just to survive in this Aryan-controlled world. Because Aryans hide under Jewish-sounding names, and purposefully are given positions over banking, finance, etc., in order to bring even more hatred toward actual Jews (See Revelation 2:9), people no longer care what the Scriptures say, because, in their Nazi-conditioned minds, the Bible is just another evil Jewish creation, like the Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah. As such, they have no clue what God is saying about modern Israel, and how Christ returns, in person, to save them from the hands of Satan's next Hitler in the near future. The ongoing successes of Aryans can be measured by how fast America has, within a single generation, collectively forgotten the God of their fathers, to live in a heavily-conditioned and paganized world to fulfill man's every vice that distracts him from God. Carefully cultivating this Antichrist generation has been the task of the Masonic 'Deep State' over the last six decades, by first banning Godly worship and Christian prayer in schools, then banning Creationism, in their earnest effort of ultimately banning God Himself, from the public arena and school system, and replacing Him with the religion of Tubal-Cain, Witchcraft. Those who have made the pagan JA-BUL-ON as their pagan god are advancing their Masonic dream centered around a Satanic plan that works to reduce American homogeny in the world, the foundation of which shall bring the Beast to center stage. What is the goal toward forcing children into such an early introduction into all things 'one-world' and increasingly Satanic? It is all part and parcel of the Masonic Great Work, it is their goal, a generational plan toward steering mankind ever away from God and into the arms of God's enemy, of whom today's youth will eventually believe is the only solution to mankind's global ills. Round Table creations, such as the heavily Occult-indoctrinated 'Indigo children' of today, eventually become the law-makers of tomorrow, thus, the trends that are today subtly forcing children and pushing society at large toward this rampant Anti-Christian sentiment and ideology, that is to become the law of their New World coming.

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Avowed 'Salem Witch,' abortion supporter, far-left liberal, homosexual rights activist, and author, Laurie Cabot, herself has gone on record and admitted in her "Power of the Witch" that a great many pagan Witches of every sort already have and will continue to assume educational and political positions in the coming years, to place every student on a path of "tolerance" and acceptance of Occult paganism, homosexuality, and Witchcraft, coupled with an even greater intolerance of both Israel and traditional Christianity. Conversely, what are those who seemingly support Christian values and stand against such modern education attacks against former American morals and values believing today to couple their overwhelmingly glowing support of Trump? They are being told to hold on, because Trump is attempting to clear the deck of all those who are behind the liberal takeover of the United States. However, and this is key, they are not being made aware of our actual collective enemy in British and American Freemasonry, but instead believe they've been "awakened" to the evils of a Marxist "Deep State," a generic engineered enemy whose sole work is to enforce globalism in the form of a post-White, multicultural world, which is now scaring the Hell out of right-wing American Whites. If they only knew the real truth. Instead of reading the Scriptures and increasing their relationship with God, such "Truthers" are subtly and increasingly influenced by the conspiracy websites they read to seek out the truth by reading New Age books, getting involved with the Occult, by smoking and taking drugs, and by watching Masonic-created films such as the Matrix, to prove they are on the right side of history against those who serve the enslavers of mankind in the form of the State of Israel, who they're told are their main enemy, along with "their Jewish-created communism, socialism, liberalism and/or "Zionist" Christian supporters of Israel." This is the kind of Satanic brainwashing occurring today that turns otherwise seekers of "truth" into just another cog in the Masonic machine whose only end is their service to the future Anglo-Christ, by the very Deep State they believe they're against. In regard to The Matrix film, it is interesting how Morpheus (who himself is a complex archetype of those who seem to be awakening society like David Icke, and others, but are themselves an unwitting part of 'the System' that keeps society slumbering), presents Neo with something obviously parallel to the Masonic two-party political system seen in America. Morpheus presents in his left and right hands, two pills that from Neo's perspective appears as a blue pill in Morpheus' left hand, and a red pill in Morpheus' actual left hand, but from Neo's point of view appears on his right. Neo is then told there are only two choices to make, to continue sleeping in the Matrix by taking the blue pill, or to awaken from it by taking the red pill thus initiating his destiny toward working against the Matrix collective. The parallel to reality here is two-fold. On the one hand, every man is presented by God with a similar choice, between Satan or Christ. Satan is being referenced by the Left Hand Path, and has its increasing connection to the (Blue) Democrats and their liberal system that takes many of its cues from the East, by which the Judeo-Christian God is openly rejected in favor of mankind's own will. On the other hand, Christ is seemingly being connected to (Red) Republicanism and awakening from the Masonic control of the West, to then seemingly work against it. Notice I said, seemingly, because in its political archetype, this apparent war between the Red vs. Blue paradigm is in reality merely two sides of the same Masonic coin, and its been this way since the very first Occult-led President of the United States, who himself was a Freemason. A recent comment I made correlating to the increasingly heated "culture war" that's on display here in America for the whole planet to see, I wrote: No thanks. I had enough self-admitted Aryans telling me how and what I should believe in for one day. I'm going to form my own opinion that goes far beyond the talking points of both the Right and the Left, to glare at the facts that allude both.

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In America, we have been lulled to sleep because we believe we have the freedom of choice, when there is no choice, not when every political party serves the same Masonic overlords that daily plan our sacrifice to Satan. Those who are "Redpill" actually believe they've been awakened and now serve on the side of right, while those who remain "Bluepill" are made out to be the robotic-like proxies of the Satanic Matrix, and must be destroyed to help destroy the Matrix itself. Where reality takes an enormous leap from the Wachowski's 1999 film (that is in itself a proven Masonic production containing many interesting truths, i.e., the scene when Neo's ID card is shown displaying the date of "9-11-01" on it) is that all of those in the Truther Movement who were born as a result of 9-11 and the Masonic events that followed, are themselves being controlled by the very entity they've been "awakened" to fight against. In other words, their so-called "awakening" is merely another form of their Master's control. This is why so many MAGA adherents believe wholeheartedly, and cannot be told otherwise, that Trump is just another Masonic proxy who takes his orders from those that saw to it has was made President in the first place. As such, where the "Redpills" are being told by Q that the corrupt businessman, former Democrat, and New York elitist that is still Donald Trump is doing his best to "drain the swamp," Trump is actually carrying out every order that he is being influenced to undertake by those who've controlled the Office of the US Presidency since its very first Masonic President. As America is being herded fast toward its collapse to coincide with the coming Collapse of the world system itself, the citizenry in America are made last to know to where their "New Atlantis" is going. When looking at Trump's strange foreign policies, therefore, in both seemingly helping Israel by moving an embassy to Jerusalem, while at the same time, ensuring Israel is left in mortal danger by nearby Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Syria, it is clear that Trump's decisions are not solely his own, and only make sense when considering they are the working of the same "Deep State" that he so loudly claims to be against. His government shutdown itself, once again centered around keeping out anyone who has darker skin, is but one of many Masonic-directed ploys in helping to advance America's and the world's financial 2019-2025 decline, all the while placating to the increasing rise of White anger toward globalism, which as they define it, works to advance the rise of every other race except their own, in which, the Anglo-racist controllers have a perfect answer for them in the near future, Antichrist. Therefore, when we see the rise of the far-right Nazi's in Germany, Austria, and Sweden, or the French rioters in their yellow shirts seemingly rising out of a grass roots effort fighting for "white freedom," or even the crisis that is Brexit, and America's own "crisis at the border" and resulting government shutdown, understand that the Templars ultimate plan is one of keeping the West under British subjection. Through the Military Industrial Complex that is their New Atlantis, does the British-controlled Federal Reserve manipulate the rates by which global wealth is allocated to fund their New World coming. In short, the former Democrat that was Trump wasn't made President to drain Wall Street or the DC "swamp" that he was born into and keeps him perpetually wealthy, he was given power to enact the next phase of the Templar plan that ensures Anglo-Aryan domination of the world post-Collapse, while also placating to Israel. In other words, much of America's strangest motives of foreign policy are not for today, but for the future that has long since been well-planned far in advance. This "New World Order" and its agenda is what George Bush Sr. was referencing in his speech made on Sept. 11, 1990 when he openly admitted the NWO was a carefully planned, albeit entirely vague and overwhelmingly non-transparent, "big idea," that will prove successful for "future generations." As some of you are no doubt beginning to gather, perhaps even more duped than American society are the United States Presidents themselves by the same Masonic homogeny they deem as this nation's spirit guides and illuminated overseer's whose goal remains a 'Secular Order of the Ages.' Their work is near complete.

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Q is a fictional character in the 007 [Two-Ball Cane = Tubal-Cain] novels by Ian Fleming. Standing for Quartermaster, Q is the head of Q-Division, the black ops division of the British Secret Service.

Q, Wikipedia

The Tavistock Institute was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and is a research program involved in human behavior, social sciences, and psychology. The Tavistock Clinic is stationed in London and is directly involved with the British government and the House of Windsor. Today the Tavistock Institute is covertly involved with social networking sites, alternative media, and conspiracy forums and it gathers intel on members of society. Those who don’t go along with society’s program are psychologically tormented and this psychological torment is overseen by the Tavistock Institute. The USAF and DARPA run covert programs on the internet using research developed from the Tavistock Institute. Their goal is mass manipulation of society through social networking. The United States Department of Defense and intelligence agencies are infiltrated by British Crown knights and Freemasons working for the British Crown. The Tavistock Institute is pure evil and involved with ruthless mind control. David Rockefeller Jr. and the Rockefeller Foundation are involved in financing Tavistock agendas [whilst] the Russell, Parsons, Carnegie, and Spencer families in the United Kingdom are covert managers of the Tavistock Institute.

The Tavistock Institute works with MI6 headed up by Alex Younger and MI5 headed up by Andrew Parker. These agencies work with the American CIA. Facebook and smart devices use Tavistock brain reading software as part of their social engineering program. Organized religion is also involved including Christian Churches and especially the [Mormon] Church of Latter Day Saints. Secret Societies are organized crime groups and include Jesuits, Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, Chabad, fraternities, sororities and they work with less organized groups like Wiccan and New Age cults. They hire commenters to dictate the narrative and gatekeepers to target people who disrupt their programs. Their goal is to understand and control the minds of their opposition. They develop Alternative Media programs and themes like QAnon that are intended to distract, undermine, and misdirect.

Tavistock Institute for Mind Control

More Traditional American Christianity hasn't escaped this Satanic hijacking and subversion by Masonic Anglo-Israelism either. In fact, Christianity washed up on America's shores, along the first Puritans, colonial settlers, Slave traders, and others, being racist by default, believing they were far superior than every last breathing soul of those already living in America, because they carried their specific brand of Anglo-Israelism and its specific brand of Anglo-racist inspired "Christianity" with them. If anything, Trump's base are today showing all of us that nothing has changed from that time to this. Speaking for this supposedly "Christian" Trump movement since his first appearing on the Dark Web in 2017, is one referred to as "Q Clearance Patriot" or simply "Q," who leaves intentionally cryptic messages on 4Chan forums that were picked up by Trump's political base, known as "QAnon." Whilst Q disseminates conspiracy theories of the global elites, such as Pizzagate, he is also known to propagate fake news and altered conspiracies to steer Trump's base further toward the extreme right. One such QAnon cult member, who also remains nameless is "Redpill the World." She creates hour-long videos ranting about her skewed version of prophetic and current political events backed up by Q's own subtle racist undertones brimming from just beneath the surface. Redpill believes Christ is already destroying Antichrist and evil itself via President Trump and his racist policies. With a radical new definition of the Bible's own prophecies that are combined with a unhealthy dose of Anglo-Israelism, and an Anti-Rapture theory, the set-up toward ultimate deception couldn't be far behind. The premise of Q's agenda is based around what QAnon calls "The Great Awakening" that's supposedly being globally unleashed because Trump is "daily rooting out evil wherever he finds it," and that Trump's work is, in her view, directly connected to the return of Christ Himself. What's more alarming, is her apparently beloved style of skipping entire sections of the God's Word to prove her premise, which consistently involves disregarding the malevolent evil that's still taking over the world leading up to the Tribulation, just to skip to its aftermath where Christ returns in full glory to defeat evil itself. Insomuch as Redpill is obviously deceived and deceiving the gullible, her way of misinterpreting the most dramatic signs of Revelation, such as the "Sun turning black," that she almost comically claims is what happened that morning on her porch due to a cloudy day, or "the stars falling from heaven" that's interpreted to be Hollywood's own "stars" falling on their knees, because of Christ/Trump, ultimately proves her wishful mindset and fantasy-based thinking. What becomes most dangerous is when she reads parts of Scripture that can only occur when Antichrist has secured the entire planet for Satan, that she instead re-imagines to fit the current events of the day, where every corrupt person in power (who they simplistically view are only Democrats) has been rounded up in "mass arrests" to fit her narrative that Trump is "winning," and Christ's return to earth is all the more imminent as a direct result. In reality, however, all we have seen are members of Trump's own administration who are time and again being indicted and given very lengthy jail sentences for their own roles in corrupting their office to ensure Trump became President. As I write, Trump's own Labor Secretary and former federal prosecutor Acosta himself stands accused of allowing the known underage sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein go free, violating US law in the process. Of course, all of this makes "Q" version of events, whereby Trump's tenure was to cause "mass arrests of the Deep State" (who are again, only Democrats according to Q) to be a grievous lie, but a lie entirely believed by many White Republicans nonetheless.

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Anyone remembering how "The Great Disappointment" played out in 1844, when Daniel-prophecy researcher Albert Miller convinced his flock that Christ would return at any moment of that year, understands what Redpill is setting her flock up for. However, Redpill's specific belief putting forth there will be no Antichrist, as properly defined in Scripture, is parallel to skipping all of Hitler's own seven-year long atrocities culminating in World War II, to pick the story up when the Allies finally captured Berlin to win the day, thus basing a flawed history around a skipped version of chronological events. She's giving zero credence to all of the millions who will die in the process, from the days of Pre-Tribulation unto the time Christ returns seven years after the Antichrist's own murderous iron-fisted rule. As such, Satan can make great use of people who believe there is no use for a traditionally-interpreted Antichrist Tribulation as described in detail between Daniel, Zechariah, and Revelation. Moreover, Redpill pushes the metaphysical lie that the Age of Aquarius and the "New Age" is not of Satan, but belongs to Jesus (See Teaching the New Age's Lie of Aquarius/Antichrist is Already Here) all of which is wrapped around an anti-Rapture belief followed by low doses of Anglo-Israelism to round out her warped fringe beliefs. While she drones on about a supposed "red-wave" of right-wing American politics rising, we should be better reminded of Revelation 18, when only the global Kingdom of the Beast led by one infamous city on 7-hills (Rome) will hold the world's remaining attention, proving America will have been left far behind by the time Antichrist arrives to center stage. Of Christ warning His future believers in Israel to flee into the mountains because of the "Abomination of Desolation" sitting in the Temple, she radically reinterprets the "Abomination" is when Trump brings "desolation" to any person or organization causing evil. Her swapping out of traditional prophetic belief and interpretation for one of Q's own devising never allows for God's Word to effectively stand on it own which is why she must create scores of videos on a near daily basis in attempt to constantly re-interpret the Scriptures according to Q, as it were. In truth, the world and those that control it, will guide the planet increasingly toward only evil and its Antichrist propagation, which speaks volumes that she so earnestly denies that could even be a possibility. Between her obviously New Age-inspired Heaven on earth scenario, and the complete removal of the Antichrist's literal 7-years of Tribulation, we must remember where this world is actually placed according to God's prophetic timeline, which is on the verge of a complete Global Collapse, an intentional false "Apocalypse" of which Antichrist reveals himself on the earth afterward, not Christ, as she claims. Do not be deceived. We were forewarned of false Christs (Q) and false prophets (Redpill) rising to spread a false gospel among believers in the latter days, that while using Scripture, the end result of just slightly twisting those same Scriptures, or omitting them completely, corrupts the whole report. Whoever or whatever this nameless "Q" is, its cult believes everything it says as if it were Gospel. Then there's the name of Q'Anon itself and its strong resembling to that of Q'ayin, the Hebrew name used by Satanists for Cain, meaning Spear.

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So I ask you, what's the difference between today's "Patriot Movement" and other armed, far-right militia gangs that want to literally hang all Democrats and murder every immigrant? Exactly, nothing. In fact, their own words give their connection to Satan away almost too easily. In another instance online, this time on Facebook, I came across someone's rather astute comment: "One way to tell that Christians idolize Trump (even though they say the Lord is first) is that they will attack you like a swarm of racist bees if you dare call Trump out on his crap." I replied: "Because they are unwittingly coming under the Hive Mind that tells them Trump is their White Knight defending a diminishing White culture in America and the world, with their main fear revolving around America no longer being a "White nation" by 2050, which I shouldn't have to tell you scares the literal Hell out of them. So blocking all roads that lead to that potential future is Trump's main driving force, as clearly seen in epic detail today. As such, this is why Hitler himself is suddenly developing more fans than ever among Whites today, in America, Britain, South Africa, Australia, and across the continent of Europe, ironically. This is also why the same love Putin...and Trump. And yet, a greater White Knight is coming, his number is 666." The security agency calling itself 'Q' always ends their mind controlling social media crypto-posts with the acronym WW1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All) which proves the Masonic psycho-drama and hive-mind being presented is to persuade and manipulate not a few, but all who believe in the right-wing agenda of our latest Scottish-Rite American President, Donald Trump. Christians themselves are now commanded to pick a side that, ultimately, at its end, will prove to be anything but Jesus Christ. And yet Christ warned us this precise deception would occur, even among Christians. If there's anyone left of a sound mind anymore even reading this, I ask you, doesn't it seem highly suspect that America, for example, is being quickly herded into either the far-left or far-right, with a fast-shrinking middle ground increasingly becoming no longer available? At the same time, the way Christians are themselves following into a herd mentality into the far-right, should speak volumes as to who and what is really behind the subtle manipulation that forces all into Satan's hands, left and right. Many of these same far-left, conditioned, black-hooded rioters of today, like ANTIFA, along with the so-called "patriots" that currently stand against them, will largely make up that what is being directed as America's next civil war in order to bring about a violent collapse of American society itself. All that is needed is the right catalyst, like a major disruption to the national power grid or a severe regional natural disaster, and the Masonic "Order Out of Chaos" plan to create the conditions that ultimately form a world united under the Crown's usurping authority would be underway. After which, these same dissenters we see today, both on the far left and radical right, will ultimately shift into the controlled thinking that they're creating a New World based on their own collective terms, despite still being under the same watchful eye of Satan's well-entrenched authorities who invariably remain in London, where they've remained for centuries.

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It should also be noted here that, despite all of his right-wing nationalism and other pandering to Patriots, Trump, a proud descendant of Scottish ancestry, has also made some very strange statements regarding a closer connection to Great Britain and possibly having America become an Associate Member of the British Commonwealth to apparently get Americans used to the fact they already are a Commonwealth nation. Given all his rhetoric of American exceptionalism, you'd have to ask yourself why Trump would ever consider anything ever resembling Commonwealth status, whether in name only or in any other regard. Meanwhile, Satanic Anglo-racism has returned to infect a new generation of American "Christians" that hold vain-filled racial lies as their guide, coupled with the most subtle use of "Anglo-Israelism" to light their way, neither of which could ever be of God. Antichrist is coming, and the world will love him just as much as all of those who pave the way for him. The cult-inspired notion that Trump is in DC to drain its political swamp, or as QAnon reports, to bring the arrests of all corrupted politicians and those of the Deep State itself, is patently ridiculous and already proven absurd. Why? Because the same "Deep State" control the very office of the Presidency and outline their national and foreign policies. Trump is merely a servant and hardly a leader, in anything. It's laughable the way QAnon has so easily deceived those who so much want to believe evil could be rooted out without Christ's literal return at Armageddon. Immediately following the coming Global Collapse, aka "The Apocalypse" as some will invariably label it, the world will also ignorantly believe it has ridded itself of all former evil corporations of insidious Deep State control, despite the very same evil entity that controls the world now covertly riding out the coming destructions to once again subtly lead mankind toward their destiny under the Antichrist. Only with the ashes of our present world could bands of local communities come together to rebuild society for the good, so they will believe. A global reconstruction program will be initiated on the other side of which sees the rise of the Beast. Survivors will rally behind this globally beloved and accepted figure, first, because in the most practical sense, they will have no other alternative than to rely on the one who effectively seems to have all of the right answers for the time. This is why Millennials today are being so heavily conditioned to accept Satan already. Throughout their education, various mind control methods were systematically employed toward their shunning God, creationism, the Bible, and Christianity as a whole, while at the same time, they were subtly fed the kind of syncretic thinking that allows the fertile ground for the elite's utopian vision of a Global Village, backed up by a quasi-Messianic, humanitarian "consciousness," that leads to a perfectly skewed multicultural and social dynamic to bring about hope and change. In turn, as "green citizens" without borders in a fractured world united, shall they naturally accept the one who has brought it all to bear. While some initially see him as a King, others will begin to call him a Messiah, but one we know better is the Antichrist. His footsteps are loudest when we see just how fractured America has become, consumed in the purposefully fanned wildfires of a culture war designed to destroy the faith of the people, in anything, which is the precise goal of such controlled opposition and their false flag events. Everything is directed toward pushing the world further from God, and closer into the camp of God's reptilian enemy. Aryan racism is but one tool used to bring a next world order with Satan in complete control over the masses. Such is the nature of the global mind control put forth by the enemies of man, that it seeks to put forth a rampant chaos, today, so that a seeming more perfect world of peace and prosperity is born tomorrow. But it is all a part of the Masonic left/right, problem/solution, action/reaction, destruction/reconstruction agenda that is used to usher in the "New World" for the archon Satan, under his ever-watchful eye of supposedly Divine (Masonic) prominence and a more global Manifest Destiny. The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of whatever native populations were already there. As such, their perfect storm is coming to herald the Collapse that heralds the New World Order that then introduces the Antichrist to run it.

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Have Millennials Escaped the Project Monarch Mind Control?

And I saw three unclean spirits like FROGS come out of the mouth of the Dragon [Satan], and out of the mouth of the Beast [Antichrist], and out of the mouth of the False Prophet [False Elijah]. For they are the spirits of demons, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty [Armageddon].

Revelation 16:13; The Holy Bible

Once again we see how the British Crown-connected "Deep State" operates on many fronts, using the internet and ideological groups to obfuscate, confuse, deceive, and recruit, with rioting Anti-Fascist ANTIFA disciples on one side, and armed "Christian" Patriots increasingly supported by groups like KeK, the KKK, Aryan Nations, and "Christian Identity" on the other, with the rest of society caught in the middle. While ANTIFA demands a world free from its obvious global controllers, the Patriots want to ensure that a Masonic-controlled America continues. Both are two sides of a double-edged sword wielded by the Temple Crown in London to finally destroy that Commonwealth behemoth that already served its purposes. Notice, all of these seemingly varied groups (that are herded into either the far-left or far-right paradigm) all claim they are against the New World Order, when in reality they are being used as witless pawns of disenfranchised working class by the same master manipulators they believe they're against. And they are saying whatever their global masters have told them to think and say, to the point of death, which is the goal of the Monarchy itself going into 2020 and beyond. This is what the internet is being used for, by the sadistic franchise whose only goal is total global control, that while the majority believe they are "awakening" and being set free, they couldn't be anymore kept asleep in their ignorance of prophetic illiteracy. As such, the current world system is purposefully made to be broken and corrupt, so that the coming New World, after the Collapse, is only seen as a globally-unified, Matrix-like Utopia for "awakened" minds. In this way have mankind's Overlords carried out their Great Work over the period of centuries, through countless, albeit subtle, psychological operations that have only become more subversive with each generation, guiding mankind toward its next inevitable step to achieve Satan's succeeding evolution toward a single global kingdom of his devising. This is where we stand today. And while most can see one or a few aspects of its more obvious manipulative tactics, almost none have seen the greater operation in its entirety. Suffice it to say, every tentacle of that beast is consistently traced back to the Masonic-led Temple Crown in London, and its pushed false narrative that the white race is being exterminated under a deluge of multiculturalism, thus setting up its global racist agenda implying that anyone not white is inherently "evil," of whom "righteous" Aryans must keep underfoot to stay in firm control. This is why the archon's agenda is based around the notions of Collapse preparedness and survival of the fittest, so that its adherents would crush the necks of anyone not following the coming New World and its own constitution. Such insular pressure and domineering tactics are already seen in the Patriot Movement today, but is increasingly becoming part of the far left's own narrative, as designed. As mentioned, the greatest irony becomes that the very New World Order all these various "Patriot" groups believe they are withholding from gaining power, are in truth, only driving more power to the greatest Anglo-racist, Satan himself. However, both Putin and Trump blame the world's internal struggles not on Satan, the actual source of evil, but on de-humanized human migrants and asylum seekers searching for a better life and actually believing that the United States was still a bastion of hope for the already trodden upon.

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Of Trump's own rise to power becomes very intriguing when you understand that originally he was a former New York pro-abortion elitist, and was for many more years registered as a Democrat long before his infamous racism drove him toward the conservative ideology. What drove Trump to anger, obviously, was Obama's tenure as the first Black President in the White House. Almost overnight, was Trump airing his constant vitriol of everything Anti-Obama on the Fox News Network whose audience became the perfect echo chamber to be manipulated by Trump's unsubstantiated claims of Obama not even being American. But such interviews of Trump, as Anglo-racist as he is, began to find an increasing audience among the right and far-right alike, drawing them closer together where they remain to this day.This is exactly why Fox News is heavily promoting the Anglo-Masonic agenda that constantly insinuates America will no longer be a "White nation" by 2050, and that White Americans must do what they must to ensure that non-White minorities stay minorities. And look how many otherwise American Christians today are falling for the Masonic populism/nationalist ploy. What's most shocking is when you arrive at the somber realization that the same body of men who created this nation are causing its destruction. Why? Their "New Atlantis," as the Freemasons call it, was a sinister enterprise in empire building and a population's mass mind control from the start, and never meant to exist beyond its goals of ensuring its Masonic Empire in Mother England is protected with their goal of bringing the Antichrist Monarch into power by 2030. It’s sad how you cannot bring yourself to see the much larger picture there, to instead, repeat all of their deceptive talking points falsely labeled as "Conservative" to in effect, create an echo chamber to be used by our worst enemies, by which your entire audience is left in a state of spiritual crisis that's further removed from Christ and true Christianity, which is the larger point. Our collective enemies are far more deceptive then you currently know. You think it’s all simply black and white, and that the Right is right and the Left is your only enemy, but I tell you, Satan is considerably more deceptive than your skewed vision give him credit for. Both partisan sides in this ongoing culture war are being completely set up for the Masonic counterfeit "New World" to come, which of course makes sense practically speaking, for evil's role in uniting the world under a single homogeny by first radicalizing its divisions in advance of a collapse, is what's being carried out today. Search the Scriptures and what do you find? You'll find that the entire world (meaning those of the world) will become deceived. Is the entire world just made up of Left-wingers? No, it isn't. So think. The United States itself was set up as a corporate entity controlled by the Crown Temple Bar, under the guise of a "Masonic experiment" to become the template of a "New World" to come where the Antichrist sits as its Rex Mundi. So it's no coincidence that both the left and right serve the Beast already, just as the roads of ultra-liberalism and ultra-nationalism lead toward the same Godless outcome. In other words, Satan want's everyone to go to Hell, not just one side of a left-only political spectrum. If you're a true Patriot, then be so for God's Kingdom, and not any false kingdom of their devising built here on earth that has failed us all time and again. When one becomes blinded by a false Masonic kingdom of their own purpose and devising, whose own end goal is the Antichrist, how are you serving God in any way at all? You have no clue how you're helping bring in the Antichrist, when you're taking one of the sides that helps bring him to power. We owe nothing to the nations we've happened to be born into, especially if those same nations are using mass mind control on us since children to swear an oath of allegiance to them and their Masonic flag all the while they are preparing the world for the Beast. It's God's Kingdom we need to focus on here, not their so-called "New Atlantis" that they're planning to sink and take a lot of otherwise good people down with it.

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Remember, only Love will secure our future, not so-called "Patriot" weapons, guns, and bullets! What did our Lord say about those living "by the sword"? We owe nothing to a Satanic Kingdom that wants to see us living in a Kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah. Only Christ's Love and His war against evil will win the battle for us, NOT anyone's or any "patriotic" cult groups own violence. Always seeking attention and validation from anyone who'd give it to him, Trump began increasingly pandering to this same Fox audience, now called his base, from 2009 thru the 2016 campaign. All of which is completely ironic since his largely affluent path in life, and that of his base, could not be any further apart, but what does unite them is their latent racism and fear of "America no longer being a White-dominating country by 2050," a news story that Fox loves to remind its audience with, because Anglo-racism still lives at the root of the British Masonic control over America, and its Satanic-worshipping Freemasons do hold control over our elected officials from the top down. Therefore, Trump's Masonic policy and legacy given him, is to curtail the number of non-Whites from entering America, thus keeping a majority White rule in the United States. Instead of realizing that it's our diversity which has always brought America its unparalleled strength, among the people, the Anglo-racist Masonic powers that have showed their racist hand since the early 1600's need to ensure Lucifer's plan toward his British born Anglo-Antichrist is not derailed. So what Fox and other conservative media are not openly admitting to, is that this same "American Christian heritage" they placate their conservative audience with, is in itself a veil to hide that it's actually there to represent a White American heritage, only, so that the Anglo-Masonic power can best work their evil agenda deep within the "American experiment." Speaking personally, it was during that first year in office and upon seeing Trump land himself in glorious mistake after mistake, I stopped watching Fox completely. I stopped drinking their racist poison when seeing how hard they'd put themselves out on a limb day after day to continually spin every single news story only in Trump's favor, when the man has long ago become amazingly indefensible by even the best spin-master they have. By the time of Charlottesville in 2017, with Trump so obviously siding with Neo-Nazi's, who wasn't ever going to condemn them until the liberal media called him out as to why he wasn't condemning them, I had completely left Fox News behind during that time and never looked back. Thank you, Lord. Christ has led me into a more perfect place and perspective from which I have gained a unique vision that most aren't as blessed to own anymore, that whilst knowing how Republican conservatives think, because I used to be one, Trump made it abundantly clear how racist ideologies can too easily slip into a party that certainly favors Whites, crony capitalists, and bully corporations over the rest of us. As a Republican, I bought into the entire party line that they are merely against progressive politics, but again, that was until Trump entered the scene. Most White Americans that still believe Fox to be a quasi-Christian conservative media organization would be shocked to find out that Fox is merely another Satanic media outlet working under a Masonic script and demanding that you think exactly like they tell you to, or you're not a "good American." Trump's idiotic beliefs in the Nazi-inspired rhetoric of the modern KKK and other Anglo-racist Masonic organizations that places America's systematic demise solely on immigrants is something we haven't seen since Hitler. And despite his overtures to Israel, Jews ought to be VERY concerned with the way Trump incites Whites to anger toward other races, because as we've seen, not all Trump-supporting Whites share Trump's supposed benevolence toward Israel or Jews.

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It's a known fact, however, that America began to lose its one-time dominance and monopoly on ingenuity when supposedly "inferior" nations started to give the post-war United States an increasingly viable competition within manufacturing, science, and industry. For example, where America dominated the car market for nearly a century, it was the Japanese that brought fuel efficient cars at a time it mattered most to the global market. Where America once produced much of the world's manufacturing, its own White CEO's left America for cheaper labor in foreign nations, so who's really to blame there (especially when understanding that many of those same CEO's have connections within the elitist/Masonic view of a One World Order whose allegiance was never to the US to begin with?) Where America dominated for a time in the electronic and computer market, Japan, India, and China are stripping away the old notion that only America holds a patent on electronic ingenuity. So what is the White racist's answer to the obvious fact that God provided all his children with intelligence and the ability to create, and not just the most pale ones on earth who migrated on either side of the Atlantic? They blame foreigners and immigrants, even if those same "foreigners" are native to America itself! When Trump posted his racist tweets against the four Black and Brown Congresswomen in July 2019, saying they should all leave America and go back to where they came from, it became a clear call to all White racists (of whom Trump refers to as the "many people who agree with him") that if you're a minority that actually hates his brand of Crown-serving Anglo-racism, then you are "anti-American." This President consistently attempts to justify racism and then hides behind a superiority of culture complex expecting that America is with him. Ultimately, Trump himself is born out of a family of immigrants, so for his base to cover for him to say that it's the "communism/socialism" of those four democratically elected women who "hate America," is a total cop-out on its face, when in fact it's their hating Anglo-racism and Anglo-inequality that fuels their defiance against an Anglo-racist President, period. In other words, if those same four Congresswomen were White, Trump would have NEVER have told them to go back to Europe. Think about that for a moment. This alone proves his only real issue with them is that they are *not* White, and therefore in his mind, they cannot truly be American. Let's also never forget that these same four Congresswomen were elected by great numbers of the American people within the very same democratic process that gave Trump his current abuse of power and complete lack of empathy toward asylum-seeking Christian children and families who are still suffering, separated, and in animal cages that as a policy decision, was designed by the Trump administration to put fear in any future immigrants, meanwhile White immigrants, Christian or not, are let in every other port of entry in droves. For the same guy that couldn't believe Obama was an American either, and became a one-man Fox News sensation in trying to prove it since 2010, to no avail, Trump's racist track record extends far beyond these more recent incidents that time and again are labeled as isolated non-incidents by his equally racist base and mostly supportive party.

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A "White Genocide"? Like Trump, Putin Also Shares Shockingly Anglo-Racist Views

So interesting to see 'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came?

President Donald Trump on Twitter

You understand that Trump was "elected" by the same electoral process that you're now conveniently speaking out against, right? So politics should be all one-sided. You also talk about you being censored on YouTube. So that no one ever forgets why, you made a video right after the 2017 Charlottesville Nazi march declaring that Heather Hyer deserved to be ran over and murdered by the now convicted neo-Nazi who plowed into her group that was lawfully and peacefully protesting American neo-Nazism. So what's your latest rant telling us here? You're saying everyone should be EXACTLY like you and we should have nothing but a string of racist, gun-toting, Masonic flag-waving, immigrant stomping, prosperity-serving, crony capitalist connected, KKK-aligned, MK-Ultra controlled, Anglo-Israel deceived, leaders and Presidents connected by lineage to the British Crown, eh? God forbid if anyone should actually crawl from out of the Masonic rock that most are still sleeping under to want anything different besides a Right vs. Left only system! America could do so much better than what the Lucifer-worshipping Freemasons have devised to ensure what is happening today effectively destroys the nation right up until their Antichrist comes to power to destroy the world.

Clinton Ortiz to Patriot Nurse

My only question there would be, is the incredibly corrupt businessman Donald Trump a good American or American President? Your answer, if honest, must grapple with the single fact that the man embraces every living dictator this world knows today, including his despotic friends, "Chairman Kim" (as Trump calls him) of North Korea, and Trump's most anti-Western and American undermining friend of them all, Russia's Vladimir Putin. And yet, look at where Trump and Putin see exactly eye to eye in the above video, on race. Does Putin sound amazingly familiar to what Trump has also been referencing, albeit in a somewhat more veiled way? Here's a hint: It's all about the White race, again! Perhaps Putin truly is leading Trump down a path by where, like himself, Trump will also refuse to concede power in the next heavily-tampered election cycle, which could only lead to violence from both sides, but certainly from the red hat-wearing right. Now you understand why Trump is dead set on building his wall. It's all about the numbers, not of the cost of the wall itself that Mexico still won't pay for, mind you, but of the number of Whites in order to mainstay a dominating presence in the US, and according to Putin, in the world at large. It's all about power and race and the so-called "preservation of White culture." The issue of the border wall has much less to do with usual less-racist sounding talking points regarding Mexican gangs, their drugs, or the almost non-existent murders that supposedly occur in border towns by migrants, but everything to do with vastly lowering the amount of non-Whites allowed into the country. This is exactly why Trump revels in racist-based fear mongering because it plays perfectly to his racist base, who must be placated until the 2020 election, that volatile year that Freemasons have long prepared to be a violent conflagration between the Left and the Right in order to bring in the next phase of their sick, murderous, evil plan that ends in a European Antichrist. Of the 2018-19 "Migrant Hoard/Invasion," that was actually comprised of families who sought freedom and merely wanted to work in the US, it was very interesting to see actual American patriots that fought its most recent wars going back to Vietnam, speaking in unison stating that Trump has no protocol in calling for the US military to shoot unarmed men, women, and migrant children at the border, further stating that the "US Military is much more disciplined and would exhaust all manner of non-lethal force if met with rocks." This left the current Vietnam-era draft dodger in the White House once again forced to dial back all of his racist, undisciplined, and murderous rhetoric that was disturbingly reminiscent of his "good people on both sides" Nazi-pandering comments from a year earlier. Of course, this didn't stop the same racist, Satanic-serving government from splitting up migrant families and sexually abusing the migrant children in ways still being investigated. Trump also once said that if the Migrant "invasion" was filled with people from Norway, as opposed to Mexicans or South Americans, "the entire situation would have been far different," according to the Anglo-racist President. Trump was born into the Anglo-Masonic doctrine by his father before him. Of that, do not be deceived to think Trump's government shutdown over "border security" is just about stopping drugs, terrorists, street gangs, or curtailing the almost non-existent border murders by Mexican illegals, when there is far more American citizen on citizen crime occurring every single second of every single day. In January 2019, one of Trump's former press secretary's, Sarah Sanders, was caught lying to a Fox News host when he actually pushed back against her claim implying that 4,000 Arabic terrorists were caught at the southern border, when in reality, they were caught already in the country at one of America's airports, or other ports of entry. Absolutely zero were apprehended the Mexican border. The Trump administration next played up the ridiculous lie that a so-called "Islamic prayer rug" was found at the Mexican border, when in reality, it was an Adidas T-shirt.

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As a point of reference, the same elites that funded the disenfranchised art student named Hitler, are also behind the latest psy-op pushing multiculturalism to begin with, in order to initiate its backlash by increasing White-hatred against it, the other side of which shall rise a virtual army of formerly separate groups made unified that easily fall in line behind Satan's next rising Fuhrer. This is the true Deep State, whose true power structure transcends the might of America itself to comfortably sit in London reaping every benefit of a still-existing Empire. Its base of power resides specifically within the Crown Temple in London, an internal "city-state" that controls the temporary *military* complex called the United States to its west, while to its east sits its temporary *spiritual* center called the Vatican. All three work in unison with Satan's elites to form that global "Babylon" that the Antichrist will be given control over. As such, their tainting the world by constantly disseminating the lie that Jews are your enemy, is perhaps their greatest scheme of all thus far, because so much of the world actually believes it. In fact, whatever negative information is authored and pushed by them against Israel today, is finding its target audience among disenfranchised White youth already steeped in 9-11 conspiracy theories "proving Israel did it." What's most ironic, is that the very two governments that hate Israel the most, are seemingly the very ones who help her the most, but why? Why is America and Britain *seemingly* so beholden to Israel, enough to prop her up militarily to the tune of an annual 40-billion dollars payout? Again, Antichrist. The Freemasons, and even more secretive organizations under names not known, are at the very heart of the inevitable Beast government that is to rule all others. What everyone reading this needs to understand is that America will be the first to be sacrificed, so that Europe can finally ascend to its fated prominence, leaving London to control Europe more directly. Out of which comes its leader that later seeks to conquer Jerusalem in a coming Apocalyptic Crusade. This would make the former Crusades as mere archetypal dress rehearsals for what Satan's Europe is yet to accomplish thru its own Crusading King. Once Antichrist has secured Jerusalem, he will have no need of the "Whore of Babylon" that was the Vatican all along. She will perish under the might of the "Ten Kings" yet to come who "burn her with fire, and devour her flesh." This is done so that the "Fourth Kingdom" then becomes centered in Jerusalem, the city that God ruled from Heaven, and Satan still seeks to govern on earth. The cultural divide and severe moral decline in America, as well as the return to Nazism in Europe, is evidence of their malevolent hand at work among us all. Thus, in a world being destroyed under London's Masonic control that's especially being carried out in the United States, to say that your stringed, Presidential puppet vote never matters in regard to their latest "Leader of the Free World,' would be a severe understatement. It has been well said by others who can see part of the global manipulation by powers not our own, that "American Presidents are never elected, but selected by globalist benefactors who wield the true power in this world, over us." I agree. As such, Obama quickly ascended in their purview and was given the position of President for eight years so that America's still largest voting block of angry White working class would inherently rise up in knee-jerk revolt, manifesting first into the Tea Party and Neo-Conservative Movements before becoming almost completely hijacked by the MI5-manufactured QAnon Movement and racist organizations that presents Donald Trump as its current archetype of White Unity thru Aryan nationalism/populism. Meanwhile, London and its own despotic agents hold Trump's purse strings until the "preservation of all White culture" seeps into every remaining political issue in the West. Clearly, Trump's sole purpose in his current status as the "most powerful man in the world," with all of his disdain for anyone perceived as weak, is to guide the Western world toward the cult worship of the soon-coming "most powerful man in the world," the Antichrist. This is what MAGA, so-called patriots, the rise of white nationalism, as well as the coming "Second Civil War" in America is really about. As we approach his time, the survival of the fittest will be undoubtedly be all pervasive. This is why Revelation shows us how his mind-controlled cultish society will become during his reign, asking "Who is like unto the Beast, who can [meaning no one can] make war with him?" - Revelation 13:4

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The armed and angry woman in the video above calls herself "Patriot Nurse." She's under the delusion that Democrats are her only enemy (and not those behind the Democratic Party who churn out Democrats as if creating an entire Godless generation of mindless drones at the behest of their far-left, unchecked, higher education). Her delusion by those she believes she's against is so much that after the Charlottesville riots in August 2017, Patriot Nurse angrily defended the rights of "fellow Patriot" (in this case a neo-Nazi) 20-year old James Fields and his purposefully plowing into a crowd of anti-Nazi protestors, killing 32-year old Heather Heyer among them. Like the majority of those counter-protestors on that day, Heather happened to be a card-carrying Democrat, which was all Patriot Nurse needed to hear before launching into a video tirade about how she could care less about Heyer's public murder, a video she has since removed, by the way, which of itself speaks volumes. Like all of Trump's most ardent supporters who lie and purposefully alter their facts to ensure Republicans turn increasingly further toward the far-right, Patriot Nurse had quickly concluded that Heather Heyer deserved to die merely because she was a "bleeding heart" Democrat. Hopefully, you as the reader can see the insanity here when it comes to what the so-called Republican "American Patriots" increasingly believe, and how they are increasingly being driven far-right by all of our true enemies who have plotted this culture war, to the point of having Republicans largely agreeing with Nazi's today. Patriot Nurse, caught up in the Masonic spell, fully advocates for "America's next Civil War," which is the goal of the Satanic global elitists of which she is (unwittingly) serving. But what's most interesting about Patriot Nurse, is that she is a staunch believer in the Masonic-devised deception that puts forward the British and now certain White Americans as the supposed "True House of Israel." which is the exact same belief of the Mormons. Moreover, she believes that because she is a "real American" standing in the shadow of her Masonic forefathers, of which she proudly claims lineage, that she now has every right to kill "seditious" liberals in any next Civil War. More disturbing is that her mantra is to "shoot twice in the chest and once in the head." As Ephesians 6:12 point out, "We wrestle not against [human] flesh and blood, but against [non-human] principalities, powers, and against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Therefore it is none other than Satan and his non-human minions that are too easily hiding themselves behind the facilitating of tribal, politically-charged and racially-motivated, class warfare, knowing how easily mankind can be divided against themselves, in effect, making his destructive work much easier. The level of propaganda spewed forth from such ultra-nationalists today, with certainly leaders included, is exactly what Hitler used against the German people in advance of his own warped Messianic aspirations. (See also Donald Trump is a Scottish Right Freemason). A recent comment I had to leave on one of her insane "Civil War II" promoting videos, appears as follows: "Gunning down your fellow Americans on the Left because they've been duped by the public and/or higher education system in this country is not the answer, nor is your post-American creation of a Right-wing only totalitarian state that could only serve the very powers you claim to be against! How do think you've not been deceived by Satan and his violent, extremist, divide and conquer campaign of Left v. Right dupes when you offer no other solution but to join them? There has to be a better way to channel your fight. God knowing better than us, what was His command for this time? What did He tell us about those who vainly choose to "live by the sword" when our only weapons should be those of His Spirit? Therefore, discipline yourself, not with a weapon, but with true power that rests in Christ only. Stand down to let Him stand up. What will happen, will happen no matter how fast you can grab any weapon, ultimately, to no avail. Look up, our Redemption nears closer with each minute now. The nation was a forgone conclusion long before you were ever born, and gone are the days when America meant a semblance of freedom in the face of an unseen enemy who now so obviously controls it."

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In other words, don't expect Christ and His Love, which may stand against you at Judgment to ever allow you in His eternal Kingdom in Heaven when you're too busy fighting and dying for their temporary, Masonic-led kingdom on earth. Clearly, the world is being manipulated on both sides of the Collapse by the ultimate divide and conquer racist, Satan himself, with the Antichrist as their only reward, but what's most disturbing is that America is falling for it, again. This is why the Left v. Right paradigm is violently being thrown in all our faces each and every day, which, in itself, is the result of the unseen war still being waged over the souls of men between Christ and Satan. Armed to the teeth "Patriots" are being told today that their worst enemies are their own countrymen and moreover, their own neighbors. In fact, this Satanic deception is so great, they actually believe Republicans to be of God whilst the Democrats are minions Satan, when both the Left and the Right are actually two arms of the same evil Masonic entity that has enslaved us all under the false guise of freedom. And so what does the Scriptures teach us about these last days, "the love of many will wax cold." That was Christ's answer when He was specifically asked about the days leading up to His return, and the time of the Antichrist...the love of many will grow cold. Now this label of "bleeding heart" that deceived Republicans launch against deceived Democrats, can you answer me who might the ultimate Bleeding Heart is? Your supposed Lord and Savior is the answer, Republican. At His Judgment, there will be many like you who cry “Lord, Lord, haven’t we done great things in your name? And yet Heaven's door will be shut in their face with Christ saying, “For even as you have not done unto the least of these, you have not done unto me.” Only then will the two greatest commandments come into their memory as they at last understand who their neighbors truly were in this world. That little Guatemalan girl who died of thirst along with the Guatemalan boy who also died whilst under American government care on Christmas Eve 2018, the same little ones that FOX News reduced to "liberal publicity stunts to deceive the bleeding hearts..." apparently to ensure that their viewing audience remains as far-right Republican and cold-hearted as possible, will see them at that same Judgment. Many others who were too easily overlooked in this world, of whom you openly mocked as having not been born under such "White privilege," will also appear at that same Judgement, when "the first will be made last, and the last shall be made first." Only then will you finally understand how much God also loves others who weren't born under that British-Masonic flag you worship, and of how they called upon Him just before they ascended to His loving arms as a result of their deaths at the hands of a racist majority rule. Do you even know the Lord you claim to know, Patriots? You think you do, but deny Him via others daily, leaving one question to remain. Does Christ know you? "And in that day Christ will reply "Get away from me thou workers of iniquity, for I never knew you. Go unto the place prepared for the Devil and His Angels...for even as you have not done unto the least of these, you have not done it unto me."

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I recently had the displeasure of finding yet another Trump-styled racist online named Sydney Watson. My comment to her video complaining about her liberal landlord was as follows: "Psycho liberal? Oh, you mean this person actually cares about people, that is to say, all people, and in a way that easily surpasses the profits-over-people, (and increasingly far-right) Republican party? You siding with "Trump-loving opinions," as you call them, equate to his *unapologetic* racism, and yet, how much more recent or five decades old evidence is needed to prove he's a racist at this point? Perhaps you need to actually research what racism via "Anglo-Israelism" is first, before adopting all of its tenants into your final belief system. There is a long and sordid history there that goes back to the Roman and later, British, and now American empires, with all three engaging in the same tactics. As for Trump and Fox News, you'll never receive the truth of the history of Anglo-Israelism there, not when they're too busy fulfilling Anglo-corporate interests and keeping the truly evil elites in power via brainwashing Fox's audience with tales of a communist takeover to ensure an increasingly far-right, crony-driven, Republican vote is there for each election cycle. Being a staunch Republican since the Reagan era, as well as a long-time viewer of Fox News since at least 2001 (right after 9-11), I also fell for every single word and right-wing ideology Fox pushed, right up until Trump's first few months in office. Suffice it to say, much has happened since then. Obviously, something drastically changed my opinion of what Trump really is and where my former Republican party is heading today under his tenure." -- In another comment, this time to a "Christian" attempting to prove Trump was exposing Christian persecution worldwide, I wrote: "Don't be deceived. The same guy who makes empty speeches about Christian persecution in Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, China, India, Syria, and yes, even in Central and South America, also harshly labels them as one collective of dirty, hostile, non-white skinned "IMMIGRANTS" and loves to turn them away in droves if they so much as dare think about obtaining a better life for themselves and their children in the West! I ask you, what did Christ say about loving our neighbors and by what measure will He judge Christians on His Day? Moreover, who are those who loudly call Him their Lord, as He declares "Depart from me...Even as you haven't done by the LEAST of these, you haven't done it unto Me!" Thus, tread carefully, Dana Ashlie, and remember who's the one that's directly responsible for greatly persecuting our Central and South American Christian neighbors (and their children) in the most brutal ways possible today. As usual, you have many great points in your video, but to think for a minute that the proven Anglo-racist Trump isn't fulfilling every whim of London's Masonic Antichrist agenda (aptly named Project MONARCH) is precisely what Satan needs to have for his next phase of the global, Anglo-Masonic plan, with every American Christian vainly thinking they're presently awake, when they're hopelessly sleeping in blissful ignorance. The sordid belief that Trump is the last defender of all things innately Christian and American is a deceptive lie on its face that nonetheless serves a future purpose. Trump was groomed into Anglo-racism on the knee of his elite-connected father who himself shared the exact same beliefs as Cecil Rhodes, that the world should be dominated by Anglo-culture, finance, and its Masonic-devised Anglo-Israel religion which dictates Britain and America are the true "House of Israel." The Masonic group that meets alone with and guides each new President since the very first President, as connected by Royal bloodline and the founders of this nation they might be, are far off from following after Christ in their nefarious work toward establishing Antichrist. Every ploy made toward Israel by Trump today is just that, another ploy serving a much larger agenda that ends in the Antichrist first deceiving, before conquering, Israel and sitting in its newly rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. The fact that Trump is finding great success in propagating the racial lies of Satan proves the Anglo-Antichrist and his own Anglo-racist policies toward global domination are not far behind. After all, the White, unyielding, Aryan homogeny that hides behind a British Royal-connected, Occult, Satanic, and racist-based ideology dressed up as Christ's elite to ensure their ultimate plan cannot fail, didn't get this far in the world for nothing."

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American Patriots: The Most Ironic Slaves of the Monarchy

The definition of Sedition is very interesting to include the word Monarch knowing how the Crown Temple in London still owns and controls the United States. Perhaps we should all be revolting not against fellow Americans, but against those global elites who view us as their pawns. Such naivety on daily display here, at a time when we can no longer afford such ignorance. You understand that this nation was created by the Lucifer-worshipping Freemasons, do you not? Do you really believe their inherently British-serving power somehow subsided in 1776? Whenever you cannot figure out what America has already done, and is still doing toward bringing in a New World Order, remember who controls it. It was never by or for The People.

Clinton Ortiz, The Return of the Once and Future King

And there is war on the internet today, with QAnon and other "Patriots" attempting to convince everyone that Trump is some kind of Illuminati destroyer, when he is its greatest promoter, most avowed descendant, and its inherent disciple on the world stage today. His own bloodline and lineage alone proves his allegiance, even as the Illuminati has always worked thru its own descended families in both Europe and America from whence they control entire nations toward their ultimate goals, from within. Those who desperately want to view Trump thru his own lens will continue to do so, despite his many lies, faults, and financial scheming that only advances his wealth, and narcissistic brand. Only in America could someone of such a self-promoting elitist caste so obviously pander to its disenfranchised working class, and actually make them believe he only stands for them, when at the very least, Trump only sees them as a grand collective of nameless worker bees who are over 20-trillion in debt, but could make America temporarily "great again," just before the inevitable Collapse wipes them out completely. In reality, Trump is merely an archetype of what could be, belonging to that still latent Western dream of a Arthurian King returned who sets the world to right. But as it stands today, no evidence proving Trump's ego will ever alter their godlike perception of him. And yet the Masonic puppet that is Trump, beholden to those who hold all his wealth and worldly possessions, is no fool in terms of self-preservation. When the Global Collapse hits, it will be only he and his family that will be ushered deep underground the White House to selfishly survive long after the disaster strikes while the rest of Americans are left behind to die in some of the most horrific ways possible. Consequently, between Trump's government shutdowns, Mexican border wall "national emergency" funding, as well as his extravagant military funding, many of the more needed disaster relief funding might all be but depleted in that day. The much more intriguing wall being built, therefore, is that wall of MK-Ultra styled stone wall of deception built around Trump today that pushes some to look upon him in near-Messianic terms when he is much closer to the Beast and its future system. Meanwhile, for today, Trump's flock claim he is draining swamps, and that there will be "mass arrests" of corrupt politicians soon, when the only ones being arrested are his own corrupt friends that worked his 2016 campaign. Like 4chan, YouTube has become another fertile ground by which such obvious Project Monarch-connected mind control promoting Trump have found an increasing number of MAGA dupes slumbering hard in their own personal racist-fueled Matrix. To say that of itself isn't a planned conspiracy is to say that Trump is not part of the overall global Masonic effort by which the next phase of their plan shall be perfectly implemented with perfect timing, which is to say that the global elite's have no power to force the outcomes of entire nations and their so-called "democracies," despite the signs of their unyielding control only increasing. The most clear defining hallmark of the Anglo-Masonic elitists is their Anglo-Aryan styled racist policies that drive today's Whites increasingly to the far-right, where their own Masonic puppet holds the White House. Of course, they are being told that Trump is akin to an "awakened Truther's" long awaited (albeit false) Anglo-Messiah, but notice how strongly they are under the influence of "Q" control and being cattle-herded along to actually believe it. Understand, where ANTIFA is mind control for the left, QAnon is mind control for the right. Whereas increased liberalism and more blatant Satanism is to increasingly infect the disenfranchised left, the Q-Masonic agenda for the disenfranchised right serves to drive Patriots, and Christians specifically, further into the racist far-right, so they are primed like Germans just before the outbreak of WWII. Clearly, Trump and Obama are themselves but mere puppets of the globalist agenda. Furthermore, both the left and right today actually believe they are aligned against the New World Order, when they are actually two arms of the same "all-seeing" entity, thus making themselves no better than mere slaves to the Beast system already, as designed. Many of QAnon's own flock are also part of the KKK and similar hate groups that glorify Trump as their last great White hope. The same hate any kind of "race mixing" and literally see it everywhere, even on TV commercials that they point as proof the extinction of the White race is right around the corner. If you're finally beginning to see how all of this is just another phase of the overall Masonic plan that has borrowed heavily from Hitler's own proven Nazi "Mind Kontrol" programme that interestingly migrated west toward Britain and America via Operation Paperclip, keep reading.

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But they have little to fear. For not only will there not be enough time left for a "beige world" to manifest, ironically, it is their own Whites in power that are purposefully making such commercials depicting in-your-face multiculturalism knowing that Whites will always simplistically view it as the evil working of Jews, when in reality, it's all to cause a response to stoke their latent hatred of not only Jews, but anyone non-white. In short, this is all being done so that Whites band together into a unified, angry, global mob, empowering their occult Overlords and their coming Aryan Messiah all the more. The British Crown is behind all global village and world unity campaigns for two main reasons, foremost of which is to bring it about, post-Collapse, but secondarily, to create its opposition among Whites today, who along with their coming Aryan leader, will work to destroy the resulting One World tomorrow, beginning with Israel (during the mid-point of the Tribulation), that one nation they have been taught already to hate the most. Unbeknownst to most of "Generation Z," and their Millennial older siblings, all of this was predicted to occur in our time by the same Scriptures they were subtly commanded again and again to patently reject by the very ones in charge of their education. Those who have worked on this planet for millennia toward establishing Satan's ascension to power have practiced their nefarious art in every secret society that placed 'the Great Work' as its solitary goal since the time of Cain. Their best known social engineering experiment was the backing of an obscure Austrian artist turned Occultist that became Germany's own Anglo-Messiah, Adolf Hitler. However, the German Thule Society was only a fraction of the power that is preparing Satan's next Messiah to come. The Scriptures speak to certain attributes of our generation today, citing that to deny the Father and the Son (as God) equates to having the "spirit of Antichrist" already. This is why the first attack on Anglo-American society was against its children of the Cold War era, the by-product of which would arise a "counter-culture" youth that would increasingly rebel against the conservative Christian values of their parents. In this way, have the powers behind Freemasonry created a global environment that extends far beyond their Anglo-Atlantic alliance into every corner of the planet that now patently disregards God, Christ, morality itself, traditional marriage and conservative values, in favor for their exact opposite. This same environment has only ramped up in recent years to the point where God is openly mocked among youth, as in the days of Sodom, when homosexuality, for one example, was the law of the land, directly as a result of their rejecting God outright. Today, with the American liberal's "politically correct" environment attempting to dominate the world, their agenda is clear, which is to reject God and His Word and His Son, and the race that gave birth to His Son, outright. How can anyone deny that these same "pagan rights" weren't also what built the ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires? Today, the social changes that youth desire most are the very same ones that their controllers champion, and always under their trigger (action/reaction) mind control word of "freedom." Such control is used toward to erode all traces of Christianity left in Western society that prevent the Antichrist to more easily arise and find an entire generation already conditioned in their seemingly starved need for someone exactly like him to speak for them. Indeed, history is repeating. There is a global Collapse coming to facilitate another world war, to, in effect, finalize the twisted goals of those in power who seek to destroy all Godly institutions and governments so that their planned One World and its resulting New Secular Order can finally come into effect, thus adding the final capstone on their, as yet, unfinished Masonic Pyramid. This is the sole purpose of such "Global Village" indoctrination centers, called public schools, who prepare soft minds toward that New World coming, and its dear leader.

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MK-Ultra, the CIA's infamous "mind control" program, was an extension of the behavior control research conducted by the Tavistock Institute. Formed at Oxford University, London, in 1920 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a sister organization to the Council of Foreign Relations created by the Round Table, the Tavistock Clinic became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II. The clinic took its name from its benefactor Herbrand Russell, Marquees of Tavistock, 11th Duke of Bedford. The Dukes of Bedford was the title inherited by the influential Russell family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Britain who came to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty. The basis of the project of the Tavistock Institute was explained by Round Table member, Lord Bertrand Russell [who] offered a revealing glimpse into Frankfurt School’s mass social engineering efforts in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society: I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology... Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called "education." Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part. It may be hoped that, in time, anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young, and is provided by the State with money and equipment. Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely.

The Holiness of Sin: Freud, the Frankfurt School and the Kabbalah

The Cain Effect: A World Subjected Under Sinister Occult and Satanic Influence
Such destructions can be seen everywhere today, from the purposeful erosion directed at Christian belief, to the instilling of a propaganda-styled Occult education in the public schools, whereby atheism, socialism, communism, Darwinism, paganism, occultism, globalism and magical thinking are all promoted to fill the void left over from their systematic removal of God from schools and society itself. Such is the structure of the world's Masonic re-education, that while removing every aspect of God, it has only replaced the resulting void with anti-Christian, anti-Biblical, anti-Israel, and anti-American ideals to popularize disorder, anarchy and chaos, namely in America. In turn, so completely deceived are the "Anti-Zionist" anarchists today, that they spread chaotic propaganda of their own: "10 Reasons Why Hitler Was One of the Good Guys." Because they are so easily beguiled by their Masonic Aryan-Masters who are behind the coming New World, youth will be told again and again that Israel and Jews are the harbingers of every evil, all the while, the true enemies of mankind remain protected under a deluge of deception. In fact, there's little difference today than when Hitler's Youth Brigades were being brainwashed in the 1930's by the torrent of anti-Zionist propaganda manufactured by the ϟϟ that precisely mirrors what is being disseminated unto Millennials and 'Gen Z' now. How perfectly the Satanic global elites have this generation under their derision as the world blindly marches under Satan's increasing Nazi-like control toward the ultimate goal of the Masonic 'Great Work' itself, finalized in Antichrist. With 4 out of 10 Millennials never educated about the Holocaust, again, purposefully via public education, how could another Hitler/Antichrist not rise among them to repeat the doom of the 20th century? The anti-Israel deception today is more easily discerned when you understand that the oldest ruling Illuminati families in Europe have a clear and distinct operatus morandi they consistently operate under. Foremost is their goal of completely undermining no other religion but Christianity, no other religious book but The Bible, and no other religious figure but Jesus Christ, and no other nation but Israel. Next is their absolute hatred of Jews themselves, that propels these inherently Anglo-Aryan elite to inject such rampant disinformation regarding them today, of whom they've blamed every evil that they themselves commit on the Semitic race for centuries. Under Jewish sounding names, they control the press and media, increasingly injecting a false narrative to blind the world from the Truth. The marginalization of Jews by German National Socialists in the '30's ultimately led to The Final Solution, where Nazi's attempted to murder every captured Jew. Such marginalizing is also going on today toward a global extent never seen before, as we approach the time of Satan's next Aryan King. By the same token, many of you reading this have unwittingly been brainwashed already by those who you think have "awoken" you to the global elite's stranglehold on the sleeping world, never realizing that shills such as David Icke, Jordon Maxwell, and Alex Jones are attempting to turn your anger into dissent, and your dissent into becoming anarchists against your own governments in order to destroy them so they are rebuilt under entirely new lines of seemingly only your devising. Wake up, people.

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In so doing, you are only helping the same Satanic elites that Icke, for example, claims to be against. The same secret Aryan and Occult organizations that were behind the rise of Hitler in the past, are the very same that are paving the way for the Antichrist in the future. The Occult elite have been preparing for the Antichrist since long before his birth. In other words, you cannot be against the work of the evil elitists if you're helping them with their ultimate goal toward establishing the Antichrist, and his later goal of destroying the Jews and their literally God-given national homeland. So where Satan's elite have today's youth swearing allegiance to Hitler, and blaming the entire Jewish race (again), others are becoming completely brainwashed by the elite's other propaganda arm that promotes the Occult as the old/new global religion that is to replace Christianity itself. The fact that many don't realize this, or have been systematically blind to all of it doesn't matter. Satan and his Angels exist, and so do those who exist to do their bidding. Satan works in counterfeit actions to God's Will, thus, he finds ways to counterfeit not only God, but God's Word, His Global Religion, His Chosen People, His Messiah, His Zion, and even Heaven itself. While God's chosen people reside in Israel, the land of their ancestors, Satan's global-controlling Anglo-elites reside largely in Europe and the United States. While the most literal definition of 'Zionism' means that Jews should be able to return to their ancient homeland, where they more often than not, flourished over 4,000 years ago, the twisted counterfeit version of 'Zionism' is summed up with the Anglo-Satanic elites seeking the destruction of Israel, first thru the propaganda war of today, and later, war itself. Not coincidentally, within the windowless halls of Freemasonry, Christ is shunned completely in favor of the ancient and demonic gods of Canaan, Babylon, Persia and Egypt. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14.) Factor in that Freemasons literally name Lucifer, and not Christ, as their "God" of light, while instilling into each of its tenants the elevation over God of an extremely ancient Sun-God [Lucifer] adopted from the same pagan cultures that were also known to worship demons as gods, to create the bulk of their Templar/Masonic belief system and it can be easily determined that Freemasonry is Luciferianism on a grand, global scale. Moreover, when it can be found in their own writings the overt veneration of such evil Biblical characters as Cain, Tubal-Cain, and Judas, it becomes much clearer that Freemasonry is the religion of God's enemies. For just as 'Q'ayin (Cain) was the First Murderer' as well as the "Father of All Witchcraft," Masonic teaching ultimately implies that Cain's Father was not Adam, but Satan Himself.

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A plausible but little known legend speaks of a hidden, hereditary group of families who have exerted great influence over European life from before the time of Jesus, to the present.

Rosslyn: Guardians of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. 97

The first of the Sinclair's to be born in Scotland, Henri St. Clair, accompanied Godfroi de Bouillon to the Holy Land in 1096 and was present at the fall of Jerusalem. He was accompanied by knights from eleven other leading Scottish aristocratic families. Representatives of all twelve families met regularly at Roslyn prior to the Crusades, and for many centuries afterwards. The group included ancestors of the Stuarts, with whom the Sinclair's made marital alliances and were involved with the Templars throughout their history [and] with early Freemasonry in Scotland, with support of the Stuart [Jacobite] cause. The Rex Deus legend suggested that the Stuarts were actually descended from among the ancient hierarchy in Biblical Israel.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. 200

This is one very possible location of the Templar treasure, in the modern banking system. To summarize, the Templar treasure was never lost. It is hidden in plain view used to replicate the same banking system that proved successful for the original Knights Templar. It is the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of England, Rothschild banking, UBS Bank, and all of their cross-connected and interbred offspring.

Templar Treasure Today

The Occult elite is all about power and symbolism. The above ceremony showcased both. The Occult Elite tell the world that they control the world's resources and manpower. In other words, they are the only ones who can make such projects because they control politics, finance and business.

Occult Ceremony Opens European Tunnel

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

Benjamin Disraeli, First Prime Minister of England

Disturbingly, when I traced this same lineage of Cain back thru the ages, I discovered that it, and many of its own well-guarded secrets surrounding it, became the very foundation and basis for the Occult itself. Moreover, such knowledge lay at the root of the very "gnosis" that many less astute were actually searching for, in their own research and exhaustive study into the darker elements of forbidden wisdom. The purported "treasure" sought out and found by the mysterious Knights Templar involved, at its heart, the knowledge of Cain and his offspring, the same beings who have always ruled this planet since the days of Nod. In truth, the Templars only wanted to make it appear they discovered such a secret in the Holy Land, when in fact, they already held the knowledge of Cain's direct descendants long before their trek into Israel, during the Crusades, but they needed to establish the work that would eventually lead to Antichrist, and his later claim to the Holy Land itself. Much more on that later. Thus, the reality of Cain's Bloodline, of which many of the Templar elite themselves were born with, suddenly became "Christ's Bloodline" and the Church, being somehow convinced and believing this heresy, knew such a possibility of Christ having a wife and children needed to be kept in strict confidence between the ruling elite behind Vatican walls, and the French Templars, a secret never for consumption among the masses by either faction. In essence, what the Occult secret societies were undertaking, even then, was to lay the 'ancient foundation' to be later drawn, of turning Satan into Christ to, in effect, hide Cain's lineage behind the façade of a Messianic "Christ (Davidic) lineage" by which the future Antichrist King could claim as having. In this way, could Satan himself ultimately be accepted by a future Israel (modern Israel) as their Messiah, because Israel's only real prerequisite to become their Messiah is that 1) The candidate can perform "Godly miracles" and 2) He must be descended from the Bloodline of King David. This latter part is interesting, since it is precisely where Satan, for centuries now, has had to come up with a myriad of deceptive ways to make this coming lie about a European King descended from his own wicked lineage, to seemingly appear he is actually from the same Royal Bloodline of Israel's ancient Kings by which King David, Solomon, and indeed, Christ were all descended from. But its right there where such a deception is absolutely diabolical in its perfection, if you have it in mind that Israel and its Jews who are seeking a Messiah, are your intended target. Now, aside from today's atheists who are obviously ignorant, willingly, and do no want to hear the Truth, there are also Christians among us, who believe Antichrist cannot be revealed until Christians are entirely removed from the planet. Such reasoning would seem to make sense, however, God has obviously wanted us to know who the Antichrist is since his birth, which is why He has revealed unto us many signs circulating around his birth, young life, and now, adult life. God primarily wants His children to know today, so that we have enough time to warn others who will become His children tomorrow, during the Tribulation of the Beast.

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David Icke collectively refers to these same global rulers as "Reptilians," because of their supposedly hidden serpentine appearance and supernatural power, albeit never making the more telling connection that in all of the obvious Satanic worship carried out by this world's elite powers, that are doing so in literal reverence as his children. That is to say, at the top, it is none other than Satan himself that is directing his children to carry out every method of wickedness in the world today, to bring it ever closer to his own vision, as their Dark Father, whereby he effectively replaces God's will on earth, for his own that ultimately ends not in Christ, but Antichrist. Thus, while such elites throw themselves into every corner of black magic dedicated to a literal (not figurative) Satan, of whom they perceive to be their Reptilian Father, how anyone could deny anymore that Satan doesn't exist isn't interpreting correctly the headlines of the day, all of which portray a literal cabal in the world who worship a literal Satan, leading to a literal Antichrist figure. Such is David Icke and many others. he prophecies clearly point this out across the entire span of the Scriptures that Satan is a literal cursed-bound Serpent of wisdom (in Genesis), an airy Red Dragon (in Revelation), and sea-bound Leviathan (in Job) by which every ancient culture from Mexico to China was subtly influenced by. Despite that, Icke remains a metaphysical-inspired Gnostic that cannot be persuaded into any literal interpretation that proves the Bible as correct, because believing in a literal Word of God warning us about Satan would then mean having to believe in a literal Christ, and he cannot have that. The Illuminati-inspired Matrix-film (based on more of an Antichrist sacrifice for humanity, than Christ's own) has sidetracked people like Icke to literally believe in that we are all living within a computer-generated reality, in which the "Church is just another form of Orwellian control." Such colorful truth-seekers and Gnostics therefore entertain every twisted belief system directly descended from Lucifer's original "forbidden wisdom" that tainted the earliest of ancient cultures toward hating their own Creator, Christ, and his future Church. Such cannot ever bring themselves toward a Biblically-based paradigm to ever see the truth because in their minds, the Bible itself is a form of "patriarchal control" from which "Lucifer came to set the whole world free" from in the first place. So goes the mind-fucking of Satan, by Satan, with he knowing that anyone believing such bullshit can easily be persuaded to accept the rest of his New Age plan dressed up as a coming "New Age and New World" to perfectly counter God's coming 'New Heaven and New Earth' as described in Revelation. In other words, what both Gnostics and New Agers have done is open themselves up to the very same Cainite influences that initiated heretical Gnosticism to begin with. Despite what is written in man's edited and controlled history regarding Cainites to be "a small sect of Gnostics who merely venerated Cain," the truth surrounding the Satanic power elites purposefully becomes lost in a virtual flood of false information regarding not only their own historical infiltrating of man's earliest pagan empires in the ancient world, but also their very existence behind governments from ancient Egypt to the future 'Mystery Babylon the Great.'

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In addition to that, Icke will also point such things as America's Anti-BDS laws to supposedly prove his point of Israel, or its lobbying groups, controlling America, and not that the American government (who receives all its subversive Masonic directives by way of London) has both drafted, created, and is currently putting such laws into effect to ensure Israel is always placated (and continually deceived) ultimately by the British Crown itself. Despite Icke's own book, "The Biggest Secret" that actually contains a chapter within it too appropriately named 'Satan's Children' (that can be read in its entirety here)," Icke has still managed to completely miss all of what his own research was clearly leading, that those who rule over us are LITERALLY SATAN'S CHILDREN. Instead of a literal Satan, the evil that overshadows the Satanic-worshipping global elite who literally worship the Devil himself in the classical Christian sense, Icke believes they are more likely worshipping a fallen ancient sky god of the alien kind, that, ironically, is Lucifer's own description in the Bible. But because Icke cannot bring himself into accepting anything literal from the Scriptures, he, like many others today, assume the ancient accounts of fallen supernatural Angels must be the ancient accounts of UFO's and their inhabitants. Here, Icke is more right than he knows, since Satan and his minions have both played the role of ancient gods as well as alien entities from other worlds. This is why Icke wholly endorses a Gnostic view of the Scriptures, because it completely circumvents the Biblical account of a literal Satan, in favor of a more cosmic duality construct that interprets "evil" as a mindless force serving to merely balance its "good" counterpart, with no absolutes to either invoke, nor evoke. And yet, such a view is precisely what a literal Satan would have the world believe, knowing his work is best carried out when no one believes he or his kind are really there, despite both his Serpent and Dragon image, as well as the image of his many demons, being literally worshipped in place of God for millennia. Clear evidence of both the Dragon deity, and every form of strange pagan gods depicted with various animalistic qualities, are clearly seen depicted on the walls of ancient Mesopotamian, Akkadian, and Persian wall reliefs leaving no doubt these 'gods' not only had communication with the ancients, but provided them wisdom in return for a ritualistic human sacrifice, from China to Mexico and wherever giant stone monuments (like Stonehenge) were dedicated to such gods by priests (such as the Celtic Druids) who held direct communication with them. This is the truth behind all of the "ancient alien/astronaut" phenomena, and where most cultural myths and pagan religions grew out of. It should not be that much of a mystery as to what or who this same Dragon (Lucifer) is, when he appeared to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Europe, the Americas/Mexico and China) bringing with him the exact same blood sacrifice-for-wisdom trick to "advance mankind toward an illuminated knowledge" by which we can make ourselves as gods, which was not coincidentally, Satan's very first lie to Eve. (See also New Evidence Proves Ancient Chinese Built a Large Pyramid and Conducted Human Sacrifices.) That said, no matter where you fall spiritually, it is absolutely paramount that you understand the truth going forward, for precious few will see, ever know, or simply be able to discern these things within the Tribulation itself, when everything will be heavily censored by the ruling global state. The future mind-controlled citizenry being created already, won't ever see the tyrannical order they're enslaved to, or the innately racist, but seemingly humanitarian European King that leads them into such world unity, under Lucifer. Therefore, what is the Truth?

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While Israel is Scapegoated, True Enemies of Mankind Hide Among Us

Understand this one basic fact, what is globally understood as evil "Zionism" has nothing to do with the Jews, but everything to do with their attempted genocide once again at the hands of their former genocidal destroyers, the Aryan "Zionists" of Europe. In fact, the White globalists who operate every single secret society and control this world for Satan, outnumber every single man, woman, and child within Israel itself. Moreover, basic common sense should be telling you there's not enough Jews in the world for them to hold the level of Masonic power and Satanic manipulation that both Britain and America have been carrying out since the mid-1770's in every single industry they've devised that today seeks to deceive the planet against Israel and the Jewish people. But who is worse, the people creating such false propaganda against Jews or the people who too easily hate Jews because they're told to hate Jews? Both serve Satan and will naturally fall in lock-step behind the Antichrist. Ironically, while dismissing Christ and all "organized religions" out of hand, Icke has recently claimed to be 'The Son of God' himself, which should give pause to anyone remembering what Christ said about false prophets and those falsely claiming to be Christ in the last days. Christ specifically warned us of those in the last days who heap unto themselves demonically-deceived teachers who, while denying Christ, would claim to be Christ themselves, as they spread an accursed gospel marked by its Aryan-rooted "doctrines of demons and teachings of devils." I've lost count how many times I've entered into conversations with "truthers" as a whole, only to hear how blaming Israel remains central to their elite-serving, linear thinking. One such encounter ended with me commenting: "Oh that's right. Blame everything on your scapegoated Jooz, that way, the real conspirators in Europe who hide under Jewish-sounding names, being the same Satanic Aryan organizations that funded Hitler, (the same ones you have been deceived to protect) continually receive a free pass to work their evil unimpeded. As perfectly stated by one of Icke's own devotees, "The Rothschild Jews are the most evil people in this world and behind every conspiracy against the White race." I replied "That's ironic, because that is precisely what your true enemy in the Anglo-Masonic empire wants you to believe. The Rothschild's are not Jews and never were. (((They))) like the British Royals themselves, are Aryan-Germanic and most every other connected elitist that hides under Jewish sounding names in order to carry out Satan's greatest evils that perpetuate further hatred against the Jewish race whilst creating the right global conditions that smooth the path for Antichrist and his future conquest of Israel, period. Full stop. The Anglo-Aryan House of Rothschild own the land of Israel because of what they have planned *against* the Jewish people in Israel, get it right..." As it stands currently, because Icke and others are so easily manipulated to hate Jews, and even Christ, by those who are building an earthly Kingdom for Antichrist, would therefore leave authors like Icke at a serious disadvantage, spiritually. More intelligent minds should be asking what is Icke really preparing his audience for. Is it complete freedom from the elites, or an increased bondage to them? Interestingly, Icke and his duped audience are now promoting Hitler as a 'misunderstood visionary' who is "only guilty for being too far ahead of his own time." Despite his own spiritual shortcoming, Icke does speak a lot of truth in regard to his exposing the many evils committed by high-ranking officials within the British government, and their hidden Satanic worship, child kidnapping, torture, trafficking, and human sacrifices across both the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole. But his way of debasing both Christ and Israel in the very next breath, while promoting figures like Hitler, can ultimately make him little more than a short-stringed puppet under demonic control who serves the very people in power he writes against. In fact, David Icke once admitted to being guided by 'unseen forces' in 1989, who, according to his own words, they told him he would be given knowledge to "awaken" the planet. So is that what is occurring all around the internet today, people are "waking up"?

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How can that be when what falls from their mouths are the very same words Hitler himself spoke more than a generation ago? Do the same forces that once propelled Hitler now stand behind people such as David Icke? One would have to wonder. It's ironic because the only other beings in this world who present lies as truth, Biblically and historically, to corrupt souls and foster questionable agendas to deceive the masses, are demons, the spiritual agents of Satan (the Reptilian) himself. Likewise, because Icke seamlessly weaves their lies into what people already believe is truth, this allows his audience to believe they've been somehow "Awakened" by his revelation. However, in reality, his global followers become little more than robotic God-deniers daily deceived by Icke's anti-Zionist rhetoric in the same way Hitler used German youth to fill the future ranks of the SS Jew-murderers, to increasingly help carry out the plan of their Overlords toward a New Age of God/Christ/Israel/Bible-despisers who fall in line for whatever counterfeit "New Age" and world leader that the Masonic Overseer's present them. This leaves Icke and others, and all they manipulate, to be mere soundboards and puppets creating increasingly more echo chambers for the very elites they seemingly despise, only to repeat the elites' own Satanic mantras and Aryan-racism against God's chosen people. If this were 'The Matrix' like he claims, then Icke would be the virus-replicating Smith (creating exact copies of himself wherever he goes) and not the fully-awakened Neo, as he vainly thinks. The notion raised by Icke about us living in a purposefully built construct, or "Matrix," by an Grand Designer or "Architect," while true, this world is not something that of itself we need to be working against. In other words, God has built the very finite Universe that surrounds us to house the single planet we live in, where all our sustaining needs have been met for our human existence, for our collective test to see if we, as individuals, are children of Christ's Light, or of Lucifer's darkness. Those advocating "freedom" from the Matrix, believe they mean freedom from the evil control of this world, but Satan, the ruler of this cursed world, has early twisted the minds of men to make it seem that freedom means to be free from God's supposed tyrannical rule, when in reality, Satan (the false God of "Enlightenment" and its bastard religion of Freemasonry) can only offer bondage by way of Sin, Death, and afterward, Hell. Where God has provided us the Truth, Satan provides us the Occult. Thus, it is all a test, our lives. In the same vein, Satan's "New World" will be touted more like a sustainable, green, "Global Village" of like-minded utopian citizens, than the Orwellian prison it actually will become. As such, just when the world believes it has rid itself of the obvious Masonic tyranny of our present world system, do those same Satan-worshipping tyrants gain more control over mankind than ever before from behind the scenes, after the Collapse. II Thessalonians 2:9-10 states, because the world accepted not the "Love of the Truth" (Jesus Christ), God will allow the unsaved world to be deceived all the more by Satan's host of 'false signs and lying miracles.' This is precisely why Satan and his global controllers are already deceiving the world today with the very things Antichrist will bring tomorrow. As that New World's overseer, the Antichrist will draft and enforce a global Constitution to be the synthesis that will build an Empire, proving America itself was only a first draft toward a more perfect [global] union, as it were. Therefore, like the Matrix film explained, it's all about (true vs. counterfeit) Zion, just as it's all about choice.

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As noted, David Icke consistently misses this entire point, as he increasingly deceives his readers to carry out the same goals of and for Satan's elites, which is to 1) Demote God 2) Dismiss the Bible 3) Debase Christ 4) Despise Christians 5) Destroy Jews and 6) Boycott, dismantle, and finally, eradicate the State of Israel. But examine that short list a bit closer, this same check list ultimately belongs to the Antichrist himself. Ergo, despite Icke and others exposing much evil in the world, the final company they keep is none other than the deceptive and ancient Destroyer of man himself. It is Revelation 12 that proves no one hates Jews more than Satan himself, but as we're seeing today, some of the future Antichrist's most staunch allies remain a close second. And so on and on it goes, the evil in the world gets to continue completely unchallenged because today's Biblically-ignorant generation is too easily distracted and deceived by the Illuminati-created, Zionist propaganda put forth against Israel, when Jews are themselves the target of the same Satanic-serving Illuminati. The very reason why evil is not only perpetuating, but increasing in the world today, is directly because the Masonic-Aryan, not the Jew, is in complete control of it, directing all global hatred only toward Israel. It was a single rumor spread by both Arabs and neo-Nazi's following 9-11 that cites it was the Jews dancing as the Twin Towers fell. But, I distinctly remember that day, and also remember the live camera reporting clearly showing it was not Jews, but Palestinians in both suburban Detroit and New York City that were caught rejoicing as the Towers fell. No one wants to admit that anymore. Instead, they speak about a Jewish-owned moving company in NYC called "Urban Movers" supposedly having workers who that danced on that day. Knowing what really happened on that day, I can attest that the only reason some Jews were grimacing on that day was because they knew America would finally put its full weight behind destroying those same nations responsible for the terrorism against both America and Israel itself. Immediately following that, came the supposed proof of Israel's involvement in 9-11 from the Microsoft Wingding code that displays a Star of David alongside an airplane and two similar buildings, when writing "Q(u)een 33 NY." Pay close attention to the WING DINGS FONT CODE. It's yet another piece of evidence showing us who the real attackers were. However, despite the obvious British Monarch reference of "Q[u]een" (and not Queens NY, as some suggested), along with her Masonic counterparts also being implicated [33], it was only Israel [?] that most immediately assumed was behind the false-flag attack. It was that same rumor, along with the false "dancing Israeli's" media reports, that birthed the modern "Truther Movement" that the world is forced to endure today. I also shouldn't be the only one that finds it quite telling that Microsoft (a White-owned corporation known to have subliminally placed Swastika's in their logos, as well as the number 666 embedded within prior incarnations of Windows programming) just happens to have programmed the Wingding's font before 9-11 for the strict purpose of making it seem Israel was behind it, immediately after the fact. Of course, the Wingdings code was not the only proof of prior knowledge that a "terror attack" would destroy the Twin Towers, whose well-placed bread crumbs of so-called "evidence" always seemed a bit too conveniently to be laid at the feet of the State of Israel. Shortly after the attack in New York came the films "Loose Change" and "Zeitgeist" that seemingly gave rise and reason to the burgeoning 'Truth Movement' itself, despite the films themselves being a Satanic psy-op perpetrated against the American people to manipulate public opinion as to who was supposedly responsible, when in fact it was our own CIA and British MI-6 that was behind 9-11 at the order of the Crown-serving, Masonic homogeny that TRULY controls this world and wants the whole world hating and blaming Jews while they are allowed to carry out their evil Aryan plans toward world domination via creating the perfect conditions in our world for their coming Germanic, Anglo-Aryan Messiah who arises after a coming global collapse and its resulting Tribulation, of which 9-11 prepared the exact right conditions unfolding today in the Mideast for the coming Battle of Gog and Magog.

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What's also quite telling is that the Zeitgeist film, for example, not only attacked God's Word, it went out on a intriguing limb to state that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was a mere mortal who was not fulfilling Old Testament prophecy of His coming as Messianic Redeemer for sin, but that He was merely following a much more ancient, pagan tradition of prior "Sun Gods," that also were the result of "mythic virgin births." Wow. That one point made in the film nearly made anyone who still cling to the Christian faith of their childhood, before watching the film, to turn completely atheist and/or pagan overnight. As such, nothing has been the same since that morning in September in 2001, as if by design. What such films wouldn't explain however, is that because Satan exists, he has been attempting to counterfeit Christianity in one way or another in order to blend it with his paganism since literally the beginning in his initial lies to Eve. Moreover, II Thessalonians 2:7 explains that Satan's plan toward Antichrist was already well underway by the time Thessalonians was written ("The Mystery of Iniquity already doth work..."). So his having such knowledge that a Christ was coming to destroy him (see Genesis 3:15), gave Satan ample time for Satan and his rebel army to taint man's earliest pre-Christian religions with notions of a virgin-born Sun God, thereby making it seem when Christ was finally born, He was merely following after a prior pagan ideal, and thus hardly the Son of God. Israel has tried, perhaps naively so, to make peace with Palestinians, but how can anyone make peace with the same people who want the complete destruction and/or forced removal of Jews from the ancient homeland of the Jews, of whom actively back Hamas who themselves work toward a Jewish genocide? Israel retains the right to not have to deal with anything that promotes their own destruction, especially by those residing in their own land. One perfect example of this same dynamic was seen when Gaza was being handed over in its entirety to the Palestinians, to honor a 2005 deal made by the late Israeli general, Ariel Sharon. While the Palestinians greatly welcomed the deal, on paper, and some in Israel actually believed such a deal could place the Palestinians on a fast track toward final peace, once again, Israel was only met with death and violence in return. The next day after Gaza was in complete Palestinian control, the Palestinian terror group known as Hamas rained down countless rockets into Israel proper. Within a year, Hamas assassinated members of the then, more moderate PLO created by the late Yasser Arafat, leaving the voting Palestinians forced to put Hamas in complete control, where they remain to this very day. Talk about voter suppression. If you don't already know, Hamas is best known to use its own women and children as human shields while they fire at Israeli soldiers. The creed of Hamas goes far beyond their own kids merely throwing rocks for the world's cameras to see in order to gain global sympathy, it dictates that they will not stop killing Israelis until they all Jews are dead and the Palestinians take over Israel entirely. This is precisely why Israel counters such abject terrorism in equally extreme ways. The Palestinian cause is often worked into fever pitch as the result of a covert operation arising out of the British security agencies counterfeit version of 'Rothschild Zionism,' that far too often gets blamed solely on Jews themselves, but again, this is done purposefully to constantly present Israel as the world's top boogeyman, and thus makes it far easier for Satan to lay the perfect foundation toward a final solution after he deceives Israel into a false peace covenant first.

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The worst of the Masonic-deceived "truthers" now claim that Palestinians are like American Indians defending their own ancient homeland against the lighter-skinned invaders. I replied: "Your logic is flawed and would only makes sense if Whites lived for thousands of years in America before the indigenous Indians did. Jews existed in Israel for thousands of years before 70 AD, and thus, long before any so-called Palestinian. In fact, "Palestinians" are a modern invention to cause Israel to be hated all the more." It wasn't long before the entire chat singled me out for their keyboard warrior sarcasm and other demeaning comments in their doing the bidding of the very elitists they actually believe they're against. When encountering such Nazi dupes who think Israel is behind literally every single evil conspiracy worldwide, I quickly remind them of the Zechariah and Revelation scriptures proving that on the other side of all this, Christ returns to only one nation on earth to save its people from what would be their complete annihilation at the hands of Satan and his Aryans. That one nation is Israel, only. At the Return of Christ (that's also known as Christ's Second Advent) He descends to Israel in the glory of His Father, thus overtly displaying that all-powerful conquering Jewish Messiah that Jews expected to see at Christ's first advent. The Jews currently still have no idea that there are two advents of their Messiah. Zechariah also points out that every living eye shall see the glory of Christ returning like the Sun itself to that future Antichrist-controlled, blacked-out planet, just before Armageddon. Immediately after Christ destroys Antichrist, He then sets His foot upon the Mount of Olives once more, Jews will immediately fall down and believe that Christ is their Messiah from that moment forward. This is why God is still the God of Israel, for God can easily see past all of the current noise, Satanic deception, and false flag events to peer deep into the truth of the future in a way no human can, and so what does God see? Thus, Revelation and Zechariah explains that Israel will yet choose Christ over Antichrist. Most cannot see it because instead of even a basic understanding of the Scriptures, they waste all of their time fighting over a spot to hear more of the Satanic propaganda machine that tells them such well-documented and graphic events like the Holocaust, for one example, never occurred, which is ultimately done in an effort to discredit the existence of the State of Israel. Unlike what Truthers speaking nowhere else but in their own echo-chambers, I actually spoke with elderly Jews in Chicago whose death camp tattoos written in sloppy blue ink can still be read off their wrist. These people actually exist, just as the Holocaust is also proven and cannot be effectively denied by actual research weighed against all of the obvious lies that the Satanic Aryan's consistently make against Jews and the Holocaust. Of Jerusalem, there is a far more ancient context to why it is the "most contestant piece of land on earth" by which no Millennial could ever hope to understand because it refers to the very same God they've been taught doesn't exist, by the very same Satanic organizations that controlled their former teacher's entire curriculum. And this is not limited to only America. A recent report has surfaced that 1/3 of Europeans never heard of the Holocaust, seemingly leaving history one-third doomed to repeat itself.

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In other words, the British Government is not only overtly behind the creation of the modern State of Israel, but is also secretly behind the ongoing conflict that promotes such hateful neighbors surrounding Israel ever since 1948. For a nation cannot have a coming false peace, if not for a purposefully created and much protracted era of conflict. Enter the Jordanian "Palestinians." Despite all of the evil manipulations against Israel, by Great Britain, the modern State of Israel fulfills God's will, timing, and vindication against Satan, whose own goal revolves entirely around Zion (Jerusalem) itself. As such, Israel is well-versed in preventive measures that curtail daily would-be terrorist attacks, but knowing how our collective Enemy has already tainted youth of today with Nazi-inspired disinformation, birthing new and more violent hate mongers that want to destroy Israel, certainly something soon has to give. It will. In my own daily battle to set the record straight regarding America, Britain, and Israel's place in prophecy, I found myself responding to a known anti-Semitic Facebook community named "Exposing the Rothschild's" in which every single member there has fallen for the lies regarding Israel and the Jewish people, all chiming into the same echo chamber. One could easily imagine if we were in pre-war Germany, what side they'd choose early on, thus believing every single word Hitler could ever tell them. I replied to one of their Anti-Israel posts: "First, let it be known among you that Jews lived in Israel long before the 5th century Greek historian named Herodotus decided to call the place 'Syria-Palestinia' because it lacked a name after Israel was conquered by Rome in 70 AD. In other words, because the Holy Land had no single race of people living there by which to more accurately render the land a more proper name, is why it was deemed to be a province of Syria. It was Israel, but the Jewish population that had existed there from 2000 BC until 70 AD, were scattered by Rome forty years after Christ's crucifixion. Interestingly, and also very telling, that proxy name of Syria-Palestinia never stuck in the minds of anyone that traveled through its virtual wasteland for the next 1,500 years after Herodotus so named it, because hardly no one lived there. Excluding the time of the Crusades, to a large degree the land that was formerly ancient Israel became a deserted desert wasteland, a crossroads whereby Arabic nomads would camp when travelling to or from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, or Jordan. By the time the Roman Empire was waning in power, Jerusalem became the counterfeit "Holy Land" of the new consolidating power in the region, called Islam. Islam was built around the story of Mohammed and his supposed ascended into Heaven (like Christ) from Jerusalem, specifically from where the Dome of the Rock was built in 690 AD. By 1095, the ascending power that was the Vatican eventually decided to wrest Jerusalem back from Islam and return it to "Christ" (actually, the Vatican wanted Jerusalem's Temple Mount to establish the future Antichrist) by launching the first of nine military campaigns called the Holy Crusades, out of which arose the original French "Knights Templars" who were of Merovingian descent. The Crusaders won decisive victories over the Arabs, including winning Jerusalem for a time, but ultimately lost its defense in subsequent Crusades that followed. By 1291, the Vatican's dream of owning the Temple Mount was temporarily over (only to be later picked up by the Templar-Jesuit faction) and Islam seemingly ruled the land by win of war, but never established a people to fully inhabit the Holy Land itself. As a point of interest, one of the UK commonwealth of New Zealand is now refusing to place Israel on any map to instead replace it with "Palestine." And, so what do the Palestinians themselves know for today? What are they being told? As far as they're concerned, Jesus Himself was a "Palestinian" and that's why He was killed by the Jews 2,000 years ago...according to them.

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This was partly because, to Muslims, Jerusalem's spiritual importance lags behind Mecca and Medina, making Israel a mere place for spiritual pilgrimage third in line, and as such, never inhabited to any great historical significance. Of course, the actual reason no one inhabited the land to any great extent since 70 AD, is because God cursed it so that nothing would ever grow there until the moment He allowed Jews to return in 1948 when Israel proper suddenly sprang into a virtual oasis in the desert. History itself reports that there never was a nation named Palestine, let alone any great numbers of Arab people living in former Israel to the point a new nation was formed from their supposed Arabic presence, which alone stands against everything Palestinians claim today. So how did the name come to reflect the region in the modern era? As the world grew smaller due to cross-continental travel, map-makers of the early 18th to 19th centuries felt they had to place something of a name to reflect what was ancient Israel. In their own research, they found the 5th century name of Syria-Palestinia, but because Syria was already sovereign nation, the place name was shortened to simply, Palestine. Interestingly, after a visit to Palestine in 1869, it was none other than Mark Twain who infamously recorded how the Holy Land was not only uninhabitable, but a deserted wasteland with only the few, scattered, Arab nomads of largely Jordanian descent, camping about the place as nomadic traders travelling to Egypt. Thus, while map-makers of the time may have used the name "Palestine" on older world maps, there was certainly never a Palestinian people by which the land is actually named after, as so many believe today. I personally like to think it was reading Twain's account, that ignited the dream of (true) Zionism in Theodor Herzl, which established the right of return of the Jewish people back to the homeland of their ancestors, in Israel. It therefore become very interesting that as soon as Herzl's Zionism began to be made known in the media of the day, that all of a sudden the nearby Jordanians sent increasingly more of its nomadic population over the border to prevent Jews from returning. By May 14th, 1948, Israel was reborn into national statehood, and those relative few squatting Jordanians scattered through the land suddenly became the obviously manufactured "Palestinian people" overnight. By the next day of Israel's existence, they launched a war funded by Jordan, Syria, and Egypt in attempt to "drive the Jews into the sea." Nothing has changed since.

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The Palestinians still only desire war, because they've been purposefully manufactured as a war-mongering, psy-op by Britain since 1948. This is why no surrounding nation, such as Egypt, or Libya, or Sudan, or Lebanon, or Jordon, or Iraq, or Syria, or Turkey, or Kuwait, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or UAE, or Dubai, or Qatar, or Oman, or even the Russians could provide a piece of their own land for these poor, disenfranchised, "occupied Palestinians"? For that matter, why haven't any of these same nations over seven decades now, never bothered to actually help the Palestinians in that regard, rather than providing them more guns, knives, bullets, rockets, and bombs that would kill Jews? Might it be that they themselves hate the Jewish people and want Israel in a perpetual state of war? The Israelis are not wrong in protecting their own civilian populace against Hamas-led terrorists, an organization sworn to the destruction of every last Jew. In layman's terms, what we have today is an ongoing battle over a resourceful people who actually have a legitimate claim and actual ancient history in the land of their royal and mostly Godly ancestors, against those who used it as a dilapidated campsite. Of why Israel holds so much sway via AIPAC and other lobbying groups, understand that Jews in general simply advocate for their own survival, given what they were forced to endure during past attempted Aryan global takeovers, from the Crusades to Hitler's Third Reich, to today. So how ironic it becomes that the Jewish right to merely exist brings out all those sinister racist forces who insanely want to destroy them all the more. So how hard is it for any of you to finally discern that for want of erasing the Jews out of existence is exactly why such Aryan and neo-Nazi organizations are behind the faked "Israeli Occupation" stories being circulated today? They want the world to hate the Jews, just as their Aryan Masters in London, and thus spread such increasing anti-Semitism across the internet and seemingly rally behind the idea of "Palestine" as a form of global recruitment. One proof of that is seen on many American colleges today, where Neo-Nazi's have found easy recruitment via their "Boycotting Israel" campaigns. As a result, Israel is far too preoccupied with their own day-to-day survival, being surrounded with Arab enemies on all sides, who are finding new and inventive ways toward arming themselves to destroy Israel, for Israel to be the earth's shadowy bogeyman in control of every evil program and institution. Remember this whenever you see Israel responding to what it sees as a direct threat to their own survival in the near future. If you want to know where the actual Satanic controllers are, one need only visit London, Rome, and Washington DC.

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As to timing, British officials swear blind it has nothing to do with this year's 70th anniversary of Israel's creation. No one can quite explain why it had to be this year. But the visit and the anniversary are, we are told, simply coincidence. A busy time awaits Prince William, and the odd potential pitfall, as he wanders among the bones of Empire.

Prince William in Israel

In my Father's house are many mansions. I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I AM, there you will be also. I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man may cometh unto the Father, except thru Me. Hereafter, I will not be with you, for the Prince of this world [Satan/Antichrist] is coming. And the people of the Prince that shall come, shall destroy Jerusalem and the Temple and the end thereof shall be with a flood, unto the end of the war desolations are determined. For he [Antichrist] shall confirm a [false] covenant of peace with many for one week [shabua; meaning 7 lunar years in Hebrew]: and in the midst of the week, he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease [in the Temple], and for the overspreading of abominations, he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, when all that is determined shall be poured upon the desolate ones.

John 14; Daniel 9:26-27; The Holy Bible

Kingmaker: The Round Table's Prince Visits the Nation of Israel in 2018
Daniel 9:26-27 is once again brought to central prominence. It is a very specific prophecy regarding the Antichrist's connection to both the past and the future ('Once and Future King' dynamic) that will especially hold special significance this year, in 2018. I am not saying that Daniel's apocalyptic vision regarding the Jewish Temple will be fulfilled in this year, as it's a prophecy specifically for the future Antichrist when he destroys the Third Temple (yet to be built) by violently conquering it and crowning himself inside as 'King of the Jews,' in counterfeit of Christ. However, what is intriguing is that this number of 70 appears twice in William's upcoming trip to Israel. First, his visit falls in the 70th year of Israel's existence in the modern era. Apparently, it takes 70 years of existence for the British to finally recognize the Jews. Second, but most important here, is that the number 70 holds great meaning to specifically the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem, where William will no doubt be touching the ruins of the Second Temple (called the Western Wall) an act that directly conjures up the year that Temple was destroyed, in 70 AD. Stranger still, the chilling prophecy that connects itself that Second Temple's destruction also references a "Prince to come ...who shall destroy the City (Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary (Second Temple)." History has already proven Daniel 9:26 fulfilled, when the Roman war leader known as Titus ('the Prince') son of Vespasian, destroyed Jerusalem and its Temple. As a result, millions of Jews were killed, and the majority from that day forward were scattered themselves throughout Europe and Asia Minor. The comparatively small remnant that remained later attempted a second revolt that failed in 135 AD. After which, Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina and a Roman Temple to Zeus was built on the ruins of the Temple Mount. For 1,878 years (40 x 40 years) did the Jews suffer in the Diaspora (the scattering). Stranger still, the very next verse (Daniel 9:27) shifts its focus from Titus to the future Antichrist ("revived Roman Empire" leader) likewise referencing him as a "Prince to come," who arrives in the end of days to deceive Israel with peace, but ultimately brings about the 'Abomination of Desolation,' and later, Armageddon. Thus, from the prophet Daniel is gleaned much information, much of it being directly told to Daniel by the Angel Gabriel, and the "Son of Man," Himself. All of this certainly makes the Future King's upcoming visit to the Holy Land of great interest indeed, especially when you factor in that Daniel 8:9 explicitly tells us that the Antichrist must travel "South and East" to arrive at Israel, which also fits perfectly, given London's geographic location in reference to the Holy Land. Not to mention, this decision made on part of his hidden network of handlers that has him visiting Israel in this "Seventieth Year," knowing the Temple was wiped out in 70 (AD), once by a "Prince" of old, and next by a future "Prince to come," who arrives in Israel, specifically, makes for what I call "The Curse of the Seventieth Year" yet another mystery you should be paying closer attention to, especially when it's in conjunction with "Daniel's 70th Week."

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Prince William's handlers will likely write a speech for him that makes reference to the ruins of that Second Temple, and of the Third Temple yet to come. [Compare Daniel 12:11 with Matthew 24:15.] Another timely aspect that fits into this, is the potential discovery that William, through his grandmother's Royal ancestral lineage, is also found to be a distant relative of the ancient ruling classes of the ancient Roman Empire, specifically Prince Titus himself, if only to make it a literal fulfillment that Antichrist would be 'of the people of the [Roman] Prince to come,' meaning Prince William and Rome's Prince Titus, are related via bloodline. It should be noted here that the Queen has visited 130 nations in 66 years on the Throne. Israel has many times requested the Royal Family to come see their blessed State of Israel over as many decades. Each time the British Royals have provided only excuses related to the lack of peace Israel has with the Palestinians since 1948. Question: Then, why send William? An article in the Times of Israel, follows: "News of Prince William’s upcoming visit to Israel might just be a small silver lining to the very dark cloud of the Iranian threat. That threat has intensified in recent weeks as Iran, through its proxy, the terrorist group Hezbollah, has sought to flex its muscle in Syria. There have been plenty of requests and invitations, and the royals have travelled widely, but whenever discussions of an Israel trip gained momentum, the idea was spiked. The late Haaretz editor David Landau, British-born and a keen royalist, once accused the Windsor's of harboring a “nasty, petty British intrigue to deny Israel that rankling vestige of legitimation that is in their power to bestow or withhold — a Royal Visit.” So, it seems the catalyst for the change in Riyadh has been Iran, as the Saudis are alarmed by the Iranian threat and growing closer to Israel in order to counter it. London still reveres Riyadh, which bought $1.5 billion worth of British arms last year. When there was talk of a visit in 2015, a government source told Britain’s Daily Telegraph: “Until there is a settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Royal Family can’t really go there.” But times have changed, and even though a peace settlement seems distant, Prince William will be heading this way before the end of the summer, in what Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin called “a very special present for our 70th year of a time when a question mark hangs over the American role and the Palestinians are refusing to cooperate with Washington. “The Brits want to play a larger role to help resolve the conflict,” he said. Eytan also believes that the young royals like William have prompted a rethink in London. “There’s a new generation and the young Prince wants to turn a page.”

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Of course, the "Royal visit" was not prompted by current politics, or even recent Iranian aggression in he region, but was well-prepared for in advance by the Royal Family and its global handlers strategizing to establish William in Israel, on this side of the Collapse, as to provide him the increasing roots needed for his destined role as ultimately becoming Israel's (false) Messiah on the other side. William's very ironic visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial that honors the six-million Jewish dead who were murdered at the hands of William's German relatives, where upon William laid a ceremonial wreath on the charred human remains of Jews burnt in Nazi ovens, was clearly the most ironic event of Prince William's entire visit, something of which he carried out on his first day in Israel. While we aren't to expect much from his 2018 Royal Visit, politically speaking, in terms of a finalized peace treaty, the visit does, by default, open the gates for Prince William to return in the future. British-controlled media are naturally much more in tune with the way Buckingham Palace wants this visit to convey, politically (and spiritually), with William's visit to the Mount of Olives to pay his seeming respects to his great-grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. She was buried at the Mount of Olives and posthumously given such prominence in Israel because she helped Haimaki Cohen's widow (Haimaki Cohen was a former member of British Parliament) and their children to hide from the Nazi's in Greece. Princess Alice heard of Rachel's desperate situation and offered to shelter them at her home, with several instances of the Germans being suspicious and paying Alice several visits. In one interview by the Gestapo, it is reported that Alice used her well-known deafness as a tool to pretend not to understand their questions until they left out of sheer frustration. After the war, Princess Alice continued to maintain contact with Rachel, often visiting her at her Athens home. In December 1969, Alice died at Buckingham Palace, the same year Prince Charles had his investiture earlier that summer and was officially made the Prince of Wales. In 1988, her coffin was flown to the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Mary Magdalene on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, where she was reburied next to the tomb of her Aunt Elisabeth, the Grand Duchess of Russia. There's little doubt that if Prince William visits her grave, that such an event is just one of many in this trip purposefully chosen to make William (and his lineage) seem to be sympathetic toward Israel and the Jewish people, when the reality of what's coming in their future is anything but. Putting that aside for a moment, what the mainstream media isn't explaining is by far more interesting, which is that despite Princess Alice of Battenberg's seeming good works toward a few displaced Jews, her own son entered into the "Nazi Youth" mind control program deep within Hitler's Germany.

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Alice's son, Prince Philip, then married Princess Queen Elizabeth and entered into the British aristocracy at the top to eventually become the grandfather of Prince William. Moreover, Princess Alice had daughters (Prince Philip's sisters) who married senior Nazi SS officials proving how deep Philip's family had attained in the Nazi Party, thus greatly tarnishing whatever positive legacy Alice may have personally established. Of course, the media knows all of this, in detail, but why did they not divulge any of those truths when it was most relevant, at the time when Prince William was visiting Israel? Today, this former Nazi, now Prince, rules Britain alongside his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, who herself was taught at an early age to give the Nazi salute by her own parents, notoriously proven by a private film that recently became leaked by someone within the British establishment. The film clearly depicts the Queen Mother encouraging her young children, Elizabeth included, to give the Nazi "Heil Hitler" salute, for the camera. The one who filmed this 'happy event' was more than likely Queen Elizabeth's own father, King George VI. So while Prince William is portrayed as a supporter of Jewish plight and their senseless genocide at the hands of the same Nazi's, his own lineage has ironically proven time and again to support everything that ultimately brought about that Jewish genocide to begin with. Thank God at least one leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, is reporting today of those complicated historical facts about the Nazi's and their connections with the British Royals, reminding its readers of the hard truth. And yet, judging from reports coming out of Israel, it seems the Jewish people were mostly left in awe at his presence among them, as he towers above them whilst walking in the footsteps of Christ Himself. Prince William traveled to the reputed site of Christ's ancient tomb known as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, walked inside the Arab-controlled Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque (the future site of the Third Temple itself), as well as visited the Mount of Olives, where Christ is to return and where his great-grandmother is buried. Netanyahu was clearly charmed by William, as were many of the Jewish religious leaders who led William to the Western Wall, a remnant of the original Jewish Temple, where Prince William "prayed for world peace," or so he claimed. At the end of the day, it becomes clear why Britain has been so instrumental in creating the modern Middle East, with its Lord Arthur Balfour Declaration of 1917, et al, as well as having its role in Israel's creation, for this very moment, and for the near future, when William returns to Israel in the post-Collapse. The vast majority of Israeli media and Jewish articles are shaping William's trip to Israel as not one that would immediately foster a lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, or anything of such relative global importance, but one where such a time could come later, citing that this trip is what could pave the groundwork for such an historic undertaking in the near future.

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The Round Table's Evil Works in the Shadows Behind Governments
Contrary to everything you're reading on the Internet today, Israel is NOT mankind's collective enemy. But, our collective enemy does hate Israel. In fact, Israel is their primary target. Along this same line, neither is the American government your real enemy, but does have Masonic entities who work within it in order to direct the last Christian empire toward Anti-Christianity and its eventual fall. Their plan must include the decline of the American superpower, so that Europe can ascend to fulfill its destined role as the Kingdom of the Beast. The present European financial shakeup with Brexit, etc., is only part of their larger plan toward increasing Britain's standing as the strongest of the European nations that will comprise a much greater United Kingdom in the future. This plan is not new but rooted in the Dark Ages and further strengthened in the Crusades, and after, when the Templars were forced into Scotland. Over time, elements of the Masonic global plan would surface when certain Freemasons, such as Cecil Rhodes created groups that promoted the "Great Work" in a much more public way. Cecil Rhodes, founder of the Rhodes Scholarship, became one of the most important, affluent and influential members of the Satanic Anglo-elitists of the 19th century. His vast wealth and empire came about after plundering African diamond mines that laid the groundwork for how global corporate greed in business would be conducted far into the future. He believed that the Anglo-British and American Empires had the right to conquer the planet, and that only educated whites (British or Americans having Celtic or British stock) should become the inheritors of such an entirely Anglo-governed world. Rhodes also created 'The Round Table,' forever providing us a clue as to who Satan's men are preparing this world for. Understand, that the New World and its Order shall come about as the result of a global grass roots effort among the survivors of the coming Collapse, who will band together to form increasingly linked communities of similar laws and common reasoning that shall play out among them. Behind it, however, will be the same secret societies who've existed for centuries that will spark the genesis of these same 'Green World' communities tomorrow. As such, their plan is to bring the world into ten distinct districts, with a new European Union overseeing it all. Out of that New Europe, that arises like a phoenix from the ashes, a Masonic King will arrive to oversee the building of the world's last great superpower from the ashes of a world collapsed. In that world coming, governed by its new utopian-like 'Green King,' will the collapse-weary world who have just witnessed the destruction of our present order, be readied for such a figure who arrives on a platform of peace, prosperity and a New Global Constitution seemingly based on harmony and balance with all living things. He will create a new rule of law that seemingly favors peace over war, a new global financial system, unlimited clean power for energy, as well as the establishment of a Goddess-centered "green religion" that blends ancient Druidism, Witchcraft, New Age, and Talmudic sorcery with other pagan 'earth religions.' "And yet the whole world will marvel at the Beast, who was, is not, but will be again." -Revelation 17:8

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Being conditioned on a massive scale by Cain's lot, the world is already accepting Satan, in their rejection of their Creator God, sealing their long-prophesied fate ending in unrepentant man's final destiny at Armageddon, which of itself is the end-result of all the wrong choices man has collectively made since Eden. In so doing, the world has allowed the 'Destroyer of Kingdoms' to rule over them, willingly, and so shall he rule, in direct result. The modern State of Israel needs to pay special attention to these many things, as it their Kingdom, promise, and people that Satan seeks to destroy the most, as it is they who God has deemed His own. Satan shall accomplish this through a deception geared specifically toward Jews, regarding their coming Messiah. Moreover, the false religion this Antichrist shall promote, shall be one of a Metaphysical Judaism, where he can unleash his greatest weapon against mankind, first upon them. In this, with Israel conquered, shall Lucifer finally obtain a temporary right to the land of God's Promise, Zion, with the vehicle ultimately driving him to conquer Israel and the world, having its own origins in a currently much-debated, albeit false, lineage of wanton pre-eminence that claims a Bloodline of Christ. Thus, the coming One World King, the Antichrist is alive, and exists right now, however, currently he is just a man, not as yet possessed by Satan himself, and as a man, he may not even know of his own inescapable destiny. In a single, pivotal moment in time, when the world is at its weakest, he will be presented with a choice, and he will choose absolute power. In that single moment, shall Satan enter the 'Son of Perdition,' the product of years in interbreeding Occult Bloodlines, a Cainite lineage that has gone thru ancient Nod, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and then, Roman Britannia. In fact, it was the ancient Romans that first settled and created London, during the years just after Christ was crucified. Therefore, when we read in Daniel's prophecy about "the Prince that shall come" who arises out of the same people that destroyed the City (Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary (Solomon's Temple), we know that was referring to the ancient Romans. Amazingly enough, at the very same time Prince Titus of Rome was destroying both Jerusalem and its Temple, in 70 AD, Rome was already underway in its building a major port city called Londinium, in its furthest western province of Britannia. That city eventually came to be called London. In other words, what the Book of Daniel was telling us all along, is that the future Antichrist arises out of a revived Roman Empire (today's European Union) as a Prince and Future King, that is to be born in London. One should also remember that the European Union itself saw its rise begin in a 1957 trade agreement signed in Rome between the nations of Europe that led to the European Common Market. In this way did the spirit of the former Roman Empire pass its torch and mantle unto England proper, which in turn became the British Empire (which despite the belief that the 'sun has set' on what remains of the Empire, England couldn't be stronger currently with the United States as its corporation, owned by the British Royal family, the Vatican, and other Anglo-Satanic controlling interests [Cainites] in Europe). Thus, ancient Rome's connection with today's EU, and Britain specifically, are many. After Collapse, the 'Raiser of Taxes' and his global restoration toward a New European Order will pave the way for the ten-nation "Revived Roman Empire" that the later ascending Antichrist himself oversees.

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The coming world leader commonly known as the Antichrist has 33 titles ascribed to him in the Old Testament and 13 titles in the New, yet despite what some may think, he is only called the "Antichrist" five times in all of Scripture and all of those are found within the epistles of John, possibly the same man who wrote Revelation where Antichrist is then called "the Beast". However, there are two more titles in particular that reappear four times between Isaiah and Revelation which further intrigue. The coming Antichrist is called a "Prince" in Daniel 9:26-27; "the people of the Prince that shall come shall destroy the City and the Sanctuary," yet he is also called a "King" in Revelation 17:8; "the King who was, is not, yet will be again." This shows us that the coming Antichrist is not just metaphorically called a King, as some believe, but that he will move through the normal procession of a monarchial tradition, being first a European Prince, and then a King. Daniel 9:26-27, which makes a Biblically common dual-layered prophecy whose first fulfillment came in 66 AD, the year of a large Comet seen, an evil omen in the skies above, as the Jews initiated their ill-fated revolt against their Roman oppressors, and were met with Vespasian along with his son, Titus (fitting the 'Roman Prince' archetype) and his armies who systematically destroyed both Jerusalem and the Temple (the City and the Sanctuary) over the next four years until Jerusalem became a salted wasteland. The parallel fulfillment comes in the near future, during the Tribulation when the Antichrist (along with his False Prophet) and armies desecrate a future rebuilt Jewish Temple, and with it, Jerusalem itself. The Scriptures have used this more enigmatic but precise kind of multi-layered prophecy before. Thus, Christ's own prophetically coded language found within Matthew 24:3-33 (among others) in which he links Daniel's entire prophecy about the "Abomination of Desolation," the future "Prince to come," to be the end-time Antichrist, who arises out of the same people who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple before, of whom Daniel 11:36 refers to him as 'The Willful King.' As with most prophetic Scripture, especially those found in Daniel, God always makes a way for the correct interpretation to be known. In this, Christ made it clearly known what was meant by Daniel's prophecy when providing the interpretation that there were two distinct destructions coming upon Israel, the first by the Roman "Prince" [Titus] and his 10th Legion of the Roman army (which destroyed Jerusalem and its Temple in 66 AD), the later fulfillment in the end-times by the Antichrist, a European Prince that arises out of a nation formerly included in the ancient Roman Empire, or who perhaps, he himself will arise from Euro-Roman descendants. Thus, while my colleagues in the Biblical prophecy collective have been searching for a Roman Prince ever since, they would have been more wise to consider a London Prince, specifically.

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As mentioned, the city of London was actually created, founded, and populated by the ancient Romans a decade after Christ was crucified, around 43 AD, making the prophetic Scripture in II Thessalonians quite intriguing "For even now [the first century] the Mystery of Iniquity [London/Spirit of Antichrist] is already at work." In time, as this Roman outpost grew shortly after the death [resurrection] of Christ [by the hands of the Romans], Rome eventually flooded thousands of their troops into south-eastern Britain, via London, in their expanse of the still growing Roman Empire. A commander of the Roman troops at that time, Aulus Plautius, pushed his men from their landing place in Kent towards Colchester, then the most important town in Britain, into London, where they built the city. As the growing Roman armies increasingly began to get a foothold, pushing south, their southern advance was only halted by the Thames River, were Plautius was forced to build a bridge to get his men across. Interestingly, this first "London Bridge" built by the Romans was found to be only yards from the modern London Bridge seen today. The Roman bridge proved a convenient central point for the new network of roads which soon spread out in every direction to allow the quick movement of an even greater number of Roman troops to fill and expand the area further. The Roman settlement on the north side of the bridge, was then named Londinium and quickly became important as a trading center for army supplies and goods brought up by the English Channel and into the Thames River, by boats unloaded at wooden docks by their ancient bridge. Just eighteen years after the arrival of the Romans, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe of present-day East Anglia, launched her rebellion against the new rulers of Britain and against their new city, Londinium. The Roman general Gaius Suetonius Paulinus managed to send some troops to London before Boudica's much larger forces arrived. What happened next was recorded by the Roman historian Tacitus, in what was the first written record of London. He detailed 'At first, Gaius hesitated as to whether to stand and fight at Londinium. Eventually, his numerical inferiority forced his decision to sacrifice the single city of Londinium to save the province as a whole. The inhabitants were allowed to accompany him [in retreat] but those who stayed because they were women, or old, or attached to the place, were all slaughtered by the enemy.' Excavation has revealed extensive evidence of the cities destruction by fire, in the form of a layer of red ash beneath the city. The Romans responded to Boudica's attack by slaughtering as many as 70,000 Britons in the Battle of Watling Street. After Londinium fell, it was quickly rebuilt as a planned Roman town and recovered after a decade. During the latter years of the first century, therefore, Londinium expanded rapidly, and quickly became Roman Britain's largest city to replace Colchester as the capital of Roman Britannia.

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From their new city stronghold where they pushed north, the Romans advanced and conquered much of Britannia, only stopping at Scotland's border to create Hadrian's Wall (upon hearing that the Pictish tribes were even more pagan, warlike, and bloodthirsty than the vanquished Druids whom the Romans had just destroyed in Wales). Excavations all around Britain and Wales prove Romans held extensive outposts within the Celtic nation, and that the established Celts and earliest Britons were pushed to the brink of an already harsh survival before the onset of the Dark Ages, living, like the rest of Europe before them, under the sword of Roman occupation. Biblical prophecy authors and researchers have debated for decades announcing that the Antichrist must be a Roman, and arise out of Rome, from their linear understanding of the Scriptures in Daniel and Revelation. A more careful look at those same prophecies, however, indicate that the coming Prince arises out of a nation (and city) that was part of the ancient Roman Empire, not Rome itself. The fact that London was actually created by Roman hands does lend an interesting connection and shows us that London virtually became, in effect, the 'New Rome' by 66 AD. Britain officially became part of the Roman Empire by 84 AD whereby the Roman Legions remained there until around 410 AD. As Rome and the Roman Empire itself waned in power, England and its new capital city of London gained power, prestige, and global influence. Today, we have a Prince and soon-to-be King about to rise from this ancient 'Roman nation whose power still sits upon many waters,' which brings to mind that Apocalyptic Great Harlot, Mystery Babylon of Revelation 18 who holds in her hand the golden Grail of Blood. Add to this, certain facts now surfacing attempting to expose the secretive Occult factions behind the American and British Governments, and their intelligence agencies, whose end goal is the creation of a British-led Anglo-Empire uniting the world in 'peace' while bringing forth an Aryan-Arthurian figure to the forefront after a great global destruction, at a time when the world is weakened enough and in need of such a leader, and we have all the makings of the ultimate conspiracy. We aren't told who this future ruler might be, yet the Occult underground is supposedly preparing their ranks for a young and charismatic Prince who will be seen in the future as a King Arthur returned. Shortly before her untimely death in France, the late Princess Diana herself is quoted as saying - "I believe Wills (her name for William) can rebuild Camelot and I will be his Merlin. Together we will return to the chivalry, pageantry, and the glory that was King Arthur's Court. William will remake the British Monarchy by showing love, leadership, and compassion," the exact opposite of which is shown among today's world and its purposefully feckless leadership. In other words, because today's leaders have traits that seemingly reflect the world's own hate, failed leadership, and lack of compassion, is why when Antichrist arises, he will be seen as exactly what the world needs him to be. Hope. It should also be noted here that with the Brexit, Britain's dramatic exit from the European Union, that even there has England just secured for itself to become the first of the coming ten eventual nations that enter into a newly-devised European-centered union, with not Brussels, but London as its capital. 'The Land and the King are One.'

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Perhaps, the reason why it took the British Royals a literal lifetime to send one of their own, is because they were waiting for the future "peace-maker" King William Arthur to be born. The year 1982 already proved to be a pivotal year in regard to discovering yet another aspect of the Illuminati plan toward their unleashing of the Beast upon this world. Interestingly enough, six months after the Royal Wedding, while Diana was already three months pregnant with William, came the release of Holy Blood Holy Grail, in 1982. Its three authors made no shortage of shocking claims themselves, supposedly exposing long held Templar secrets provided them by a mysterious French Illuminati agent, named Pierre Plantard, regarding a genealogical record of the Davidic (Messianic) Bloodline passing thru Christ, and His supposed descendants, to become the ancient Merovingian god-Kings who ruled France, and later created the Templars and Freemasonry itself, whose lineages ultimately include those of Lady Diana herself. The Occult underlying message being conveyed there was that we should be expecting the prophetic fulfillment about the birth of a King, a Messianic Crusader arising from this Merovingian (Cainite) lineage, to lead the planet into a coming New Age that arrives after a contrived 'Apocalypse' that will involve radical Islam. Holy Blood Holy Grail was the first global attempt to put forth that the 'Priory of Sion' lie that (Satan's) 'Merovingian lineage' is the Messianic Lineage of Israel, via France. While the book had its critics, the vast majority of its global readers became intrigued, despite the entire premise being built on a series of lies that hides within them the greatest deception perpetuated against mankind, since Eden. In this way, have the Satanic elites funneled mankind's ignorance into exactly where it needs to be, for the next part of their sadistic plan to emerge. These Cainites, evil as they are from the source of all evil, seek to control this world just long enough to hand it over to the Antichrist, who will finalize the work of Lucifer upon the earth. The next event that occurred was the birth of Prince William himself, which seemed innocent enough to the ignorant and unsuspecting world at the time. A decade later, came the Royal Genealogist Laurence Gardner whose own series of books not only backed-up the entire Messianic Grail lie, but pushed it even further to espouse that the Merovingian Lineage came to Scotland, along with the Templar's, to become the Scottish Royal House of Stuart, the "rightful heirs to the Throne of England." This would have spelled a kind of treason against the Throne, had not the growth of Scottish Rite Freemasonry [Blue] been deeply involved in it all. The rulers of Britain, however, German as they were, (aligned with London's Grand Lodge [Red]) have created for themselves a royal pedigree all their own, supposedly traced all the way back to the patriarchs of ancient Israel. Of course all of this talk of bloodlines and endless family trees takes on an even more sinister working when you understand that the Occult's interpretation of the Holy Grail is actually rooted in a far older account that involves Satan's once Holy status, as well as his lost Emerald-laden Crown of Lucifer.

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Add to this the fact that the aforementioned Stuart lineage (aligned with Scottish Rite Freemasonry for centuries), has produced its most infamous Queen-to-be, in the late Diana Spencer, and you might begin to see the larger picture here. While there is discrepancy as to whether or not the Windsor claims to the Throne of England are even legitimate, being descendants of the Germanic House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Most scholars agree that the Stuart lineage are not only the rightful heirs to the Throne of England (and Scotland), yet also to the Throne of David, and Israel itself. Therefore, this intriguing and most infamous of all arranged marriages between Prince Charles and Grail Princess Diana was not hatched solely by the Windsor's themselves. It was of far more ancient design and connected to 'the Knights of the Temple,' and then their later spawning within the twin or dual (Blue and Red) factions of Freemasonry, of whom the British Aristocracy owe their "Divine Right to rule," the goal of which was always to bring about a proper human vessel, of a far more wicked and ancient hereditary, by which their god, Lucifer, could likewise easily enter into human form, like Christ had done, and go about to counterfeit His every Holy work, ultimately to bring Israel to see him as the "King of the Jews." This is Antichrist. Thus, on the other side of all the battles and wars coming, shall a New Age of global reconstruction, false religion, and peace result, defined by a lack of Christ, and filled by those teaching Antichrist, with vain lies of racial genealogy and Anglo-Israel legends of godly chosen superiority. In this, Satan is already gaining ground. The evil groundwork being firmly rooted into both the so-called 'Anglo-Christian' and Jewish consciousness today will only be intensified going forward, much of it via archeology and the finding of false artifacts to support the claims. As Satan attempts to closely connect then two distinct racial profiles of England/Europe and Jewish/Israel, into one people sharing a common heritage of a prophesied Messiah. In light of this, it was therefore of paramount importance that the Windsor's, and their secret handlers, seek out a 'Virgin of the Merovingian Bloodline' to marry into, in effect, to finally legitimize their long-held dominance and supposed authority claimed of them being descendants of Crusader Godfrey de Bouillon, who himself was given the honor of the Kingdom and declared "King of Jerusalem" in 1099, as well as creating what they see would be a unique 'Christ [Antichrist] descendant' from such a union of their draconic lineages that would legitimize their tight grasp on the 'Zionist Monarchy' well into the 21st century.

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Princess Diana Chosen to Create the Antichrist Royal Heir to the Throne of David
Juxtaposed against the backdrop of the known Islamic evil arising out of the Middle East, and the grievous war increasingly waged against it, as well as the dark age that shall result in a world having been struck by a global disaster, shall Satan make his Western-born Antichrist King appear to be just the leader needed in this world at that time. Despite his persona today, in the future, he will be perceived as a hero-like monarch, of whom gains increasing supernatural power (demons aiding in his rise to power) until completely possessed by Satan. Interestingly, those who worship demons, or seek their aid via Occult workings, wish they could attain all of what the Antichrist shall obtain, in both power and in Occult, otherworldly wisdom (the knowledge of various demons). When the Beast arises, he will be seemingly stem the rise of global evil and chaos, but even this is a deception, as evil works for him. Understand also, the Antichrist arrives not after the Apocalypse, as many believe, but after the coming Global Collapse that will be falsely touted by the ignorant world as 'The (Biblical) Apocalypse.' Many survivors, starving and hurting in that darkened world, shall fall into Satan's grand deception, by all they shall see and hear at that time, because of their own lack of knowledge regarding the Antichrist deception. The very fact that Occult, Masonic, Satanic, and even some supposed "Christian" organizations are now so heavily attempting to promote the 'Holy Grail Bloodline' theology as something connected to Jesus, knowing that Christ Himself is actually descended from the Royal Bloodline of King David, proves Satan's ancient plan of perdition is already convincing many to rethink their beliefs about who a modern 'Messiah' could be. Wikipedia explains the Messiah in this way: "The Jewish messiah is a leader anointed by God, physically descended from the Davidic bloodline who would come to rule the united tribes of Israel and herald the Messianic Age of global peace. The article goes on to explain that a Messiah doesn't even have to be Jewish, and cites its evidence to be a supposed Scripture that claimed "Persia's Cyrus the Great himself was a messiah," and I can tell you, no where does that appear in the Bible. Using that flawed logic, anyone can be seen as a messiah. The Messiah, chosen by God, however, denotes something else entirely. Likewise, Satan is going to take full advantage of people's ignorance and rampant stupidity in regard to the Scriptures, even a deception that is tailored perfectly for the daft world, a world that now shuns Christ and accepts anything Occult. Case in point with all of The DaVinci Code fervor over a decade ago that appealed to the world's vast ignorance regarding the faked 'Holy Grail Bloodline' actually believing Christ had descendants. Who knew that one book could set off such a cult-following? Apparently, every lying Occult-guru that put out a book before the Occultist Dan Brown, and copied him afterward. As mentioned, it goes even deeper than that, as those who have put forth the Merovingian propaganda, even those who first created the premise to begin with, did so in order to hide Satan's sinister lineage among the Holiness that was God's Son. The Merovingian Satanic lineage hides the fact that one day its own lineage will produce the Antichrist, but with any of its guru's tell you that? This has major implications when you take its tainted disinformation to its fullest extent, because it means that this increasing global disinformation that claims Western Europeans, specifically, today's British Ruling elites in the British Royal Family, have a supposed lineage that can be traced back to Israel's King David, is also saying that any of the future Kings in line to the British Throne could be a candidate for Israel's Messiah.

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Furthermore, since the equally dangerous belief that Israel's future Messiah doesn't even have to own any supernatural qualities whatsoever, truly sets the stage for the rest of Satan's plan to manifest, even flourish, when he does begin to exhibit something uniquely strange about him. We are already being subjected to what the Bible predicted would be legends, and specifically, legendary bloodlines, of which the Scriptures warned us would be "a doctrine of devils" taught to a world readied for its deceptive lies by "false teachers" working on behalf of "seducing spirits." This ancient secret that included a unique Bloodline supposedly descended from King David, so powerfully wrought with arcane knowledge, that it threatened the gluttonous ruling classes of Europe and the Roman Church, granting the original Templars enough power to rival both Europe's nobles and the Church itself with extinction, is now more dangerous than ever, because people want to believe it. People today want the Antichrist to rule over them, because they are being conditioned to, as those who govern us already have been using varying degrees of mind control from our cradle to graves. Why? Because they serve Satan, literally, and Satan wants us all to receive his punishment, which is an eternity far removed from God and anything good. Knowing it is only God's enduring Love that sustains us, daily, how we as a species are still sleeping through all of this, is what's most amazing to me. While God provides us all that we need to survive this world, Satan has chosen he was going to be God's hateful enemy, whereby he is always affecting our lives toward disease, abuse, hate, murder, and death, followed by eternity in Hell, with him. Satan's helpers in this grand effort have had their own sorted role in this, being everything from an infamous Pharaoh of Egypt that withheld Moses, the Knights Templars, a literal army of those descended from Cain, known for their worship of Satan and engaging in an early form of the Black Mass, of whom prospered greatly after the Crusades. In fact, the Knights Templar quickly became the first multi-billion dollar (in today's wealth) banking cartel in Europe, insomuch that it was the Templars who infamously had many of the Crown heads of Europe in debt to them. As a result, the Church, feeling somewhat displaced, as well as the new King of France, eventually had enough and conspired to exterminate the once untouchable Knights Templar and put them to death, so history tells us. While the majority of the Templar leadership were arrested and executed, rumors since hold that many more of the vanquished Knights fled France, taking with them their vast wealth, power, and Occult knowledge. It wasn't long after that several stories arose about a strange heretical group gaining power in the rural highlands of Scotland, bringing with them a familiar heretical lineage, masonic architecture, Occult science and secrets where they patiently waited, and subtly worked, having help from a shadowy organization already established and native to Scotland. Many of today's secret fraternal Orders, including Scottish Rite Freemasonry, as well as the cunningly devised metaphysical movements which prepare for a New Age, even Satanic cults themselves, all trace their spiritual roots to Grail Templarism as well as the so-called Divine Feminine, the root of future Goddess worship.

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While in Scotland, the Templars created the Jacobite movement, which placed Freemasons and Templars in control of the British Throne, as well as establishing the model that later became called "British-Israelism," a heretical doctrine that falsifies ancient genealogical charts to make it appear that the British, and specifically, the British Royal Family, can be traced back to Israel's King David. Thus, the Merovingian "Davidic Bloodline" had now secured the British Crown, in what was becoming the most powerful country in the world, allowing the Knights Templar, the Royal House of Stewart, and early Scottish Rite Freemasonry to be connected to the British Royal Throne ever since, forever cemented when Queen Elizabeth I dies without an heir and James Stewart VI of Scotland becomes King James of England. As such, the Merovingians, via the Royal House of Stewart, and its later descendants, eventually produced Diana Frances Spencer of Scottish Stewart Royal lineage born on July 1, 1961, in Norfolk, England. Diana was the third of the Lord and Lady Althorp's four children. Diana's mother, the Honorable Frances Shand-Kydd, is the daughter of a wealthy Celtic-Irish baron. Lady Fermoy, Diana's grandmother, was for years chief lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother herself. Diana's father, the Viscount Althorp who became an earl in 1975, was a remote descendant of the Stuart kings and a direct descendant of King Charles II (1630-1685). The Spencers have long served the Crown as courtiers for generations and are related to the Sir Winston Churchills and at least eight U.S. presidents, including George Washington, John Adams, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Diana's younger brother Charles is Queen Elizabeth's godson, and her father was the late Queen Mary's godson and former personal aide to both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. And so it was, Diana grew up at Park House, a mansion in Norfolk located next door to the Royal Family's Sandringham estate. It was likely the Queen herself who ensured her own children had other Royal playmates, of which, Diana is known to have frequently played with everyone of Prince Charles siblings, except Charles, which was odd. Although Prince Charles had known Diana as literally 'the girl next door' for virtually all of her youth, and had actually dated Diana's older sister, Lady Sarah, it wasn't until 1977 that Charles and Diana formerly met on a family hunting trip at Althorp, an event arranged by both the Queen and Prince Philip. Charles was later reported to have told his mother that Diana "was adorable … full of vitality and terribly sweet." Charles was also struck by "what a very amusing and attractive 16-year-old she was." In July of 1980, then 19-year old Diana visited the Royal Family's Balmoral Castle in Scotland to see her sister, Lady Jane, who was married to the Queen's assistant secretary. Once again Charles just happened to "run into" Diana, and it wasn't long after this final "chance encounter" that the two soon became hounded by local press, at first, and then the global media. Charles was quoted as saying "I began to realize what was going on in my mind, and in my mothers, in particular." Despite her own Royal pedigree, that was seemingly being kept secret by the media (with Diana constantly being referred to as "common"), it was all made official on July 29, 1981, when Lady Diana married Prince Charles Arthur and immediately was moved into the palace's Clarence House, where she was quickly instructed in Royal Protocol by the Queen.

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It wasn't long afterward that Diana began describing the British Royals as "The Firm," "not human," and more explicitly, as "evil" to her closest confidantes. While many believe the British Royals hold all are at the pinnacle of elite global power, they are actually under the unyielding subjection of those who have been preparing the way for Satan's Antichrist, for centuries. Whilst the specific Windsor lineage was known to be of lesser Cainite stock, having taken a turn toward the Germanic nobility, Princess Diana's lineage can be traced back to the Merovingian Kings, they being the Templar's link between the Satanic "Blood Royale" and European Royalty, to which included the Hapsburgs, Plantagenets, as well as the Sinclair and specifically Stuart lineage, of which Diana was descended, among them. Thus, as it is believed by elite Occultists, her 'divine womb' would bring forth a powerful Merovingian King back into the world to rule over the United Kingdom, its Commonwealths, and ultimately the world. This ultimately means therefore, that the British Throne, according to the dark powers behind it, must have as its Royal Monarch a more rightful heir descendant of Cain, not Christ. This is precisely why Lady Diana was selected by the British Royal Family for the most infamous of arranged marriages. To the Occult mind, she literally was the Holy Grail, the receptor of not Christ's, but Cain's 'Holy Blood,' it being the embodiment of "the Divine Feminine," an Occult code word for Lucifer, just as the Holy Grail was never about any cup of Christ, to the Occult mind, but of the much more ancient fallen Crown of Lucifer, that according to them, has been lost to time. Once quested for and found, however, the feminine balance to God's overwhelming masculine force, would supposedly be put in check, thus leaving the Universe in a supposed harmony, resulting in a New Age. According to the Occult narrative, at its core, this is the entire basis behind the New Age Movement itself, a thinly veiled attempt at producing the Antichrist. And so there it is, Satan seeks to replace Christ, which must have been a large part of why he rebelled against the Father to begin with. The interesting irony here, of course, is while the Satanic elites ascribe little or no 'Royal' or supernatural powers to Christ, let alone provide Him His true title as the Son of God, they are quick to ascribe all manner of titles, divine rights, and godly supernatural powers to those of Christ's supposed European prodigy, which speaks volumes of the true source and spiritual alignment of such demonic-inspired legends.

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Throughout history, the Occult masters behind this 'Great Work' (who wrote most of history, mind you) of course could not openly display whose actual lineage they were secretly attempting to elevate onto the world stage, thus, to anyone who peered too closely at their more obvious workings, namely the outer-caste members of The (Roman Catholic) Church, Cain's Bloodline suddenly turned into "Christ's Holy Grail Lineage," a supposed Church-destroying heresy, even as it was always meant to be. Satan and his are very clever. The story takes on many twists and turns, leading directly to the Rennes Le Chateau account, then, closer to our time, the release of "Holy Blood Holy Grail." According to this latest revived heresy developed with a very specific purpose and timeframe yet to play out, Jesus did not die on the cross and rise from the dead becoming mankind's Salvation, instead it is claimed He had sex with Mary Magdalene, survived the Roman crucifixion, and lived to father at least one, or a number of Divine children, the firstborn said to be a son named Judah (or Merovee, depending on your source), a name later given to the first Merovingian King in France (447 to 458 AD) while others believe the child was actually a daughter, given the name of Tamar, which became the name of an ultra-secretive organization whose task it was to protect future Merovingian descendants. Regardless of the supposed names, titles, and endless genealogies, an entire race of enlightened Christ-like beings each leading to the next in succession in some Messianic Dynasty has supposedly passed down through the ages toward a final One who would rule in the name of Christ, albeit, instead of Christ. This could only be Anti-Christ. The same who take these fanciful claims of Christ having 'holy children' who twist it into historical fact also say these "truths" were kept hidden from the rest of the world, having been suppressed by the Catholic Church and revealed only by the original Knights Templar who then passed these shocking revelations on to an underground stream of alchemists, astrologers, cabalists, necromancers, and elite Royal families through various secret societies, such as the main inheritors of the arcane secrets, the British Freemasons. The fact that this information is so well propagated by such authors as Dan Brown and others, to this generation starving for such Occult disinformation strongly indicates the time of the Masonic Antichrist's revealing is near.

For even now [1st century Rome] the Mystery of Iniquity is already at work.

2Thessalonians 2:7; The NET Bible

The Man of Sin [Antichrist] will be revealed in the End Time whose coming is after the work of Satan with all supernatural power and lying signs and wonders. In the End Times many shall depart from the Faith and instead listen to seducing evil spirits and doctrines of demons. There shall be false prophets and teachers who shall bring forth damnable heresies denying that Jesus Christ is Lord and shall promote vain legends and endless genealogies. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts [racial pride] shall they find false teachers who shall turn away their ears from the Truth and fill them with vain legends.

1Timothy 4:1, 1:3-4; 2Peter 2:1-2, 2Timothy 4:3-4; 2Thessalonians 2:9; The Holy Bible

Holy Blood, Holy Grail suggests that the legendary Grail isn’t a cup at all, but that it in fact refers to a bloodline that goes directly back to Jesus himself [who] married Mary Magdalene. The authors contend that the legendary Holy Grail is actually both the womb of Mary Magdalene and the sacred [European] Royal Bloodline she gave birth to.

Banned Books: Holy Blood Holy Grail

There are at least a dozen families in Britain and Europe today with numerous collateral branches who are of Merovingian lineage. These include the Houses of Hapsburg-Lorraine, Plantard, Luxembourg, Montpezat, Montesquiou, and various others. According to the Prieure documents, the Sinclair family in Britain are also allied to the Bloodline, as are various branches of the Stuarts. All of these Houses could claim a pedigree from [King David and/or] Jesus. Thus if one man at some point in the future is to be put forward as a New Priest-King [Messiah], we do not know who he is.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 409-10

The area of Pont D’ Alma was an ancient Merovingian sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana. Therefore according to the ancient mythologies Prince William would considered a divine progeny, fit to be the holy heir to the secret kingdom of the Earth. The death of Diana and her cohorts appears to be a ritualized affair in an endgame strategy to make the United Kingdom in the image of the New Jerusalem. The “Queen of Witches” and the “Death-Bringing Goddess” is the bearer of the child who is to be Prince of the Kingdom of the Antichrist. The era of the Once and Future King is upon us.

Pretty Flowers 2 Di 4

It seems to be another deception designed to bestow apparent credibility on the Merovingian survival story, this time laying a trail to London. All this prompted Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln to hypothesize that the mysterious Grail represented a real lineage - a bloodline, but whose bloodline is it?

The Sion Revelation p. 209, 261

The state of Charles' and Diana's marriage was one of the prime reasons the Queen indicated she intended to continue as reigning Monarch until her death. Charles would find it all but impossible to take the religious vows at his coronation as King and head of the Christian Church and the Throne of England would pass directly to Prince William.

Antichrist and a Cup of Tea p. 240

The Antichrist's Much Propagated Bloodline is Descended from Cain, Not Christ
Endless genealogies with detailed charts based on "legends" showing how the British Royals are not descended from Cain's Satanic ancestry, but instead want to *prove* their lineage is the same Holy Lineage from which Jesus Christ Himself was descended from, remain at the heart of the British-Israelism belief. This false genealogy depicts both King Arthur and King David, as well as King David's son, Solomon (builder of the Jewish Temple) in the Windsor Family Tree which is utterly ridiculous on its face, but will later be used to establish one arising out of the Windsor's Cainite lineage, to become Israel's own Messiah. As mentioned, some Rabbis and Jews within Israel are already teaching this deception. Of this Royal Protocol given to Queen Elizabeth II, as well as among the elites themselves, and their crafty need to establish a global 'Round Table,' as it were, history is keen to provide some very interesting facts connected to all of this. In other words, this is not the first time where strange ideas about King Arthur returning, Atlantis being found, pacts made with Satan to obtain power, as well as demonic contact made via 'Angelic languages" and forbidden magickal rites, have alluded to a Royal-Masonic conspiracy. It was Queen Elizabeth I, ironically enough, who while being under house arrest by her sister, Queen Mary Tudor ("Bloody Mary"), first encountered John Dee, a noted Occultist and mathematician, who was himself imprisoned by Bloody Mary for a horoscope that he cast to ascertain when she would die. A few years later, Mary was dead, and her sister, Elizabeth, was crowned Queen Elizabeth I, and the Elizabethan era was born. Once Queen, Elizabeth wasted no time in employing John Dee, as her Royal Advisor in all the most important matters of state. In the following years of her infamous reign, Elizabeth's left hand man, so to speak, had made several key discoveries into magic and the Occult, with his most prominent being the founding of a powerful "structured" language used to contact and control fallen Angels, called Enochian. Enochian's actual origins are still unknown, but is believed was given to Dee by a demonic entity, whilst 'scrying.' This notable Occult language, like the Tables of Abramelin, and the Good-Evil knowledge of Kabbalah's Sephiroth "Tree of Life," serves as the basis for much of the Occult workings in the modern era, and by many Satanists today, for its "unique (and dangerous) power that obtains desired results." As Royal Advisor, Dee held much influence with Elizabeth I, and is accredited with no less than the creation of the British Empire itself, after he foretold that her destiny was to create a navy of globe-trotting warships and vessels by which she could systematically rule the world. Dee believed such a control over world affairs was due Elizabeth, because she was a direct heir to the legendary King Arthur, and that her first conquest should be "Atlantis," Dee's name for the Americas, seated across the Atlantic. In time, while Elizabeth had a world to conquer, Dee went on to further his Occult knowledge via his own travels into Europe, where he met Edward Kelly. The rest is history, as they say, and even all of this goes so much deeper than most would ever suspect.

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Freemasons exist to serve as a network of men who spread a great and ancient lie, of submission to various ancient fallen Angels of the ancient world who disguised themselves as gods, being dispatched by Satan to act as his conduits by which mankind would be taught every type of false truth behind the hidden veil of Gnosis. Just as the fallen taught Cain's children how to build the first in a now long history of Satanic pagan empires, so too do elder Freemasons teach their younger neophytes that they are merely the human representation of Jerusalem's Temple, meaning, they are representatives of Zion in the flesh. Of course, they fail to mention the reason that so much emphasis is to be placed on the Jerusalem Temple in Freemasonry is because Lucifer's ultimate goal is to be enthroned in it. That knowledge is not easily given, or subtly hinted at, however, until at least the 32rd Degree. Neophytes go thru the process of ascending degrees and obtain this ultimate secret via the arduous study of the Occult, be that by way of the Satanic Kabbala, metaphysical Luciferianism or other such Gnostic teachings, thus, completely circumventing the actual need of man to submit only to his Creator. Instead of the Truth that Christ is the only way by which mankind can return to the Father, lower degree Freemasons are taught no concept of Sin or of any Godly redemption for sins, as all their Gnostic teachings are quick steer them far away from such notions of a Christian God, in favor of their own will. In fact, this is the very definition given by Satanists for Satanism itself 'Do as thou will, shall be the whole of the Law,' a law that had its first utterance by Satan to Eve, in Eden. The apprentice Mason (magician) therefore, goes about his days studying all of the Metaphysical and Occult works provided him by his higher ranking leaders, thinking he is doing the world, himself, and even his local community a Godly service. This continual priming that is steeped in the Occult, continues until the Mason is finally trusted to undergo the teachings of the Master Mason, where by that time, he is ready to believe that Lucifer, as the God of Light, is not only the God of Freemasonry, but the God of the Universe itself." Instead of the most ancient God of Israel, Freemasons are taught by their Satanic elders to worship Lucifer as a hybrid deity consisting of two ancient pagan gods attached to Jehovah. In this way they can worship Lucifer as "God," in the form of Satan's two primary attributes that are represented by Ba'al (Lord) and the pagan-Egyptian Mother Goddess, Isis (Female Goddess). With this strange triple God/dess figure of the Masons known as JA-BUL-ON (that was also reflected in the older god of the Knights Templar known as BA-PHO-MET) Freemasonry openly mocks the Trinity.

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Where is this obvious Merovingian disinformation campaign of a supposed Bloodline from Christ taking us? In other words, where is all of this "evidence" of a Merovingian King in line to the British Throne having rights to be called Israel's Messiah actually leading us, or Israel for that matter? Certainly, many who would never deem themselves to be students of the Occult have in fact unwittingly become just that, via Dan Brown's book. In fact, they are learning such things that at one time, were only found in Occult literature, yet is now, thanks to The DaVinci Code, leading us thru what can only be best described as a grand Luciferian indoctrination. In my over twenty-years of research into the Occult, I can tell you what such people involved with its inner-workings are preparing for, and that is an Occult Messiah to lead them into a New Age, where they shall witness their god worshipped by an entire world of mesmerized citizens of the Utopian World State, each one wearing the Solar Mark denoting their status in The Kingdom. And yet, it's who this coming Anglo-Messiah patterns himself after, that is perhaps most interesting, or shocking, for it is a King of former questionable existence, a King that I have since come to believe not only existed, however, but stands then, now, and in the future, as the very template by which Lucifer shall achieve his ancient goals. This Once and Future King, as he has been so named, has a place firmly rooted in the psyche of every Western child since the time of the Crusades, and in the Darker Ages before. From Occult works to Secret Societies, he is always found, there, still alive, affirming his presence, beckoning us toward a light amidst such eternal darkness, he stands, a King in waiting to break forth into future history like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. Also interesting, is the fact that this ongoing and sorted history of Britain and its Royal Families are seemingly connected to long-standing curses. One infamous case that I will note here proves that every single Royal that was in line to the British Throne who was happened to be named 'Prince Arthur,' has mysteriously died before becoming King. In other words, many Royal heirs to the British Throne have mysteriously died before they could ever become 'King Arthur.' This would effectively leave only one "King Arthur" of legend that we can today connect to a single, shadowy figure all his own, and none far. With the very much alive Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, however, it would appear that is all about to change.

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The UK's Iconic Lion Also Symbolizes the Tribe of Judah (Israel)

While the Royals are given much respect, the truth about the “Royal Family” is dipped in the blood of the Arthurian and Templar “Grail” secrets and the ritual of creating the “Once and Future King.” The Saga of Princess Diana, the marriage to Charles and the birth of Prince William is a ritual that was meant to be Biblical in scope. Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II claim to be of the Bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. They believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and sired a number of children in a continuous “bloodline”. This bloodline is referred to as the “Holy Grail,” with those possessing it believing themselves the rightful heirs to the throne of the New Jerusalem of Zion. They believe that a new King of “the Holy Seed of David” will preside over the new “Messianic Kingdom” of Israel and the world.

Pretty Flowers 2 Di 4

The book Holy Blood, Holy Grail demonstrates the link between Mysticism, Occultism and the 33° Freemasons. The work shows how they are cooperating, and have been for years, to produce the New World Order and its man, the Antichrist. Ever wonder about the King Arthur saga or the origins of Freemasonry, Templars, or the Rosicrucians? We recommend this book to the mature believer in the Biblical Jesus Christ, who wants to see how European this New World government plan is.

In the latter time of their book about the Holy Blood theory, they state that they noticed the repeating theme of the Grail in their historical research. For example, Godfroi de Bouillon was according to medieval legend descended from Lohengrin, the Knight of the Swan, who was in one Grail text the son of Perceval, the original Grail hero. However, the real similarities seem to arise when comparing aspects of the Arthurian legend to the Merovingian Empire.

The Holy Grail: The Legend, the History, the Evidence p. 135

This becomes notably relevant, when Laurence Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings, page 224) notes that the Grail dynasty from King David and King Solomon would ultimately progress to the Merovingian Kings of France and other established Kingdoms in Celtic Britain and Ireland.

Library of Halexandria: Descendants of Tubal-Cain

For example, the Merovingian Bloodline was established in Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, from which King Arthur and other Kings of Britain were descended. This same "Grail Bloodline" led directly to the House of Stewart. [and thus to Princess Diana Spenser and Her Firstborn Son Prince William.]

The Sion Revelation p. 285

The Royals of Great Britain in particular have arranged for the destruction of Christianity. The Holy Grail blasphemously represents the Blood of Jesus as having been preserved in the British Royal Family, heirs to the Throne of Jerusalem. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (p. 406) speaks of a New King of the Holy Seed of David who will preside over a Masonic Kingdom. Who might be the heir of this purported Royal Bloodline of Jesus deemed worthy to sit on the Throne of David?

When this celestial Round Table manifests on earth, it will be chaired by a Merovingian descendant of King Arthur who was the fabled Guardian of the Grail during his particular era of history. Another New Age book titled 'The Light Shall Set You Free' recalling 'King Arthur's olde mandate' at Glastonbury Avalon confirms that England will be the future center for world Transformation. It will be through 'the Grail in England' that the energies of transformation and ascension will be channeled, which eventually will bring the Earth into the 7th Golden Age.

Because after the coming collapse, Antichrist is coming, who leads the coming "New World" by worshipping a "god of forces whom his fathers knew not." How could the world today not be enamored of his arrival after a coming global collapse perpetrated by this planet's elite when they've overwhelmingly welcomed the Crown's Tavistock brainwashing already? The coming New World and its power structure ("Order") of which the entire future world will believe they owe their very lives to, will be centered in London and Rome. Glastonbury too will have its role, spiritually, as well as Jerusalem. Paganism itself will become the foundation by which he is placed as a New Age Messiah in the hearts of those who take his brand upon them. And yet, despite the world's complete blindness to anything connected to its timely arrival, this was all prophesied in infamous detail. It only required the correct interpretation.

Clinton Ortiz, The Return of the Once and Future King

It was thought that in 1344 King Edward III inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, made a spectacular demonstration of his interest in Arthurian legend during a tournament at Windsor Castle. He also promised to renew King Arthur's fraternity of Knights with all the paragons of knightly virtues with a complement of 300 men. Work also even began on a gigantic circular building two-hundred feet across within the upper ward of the castle to house this so-called 'Order of the Round Table' which eventually became 'The Order of the Garter'.

The Queen has appointed William to be a Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. The Order of the Garter is the most senior and the oldest British Order of Chivalry and was founded by Edward III in 1348. Our Future King, William, has today become the 1,000th Knight of the Ancient Order.

The Prince of Wales Official Website

Additionally, to create the rebirth of King Arthur in young Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor (born Summer Solstice 1982) would require some extremely powerful magickal energy indeed; which could only be raised by the ritual murder of a “Divine King” or a “Royal substitute.” It is entirely possible that Diana was sacrificed in substitute for Charles’ ritual murder. Also telling in this regard is that for the vicarious sacrifice to be effective, it would have to be done near but before the Harvest feast. August 31, the day of Diana’s accident does qualify. The missing piece of this odd puzzle is that the Garter has been a symbol of a Witch Queen. To this day, The Order of the Garter remains one of the most elite societies and appears to be at pinnacle of English-speaking Freemasonry, if not all Masonry. The Garter itself appears on the coat of arms of both the Queen and Prince Charles. This is why the strange Masonic overtones to Diana’s death are so significant.

With One Accord: The Divine King

» The Legend of the Once and Future King

The account of Arthur as a Future King who will return again leading his people to victory at a time of their greatest peril is thought to have its origins in the 5th-6th century defeat of the Celts by the Anglo-Saxon invaders of Britain. It is certain that by Malory's time, this same legend of a future return attained an even more subtle connection emblazoned in the Celtic heart and soul when he wrote “King Arthur is not dead, but he shall come again. I will not say it shall be so, but rather I will say there is written upon his tomb this verse: Hic Jacet Arthurus Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus or Here lies King Arthur, the Once and Future King. Add to this the account of Arthur's grave having been found at Glastonbury in 1191 and the myth begins to fade leaving traces of a real King from legend whose time might come again, when he is needed most. Given the state of the world today, we are close.

» It's Time for Another King Arthur?

"When the Queen dies, the Crown should skip a generation, evading Prince Charles and moving directly to William. If I were a Monarchist, which I am not, I would settle this issue by asking just one question. Which of the pair is willing to call himself King Arthur?

It's time we had another King Arthur, since the only one in our entire history occurred fifteen centuries ago.

Both Charles Philip Arthur George and William Arthur Philip Louis are Arthurs, although Princes who use the name Arthur have a record of mysteriously never reaching the Throne...

...It appears that will soon change."

The Guardian U.K., 2001

» The New World Order and the Holy Grail Bloodline

"Second Thessalonians talks about the revealing of the Antichrist and the coming of the Antichrist as two distinct event in a naïve attempt to put a human face to the mask that the Dragon Court has worn since its inception, Chancellor Sir Laurence Gardner and Sovereign Grand Master Prince Nicholas DeVere von Drakenberg revealed much about their Occult philosophy and belief system. Having been appointed Sovereign Grand Master by the House of Habsburg DeVere caused a stir with his website where he openly discussed the values of the Order, namely Vampirism Witchcraft and Satanism. He also admitted that their forefathers, the Knight's Templar, were a Satanic Organization.

This would be of little consequence were it not for the fact that the Knights Templar are also the founding fathers of modern Freemasonry and the role model for the Ivy League secret society Skull and Bones of which past President and CIA director George Bush was a member, as is his son, the current President. However, with their claims that a "child of pure Blood was born in the 1980's and is being raised by the Jesuits" and that "two Royal children with even purer [Satanic] Blood are residing in Great Britain, the plot twists are becoming less Shakespearean and more like The Omen everyday." -Nicholas DeVere

[Damien Thorn reading] And it shall come to pass that in the end days, the Beast shall reign one-hundred score and thirty days and nights. The faithful shall cry: Wherefore art thou in the Day of Evil? And the Lord shall hear their prayers. For out of the Angel Isle He shall bring forth a Deliverer. Angel Isle: the original Latin is Ex Insular Anglorum - England. So they're here in England for the birth of the Nazarene. He was born last night.

The Omen III: The Final Conflict, 1981

Behold a great Red Dragon cast out, that old Serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: He was cast out into the earth and his Angels were cast out with him. And his [Antichrist's] power shall be mighty, but not by his own power. The Dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority. And they all worshipped the Dragon which gave power unto the Beast.

Revelation 13:2-3, 4, 9; Daniel 8:24; The Holy Bible

The unwary soul who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of illusion, will return to the earth as the slave of illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a 'Knower of Self.' When you can repose in comfort between the wings of your Dragon, then will shadows forever vanish leaving that which within you knows for it is Knowledge not of fleeting lifetimes of illusion, but of a real man that was, that is, and that will be again - for whom the hour shall never strike!

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn p. 395

The Beast that was, is not, and yet will be, shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit and go into [the man of] perdition: And they that dwell on the earth shall marvel, whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they shall behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

Revelation 13:18, 17:8; The Holy Bible

Despite others' attempts to identify a certain number with Satan, it will be known that Nine is his number. Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself. No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of Nine by any other number, in the end the final equation nine will stand forth. The infant is learning to walk and by the first Working Year of his age, that is to say 1984, he will have steadied his steps and by the next [Working Year] in 2002, he will have attained maturity, and his reign will be filled with wisdom, reason and delight. Hail Satan!

Anton LaVey "The Satanic Rituals" p. 219 and 220

Since the so-called "Enlightenment," mankind has gradually fallen under the spell of the Kabbalah. What we have been taught to believe is "progress" is actually the resurgence of an ancient satanic pagan fertility cult, epitomized by the Kabbalah. The "god" of the Kabbalah is not god at all. It is Lucifer. Freemasonry is based on the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is based on ancient pagan mythologies which recount the story of an original God who created the Universe, and a usurper god (Lucifer) who eventually defeats God and comes to rule the Universe in His stead. Essentially, the god and the goddess were seen as two aspects of a single god - Lucifer. Lucifer who exemplified evil, was known as a "dying God" because every winter he died and descended to the underworld where he ruled over the spirits of the dead. Lucifer demands sacrifices [and] must be appeased. The most evil sacrifice is the slaughter of a child. Rituals of death and resurrection imitated that of the god [Lucifer, dying on Dec. 21 and being reborn on June 21st, of which, in Prince William, this was literal]. Participants would imbibe intoxicants and dance to music in order to achieve a state of ecstasy, [then] supernatural abilities like shape-shifting, clairvoyance and other magical powers. In this state, they would slaughter a child and eat its flesh and drink its blood so that the god [demon] could be reborn in them." These rituals afterward involve sexual orgies where a priest and priestess impersonate the god/goddess [Lucifer/Diana] in a "Sacred Marriage" and produce a "son of god" [Anti-Christ] who would then rule as 'King.'

The Kabbalah- The NWO's Satanic Bible

Prince William Born on Rare Solstice Eclipse During the Saros 666
On the eve of June 21 1982, Satanic witches from all over the world celebrated at the birth of William Arthur, the Future King, with his birthday not coincidentally falling upon the day of the pagan's Summer Solstice, a day that has been celebrated for centuries within the Pagan calendar. As such, the Summer Solstice of 1982 was indeed unique within England for it was also prophesied by the ancient Druids that their Sun-King will return to them, upon some future Solstice to bring the balance back. Therefore, much like Christ's own birth that was foretold by certain prophecies as well as signs in the heavens, so was his. But what's not widely known is how Diana was forced into labor to ensure she gave birth to William precisely on June 21st, to coincide with the ancient Druid holy day, that is also revered in Satanism. Where Christ was known to have an alignment of stars foretelling His own birth as the new King of Israel, the signs above surrounding William's arrival were no less important. At precisely 9:03pm, June 21st, Princess Diana of Wales gave birth to Prince William, thus England was given its next King. Some hours earlier that day was the Solstice celebration at Stonehenge, with Pagans of all kinds keeping the ancient tradition of their Druid ancestors who worshipped centuries earlier by sacrificing a child just as the first blood-red rays of dawn came over the horizon, in effect, Lucifer reborn. Specifically, Prince William's birth took place just after a Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice, an especially powerful moment when the Sun, Moon and North node aligned in the 7th House under Cancer. (William's Astrological Chart). Eclipses are the great power points of the Zodiac. They run through space and time in regular series called Saros cycles. The Saros cycles take about 1200 years to travel from the North to the South Pole, and vice-versa, each series has a different founding horoscope as well as a different theme. William was born into a series called 2 Old North, which began in 792 AD, just before the first recognized English King was crowned. It is due to end in 2036 AD, when King William Arthur is 54 years old. This raises many questions. The most obvious is when William becomes the King, whether or not he will be the last King. The meaning of the Saros 2 Old North Series is said to be that of “separation or ending of unions,” a recurring theme clearly lived out in William's young life thus far. The time allotted for this period of 'Saros' is 18x37, the equivalent of 666 years.

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Just hours after his birth, came an unusually dark night in the form of a completely blacked-out New Moon, a time traditionally known since ancient times to be a time of sacrifice and death. Also prominent in the sky overhead was Orion. In Masonic writings, the constellation Orion is sacred, representing the "Return of a Conquering Messiah," just as it was for their spiritual forefathers, the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians believing that their first King and Pharaoh Khufu, was 'possessed of the Sun' and had 'ascended to the stars' to be reborn in the future. In addition to everything else, Prince William has also been connected to the Demon Star Algol, which the ancient Hebrews called Rosh ha Satan, or Satan's Head, a star that carries with it a strong negativity since ancient times. These events occurring all on the same day seemed to herald something of deep significance was indeed taking place. As mentioned, Pagans from all over the world descended upon Britain in 1982, which was not unlike Christ being met with wise men who traveled from Babylon for His birth, following astrological signs above. The fact that the Moon Goddess Diana was giving birth, to the astrological Sun-King, made the eclipse that day all the more significant. It meant the union of the two most important Royal Bloodlines within the Occult world, Saxe-Goth, seen as the Grand Dragon Royalty of all Witch Covens worldwide, and the (Stuart) Merovingian, whose own lineage is traced back to Cain himself. Largely kept secret within coven circles, it was already known before it was reported in any media circles that their male heir to the Throne and future king would be suitably named Arthur, drawing from one of the middles names of Charles. In the days following the birth of the future king, a news item was being circulated among the media citing that when Prince Charles was visiting the Princess and newborn Prince for the first time at St. Mary's hospital, a member of the public who gathered questioned Charles over the heir's name. The Prince of Wales is quoted as rather hastily replying, "You'll have to ask my wife, we're having a bit of an argument over that!" This is because Charles and family wanted to name the boy, Arthur, but Diana, knowing of the curse whereby no Prince named Arthur ever lived to become king, strongly disagreed. As a result, the name William was officially given to a waiting world. You have to wonder, however, what was in the Royal Family's mind when wanting to name today's Prince William, as the future King Arthur. Interestingly, when William finally does become King, it is only he who has the option to change his name to whatever he likes, as per British Royal tradition, by either using one or all of his given names in his new role as Britain's King. Afterward, it has been speculated that if Charles had his way, his son would have as his first name, Arthur. In the article "No More Sacrifice," the London Psychogeographical Association Newsletter reminds us that there are some British Christians who have already pointed out that should William become King, he would be called King William V and by taking the W as two V's with the I's as Roman numerals for one, they have constructed a most unsettling anagram for the future King of England: I AM VI VI VI or I AM 666. Not to mention, Prince William being the son of Charles (whose own name means 'Man') also effectively makes William, 'The Son of Man,' a title that was given to Christ Himself, by Christ Himself.

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Notes on the Mystical Antichrist Number of 666 Throughout History
As you will see revealed in this website, God has well used the numbers 666, 66, and 6 throughout history as signs to connect the Antichrist identity, as well as anything associated with his name, his nation, and the timing of his arrival into our world. However, as mentioned above, because William has the ability at his coronation as King, to name himself anything he wishes, it has been difficult, thus far, to attach that as yet unknown future name to either the Hebrew or Greek gematria that could then be added up to six-hundred and sixty-six. Despite this, we have been given several clues in advance of that time. For example, you will later come to learn that King Arthur's reputed English burial site at Glastonbury Abbey, was measured to be precisely 666 feet in length. The city of London burned in the fateful year of 1666. Using Greek gematria, William's name and future title add up to 666. William's astrological solar sign, being the Sun, is stranger still, as every ancient and modern Occult work connects the number 666 to the Sun itself. Moreover, as you will soon read below, Prince William was born during a celestial event known as the 666 Saros cycle. The connections to the number 666 do not end there however. The Order of the Garter, of which Prince William has been made its 1,000th Knight since its founding, is celebrating its 666th year of existence in 2014. Equally fascinating, is the number 66 itself relates directly to Israel and Britain in some very uniquely historical ways, such as there was 66 members of the family of Jacob who came into Egypt, as cited in Genesis 46:26, the Biblical law citing 66 days until a woman was clean after giving birth. The year 66 AD came an ill-fated comet over the skies of ancient Israel that coincided with the Jewish revolt against Roman occupation, which led to the Roman destruction of Jerusalem's Temple in 70 AD. Today, in 2018, the modern State of Israel turns 70 years old, and while Queen Elizabeth II has made it a point to snub Israel for the last 66 years, it was decided that Prince William will be the first British Royal to officially visit such iconic landmarks as the Holocaust Museum, inside the ancient Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives (where Christ returns at Armageddon) and the tomb where Christ was reputedly buried, in June 2018 (June being the 6th month, and 2018 being 2000 years + 6+6+6).

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Amazingly, both Jewish Temples were destroyed on the same day - the Ninth of Av in the Jewish calendar, exactly 656 years apart. In the year 666, came Anglo-Saxons to Britain. In September 1066, William the Conqueror conquered Britain. Arriving in that same year in 1066, came a wave of the first Jewish migrants to England. Precisely Six hundred years later, on September 2nd, 1666, the entire city of London caught fire and the city was forced to rebuild, many of whose buildings exist today. Going back earlier into the 1600's, the ancient manuscripts of the Bible came to Britain, and by 1611, King James had successfully translated them into Middle English. The King James Bible consists of 66 books. The sum of numbers from 1 to 66 equals 2211, the Kabbalistic representation of God in the Temple. The coming Antichrist will claim to be God sitting in the Temple, and become the "Abomination of Desolation," a prophecy first outlined by the Prophet Daniel in 606 BC, who infamously named the Antichrist as "The Prince who is to come." After the Jews wandered Europe for nearly 2000 years, Israel was reborn into our modern era, 66 years from which is the year 2015, when Prince William turns 33 years of age, the same age Christ was when crucified as "The King of the Jews." During that same year of 2015, the British government itself was rocked by an investigation into Satanic pedophilia. Out of that, came precisely 666 suspects who were found had targeted child victims at schools, homes, and worship centers. More recently, Abortion has been made legal in the Republic of Ireland by the overwhelming voting margin of 66.6%. Staying in Europe, there is a strangely still vacant seat number in the European Parliament known as Seat Number 666. It also becomes quite intriguing that Prince William married his wife on the exact same day Adolf Hitler married his, exactly 66 years later. Then there is the name, Prince William's full name being Prince, or soon King William Arthur Philip Louis. Here is the mind that truly hath wisdom, when he becomes King, it is customary for the new British King to be able to choose any name he desires at the time. This means William could literally become "King Arthur" (whose own grave is reputed to measure exactly 666 feet long) or King William V, or any one of a long list of other variables. Being that we won't know of that name until he provides it, no one can effectively determine his connection to the number 666, until his revealing as Britain's next crowned Monarch. "and then that Wicked shall be revealed, whose coming is after the working of Satan.' -2 Thessalonians 2:8-9.
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Other events that occurred in 1982 connecting William's birth to the Antichrist prophecy included a London murder connected to Freemasonry's P2 in the same month William was born. Also in June came a rather cryptic message regarding the appearance of Maitreya (Messianic figure created by Englishman Benjamin Crème, founder of Share International) citing that the Messiah was going to appear in London in 1982. In addition to these interesting events, 1982 also saw the global release of the third installment of The Omen franchise, called "The Final Conflict," in which the Antichrist, Damien Thorn, is worried to learn that the Messiah-Child was being born in London, in order to diminish his power and ultimately destroy him. Obviously, this was a film filled with art imitating life, and irony, since it is the Antichrist who is being born in London, and will be touted later in his life to be a Messiah. I implore you to view the Omen Trilogy, as it is fraught with enigmatic clues that parallel William's own life, like the military school and graduation, for one example. Another really strange parallel, from the Omen II film, is the scene where an old painting that reveals the supposed face of the Beast, looks exactly like William appeared as a boy. Coincidentally, in that same spring of 1982, came the literary release of a best-selling book called "Holy Blood Holy Grail," the first book of its kind detailing the Royal Merovingian Bloodline as being the same lineage that is soon to produce a European king, or ruler, who will have all rights to Jerusalem. Readers of that book, including myself, came away with yet another reason to believe something was unusual about Diana, the new Princess of Wales, as she held the very bloodline the book was explaining would end up in a kind of New Messiah figure, and future King of Jerusalem. Apparently, there were some others who actually had foreknowledge of Diana's firstborn son as being the Biblical Antichrist, of whom 'shall come in the form of a King Arthur reborn.' Of course, instead of approaching this from a purely Biblical perspective, as some deem the topic of the Antichrist to be locked within, they inform us from a purely Wiccan or Witchcraft point of view, but the ends of their means are the same. The Antichrist is King Arthur. They also inform us of their ties within the larger British Witchcraft community, which is not only a strong under current within British society and in that of the greater United Kingdom, but it is [via bloodline] generational, passed down from parent to child. In fact, both Witchcraft and Satanism have many times, across many sources, both been described as being "generational" among Britons, more than any other known race. Thus, given all the other deluge of evidence in support that supports Witchcraft to be the feminine branch of Satanism, just as witches arose out of the female arm of ancient Celtic Druidism, that all three, Druidism, Witchcraft, and Satanism are all but three major branches of the same Satanic religion. Out of these three, arose Catharism, Templarism, and later, Freemasonry itself, that dominates the world culture today. In fact, it has already been entirely proven that media today, including articles, books, cable, news media, television, and also film have been not taken over by, but created by the Nazi-like propaganda machine that Freemasonry has devised for controlling the masses. Insomuch that the modern arts themselves, including organizations like BAFTA (whose current acting President is Prince William) as well as NATAS (Satan spelled backwards), are just two examples of the leading front organizations behind a much larger Anglo-American alliance and working venture that is inherently sworn to Freemasonry and the British Crown.

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When elite-connected actors and actresses have served a key role in their craft that in some way propagates the Aryan-Antichrist agenda, they are awarded with ceremonious knighthood by the British Royal Family, the same Nazi-connected 'Crown' family that formulated Tavistock that infuses Aryan, Occult, and Satanic propaganda into every area of modern life, including pop culture. The more you look into the racist-connected and Occult power structure that is Great Britain, and its most charismatic man born to be King, the more you discover that everything being disseminated from the top, is created in service to him, or better said, what he will yet become. From the website "With One Accord" we also see the following: "As witches in the 1970’s, we believed that there was something “magickal” about the Royal family. Countless spells were done by many covens to bring to pass an occult prophecy. When a woman would sit on the English throne bearing the name of the Great Mother Goddess [Diana], the child she would bear would be an incarnation of the celebrated King Arthur. We conjured tirelessly to bring this to pass. It would be analogous to the Second Coming of the Lord to a Christian. There are various Occult tales about the origins of noble blood and the “Divine Right of Kings.” One, made popular in books in the last decade, involves the concept that Jesus had children by Mary Magdalene and that Royal blood (especially the Merovingian line) is actually the lineage of Jesus. In any event, Diana’s charm was evident from the moment she stepped into the limelight. When we saw her, and heard her name, we hoped that she would be the fulfillment of the prophecy. Then, when the Royal wedding took place in Lammastide, we knew something was afoot. (Lammastide, from late July to early August, is the traditional time for witch weddings.) Now, whether or not Diana even knew any of this, no one may ever know. We are not saying Diana was a witch. Perhaps she was not, but only being manipulated by her family and/or the royal family for their own ends. She seemed a sweet and innocent young lady. Many people with high-level Occult backgrounds raise their children with no knowledge of their dark heritage, and then covertly arrange marriages with other families possessing carefully guarded bloodlines. Few bloodlines are as guarded as those of “the Firm“ (the media name given to the British Royal Family). Of course, the controversial doctrine of “British Israelism” teaches that the British monarchy is actually the House of David. They believe that when Jesus returns, the throne of David will be in Westminster Abbey over the Stone of Destiny. Thus, Diana’s firstborn son, William (from our former Occult perspective) would be very special indeed. He would not just be the heir apparent to the throne of England, he would also represent the confluence of two powerful Occult bloodlines. Additionally, he would be sitting on the “Throne of David.” From all we have learned, both before being saved and current research, we believe sincerely that Diana’s “accident” was not just an assassination, but a ritual sacrifice. It was certainly convenient for Charles and the Queen that Diana would be out of the way, so the palace would have full control of their Princes."

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The Mystery of 11:11, 9-11, and the Arrival of the Messianic Antichrist
Interestingly, the Antichrist arrives in a time of great upheaval, bringing with him a global peace to deceive many. The Knights Templar derived from only 9 original Knights, in the years just after 1111 AD, the most notorious and powerful of which carried with them the secrets of Cain and his lineage whose own Master number is 13. Coincidentally(?), World War I ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. Research into the history of the date September 11th itself, can reveal more into how Freemasonry and its worship of Lucifer, is found time and again to be the religion of their coming New World Order. For example, there's the intriguing case of Captain William Morgan, who infamously became the first American author to expose Masonic secrets on a grand scale, only to later get falsely arrested on September 11, 1826, and be found subsequently murdered. Another example of the peculiar date was seen in t he creation of one of America's most secretive and enduring national symbols. The Pentagon was originally devised by Brigadier General Brehon B. Sommervell to provide a temporary solution to the War Department's critical shortage of space just before the time of America's overt involvement in World War II. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 11, 1941, with the Pentagram chosen to lend its central shape to create the unique architecture of Pentagon itself, with the Pentagram also provided its enduring root name to form the Pentagon. Another example was the cornerstone ceremony of the General Accounting Office conducted by Harry S. Truman on September 11, 1951. Harry S. Truman was a 33rd degree Freemason. Yet another example was George Bush's speech on September 11, 1991, that took place inside the House of Representatives announcing a "New World Order." Exactly ten years later, came the attack of 9/11/01. These examples are not a coincidence. The number eleven is important to the Freemasons. More intriguing, is that 911 itself (rendered as 9 + 1 + 1) = 11. September 11th is the 254th day of the year (2 + 5 + 4) = 11. After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year. The first plane to hit the towers was American Airlines Flight 11. The first tower hit collapses at 10:28 am (1 + 2 + 8) = 11. Flight AA11 had 11 crew members, 2 pilots and 9 flight attendants. Flight AA11 had 92 people on board (9 + 2) = 11. Four of the hijackers on flight AA11 had the initials A. A. for their names (AA=11). The fifth hijacker was the pilot, Mohamed Atta (A.A. initials again) whose names has 11 letters total. The Flight 11 call letters were AA11, (using A=1) equates to 1111. The State of New York was the 11th State added to the Union. Manhattan Island was discovered on Sept. 11, 1609 by Henry Hudson (11 letters). Trade Center is 11 letters. Skyscrapers is 11 letters. World Trade Center Towers is 22 letters (11 + 11 = 22). The WTC Towers are each 110-storeys high. The first fire unit to arrive was FDNY Unit 1 that lost 11 firemen. The WTC towers collapsed to a height of 11 stories. The official death toll was 2,801 people (2 + 8 + 0 + 1) = 11. The World Trade Center fires burned for 99 days (9 x 11). The WTC Twin Towers standing side by side, physically appeared like the number 11.

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Satan exists to counterfeit God's creation. One example of this is seen in the Tree of Life. The Scriptures tell us that this centrally placed 'Tree of Life' (separate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) exists in Heaven for the "healing of the nations." Satan's counterfeit called the Sephiroth, considered by Gnostics and Freemasons to be the path to spiritual illumination itself, has become Satan's latest trick to deceive mankind away from the Truth of what is coming. There are said to be 32 paths on the Tree of Life. The first 10 are the Sefiroth, not including Daat. The remaining 22 correspond to the lines or channels of energy that join the Sefiroth together. Each of these, in turn, corresponds to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Parallel to this, there are 22 (11+11) cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, 22 Crenels constructed for Magdalen's Tower in Merovingian France, 22 Chapters in the Book of the Revelation, 22x3 (66) books in the Bible, and if Prince William is ever given the title 'Prince of Wales,' he will be the 22nd to have it. In the book, The Templar Revelation by Clive Prince, he reminds us that "There is a good reason for the emphasis on eleven and twenty-twos: these numbers are both Master numbers within the Occult work. They are particularly significant in Cabalistic studies." To the theistic Satanist, 11:11 is coded language to represent the 'Age of Aquarius,' a time when the world will be under the Antichrist's rule. The individual numbers 9 and 11 themselves are easily found within LaVey's Satanism, known to have Nine Satanic Statements & Eleven Rules. One should also remember we have already seen 11 directly relating to Antichrist before, in Scripture: "And the Ten Horns out of this Kingdom are Ten Kings that shall arise; and another shall arise after them and he shall be diverse from the other Ten." (see Daniel 7:24). So the Antichrist, or 'Little Horn,' that arises after Ten Kings, makes him the 11th King even by way of Scripture. On every level, 11:11 represents a Powerful threshold (or Stargate) from which Satan will again pass thru into our world, having his full destructive powers restored to attain his ancient goal of sitting upon God's Throne at Zion. Page 202 of the Necronomicon collectively seem to refer to the spirit of Antichrist rising up from its ancient Abyss to reign as King from the future rebuilt Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which oddly enough displays two sets of pillars on either side of its entrance seemingly making a perfect 11:11 "doorway" into the inner Temple. The Astrological Age of Pisces (Christ) moving into Aquarius (Antichrist) is so strongly connected with 11:11, with the numbers themselves representing the transition from God and His Son, to Satan and his son, with the Kabbalistic Ein Sof completing the unholy spirit that is to supposedly overshadow the Holy Spirit itself. "As above, so below." That said, perhaps many have all too quickly put away the work of Nostradamus and his Quatrain about a Great King of Terror from the skies above, bringing forth the "King of Angolmois" from below, an event highlighted by the twentieth century's so-called "Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium" that occurred on August 11th, 1999 that has since been intrinsically linked with King Arthur. This is because on that day, precisely at 11:11 AM GMT, the shadow of that 1999 eclipse was first cast on earth at Tintagel, UK a place renown since the Dark Ages as being the birthplace of King Arthur.

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Interpreted: The Anglo-King is a Descendant of the Bloodline of Solomon

In the year 1999 after Seven full months
From the sky will come the Great King of Terror
who will bring back the Great King of Angolmois
Before and after this, shall Mars reign supreme

-Nostradamus Century X Quatrain 72

When the Eclipse of the Sun will then be
The Beast's Omen will be seen in the daylight
One will interpret it much different from the rest
High price unguarded: many are ill-prepared for it.

Nostradamus Century III Quatrain 34

Born on the day of an eclipse in the shadows
He will be supreme in rule and goodness
He will renew his Blood[line] in the ancient Grail
Causing the [New] Golden Age to turn to brass.

-Nostradamus, Century V Quatrain 41

There are various coincidences concerning the time and location of the August 11th 1999 Solar Eclipse. For example, the time, 11:11am, has extensive coincidental associations, while the location [of] where the Eclipse Shadow strikes land [is upon] Cornwall, the southwestern tip of England, [which] has incredible associations, including the Arthurian legends of the Quest for the Holy Grail.



It is Genesis 1:14 that informs us that God created and purposefully placed the planets and stars in our skies above as 'signs' and omens. Thus, when Christ referenced that the "time of the end" (see Matthew 24) is to be heralded by strange signs in the Sun, Moon (such as eclipses), and among the stars (i.e., supernovas, comets, etc.) we need to be pay close attention. Scitentists today are increasingly astounded by many of the things they're now spotting within our own Solar System, let alone in deep space. It's actually difficult to keep track of all of the near daily things they're seeing and actually reporting to the public (such as the recent story NASA Scientists Shocked: ‘We’ve Never Seen Something Like This’ and NASA Baffled by Mysterious Ejections on Asteroid Bennu and Gamma Ray Bursts Cause Time to Flow Backwards). Of these many signs in the skies, including all of those increasing larger asteroids that have been barely missing the planet of late, Christ also connected His "Sign of the Son of Man" in Matthew 24:30 with His statement in Luke 21:28 that told our latter generation to "Look up, for your Redemption draweth near," so clearly the stars (including planetary alignments, eclipses, asteroid and comets, and unexplained or unknown phenomena) play a large role as we advance toward the Tribulation period and its Antichrist figure. The Scriptures are filled with strange signs from the sky, but none more so than in the day just before the Antichrist rises and Christ's return to destroy him. On April 15, 2014 came the Total Lunar "Blood Moon Eclipse" that initiated the first of four such rare "Blood Moons," that are collectively referred to as a Tetrad. The next such Eclipse took place on October 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, with the fourth on September 27, 2015. Then came January 2018, containing three very rare lunar events in the same month starting at the 1st day of that new year, and culminated on the 31st with a Super Blue Blood Moon." As if all of that rarity above us weren't enough, God then sees to it this generation is also made witness to yet another Blood-Moon Eclipse six months later, on July 27, 2018 with a deep crimson Blood Moon that lasted nearly two hours total. Just days later, on August 11-12, 2018 came the Charlottesville, Virginia Nazi protest which further tore the nation apart along racial lines and left one female counter-protestor dead. As if highlighting the tumultuous year to come, the New Year of 2019 will showcase the extremely rare 'Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse' on January 20-21, that, of itself, won't be the only event in the skies that night (tonight). Mere hours after the ultra-rare Blood Wolf Moon event, will begin the conjunction of Jupiter (esoterically meaning "King") with Venus (also called "Morning Star and "Lucifer"). Because Christ (Revelation 22:16) and Satan (Isaiah 14:12) are both called "Morning Stars" (as seen in Job 38:7), the correct interpretation includes both Christ and Satan to be highlighted in 2019 and beyond. The rare event may be pointing to Christ's Rapture of the Church, but certainly of Satan's Antichrist gaining power as a direct result. Another interesting aspect God has instilled into tonight's eclipse is found upon the knowledge that the Great Tribulation, known as the midway point of Antichrist's power, is marked by a Blood Moon in the skies (see Revelation 6:12-14). As I write this on January 20th 2019, Trump, a clear archetype for the coming Anglo-racist Antichrist has arrived halfway into his first tenure as President. Such rare events, along with everything else that is happening around us and being called "once-in-a-lifetime" destructive events, proves we are entering into that timeframe known as "the Beginning of Sorrows" as mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24:8-13. This proves the countdown toward Armageddon is clearly underway and God is using such varied signs to warn mankind of impending danger. Heed the warnings.

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When looking at the charting of the stars, it has become clear that the lead up to these things actually began with the "last Total Solar Eclipse of the twentieth century." The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 at 11:11am over Tintagel, England was considered by many in the Occult to be the literal "seeding moment" for the spiritual [re]birth of the Aquarian Messiah. It is also interesting to note that going forward 20 years from August 1999 brings us to the Jewish date known as the 9th of Av, in 2019. This date is both historically and notoriously significant to Jews as it saw two separate incarnations of their all-important Temple being destroyed on that same date, 656 years apart. This would likely mean that any future Third Temple to be built in Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock stands today, will be conquered by the "Abomination of Desolation," the Antichrist, on the 9th of Av precisely 1,260 days from the day he creates a working covenant of peace between Israel and the world, as prophesied. Knowing that the 9th of Av is always in Summer, usually occurring between early July to mid-August, if we subtract 1,260 days from that future July/August month of when the Great Tribulation begins, we can determine when the Antichrist initiates the seven-year Tribulation itself. My calculations have determined that month to be December/January, and more than likely during a new year. This makes perfect sense when you factor in Daniel 7:25 that explains Antichrist shall arrive to "change the time, and the [Jewish] laws." Further calculations have provided me a timeframe of years when the Antichrist ascends to power. It will be a New Year between 2030-2067, with the median year of 2047, that the Antichrist shall ascend to global prominence to initiate the beginning of the end. The period between August 11-13 in that same year of 1999, that is to say between the Eclipse on August 11th and the Moon festival of Hecate on August 13th, was a time of great celebration and sacrifice for Satanic witches in Britain, who connected such stellar events with not only King Arthur, their ancient pagan King, but also Satan and the Hecate sacrifice of Diana. Appearing in Britain exactly one week later on August 18 1999, a Celtic Cross was seen formed by the astrological signs of the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Aquarius/Man, the same four (1+1+1+1) Holy Beasts of Revelation appearing in Revelation 4:7.

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The Celtic Cross was popular at the time of King Arthur and found everywhere throughout the ancient British isles, as well as in Gaul. However, it is of far more ancient design. Occultists attribute this 'Cross' to not being a Christian symbol at all, but a very ancient pagan rune of their Sun God, Lucifer, even as it later became 'the Mark of Cain.' Others have likened the Grand Cross Alignment to an imperfect 'crooked Cross' or Solar Swastika, over Britain. Still others have linked this UK 'Anglo-Cross' with the future Grail King and/or the Lost Tribes of Israel. Occult author and practicing metaphysicist Kathy Doore, stated "The August 1999 Cross in the heavens will form the Hebraic Tau; the emblem of the Initiate who has triumphed over death." It also signifies the 22nd and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet denoting the end and perfection of the Kabbalistic Great Work, as well as the soon rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and the return of a Grail King to oversee it, who is symbolized by the 22nd letter of the English alphabet, as 'V.' Taking all of this into account leaves only one conclusion. The 'Great Work' of Satan and propagated by his Occult religion, is no less than the fulfilling of his ancient plan to conquer Zion in order to 'become like God,' a goal referenced in his 5th "I Will" citing "I Will Be Like God," which, as I've pointed out, factors prominently into Prince William's future name: King WILL-I-AM V (the Fifth) leaving no question as to the meaning behind the Quatrain above. The 'Great King of Terror' is none other than Satan himself, whose planet is represented by Mars, that descends so that the spirit of "King Angolmois" (King Arthur) can ascend, to become the 'New King' anointed to initiate a global New Age. That August 1999 Eclipse was a clear omen very few understood at the time, or even understand to this day, but was predicted by Nostradamus, and long before him, by the Scriptures themselves. "The Beast that thou sawest was, and is not, but will be again, shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit and go into [the Son of] Perdition. To the Occult mindset, Satan is the Sun God, Diana is the Moon Goddess and their tantric union is represented by the symbol of the Baphomet, and also by a total Solar Eclipse, symbolizing 'The Once and Future King' who according to the prophet Nostradamus, is to be born under the Astrological sign of Cancer, with Mars active and Sagittarius rising, the exact astrological sign of Prince William himself. I also discovered that if you turn '11:11 AM' into 'i11i AM' then add the letter "W," you are left with: W iIIi AM.

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The 11:11 synchronicity and the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse casting its Solar shadow upon King Arthur's ancient birthplace, connected to a celestial Celtic Cross [Mark of Cain], both above and below, and linked to the Beast King of Revelation as well as Nostradamus' own King enigmatically called Angolmois, heralded by Mars (the Devil) must mean something, and it does. Of these things, does New Age author Joseph E. Mason write: "The solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 might well be one of the most important events in human history. At the very least, it will be one of the most incredible "coincidental" symbolic events of all time. It could be far more, perhaps the Ascension, the Transformation, the return to the Golden Age, the change of the Ages from Pisces to Aquarius, the return of the Avatar, or the second coming of Christ. In this article I will review the various connections and symbols involved and give links to other sites with related information. I will also suggest possible interpretations and meanings, with the hope that help in this area will come from others. I have followed this story since early 1994. From the beginning, I was astonished by all the dream, myth, religious, and other implications which stretch far back into history. It is so extensive, I hardly know where to begin. There are various coincidences concerning the time and location of the eclipse. The time 11:11 a. m. has extensive "coincidental" associations, only some of which are revealed here. The location, specifically - where the eclipse's shadow first struck land at Cornwall, the southwestern tip of England, has the most incredible legendary and symbolic associations, including the Arthurian legends of the Quest for the Holy Grail. The date, August 11, coincides with a number of events in the crop circle phenomena and in a few other ways. A "666" type crop formation appeared in 1993, with the sixes arranged in a perfect triangle, lending yet another piece of evidence connecting Antichrist to the English landscape, its 'star gods,' and cultural mythos. There is evidence, including Biblical sources, indicating that some of the Tribes traveled to the British Isles long ago. The signs of the Zodiac are said to be within the natural landscape around Glastonbury. The area is also called, "The New Jerusalem." Prior to the Exodus, and again later, some of the Hebrew people traveled to other lands, including into western Europe and the British Isles. Through marriage, the Royal Bloodline was reunited in Britain, Judah was associated with the lion, because he is called "a lion's whelp" in Genesis 49:9. The scepter, the ruler's staff will remain with him, that is, his bloodline, until one comes to whom it belongs. This seems to be yet another "coincidence" to add to the list. The Tribes of Israel correspond directly with the Grand Cross and Zodiac in the heavens at the time of the eclipse, over an area with the Zodiac signs in the landscape, and over people thought to have the Royal Blood of the Ancient Hebrew Kings [namely the British Royal Family].

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Eleven months after the August 11, 1999 Arthurian Solar Eclipse came the Eclipse of July 1 2000, on what should have been the 39th birthday of Princess Diana. As if God uses more than one kind of interstellar portent above in our skies to highlight and foretell the next event that is linked to His prophetic timing, Comets, like Eclipses, also figure most prominently as Omens that predict dire consequences for our world, usually As such, Comets have been historically viewed as harbingers of destruction, and specifically they have foretold the death of a Royal. In ancient times, their presence blazing across the night skies were considered messages sent by the gods themselves. In fact, Comets have plagued mankind's psyche for millennia. The ancient Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh described fire, brimstone, and flood with the arrival of a particular Comet. The year 66 AD came an ill-fated comet over the skies of ancient Israel that coincided with the Jewish revolt against Roman occupation, which led to the Roman destruction of Jerusalem's Temple in 70 AD. Belief in comets as negative omens was so great, that during the time of the Roman Emperor Nero (ruler from 54-68 AD) saved himself from the "curse of the Comet" by having all possible successors to his throne executed. Bringing all of this into our modern era, it was March 1997 that the Comet known as "Hale-Bop" appeared and carved a path thru the constellation of Cassiopeia, the Queen, as if to foretell that a future Queen was about to be 'crossed out' of existence. Five months later, Diana was dead. It stands to reason, therefore, that the Antichrist would have both Eclipses and other signs from above surrounding events in his own life. 1) The birth of Prince Charles saw the first of 13 Eclipses that later mark the Future King. 2) There was a Total Solar Eclipse after the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in July 1981. 3) There was a partial Solar Eclipse during the birth of Prince William on June 21st 1982. 4) There was a Total Lunar Eclipse that highlighted the painful divorce proceedings of William's parents in December 1992. 5) The following hours after Princess Diana died was a Partial Solar Eclipse 6) Two years later came the "King Arthur" Total Solar Eclipse of August 1999. 7) There was a Total Lunar Eclipse in January 2001 with its shadow cast over Patagonia Chile, where William was visiting while on gap year. 8) While William was in Africa on his 19th birthday, there was a Total Solar Eclipse over Africa on June 21st 2001. 9) Exactly one year later, on June 21st, 2002 (Prince William's 20th Birthday) saw Mars closer to the earth than it had been in thousands of years, shining from the constellation of the Sword, fulfilling Nostradamus prophecy in C6Q24 regarding a New King rising. On the same day, an unexpected 'killer asteroid' had just missed our planet coming within 1/3 of the distance between earth and the moon. 11 days before was an Annular Solar Eclipse. 10) There was a rare 'Supermoon' during the birth of Prince William's firstborn son in July 2013. 11) There was a rare "Blood-Moon' eclipse that occurred during Prince William's trip to New Zealand and Australia, with his new wife and son. 12) There will be a Annular Solar Eclipse again on Prince William's 38th birthday, June 21st in the year 2020. 13) There will be a Solar Eclipse again on Prince William's 66th birthday, June 21st in the year 2048. 14) Exactly ten years later, on Prince William's 78th birthday, there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on June 21st 2058

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Prince William’s chart shows that he has a mysterious and magical soul because Neptune and Lilith are rising. Prince William’s rising star is an highly esoteric and anciently important star called Etamin, the Right Eye of the Dragon. In ancient Egypt it was known as Isis. Lilith also conjunct the Ascendant suggests his darker magical and Occult side. No doubt the tragedy of his mothers death turned him inward in the search of deeper meaning. This terrible pain can be seen in the horoscope with the close conjunction of Venus and Chiron on the agonizing fixed star Algol (the Demon Star). This conjunction on this star is very potent, made more-so by being the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Neptune sextile Pluto. Rosenburg says of Algol, “you [William] will be aware of the depths of suffering that can occur, whether through human depravity or “Acts of God” and you will not be able to ignore suffering and horror. Transiting Pluto has been on Prince William’s Part of Fortune this last year, perhaps intensifying his studies into the Occult.

Prince William Astrology Chart

Algol, the Demon, the Demon Star, and the Blinking Demon, from the Arabians' Ra's Al-Ghul, the Demon's Head, is said to have been thus called from its rapid and wonderful variations. In Greek myth, Algol also represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa, who was slain by Perseus. The Hebrews knew Algol as "Rosh ha Satan," meaning Satan's Head; but also as Lilith, Adam's legendary first wife, the nocturnal Vampyre from the underworld that reappeared in the demonology of the Middle Ages.

History of the Star: Algol

As Princess Diana, mightest have liftedth down off the Cross our Holy-Unholy Son William Arthur Prince of Wales, to granteth Mankind its prophesied, Divine, Once-and-Future, Millennial King. Princess Diana accepteth our Holy-Unholy Blood-destined lot as estranged genetic mother to King Arthur.

The Matrix of the Monarchy

There is also, increasingly, a desire for a true leader not a Fuhrer, but a species of wise and benign spiritual figure, a Priest-King in whom mankind can safely repose its trust. How might the advent of Jesus' literal descendant be interpreted? To a receptive audience, it might be a kind of Second Coming [thus] the Grail story became much more closely linked with both King Arthur and also of Jesus Christ.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 412-413, p. 288

I think Jesus Christ is really King Arthur, the hero who at the darkest hour comes to save us all from Evil. Have you heard this before, that King Arthur was the British Jesus Christ? Why haven’t I see that before?

Radical Goddess Theology: King Arthur Better Than Jesus



Earliest Historical Accounts for a King Arthur and His Knights
The written history and otherworldly exploits of King Arthur were first noted by Gildas, a sixth century monk believed to be a contemporary of the historical Arthur. Gildas wrote 'De Excidio Britanniae' in which he names Badon Hill as a great British triumph over the Saxons, and even makes mentions of a 'Bear' (an Arth) involved. The 9th century author, Nennius, believed to be a more credible source of British history, published 'the Historia Brittonum' where he mentions King Arthur's twelve battles, and links the winning of the battle at Badon Hill to King Arthur "who killed 940 Saxons in one day." In the tenth century 'the Annales Cambriae' cites King Arthur dying at Camlann. It should be understood therefore, that writers of the later King Arthur romances were in fact using the known history of Arthur and mixing it with the esoteric allegory and archetype of the Bloodline which they were first to call 'the Holy Grail' in their attempt to tell the real story of Arthur and his connection to 'the Grail' while using symbology and metaphor which spoke volumes to those societies privy to the truth, while the rest of the world were enticed by the obvious Messianic figure of King Arthur who would return someday bringing with him the lost Golden Age. Chretien de Troyes, living just after the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099, is the first significant author in the development of the Grail legend as we know it today. Such an action not only asserted the further historicity of King Arthur, but also gave him the necessary literary authoritative from which a future historical link, and thus likewise, supporting narrative, could later be drawn. Glastonbury itself became notable for myths and legends concerning the Holy Grail and King Arthur, having been introduced by the French poet Robert de Boron in his 13th century version of the Grail mythos, thought to have been a trilogy though only fragments of the later books survive today. The work became the inspiration for the later Vulgate Cycle of Arthurian tales. De Boron's account confirms the already early Anglo-Christian beliefs of the time (ref. The Traditions of Glastonbury by E. Raymond Capt) relating how Joseph of Arimathea captured Christ's blood in the "Holy Grail," which was subsequently brought to Glastonbury, or Avalon. Steeped in the Occult tradition, with Kings having a wizardly priest-like figures as their spirit guides, and mentor in the case with Arthur, is Merlin. Merlin made his first appearance in literature during the twelfth century A.D. in "Prophecies of Merlin" by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Geoffrey based Merlin from a Welsh legend describing a sixth century northern bard named Myrddin, who was said to have prophetic powers. Myrddin is described as the bard to Gwenddoleu, the king of the Welsh-speaking territories of southern Scotland and northern England. At the battle of Battle of Arfderydd (believed to be in Cumbria) in 573 AD Gwenddoleu is killed. Driven mad by the carnage of battle, Myrddin flees to the forests of southern Scotland where he develops a reputation for his visions and predictions. Myrddin is alleged to have been buried by the Powsail Burn near the town of Drumelzier on the banks of the Tweed. A strange prophecy by Thomas the Rhymer exists about the Myrddin's final resting place that states that should the Powsail and the Tweed meet at Merlin's grave England and Scotland shall have the same monarch. The prophecy is often understood to be a thinly veiled reference to King Arthur – the fabled ruler of all Britain. Interestingly, the Tweed burst its banks and flooded the Powsail on 24th March 1603, the exact day that James VI of Scotland was crowned James I of England. Stranger still, at his birth, James was hailed as "Little Arthur," since he had a direct claim to the thrones of both Scotland and England. It through another Arthurian author, Geoffrey of Monmouth, that Merlin first becomes associated with the legend of King Arthur and becomes a half-mortal, half-magical being with supernatural powers. During this transformation Merlin is irrevocably associated with Wales and its rich Celtic history and literature.

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The next chapters in Merlin's progress from Pict or Scots 'wild man' to Welsh sorcerer come from France. when Wace, Robert de Boron, and Chrétien de Troye, independently revisited Monmouth's work and added crucial elements to the Arthurian Merlin story. De Boron elaborated on Merlin's magical powers, Wace added King Arthur's famous round table while de Troye added the romance between Guinevere and Lancelot and also the glorious castle of Camelot. These French interpretations reflected the sensibilities of their medieval audience and the earthy Celtic paganism of the early myths was forgotten in favor of more chivalric notions of brave 'Christo-pagan' (or Catholic) knights on perilous religious quests, the same template by which the later Knights Templar themselves were formed. At the time of the first Crusade, Geoffrey of Monmouth, often hailed as the first inspiration for the later Arthurian romances, began his work on Arthur. His Historia Britonum gives the history of King Arthur from the intrigues which led to his birth, to the time of his death. Some people denounced Historia as a "lying book," saying it "was received by possessing devils," while it was favorably received by others to the point it had a considerable influence in welding the Saxons, Britons, and Normans together into a single nationality, as well as providing the Matter of Britain with a source upon which later Arthurian writers could draw from that time till the present day. For since the Merovingian dynasty’s power waned in 751 AD, the great Celtic saga of the Grail quest emerged necessitated by a need to perpetuate certain Occult traditions in a more subtle form while avoiding the scrutiny of its adversaries namely that of the Catholic Church. It was a way of writing an Occult story, not unlike a Bible narrative, laced with every sort of 'truth' which could be gleaned by those who knew what to look for, while vain infidels and neophytes not trained in its precepts can only see and comment on what's presented at face value. The truth behind the myth of the Grail Quest, therefore, was to bring about the furthering of the Great Work, e.g., the Knights Templar, an order patterned after the Knights of the Round Table and formed by French knight Hugues de Payens between the years 1111-1119, were formed to seek out the Graal, the Sang Rael, which would bring their great King out of the great wastelands and back to life. By the time the Knights Templar hastily returned back to France, their mission and quest seemingly complete, the Grail Mythos, and of King Arthur himself, was already flourishing in an explosion of literary works by various authors, Chrétien de Troyes chief among them. It is theorized that since the noted Arthurian author, Chrétien came from the same region in France as Templar founder Hugues de Payens, perhaps they colluded together about the true meaning of the San-Graal and what it would mean to find it. What the Knights Templar returned from Jerusalem with, however, certainly made all involved rich beyond comprehension, many believing the Roman Catholic Church of the time was also paying them to keep silent. The Knights Templar went on to become the First Secret Order of Freemasons, and to this day, reveres the War Leader and supposed peace bringer that was Artos Rex, King Arthur. For centuries King Arthur has remained a mystery with the site of his fabled Camelot long forgotten and the true location of his final resting place completely enshrouded by the mists of Avalon. Thus far, history of itself has provided relatively little in the way of providing a clear and definitive of the man who was, the man whose ensign was the Bear, under a Red Dragon. In better determining that "King," "who was," as Revelation calls the Antichrist, we need to focus on the attributes of Romano-Celtic war leader at the Dark Ages time "Arthur" is believed to have lived. In my opinion, only one figure stands alone at the time who fits almost every single trait from which the Crusader-era romances were later based.

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Although many themes within these so-called Arthurian French romances are clearly invention, such as his supposed connection with Christianity, a much older manuscript written in Britain three centuries before the earliest of these Crusader tales was composed, records that 'Arthur' was already a known, albeit shadowy, historical figure who carried Britain during the resulting anarchy and tribal feuding that followed the wane of Rome's 400-year influence upon the island nation. According to the work of the ninth-century Welsh monk Nennius, 'Arthur' was one of the last British leaders to make a successful stand against the Anglo-Saxons who invaded the country from their homeland in Denmark and northern Germany, in the latter fifth to sixth centuries. Nennius does not say where Arthur originated, but he does list twelve of his battles, with the last of them being the battle of Badon which can be effectively dated from the separate historical work of the British monk Gildas, as Gildas wrote within living memory of the battle of Badon. In his De Excidio Conquestu Britanniae ("On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain"), dating from the mid-sixth century, Gildas makes reference to the Badon battle to have occurred in approximately 500 AD. During that same time, Britain had fragmented into a number of smaller kingdoms, the largest and strongest of which appears to have been the Welsh kingdom of Powys that covered much of what are now the Midlands of England and Central Wales. Powys, Wales was the largest Romano-Celtic kingdom at the time of the battle of Badon, and its capital, a once thriving Roman town named Viroconium, held great wealth, power, and national importance. The latest archaeological excavation that took place there in the mid-1990s revealed that there was a major rebuilding of the city around AD 500, and that there once existed a massive winged building that appears to have been the palace of an extremely important tribal chieftain. As the work seems to have begun at the very time the Britons defeated the Saxons at the battle of Badon, it may well have been the seat of power for the Celtic chieftain who obviously led the Britons at the time. Thus, might the west country of Wales, and specifically Viroconium, be the reputed Camelot of legend? A tenth-century manuscript detailing the family trees of important Dark Age chieftains, catalogued as Harleian MS 3859 in the British Library, tells us of who that battle of Badon war chieftain may have been. Owain Ddantgwyn [Owain White Tooth] was the son of a warlord named Enniaun Girt, whom the manuscript lists as a king of Powys in the late fifth century. Owain's war symbol was a Bear, and not the Red Dragon or Eagle that most Arthrian researchers ascribe to King Arthur. When they first discovered Owain Ddantgwyn, Arthurian researchers Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman were immediately disappointed, that was until they learned that "Arthur" was not a personal name, as such, but a war title. Because the language of the Romano-Britons was Brythonic, a cross between Latin and the native Celtic tongue, which survives almost intact in modern Welsh, it later became of great interest to Phillips and Keatman when they discovered that the Welsh word for bear, is "Arth." Moreover, many linguists believe that the name Arthur is derived from the Welsh word for bear. This would then suggest that Arth-ur may actually have been the battle-name of King Owain Ddantgwyn, or has he is better known to us, King Arthur. The name of an animal, in some way typifying the qualities of the individual, was given to many Dark Age chieftains or kings as an honorary title. Gildas, writing less than half a century after the battle of Badon, actually refers to Owain Ddantgwyn’s son Cuneglasse as "The Bear" which is perhaps the strongest evidence of all. Knowing that many such battle-names where inherited by the chieftains eldest sons, this sheds greater light as to why a whole succession of Welsh kings where called "The Dragon" (or of The Dragon) during the latter half of the Dark Ages, which is partly why it became the national ensign of Wales that endures to this day. Another ancient town, Carmarthen, in Wales, is known in the archeological world for its infamous "Black Book" that contains previously unknown histories of ancient Welsh kingdoms. The nearly 800-year-old Black Book of Carmarthen is often argued as the first historical Welsh text to include the pseudo-historical figures of King Arthur and his Druid mentor, Merlin.

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Evidence of Antichrist's Identity From the Spirit World: The Verral-Fleming Account
The following account, of which I found years ago, very early on at the beginning of what evolved into my research into the Occult, contains a most curious depiction from a book dealing with Witchcraft and the Occult of which I have never seen nor ever found again. It was called "The Verral-Fleming Account, in a section of this now obscure book that dealt with automatic writing. Automatic Writing is a form of communication by which a person allows a "disincarnate being" (spirit) to write otherworldly messages by human hand. Ruth Montgomery published a series of books that she claims were entirely received through such sessions of automatic writing. Likely knowing of its true source, many New Age, Metaphysical, and spiritualist authors actually warn it is generally not advised to engage in such direct spirit contact, as it is a form of [demonic] possession. Possession by such spirits results in a condition in which "a persons personality is moved aside against their will, by a either a disincarnate or non-corporeal entity." Much more common than automatic writing, these days, would be holding very similar sessions with those very same spirits, via a Ouija Board]. It is true, that once such a door is opened, spirits are allowed by you to make contact, they will, but that same door is much harder to shut afterward. They will make their presence known long after your initial invitation, and in some very unconventional ways that become quite negative in the end, such as sickness and death. Some of you reading this who have had unforgettably negative or frightening experiences with such introductory means via demonic contact know whereof I speak already. Despite the warning of danger, increasingly more New Age authors today are actually demanding that their readers, or students, engage daily with so-called "Angel Guides" (demons) to become "Walk-ins" (demon possessed) using the very same methods previously warned about. That alone is very telling. Whether the initial contact made is seemingly benign from the start, or gravely unsettling, it will always end up the same way for the person contacting demonic entities whether unwittingly or actively calling upon Satan's legions. Such spirit contact in the modern era began with the spiritualism movement. By 1897, spiritualism was said to have more than eight million followers in the United States and Europe, mostly drawn from the upper classes, of whom used Ouija in their parlor rooms and attics.

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On 6 March 1906 in Cambridge England, two women involved in experimental 'cross-correspondence' used automatic writing to contact the realm of the netherworld. They made contact and proceeded to ask specific questions regarding future events. The spirit contacted, who called itself 'Nora' began to ignore their direct questioning and seemed only interested in responding with excerpts from the book of Revelation about the Antichrist. Fleming then wrote to Mrs. Verrall to pass on the communicator's question, but three days later, before her letter could have reached England, she received another psychic message through automatic writing. It seemed even more vague than before, to the point of being meaningless, yet it was soon to prove of great significance. It read: "18, 15, 4, 5, 14, 14, 15, 5, 12. Not to be taken as they stand. See Revelation 13, 18, only the central eight words." Alice Fleming could make nothing of this cryptic message, as it appeared to have no relevance to any message previously received. Nevertheless, she forwarded the message to England where it was examined by a renown spiritualist who realized that the 'central eight words' of the message could be interpreted in one of two ways, either literally, to produce 'Of the Beast for it is a number,' or by looking at the punctuation and overall meaning of the verse; 'For it is the number of a man.' After carefully studying this new enigma, Mrs. Verrall wondered if the numbers that formed the two opening sentences of the message were cryptic in themselves. Using the more popular English gematria of the time, which allows the turning of letters into numbers from 1-26, to the shock of all involved, a name was discovered, Roden Noel. Roden Noel, who died just several years earlier, was a rather obscure poet, perhaps best known for his "Sea Slumber Song," and little else. The spirit then provided Verrall a single line from the dead and forgotten poet, via automatic writing, the line was from one of the most obscure of his poems, called "Tintagel." None of this made any sense to Mrs. Verrall at the time, but when I read the account of her dealings with automatic writing, everything clicked. Verall's story resounded with what I believe is the truth of what that spirit was attempting to convey. Tintagel was the infamous birthplace of none other than King Arthur, and it is King Arthur, that is the Antichrist. The two women very likely went to their graves never making the connection of whatever Tintagel had to do with the Antichrist, but you reading this, already know, as does the demonic spirit world, apparently. Any amount of further research proves that stories and legends regarding Satan himself have long plagued the county of Cornwall, in West England. According to one, Satan flew across the Cornish midnight sky carrying a large stone of some importance that only he apparently knew.

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As the local legend goes, upon seeing his arch-rival carrying the stone, Michael came and battled with Satan through the night. Michael was eventually triumphant and Satan finally dropped the stone back to the earth. The town that rose up where the rock fell became to be known as Hell's Stone, and Helston, England, today. Surprisingly, there have been many horror films since made in or near Helston, Cornwall for reasons largely unknown. In fact, when the forces of Hollywood came to revive "The Omen" franchise, in 1980-1, to film its most key scene where Christ battles Antichrist, they did so at England's furthest west county of Cornwall, England. Why they came from a film set in London to Cornwall remains an insider mystery, it seems, except that Tintagel, Cornwall is well-known to have been King Arthur's birthplace. More recently, on August 6th, 1998 (one year before the infamous 1999 King Arthur solar eclipse took place in Tintagel, a team of British archaeologists revealed to the world a find of a lifetime. What they discovered has been hailed by the press as the "King Arthur" stone or more precisely, the Artognou relic, which seemingly lends increasing validity that an actual King Arthur figure not only existed in the time he is reputed by ancient history to have existed, but he can finally be historically linked to the same craggy coastline at Tintagel, Cornwall that is reputed to be his birthplace. Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright, chief archaeologist at the English Heritage declared the newly discovered link should not be dismissed saying "Tintagel has presented us with evidence of a Prince of Cornwall, in the Dark Ages, living in a high-status domestic settlement at the time Arthur lived. It has given us the name of a person, Arthnou [Arth = The Bear]. It is a massive coincidence at the very least. It's the find of a lifetime." The stone, which was broken along the right-hand edge, shows the remainder of two Latin-styled inscriptions. The first line showed what was left of four letters in a Late Roman script which reads: Pater Coli Avi Ficit. The second line, on which all attention focused, was more lightly, but very legibly inscribed and showed a early Latin inscription bearing the words: Artognou Col[i] Ficit. A translation was quickly obtained from Professor Charles Thomas, the retired Director of the Institute Of Cornish Studies, University of Exeter, and a former President of the Council for British Archaeology has translated the ancient Latinized to read "Artognou, father of a descendant of Coll, has made this."

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The Antichrist Must Be a King Whose Kingdom Rises From the Sea
Revelation 13:1-2; 17:8, 11; Daniel 11:33-36; Daniel 8:23-25 And I saw a Beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. The Beast that thou sawest was, and is not; shall ascend out of the Abyss and go into [the Son of] Perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall marvel, whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the Beast that was, is not, and yet is. And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the Eighth (King), and is of the Seven. And the King shall do according to his will, and he shall exalt himself above every god, and shall speak against the God of gods. And the rough goat [is] the King of Grecia [Alexander the Great]. Now [he] being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four Kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation [Greek Empire], but not in his power. In the latter time of their [European] Kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a King of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy supernaturally, and shall prosper and practise and shall destroy the mighty and the Holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause Craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart and by Peace shall he destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes [Jesus Christ] and then he shall be broken. The Biblical word used here for "Sea" was also used in the Old Testament in reference to countries that were across the Mediterranean sea and foreign to Israel (Daniel 11:45), moreover it is a direct reference to islands or nations surrounded by water, such as the Greek Empire was, and England is today. (The above Scriptures themselves also lend solid evidence that it is Europe and not anywhere in the Middle East, from whence the Antichrist must ascend.) All this takes on a more realistic and sinister meaning in its future context when you discover that Revelation 17:8 is depicting the Spirit of Antichrist (who is Satan) "ascending out of the Abyss" (Bottomless Pit, or Sea) and then possessing the body of his prime candidate who is referred to as "the Son of Perdition," a King who was, is not, yet will be again, or in other words, a once and future King.

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Little more of an actual outline of history is known, even today, about the life of this Dark Ages King that went on a killing rampage against his Saxon foes. It is widely held that as a King, he must have been put in power and well beloved of the people, whoever those peoples might have been, as Arthur's legend stretches forth from his native Cornwall into Wales, Brittany, Scotland, and across the sea into Ireland. However, this same "King who was, is not, yet will be again" as the Book of Revelation so perfectly describes him, does have a little known report on his renown activities kept in the Vatican Archive, in Rome, which helps in the way toward providing certain details of what this overly-glorified King has done, even against his own people before he arose to become the "war leader king" seemingly defending them. This, most interesting of all accounts and known histories, actually shows he was not a defender of the people (as many would like to believe), yet merely defended the lands he brazenly claimed as his to begin with. Meanwhile, the Anglo-Saxons, understandably, were not so enthused about this Warrior Bear who they knew would be an obstacle in what otherwise would be their rapid conquest. In this Vatican report, discovered and researched by the renown Arthurian novelist Bernard Cornwell (who included the details of this same report in his Arthurian novel entitled "The Enemy of God") described Arthorius as a Celtic war chief (whose verified symbol was the Bear), to be an entirely ruthless Pagan-worshipping thug as well as an absolute murdering serial killer, thief, rapist, land-stealing, Satanic beast-man who showed little in the way of mercy, especially among his own people. He is depicted as an even greater menace to anyone who would dare become his mortal enemy, as he quickly arose in both power and might among the backdrop of a Saxon invasion that pushed increasingly into what he solely perceived to be his already claimed territory in Wales, Scotland, and Brittany. The Church heard of these rather compelling exploits and thought little to them that a Pagan leader would be brutal enough to wipe out his own kin, as such an act of overt malice would only save the dark ages Roman Church and Empire of having to do it themselves. Thus, the Catholic powers thought nothing of this until they started receiving reports that he was now himself killing literally hundreds of Saxon enemies in one day, many of whom were Catholic in faith, and only then did the Church grow increasingly wary, even fearful, of this Celtic war leader, fearing he could rise to such heights of self-imposed power as to take on the Church itself, of which there was even a Celtic prophecy at the time stating he would do just that. That lingering prophecy always brings me back to that pivotal day when my research took its present course.

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At this time in the 1970's, because of the success of Hal Lindsay's 'Late Great Planet Earth,' and paranormal interests also taking over people's minds after seeing 'The Exorcist,' came the first of an increasingly number of books that dealt with such topics of Biblical prophecy, Satan, and the Antichrist. The most memorable of these books I initially read in 1973 was clearly, 'The World, the Flesh & The Devil.' I read all of these kind of books with a sense of uniquely sharp interest, for a child. While the rest of the world was being subtly conditioned to believe in the things that would eventually develop them into having a hive mind for the Antichrist and against Christianity, I knew it only made common sense that to be able to effectively reveal the Antichrist, it would require to investigate the people who were so obviously preparing the world for his arrival. But who were they? This personal commission stayed with me in my youth, always returning itself to the forefront at various times if I ever strayed too far from its apparent need to have me return. Of this, I now understand it was God pointing such things out, always highlighting them, as if saying, "There it is, look at that and remember it, it contains something you need to know," and this would occur in sometimes uncanny ways. Over the years that followed that were increasingly spent researching Apocalyptic, Satanic, New Age, and Occult texts as well as their own related histories and literature, that always resulted in excruciatingly long days, meant also many a sleepless night spent watching Shepherd Chapel's own, Arnold Murray. This was the pastor, since deceased, who loudly condemned mainline Christianity for its "fly away Rapture," whilst heavily propagating America's racist, Masonic, "Anglo-Israel" interpretation of the Bible. His great pride for his own Celtic ancestry was only matched by his constant promoting of the heretical 'Traditions of Glastonbury' books and films by E. Raymond Capt. In them, Capt claims the English people and British Monarchy are descended from a nearly endless lineage that includes both the Lost Tribes of Israel and King Arthur. I thought the whole thing strange, seeing the cultish aspects of his weird teachings, but it was all part of the larger education God was revealing to me at the time. Then came October 1993, when I found myself at a well-known bookstore and feeling like I was being led to a certain section of the store, I began to pray to God for guidance toward finally discovering a single source to finally unlock what I believed was a destiny given many years before. I closed my eyes in faith and reached out my arm. Suddenly, a warmth of obvious energy came into my arm, with the kind of tingling that I only felt one other time before when operating a Ouija Board in early 1990. With my eyes still shut and arm moving toward the shelf, my hand laid hold of a single book to which I removed from its place and pulled back my arm. I opened my eyes to focus on the title: The 21 Lessons of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe. My initial thoughts were immediate. How could this apparent New Age novel about ancient Druidic magic, and King Arthur of all mythic people ever have a chance in Hell of leading me to the Beast of Revelation? Despite the initial doubt, I knew it was God Himself that placed it into my hands, meaning somewhere within that book held a definitive answer. I went home and began to read. The New Forest Druid, Douglas Monroe, had written in story form some of the most subtle, albeit, powerful Occult workings and concepts I've ever read. As I began to clue in on his "subliminal" writing style, as he called it, as well as the many subconscious markers, symbols, and codes he placed throughout, that for me formed a perfect pattern I could see. Then in a single moment, when arriving at page 395, there it was..."

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It read: "The unwary soul who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of illusion, will return to the earth as the slave of illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a 'Knower of Self.' For it is Knowledge not of fleeting lifetimes of illusion, but of a real man that was, that is, and that will be again." Immediately, everything within that book made sense, because I finally saw what the author was attempting to get across. Monroe was through enigmatic prose, linking King Arthur to the Antichrist. I knew this because it is the Book of Revelation 17:8, that states: "The Beast that thou saw, was [meaning he once existed] and is not, but shall come again to ascend out of the Bottomless Pit, and go into [the Son of] Perdition." The similarities were all too striking to be just a mere coincidence. Both Daniel and Revelation explicitly mention that the Antichrist is a "King, who shall do only according to his will" being "of the seven kings," who apparently came before him, making him the soon revealed '8th King.' But more than that, Monroe also mentioned that this "unwary soul who fails to grapple with the mocking Demon of illusion (Satan)" will return, as a "man that was, that is and that will be again." From this, I easily gleaned that yet another similarity to Revelation's Antichrist was being made, because Revelation 13 cites the Beast as having the "number of a man." It is right there, in a single moment of an epic epiphany reached, that ultimately birthed the genesis of what later became the final conclusion that it was none other than the future heir to the British Throne, who Occultists were already linking to a kind of King Arthur returned, who would mature into inheriting the United Kingdom as well as his more important destiny of inheriting Zion itself. Interestingly, Monroe even draws a parallel there, as well, in his writing that Merlyn's apprentice, in Prince Arthur, is a reincarnation of Israel's King David (see 21 Lessons of Merlyn, p 194). Moreover, thru the mentoring of Merlyn replete with ascending degrees of Occult ritual, does Arthur receive from Merlyn the truth that he is was a Davidic King of Israel (or King David himself) who has been reincarnated to fulfill an even greater, future destiny connected with not only the British and Celtic peoples, but also 21st century Israel itself. Clearly, Monroe was making Arthur out to be a kind of New Age Messiah. Along the way, we are treated to fascinating information claimed to be originating from the Atlantean Book of Pheryllt, designed to "awaken the sleeper" within us all. Douglas Monroe excels in his underlying, albeit every so subtle Satanic work here, but all through it was God shining a great light into the darkest corners of the Occult from which I began to see the overarching patterns. Everything I studied, what I learned, but more importantly, my conclusions of all of that resulting knowledge is imbued, contrasted, and contained here in this website. No one could ever come into this knowledge of the identity of the Antichrist before his ascension without first having the kind of spiritual protection afforded one who God has chosen to reveal it, and only then, peering deep into the Abyss of Satan's own mind, a mind driven to insanity with hatred and an immeasurable pride backed up by complete narcissism and bottomless anger, could one retrieve what was needed to understand many things.

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Four years into the research, and hundreds of books later, I came across a most peculiar book on Arthurian lore shown to me by a friend who somehow found it in a large prison library of all places. Its very last page referenced Prince William himself as becoming that modern Arthurian archetype in the flesh. Amazingly, it seemingly revealed itself, Prince William's own name contains Arthur, and he is to become Britain's next King. My path, in regard to what I should further research going forward from that moment was suddenly made clear. Over the years that followed late 1993, my research took strange twists and turns into the recorded deeds of ancient Satanic Patriarchs, of whom I eventually determined were all of the same lineage, a lineage of Satan, which by all accounts, was a literal Bloodline descended from Cain. In fact, there is no more revered figure in the Satanic liturgy and history other than Cain, and that "7th [generation] Son," named Tubal-Cain, of whom the Freemasons elevated him as their ultimate Patriarch, again, not just spiritually, but also, literally. Although '21 Lessons' is set in similar story form with information about the Celts and more specifically of its own pagan Celtic priesthood, the Celtic Druids, it exclusively focuses on the Arthurian aspects of the Occult, with several veiled and not so veiled references to Satan rising after a global Collapse to wreak havoc upon God's people. Monroe's own Nostradamus-styled 'Quatrains of Bran' are included as some very interesting reading material in itself. By his second book, 'The Lost Lessons of Merlyn', I believe Monroe used one of his Quatrains to encode and connect Prince William's name to the Antichrist. Understand, in the Hebrew language, the letter 'vav' looks exactly like a numerical "1" to our otherwise Western minds. The letter 'vav,' also has a number connected to it - six. Now, look again at the quatrain below: "Three red 1's will stain three parchments [then] a great wonder seen." Enigmatically, therefore, what would appear as three 1's would appear to be 1-1-1 (written as vav, vav, vav). A Hebrew reader could read it in English as 1-1-1, but if merely told they were "vav's," the reader would than take it to be the numbers 6-6-6. So, when cracking the rest of this Occult enigma, the "great wonder seen," comes directly from Revelation 12, with the more complete text reading: And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven, a Red Dragon called the Devil and Satan." Elsewhere, in Revelation, we are told that there's a number connected to the Mark of the Beast, as it is "a mark (logo), the name, or the number of his name." Thus, "the numbers of the letters of the name," was also strikingly familiar sounding to me. In other words, when Monroe was writing his Quatrains, that are found in his Arthurian trilogy, he always connects them to Druids, King Arthur, a coming Collapse, and the Biblical Antichrist.

"Seven, Six, and Eleven
The Numbers of the letters of the name
Three red ones will stain three parchments
after adjoining, a great wonder is seen"

7 - 6 - 11

William [7 letters] Arthur [6 letters] Philip-Louis [11 letters]

People Magazine Cover From June 1991: Prince William Wounded

The Future Antichrist Must Die or Have Died From a Mortal Head Wound
Revelation 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled after the Beast. Certainly, this specific prophecy from Revelation is making the connection to how Antichrist will counter one of Christ's greatest miracles, that of resurrection itself just before he conquers the Temple. On June 3 1991, nine year old Prince William received a near fatal head wound from a sporting accident and was immediately taken to a London hospital where sources originally cited he was close to death from a fractured skull. The event may even have been foreshadowed in an eerie occurrence at his baptismal ceremony. Reports were that the candle lit during the ceremony by his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, flickered but did not go out. The Archbishop of Canterbury had baptized the infant, and handed the lit candle to the father, Charles. The windows were open and as a terrific storm gathered, a gust blew through the church, causing the candle to flicker. This was believed to predict a crisis in the young Prince’s future, but that he would survive whatever it was - according to a psychic, named Van der Post. On page 410 of Kitty Kelley’s book on the Royals, she wrote: “Prince William was accidentally hit on the head with a golf club, which fractured his skull, necessitating emergency surgery. Diana, who was at San Lorenzo restaurant when she received the news, hurried to her son’s side an spent two nights in the hospital with him until he could come home. Charles visited him for a few minutes after his surgery but did not otherwise interrupt his own schedule. He said he had to attend a performance of Tosca. The press was appalled. Jean Rook in the Daily Express asked: “What sort of father of an eight-year-old boy, nearly brained by a golf club, leaves the hospital before knowing the outcome for a night at the opera?” The medical report read as follows: 'Full name William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor age nine. The accident took place on June 3, 1991, and he was admitted to Royal Berkshire Hospital. He was operated on at Great Ormond Street Hospital for a depressed fracture of the skull.' William obviously recovered, quickly, and much wasn't made of the story of William's near death after that. A large scar can still be seen to this day on the far left side of his forehead. During one of his many humanitarian jaunts, William was overheard telling a group of young Harry Potter readers, about his own 'curse scar.' Interestingly, the first person ever to be marked on the forehead, was Cain, as a mark of divine protection. However, the prophecy in the Bible about a King surviving a head wound is interesting, as its describing certain attributes for the Antichrist of Revelation. Coincidentally, or not, according to historical records of King Arthur, he actually died from a mortal head wound having his skull broken at the Battle of Camlann between 516-550 AD.

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The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

John F. Kennedy, 1961 Speech to the Media

Continuing with the connections that mark the lives of Christ as King, King Arthur, and the Antichrist, all three created a new religion/New Age/new way of thinking for others to pattern themselves after, and all three gather up a select group of ten or twelve Knights, Kings, or Disciples who then go out into the world, united by a fundamentalist charge and conquer the earth through redemption/salvation or unity of man. All three exhibit unparalleled strength and loyalty from their people at first, and they all achieve great exploits or miracles accredited to them along the way until their eventual and infamous betrayal and death at the hands of one of their own. With Christ this was Judas, for Arthur it was Mordred. However, further comparing Christ with King Arthur one would think they are the same person, since both are called by those who revere them: The King of Kings, King of the World, the (Celtic) Messiah, the One who was, is, and is yet to come, the Once and Future King, and it is interesting to note that every one of these same titles will be ascribed to the coming Antichrist as well. Furthermore, Christ, King Arthur, and Antichrist are all said to return at a time when they are needed most and at a time just before the world ends. Even more intriguing than all this is making a comparison of Revelation 1:18 (and 17:8) with Daniel 8:23 to see how close Christ and Antichrist can blur the lines, providing us another clue to how people might be deceived by the coming false Messiah. It is also worth mentioning here that King Arthur and the areas throughout Britain, Wales, and Scotland that still hold his namesake, as for one good example, King Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, have become the secret places where Satanists practice their profane craft and magic. Since Revelation's prophecy about a King rising up from a mortal head wound is somewhat well known, some believed that President Kennedy was the Antichrist, especially after he was assassinated by a globally-witnessed, mortal head wound. They certainly believed JFK was charismatic enough to become the world's most beloved and adored leader, which is ironically the most intriguing attribute of the prophesied Antichrist, to the point that his charismatic reign even took on Arthurian overtones, which carries with it a death knell all its own that rings throughout British, and now, seemingly, American history, whereby anyone named Arthur in direct line for the British throne, died in strange and mysterious circumstances so that they never reached the title as King. In Kennedy's case, he was killed shortly after being dubbed a type of Arthur presiding over a new Camelot, by early 1960's American media. Also interesting, the infamous "book depository" building from where Kennedy was shot, called Dealey Plaza, was formerly the site of the first Masonic Temple of Texas. Moreover, it is widely known that Kennedy was killed on Elm Street, but if you look at any map of the area (which is also the 33rd Parallel) I've discovered that the three streets Elm, Main, and Commerce converge to form the perfect outline of a "Holy Grail." Others looking at Dealy Plaza see the Trident of Poseidon or Satan's Pitchfork. Another connection is made in all this via Hollywood. Ira Levin, author of Rosemary's Baby, must have been influenced by, or he believed (and likewise wrote into his Antichrist-themed novel) that American President Kennedy was either the strongest archetype for the Antichrist, or was the Antichrist himself, because a likeness of him was used in the 1968 film. Actors that looked almost exactly like John and Jackie Kennedy, appeared in Rosemary's hallucination brought on by a Satanic cult's rape drug. Rosemary awakens from her strange 'dream' telling her husband she was raped by something inhuman, astonished by how real the rape seemed. In this way, have Levin and Polanski returned us to Eden allegorically, with Eve's conception of Cain that was supposed to be Adam's son, but clearly was not. It would appear Levin knew something of the unbroken Cain to Antichrist lineage.

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Druidism can be considered a synonym for sorcery. Most of their rituals took place in groves of oak trees and the oak was sacred to them. Kennedy or more properly Ceannaideach means "wounded or ugly head"; Mrs. Kennedy made a pilgrimage to the Ancient Oak in Thomasville, Georgia. The Kennedy administration was referred to as "Camelot" supposedly in joy [by the media] over the renewed promise of the youthful and vigorous president, and the potential of 'New Frontier' reform. The power of the Secret Government over the news media continues unabated. In Alchemy, the 'Killing of the King' was symbolized by a crucified snake on a Tau Cross, a [counterfeit] variant of the crucifixion of Christ. Jesus Christ was tortured and murdered as the result of the intrigue of the men of the Temple of Solomon who hated and feared Him. They were steeped in Egyptian, Babylonian and Phoenician mysticism. In the JFK assassination [Masonry] went to incredible lengths and took great risks in order to make this heinous act of theirs correspond to the ancient fertility oblation of the Killing of the King.

"Hoodwink: A symbol of the secrecy, silence and darkness
in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved
from the unhallowed gaze of the profane."

-Dr. Albert Mackey 33, The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

That is how they see us, as "profane” as "cowans" (outsiders), unclean and too perverted to look upon their hallowed truths. Yes, indeed murder, sexual atrocities, mind control, attacks against the people of the United States, all of these things are so elevated, so lofty and pure as to be beyond the ken of mere humans. An archetype of betrayal of the "common man" involves a great deal of Fertility and Death [Witchcraft] symbolism that is seemingly motivated by the endeavor to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and [ultimately] establish a One World Government. It is by way of Masonic Sorcery that the union of opposing principles is supposed to be brought about and the people that practice Masonic Sorcery are Arch-Criminals who have been and are perpetrating a crime against humanity itself.

King Kill 33

Antichrist initially becomes strong with his own people, of the lineage of Cain. This would therefore mean that this database being set up by the British and American military is to act as a roster whereby they will round up the registered and provide them a place of safety in order to survive the coming planet-wide catastrophe. These same people, who are non-elite kin to the Cainite lineage, would be indoctrinated and prepared for the coming New World on the other side of that false "Apocalypse" to act as hive mind-controlled 'subjects' immediately loyal to the King. This is the end-game of the MK-Ultra mind control program itself, to ultimately cause the entire planet to worship Satan via Antichrist. In this way, shall Antichrist ascend in that Orwellian-controlled New World with an intensely loyal base already in place, who in turn affect others to then worship the Beast.

Clinton Ortiz, The Return of the Once and Future King

Speculation has arisen since that perhaps this is why Kennedy was assassinated, by Masonic/Pagan forces in power that controlled such events (including their Manchurian Candidate, Lee Harvey Oswald) in order to remove JFK's increasingly Arthurian archetypal connections and charismatic hold he held over not only the American, but the global masses. In their twisted Occult mindset back in London, there could only be one King who is to lead the world toward a new era, which is the reason no Arthur, thus far, has been allowed to live and ascend the British Throne. My own take is that for the totality that became the Anti-Christian 1960's to sink American moral, its Catholic President had to be removed, thus opening the door for the British Crown-serving CIA to push their LSD on college campuses and create an entire counter-culture by which came rampant drug use, crime, liberalism, homosexuality, and the rise of the Occult and paganism in a nation that was almost exclusively "Christian" just a few years earlier. It was none other than MI-6 who pushed Lee Harvey Oswald to the forefront as cover in their wanton use of him as their notorious patsy, which explains all of Oswald's strange public overtures of playing the role a bit too well of a disenfranchised dissident. Of course, America suddenly turning pagan and liberal, along with its current reaction of a rising nationalism to supposedly defeat it, only serves one master, not Christ. Thus, the former American version of Camelot and the life of its new King was doomed from the start, not by the lone assassin who many believe provided Kennedy his mortal head wound, but by that nation which sees itself as titular head of the United States as its "New Atlantis" and most powerful Commonwealth under their subjection. Another interesting fact that may add a Christ-Kennedy-Masonic connection, is that Christ was murdered at age 33, Kennedy was murdered at the 33rd Parallel, 33 feet from the crossroad where once stood the First Masonic Temple of Dallas, at a date that equates to 33. -- 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). 33 appears most often as the numeric signature of the Freemasons, a Templar Brotherhood clearly working at establishing the Biblical Antichrist as a future King/Messiah figure, of whom we are yet to determine what his connection to the number 33, will be, although we do know he will turn 33 on June 21, 2015. Despite the many fascinating connections between the original Arthurian Camelot era of the Dark Ages King and the 1960's Camelot JFK, we must understand that these are only shadows, or archetypes as they're known in Jungian psychology, of the coming Antichrist and what is his own coming "Camelot era." Amazingly, there was another strand of commonality that ties in all of these "great" humanitarians together, and that is their belief of "equal rights for all." In the case of King Arthur, this took the form of a Round Table, where each man who sat around it would be equal to every other man. As such, this same idea of a Round Table of equality infected the minds of Lincoln, Kennedy, MLK, and Princess Diana, who became examples of not only the best in men, but also, the best of what the coming Antichrist will himself supposedly subscribe to, at first. And yet, it is all a ruse of the Devil himself. Interestingly, regarding Martin Luther King himself, his very name contains 'King Arthur' within it (mARTin luTHER KING). Such souls, seemingly of God, who were defined by their own noble efforts within "civil rights," returns us all to the notions of charity and chivalry itself, as well as the Grail Quest by which such noble traits are sought in the collective hearts of all men. Of course, the first to institute such radical thoughts as human equality, were first brought to mankind by the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, but there is no question that Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and even Princess Diana made large contributions in demonstrating Blacks were equal in every way. From their own divine connection to each other, it also appears that the infamous Kennedy-Lincoln parallel, was only one piece to a larger puzzle.

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Just as the "MK" in MK-Ultra stands for the former Nazi's "Mind Kontrol" program that migrated from post-war Germany to Masonic London and America in Operation Paperclip. As such, the same twisted minds behind Project Monarch use the symbol of the Monarch butterfly as their iconic moniker in a not-so-veiled attempt to steer the idea away of its true connection to the British Monarchy. More specifically, "Monarch" is their code word for the Antichrist, himself a Royal Monarch, and of the British Royal Monarchy. Causing and using the deaths of epic humanitarian personalities as Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and others, as templates, Satan knows well the path of charitable works and heroic appearances by which his own chosen Son must therefore take in order to systematically beguile the heart of man. In other words, Satan will use whatever mankind has determined to be the best qualities in humanity, to shore up the beloved and much adored personality that shall make up his counterfeit to Christ, and he has succeeded, overwhelmingly, with William Arthur Philip Louis, the future King, in accordance to the "Project Monarch," the last goal within the Cainite's overall "Great Work." How many of you felt an innate sadness or worse, were led to feel even more compassion toward her children, when Princess Diana's life was unexpectedly cut short in 1997? Satan knows his game and will use man's own emotions against himself. Another trait they share, is that they all were cut down in the prime of their lives. This was true with Christ, so it was true with Arthur, and Lincoln, King, Kennedy, as well as Diana. Each of them were also murdered/assassinated. Obviously, all of this points toward something larger, yet to come. As such, how will the Antichrist's own brush with death affect his legacy? Revelation 13 informs us that the Antichrist himself will receive a grievous mortal wound to the head, like Kennedy, like Lincoln, like Diana, but unlike all of them, he shall miraculously survive his head wound. The Scriptures tells us that even Antichrist himself will be assassinated, and yet, in his mimicking of Jesus Christ, he shall likewise resurrect back unto life, except instead of being filled with the Holy Spirit like Christ was, the Antichrist shall be 'born' into the spirit of Satan, the Satanic counterfeit of being born again of the Holy Spirit. In effect, all these many shocking deaths of great men, such as Lincoln, JFK, MLK (and women, in the case of Diana) do serve a higher purpose, as to create a archetypal shadow of what is best in humanity, an archetype that Satan's 'chosen One' is certain to emulate, emanating those innate traits that these great people once held, from charisma, humanitarian ideals, soul-stirring oration, and the wisdom of where to lead the world next - each their own hallmark of a great leader that most would follow to Hell, and back, which is the whole point. For just as Christ's Resurrection was only revealed to a chosen few, Antichrist's counterfeit resurrection will occur in the sight of the whole world, as he rises to become evil incarnate, completely possessed by Satan who then initiates the latter half of the Tribulation. During this apparently globally-watched event, is precisely when Satan shall possess the young King, animating his seemingly lifeless or dead body, to become someone far more powerful. While Christ was imbued with the Holy Spirit of Life, at His death, Antichrist shall become possessed by the Spirit of Death, at his resurrection. Therefore, as Christ became low in the eyes of the world, while taking on Power from Heaven above, Antichrist shall become great in the eyes of the world, while taking on power from Hell beneath.

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Once and Future European Union: The Revival of the Ancient Roman Empire
Revelation 13:1, 3-4 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a Beast rise up out of the sea, having Seven Heads and Ten Horns, and upon his Horns Ten Crowns, and upon his Heads the name of blasphemy. And I saw one of his Heads as it were wounded to death, but his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the Beast. And they worshipped the [Red] Dragon which gave power unto 'the Beast.' Israel was reborn on May 14th 1948, as the descendants of those Jews that once shared in the original building of ancient Israel, that was later destroyed by Rome and its ancient peoples scattered throughout Europe just forty years after Christ's crucifixion, were able to finally come home in the twentieth century, only to find others suddenly laying claim to their new homeland. At the very same time, while Israel was carving out a new State of Israel, to her northwest, were the European nations also rejoining together as if being miraculously reborn (but following a secret society plan toward creating a new Roman Empire growing in parallel strength to the newly revived nation of Israel). History was and is clearly repeating, Rome and Israel are both returning to power, at the same time, precisely as the end-time Biblical prophecies told us they would. By 1957, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were first to join in economic alliance, then France, Italy, and West Germany united under the Treaty of Rome. In 1972, three additional members signed on: Denmark, England, and Ireland were received, then, on January 1 1981, Greece became the ratified tenth member. Now, the Bible shows us yet another interesting clue between Daniel and Revelation. Daniel clearly states that out of an original ten-nation grouping of nations would arise a Little Horn (or "young Prince") who would become the Beast [of Revelation]. The exact prophecy in the book of Daniel 7:20 in reference to this Prince-King-Beast informs us that: 'I [Daniel] considered the horns and behold, there came up among the ten, another little horn and in this horn were the eyes of a Man.' In other words, after a ten-nation European confederacy is born, afterwards would arise a little horn, the human being who later becomes the Antichrist. So this [eleventh] horn having 'the eyes of a man,' etc. is not referring to an 11th country of the still reviving Roman Empire, but the Scriptures are clearly telling us to look for a 'little' man who suddenly appears after the ten. Thus, Prince William was born the very next year (1982) just months after Greece became #10 in the European Community of Nations. By 1990, a newly reunified Germany joined, and in 1993, the European Union was officially born amidst much fanfare and celebration across the continent not seen since the days of the ancient Roman Empire itself, and yet, the Scriptures predicted it all, and moreover, what is still to come as the E.U. shifts its course and ultimately becomes beholden to Britain, after the Collapse. That is the purpose and final outcome of the current Brexit crisis, that while seemingly a complete debacle for Britain, will later ensure their dominance over the continent of Europe. Even though many have been stockpiling for over a year, the British government is now demanding their military services and population begin stockpiling food and water to buy into their purposefully-stoked "Brexit fears." This is the secondary goal of the UK's Deep State Brexit plan that ensures the survival of as many British military and citizenry as possible during what they know is a coming Collapse of the present world system circa 2020-2025. The very fact that under Obama's watch, that American control over global intellectual entities such as the Internet was given over to the consolidating powers in Europe, and now with the EU facilitating Article 13 which amounts to their future censorship (over any website or work they deem hostile to their world order) should be telling the more intelligent among you just what nation is doomed to be most affected by such a coming disaster.

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Despite its own internal struggles of late ("iron mixed with clay," as prophesied in Daniel) the European Union has managed to successfully group the ancient nations of Rome once more, eventually to form what will become the last world empire from which the Tribulation Antichrist shall arise. The European Union's very existence in our time, especially in the Post-Brexit era means we are close to seeing England leading Europe, instead of the other way around. In fact, Brexit is all part and parcel of the larger Antichrist plan toward giving more strength to England (iron), while a weakened Europe (clay) is forced to take its lead increasingly not from Brussels, but London, once again. The Scriptures also informs us that Antichrist's Kingdom, like himself, resurrects from a mortal head wound, i.e., the Coming Collapse. In other words, as Brexit is clearly demonstrating already, the European Union, in its present state, must eventually die so that it can live again, to become "The Fourth Reich" of Daniel 2:40. The Land and King are One. Both will be dealt a mortal head wound, both return in greater power. Closer to our time, what sets Europe on its fated path as a global force is the resurgence of Russia as a hostile power bent on seizing former Soviet Bloc territories in order to attempt a return as a superpower, as well as the rise of radical Islam that parallel to Russia, also seeks to completely take over the West, and, because of coming terror attacks, especially in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Europe as a whole shall be increasingly forced to bolster its Anti-Terror policing. Already, we are seeing Europe forming new, increasingly united, and more aggressive military forces to stem the tide against them, and radical Islam. The recent NATO Summit held in Wales was a clear and present countermeasure to current Russian aggressions but the meeting attended by several Western world leaders, was important for a more important reason, in that the UK itself, specifically Wales and its Anglo-Masonic connections to London, are beginning to demonstrate their own future power as a global police force, today. In fact, David Cameron own words regarding the 2014 Summit, cited it to be "This, I believe, was a successful NATO conference. It proved this organization is as important to our future security as it has been to the past." He went further to announce: "I think Wales must make sure we secure the legacy from the summit which I think can be seen in trade and investment; this was a great window on Wales. Stressing the role for a new rapid-reaction force, he said: “After the end of the Cold War, NATO stood down its highest readiness force. At this summit we decided to reverse that decision and scale up our readiness to respond to any threat. A new multinational force will be formed and will be deployable anywhere in the world within two to five days – this is vital in underlining our article five obligations to collective defense, and the UK will support this."

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Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn thanked Mr. Cameron for the chance to prove Wales to be a “world habitat for occasions of this kind." The Russian/Ukrainian crisis was only the first in a coming series of stepping stones that will begin to push European leaders into reevaluating their own security, in the wake of an American appeasement fostered by the Obama administration. What shall force Europe into the need for much greater security and it becoming a united police state, is terrorism. Attacks at the heart of European Union, NATO, in Brussels, as well as in London, shall turn the page of the next chapter in Europe's darker destiny coming. Whether these attacks to come are real, that is to say, are actually carried out by the hands of Islamic terrorists, or are well orchestrated by the Masonic powers in order so that they appear to be terror attacks, is another question. Certainly any attack in Brussels, Belgium the home of NATO as well as the European Union itself, is almost too perfect, for it is exactly what is needed for Europeans to demand such a strong, visible, and united European Army to counter such a threat. This will also affect immigration of all non-White nations attempting to enter the West, leading to the greater rise of White nationalism and neo-Nazism among Western youth. As with most empires, they start out initially nondescript, and only grow in response to a localized threat that plagues their borders. In Europe's case, with the United States seemingly doing nothing to defend Europe, despite the NATO charter, and with the internal migrant crisis in Europe reaching a point of unbridled disaster, awash in Islamic refugees who won't assimilate, or worse, carry an ISIS banner, Anglo-Europeans will seemingly demand an emboldened unified army to defend its borders, or said more accurately, the controlled media will say and report that a unified army is the will of the people. Notice the difference there. In many ways, Satan's coming New World and its order arrives not by way of some mad dictator's global decree, or by way of some European Union bureaucracy white paper, as many think, but has instead been well-seeded by the Masonic overlords for centuries, leading up to 9-11, and now, the 'global war on terror,' making it appear that all of this is occurring as a will from the people, or their elected governments, when in reality such outcomes have already been decided. In this, Satan is extremely intelligent, utilizing a Machiavellian war not seen since the Holy Crusades, and a clash of civilizations so epic, that it will (seemingly) require the need for a strong, militarized, Orwellian, Anglo-centric Europe, that then requires a strong, beloved, feared and respected Anglo-King to lead it, which is the whole point. This same dynamic shall also bring Europe and Israel closer together, ironically, and it is also all well-orchestrated, as both are fighting for their very survival against 'darker strains' hell-bent on their systematic destruction, and thus push race and racial identity further into the Anglo-Euro consciousness, to match up with the Antichrist's own future racial policies (anti-Semitic, pro-Cainite). The powers that control everything will use anything to achieve their long-standing goals, stringing along the world by any means necessary, to always get to that next phase of their plan. Question: How many times has Europe banded together to create a Reich that creates its Templar Crusaders to rise like a phoenix amidst a severely disenfranchised post-World War One/Two Germany (in the example of just the 20th century) who again seek to rid themselves of the children of Abraham? Better asked, why do otherwise peace-loving Europeans always get swept up in Satan's bloody work to destroy the Jews? Perhaps even better asked, what part would you have played in World War II, knowing that World War III is coming that swaps out a speech-making Fuhrer for a orating Little Horn?

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As hard numbers go, already the European Union has one million more troops, than the Unites States. In addition, they already have 2000 more tanks, 600 more aircraft, 695 more warships. In fact, the only area where the USA beats the EU, is in its current stockpile of nuclear weapons, with 9938 to the EU's 550, however, it is important to note that the UK alone has enough nuclear material for 17,000 nuclear weapons. In terms of financial power, the EU's net economy generates two trillion more than America. While the U.S. is sacked with nearly 20 trillion in debt, the EU is only burdened with half that. At the same time, while America’s population tops 300 million, Europe's combined population nearly doubles that of the USA, at a whopping 500 million people, making it clear that if the USA continues forward in both its debt and erosion of power, the European Union will inevitably forge ahead to become a super power like this world has never seen. This is chilling, given the aforementioned prophecies. While Europe's own ascension will certainly become the later power behind the Throne, so to speak, the unwitting world will believe that Europe's incremental ascension to such heights of power has come by way of those who were randomly able to survive the coming collapse, and forge a new world, for themselves, not knowing anything about "the Great Work," or of the elite's who devised it, nor of God's prophecies of Antichrist exposing their same plan. In other words, it will only be those survivors arising out of the coming Collapse who band together into survival communities, towns, city-states, and "nations" who rise together for a common cause of rebuilding the world according to new lines, ideas, and post-religious neo-paganism, that shall seem to lay the groundwork of solidarity that leads into the hegemony of a new world that greatly favors Europe, overall. The dark forces that have guided Europe since the Dark Ages, have well prepared the current world for the New Dark Age, contrasted with their New Golden Age (Tribulation) to come. With Europe's numbers, added to Britain's resolve in terms of its Cainite leadership pulling the strings of the entire continent toward that inevitable goal that ends in a British King presiding over an eventual 10-nation European confederacy based first in London, and later, Jerusalem, is not only on course, but perfectly melds itself into the Antichrist's own plan when he is given the honor to rule it all. Of course, all of this largely funneled, funded, and faked "grass roots" efforts we are seeing today that seemingly is paving a way forward toward a "global rule of the People," is just that, fake already. The people are to be made to believe that their global voice has power, enough to bring change, when they couldn't be more under the strict control of their "illuminated" overlords. In this way, true power has always rested in the hands of the King of this world (Satan) and those affiliated elites who worship him. Ergo, the Green Agenda carries with it a very powerful deception, to make the world believe it has chosen their post-Collapse future, all the while every stage of it has been very well-orchestrated for, not centuries, but millennia. In other words, the power people think they're having today in the United Kingdom is itself a well-orchestrated ruse toward a very controlled, Orwellian-like, New Secular Order. Brexit itself is a vast deception designed to force the British people into the next phase of the elitist's foregone conclusion. America is already showing its own signs of fracturing in every way, out of which America will be suddenly stripped of its global superpower status resulting from an internal disaster that instantly places the remainder of Western power in Europe.

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NIAC Quietly Warns US Government to Prepare for Six Months of Grid Down Scenario

Delving into the Priory's murky history reveals even darker links with racist, collaborationist, and even terrorist seems that at least the concept of the European Union is the product of an Occult conspiracy inspired by individuals who believed they were in contact with spirit entities. Where it will go next remains to be seen, but almost certainly sooner or later it will affect us.

The Sion Revelation p. 430-431

The Fourth Beast [World Empire] shall be the Fourth Kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms existing before it, and it shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down and break it in pieces.

Daniel 7:23; The Holy Bible

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the Woman sitteth. And there are Ten Kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as Kings one hour with the Beast. And the Woman which thou sawest is that great city [Rome], which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 17; The Holy Bible

During the 19th century the Prieure de Sion working through Freemasonry and the Hieron du Val D'or attempted to establish a revived and "updated" Holy Roman Empire - a kind of United States of Europe ruled simultaneously by the Hapsburgs and by a radically reformed Church. A Europe of this sort would constitute a new and unified political force in international affairs - an entity whose status would ultimately be comparable to the Soviet Union or the United States. Indeed, it might well emerge stronger than either. The Hieron du Val D'or sought to reconcile, as the legendary Ormus was said to have reconciled, Christian and pagan mysteries [with] special significance to Druidic thought.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 410-411, 228

It should also be noted here that with the Brexit, Britain's dramatic exit from the European Union, that England has just secured for itself to become the first of the coming ten eventual nations that enter into a newly-devised European-centered union, with not Brussels but London as its capitol. You might recall that Revelation speaks about a ten-kingdom Beast, having seven heads and ten horns, arising out of the sea, of which the Antichrist controls, and thereafter, establishes his global rule with. Understand also, that the Brexit vote was far from being democratic, or it being the "will of the people," but was a carefully planned and executed ruse by Cain's lot to ensure yet another phase of the larger "Great Work" is established that inevitably leads their Cainite King upon the Throne of the world. It was also no less ironic that the British Royal Family, and their global media machine, who not so subtly forecasted doom if the UK left Europe, only served to steer the people even further against Brussels' control over their lives. Such well played global manipulation is the continuing hallmark of those who control it.

Clinton Ortiz: The Return of the Once and Future King

The “Queen of Witches” and the “Death-Bringing Goddess” is the bearer of the child who is to be Prince of the Kingdom of the Antichrist. It appears that this king most likely will be Prince William. The era of the Once and Future King is upon us. and the British exit from the European union is meant to scatter the United Kingdom in order to for it to eventually be brought back together under one shepherd, and one King.

Pretty Flowers 2 Di 4

While the EU Army is also in its infant stages, with its jack-booted footsteps growing louder with each terrorist attack centered somewhere in Europe, we know that after the time of the coming Collapse, the darkened world would have an even more dire need for just such an army, to bring a new law, new order, and return some semblance of civility back to mankind, at a time when only the law of the jungle prevails. Those of the most densely populated and/or strongest among them, will go on to form new nations, not necessarily adhering to the former borders of present day maps. In fact, because the Collapse will radically shift entire regions into unrecognizable land masses, even creating new lands where there was none before, and new oceans and lakes where there were none before, the coming New World will effectively become just that, in every way imaginable. During the initial stages of forming, not even the finalized New World Order of the Antichrist will be seen as an obvious Nazi-like dictatorship at first. The New World Order, that eventually arises from a 10-nation European confederacy, will increasingly come about as the people's answer in attempting to survive the many challenges of a completely broken down, collapsed world on the brink of total chaos. Its founders being a few hungry survivors will initiate a banding together of communities into increasingly larger zones. In Europe, there will be ten zones formed after the Collapse. They will merely live to share the day to day survival with less than bleak resources to sustain them, realizing only together can they effectively take the world from its wanting to return to an unlawful, survival of the fittest mindset, into one where the rule of Western law is once again established. In time, a type of [Godless] 'Green Revolution' will form among them, toward a greater shared, humanitarian ideology where the value of life, law, and humanity itself becomes the greatest commodity. The people of that future world will have certainly been influenced by such earlier grass-roots efforts as today's Grün-Alternatives Jugendbündnis (Green Alternative Youth Party) seen in Germany, as well as far-right groups who hate any race except their own that are making great strides toward accumulating power all across Europe. However, what will seem a noble effort toward creating a new world will be increasingly infected with much older, pre-Christian ideologies and rampant neo-paganism at its core. Like Nero, Napoleon, and Hitler before him, whose appearances in the world interestingly manifested after some kind of collapse in their own time, will the Antichrist himself find a Western audience perfectly primed for his kind of Millennial rule. Upon his arrival, the Antichrist King will enact a financial system that promises to provide each equally hurting or impoverished person who wants to join it, with an unparalleled peace and prosperity, of course.

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Thus, with a singular mindset and seemingly organic in its approach, with a strong sense of racially-motivated momentum, shall Europe annex themselves into greater unity that will, after the Collapse, form a seemingly leaderless government, out of which a completely new 'European Union' will be born. The Bible tells us that this final Kingdom of Satan shall arise initially under a "Raiser of Taxes" who is to quick to build upon the ashes of the former world, using the Holy Roman Empire as his blueprint, providing it the necessary foundation from which its initial Ten Horns also arise. Therefore, born not of politicians, but of the people, shall the coming Satanic Empire seemingly arise out of a grass roots struggle of the people demanding revolution, not knowing they are being controlled to do so. This is why Satan's 'Fourth Kingdom' will be so deceptive in its final form when the Beast is given its power. Such a Kingdom would of course rival the ancient Roman Empire and also its predecessor in the once-great American Empire itself (Daniel 7:13). In time, the Dragon will then deceive the entire planet to join it, with Avalon and Jerusalem being its twin capital cities. As such, this world and its present Order is meant to be destroyed, so that a New World Citizen Order governed by the Antichrist, predicted by the Scriptures, can arrive. Unbelievers like yourself will come to that day, still seeing the smoke rising from the world's ashes and believing mankind has finally won over the Illuminati, Reptilians, Zionists, evil bankers, and Globalists, when nothing could be further form the truth, because it was they who orchestrated the destruction of the present 'old order' and all its supposed failings, namely democracy itself. Despite the grass roots efforts of those who survive, an end to power of the people is coming in the form of a global Merovingian Monarchy to rule all nations. The United Kingdom is even now fulfilling its role in becoming a global police state, as it further grooms itself toward becoming that next Western superpower, post-Brexit, and later, post-America. In a world weary of corrupt politicians and ineffective democratic policies, it will be the efforts of seemingly one nation, its people, and its Anglo-Monarchy that initiates a new government where ultimately one King stands above all others to become its benign dictator. As the Scriptures prove, he will have the support of his people, and then the world, as all of it will be seen as a great miracle, just not of God.

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Despite the Sun having seemingly set on its global empire, England is still using the riches that it's plundered from Africa's continent, India, China's Hong Kong, etc., England, like no other nation before, like no other empire before, still retains a level of strength that defies not only Europe, but the world. This same British pride, that rival's Lucifer's own, has managed to retain its commonwealth in all four corners of the world, from Canada to Australia, and these same nations of commonality, retain their connection to the British Monarchy and Throne, willingly. Britain's earned pride was well paid, in blood, sometimes their own, but, like the Roman Empire before them, it was many more times the blood of those they conquered on their own path to global power. In spite of this moral duality of a nation, no one can deny it was only the English who drove that initial wedge between Hitler and his own mad desire to conquer the world, and thru that wedge later came the United States, and Russia, to finally smash the Nazi's into near oblivion. Certainly, England's defiant ego arises not only from their rich culture and strong military, both ancient and modern, but its infamous Royal dynasties, and those who control the world for them. In addition, Britain's seas have secured for the island nation, a buffer of not only time, but a literal hedge of protection against whatever is plaguing the continent, making this this current controversy between Britain and the European Union pale in comparison. This example of a stronger, reserved, proud Britain against a mixed-powered, faltering, politically wind-driven union of Europe, can even be seen within the current Brexit controversy itself. While many other European nations have all but virtually gave up their national sovereignty under Brussels and a EU flag, the UK, proud as if by nature, knows its destiny is to lead. The current Muslim immigrant crisis, notwithstanding, will only drive Britons to become even more national and right-wing, juxtaposed against Merkel's liberal Germany, who is believed to have allowed "too many Muslim's into its once conservatively-controlled borders." Suffice it to say, the real reason behind the Brexit, with England potentially leaving Europe's Union (prophesied as "iron mixed with clay"), is to drive the body of Europe into having England as its eventual head, as well as taking yet another step closer to both Europe and the UK toward a cashless society, that eventually becomes the Mark of the Beast. In other words, the UK will only become stronger (like iron) while the rest of Europe becomes weakened (like clay), and is forced to follow Britain's increasingly powerful lead. If any of this sounds familiar, that is because this same dynamic has played out when America finally declared independence from England, and it quickly began to rise in internal financial power, apart from Mother England. Now, it is Britain's turn. The day will come when the European Union capitol moves from Brussels to London proper, thus England being the "iron," while the rest of Europe is the "miry clay" depicted in Daniel's prophecy. It is also interesting that the scripture in Revelation that indicates the Antichrist arises from a head that was wounded to death, may of itself be another dual prophecy that is fulfilled in the Beast's rising from a literal mortal head wound, as well as the nation ("head" or " little horn") that he ascends from was also seemingly wounded to death, which is precisely what some today are calling Brexit, a "death by decapitation," amazingly enough.

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As Gabriel explained to Daniel: "The [Antichrist] Kingdom shall be divided; even as the strength of the iron shall be in it, yet mixed with miry clay; the Kingdom shall be partly strong, yet also partly fragile. They will mingle with the seed of men, but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay." Thus, with a colorful metaphor God explains that the Antichrist Kingdom of Europe will ascend to superpower status, however, elements of its otherwise powerful status will have certain obstacles which cause a drag on its overall momentum. When looking around in the world for initial fulfillments of this same future-fulfilled prophecy today, one cannot overlook how strong Europe was on its way to seemingly becoming until the Euro-zone Crisis hit in 2011, with Ireland, Greece, and Italy on the verge financial disasters, threatening to bring the European Union down with it. Of course, this is all a dry run for the much greater global financial collapse to come, upon which both gold and entire economies must be diverted to feed that future Kingdom of the Beast. Despite the UK seemingly leaving the European Union, make no mistake that the Antichrist plan toward a 10-nation confederacy based in Europe, with Britain leading it, will be the outcome on the other side of Brexit and the coming Collapse. It is worth noting that the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, and England have called for the need to have a powerful leader head the new and rising European Union ... in a moment of time this man would immediately possess the power over all of Europe that eluded Adolph Hitler (Germany), Kaiser Wilhelm (Germany), Napoleon Bonaparte (France), and the Royalties of England, Spain, and others to gain and restore the dominion and power of the ancient Roman Empire. It's also worth mentioning here that in their own dry run toward establishing the global Kingdom for the Beast, the United Nations has divided the entire planet and its nations into ten distinct regions Therefore, when we see any politician today, whether in Europe or even America, leading the global charge to a United Nations' government, or are in any way pushing the globalism agenda in general, we know that this is all in keeping with Satan's plan. We also know that its final implementation is the result of a conspiracy, supernaturally directed by Satan for well over a century. And, just as the Bible foretold, this conspiracy will result in the appearance of Antichrist, making the entire plot a generational plan carried out by Satan's men in power to finalize what will ultimately become the Beast's global rule via the Whore of Babylon, the Kingdom of the Beast. When you begin to see formerly modertate countries such as Sweden turn Nazi, then you'll know the rest of the Aryan-European plan is nigh at the doors. Also interesting is that Adolf Hitler's forerunner in World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II, is connected to the future King William V not just in their shared Germanic heritage and bloodline, but also their name and destiny. As an archetype for the future Antichrist, and despite he receiving most credit for it, Hitler's own plot to divide and conquer the world was seen two decades earlier in Kaiser Wilhelm II's own plan of having Germany conquer the planet. Of specific family connections, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, King George V of England (father of today's Queen Elizabeth II), and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia were all third cousins of each other. Should we even be surprised at this point?

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And, we've seen all this before, with Germany just after World War One going through its own financial, spiritual, and moral collapse, only to turn isolationist, before blaming all its ills on its minority of unwanted immigrants, namely Jews, only to emerge on the other side as an Occult-influenced, super-state hell bent on destroying anyone not in league with their Aryan worldview. We the people mean nothing in this world compared to those who rule us. Our only role is to work to fund their current empire, and pay our taxes to bolster their future plan toward a final Antichrist Kingdom. We must never forget that Britain has a bloody, ruthless, hateful, racist, and murderous history all its own, so its Orwellian future is all but a foregone conclusion at this point. Prince William's own sentiment's regarding 2016 Brexit vote reflects exactly the feelings of the Queen herself. The Royals claim to not want any part of a succession from the continent in public, while in private, they are well aware of what Brexit will actually bring, which is the survival of Britain through the coming Global Collapse, ultimately. The extent of which the Queen has seemingly removed all stops for overriding the 'Brexit vote' circa June 2016, might make it appear the people have a vote in whether or not to break with Europe, but again, this is a façade to cover what's actually taking place behind the scenes until Europe's shared goals with Britain in regard to Satan are inextricably met. Despite the prophecy in Daniel regarding end-time Europe being like 'iron mixed with clay' which could also be interpreted as the Far Left vs. Far Right in Europe, we must also understand that ultimately, 'Satan's Kingdom is not divided against itself.' Satan will never cast out Satan, as it were, especially when Satan's own ancient plan toward a final world government depends on it. The debate in the media will continue, but because the EU is increasingly becoming the strongest financial system behind the United States, nothing will deter the destiny given Europe by those dark Templar forces that control the West. Always feeing itself quite separate from the European continent, and quite proud of their innate insular position, geographically and geopolitically, England is doing all it can to ensure its coming survival, financially and otherwise, no matter the cost or current Brexit. For today, while the rest of the unwitting European populace sees Britain as a lone wolf to be starved out of the pack, Masonic-run Britain knows exactly what it is doing toward securing a stronger future, not for the continent as a whole, but only for itself. The Little Horn must arise after all.

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The Little Horn Waxes Great Towards the South and East
Daniel 7:23-24, 8:9, 11:21, 11:28 And the Ten Horns out of this Kingdom [Europe] are Ten Kings that shall arise; and another shall arise after them and he shall be diverse from the other Ten. [The Ten Kingdoms, united] shall be the fourth [Satanic] Kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all the Kingdoms before it, for it shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down and break it in pieces. And out of one of the ten came forth a little horn which waxed exceedingly great toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the Pleasant Land (Israel): A vile person, to whom they shall not give the Honor of the Kingdom, but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the Kingdom (of Israel) through lies, cunning deceit, and flatteries. Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the Holy Covenant [the Jews]; he shall do great exploits and return to his own land. From just these few prophetic Scriptures in Daniel an important and much overlooked clue is seen. For here, we see the Antichrist King is not native to the nation of Israel. Pay close attention, for it clearly mentions that after his initial visit to Israel, where he will do great and remarkable exploits, the Antichrist King "returns to his own land." This fact should stun those who vainly believe that the Antichrist must be a Jew living in Israel. Therefore, from these two clearly mentioned cardinal directions provided us in the Book of Daniel, informing us that this Antichrist King is not of the Holy land of Israel, yet must travel some distance both south and east to even get to Israel must mean that "his land" is positioned northwest of Israel. Looking on any detailed map and tracing a broad northwestern line from Israel, we see all of what was the ancient Roman Empire yet following this northern and western line to its furthest extent, we arrive at the nation of Great Britain, an island nation, which perfectly fits the aforementioned Scriptures of the Antichrist King arising from the Sea, from a nation in the Sea. Therefore, with this, the Scriptures are clearly showing us another clue, even wanting us to know something of the identity of the Antichrist himself, who is clearly foreign to the nation of Israel, comes from a non-Jewish, Gentile nation, and as seen from other Scriptures, is entirely a European King actually having no Jewish blood within him whatsoever and yet he eventually is given the 'Honor of the Kingdom' and accepted as the prophesied Messiah and King of the Jews. Amazingly, the Jews themselves are not completely without an Antichrist figure in their religious tradition, for there exists a very old Jewish belief that in the Last Days, a false Messiah will arise whose name shall be AR-milus. Might the Jews' AR-milus be Antichrist's AR-thur? Regardless of the similar sounding name, we already know that the Jews are destined to be deceived completely by the Antichrist, so much so that they will actually anoint him as their long-awaited Messiah.

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How can any of this be? There really is only one answer, the Bloodline of the Holy Grail - the heavily propagated, but false lineage, that seemingly connects William to King David, or Jesus Christ, depending on which Occult faction you are listening to, or more accurately, depending on which audience the Satanic elite are attempting to deceive, be it Christian or Jew. Now you can see yet another reason why the tenants of the so-called "Ten Lost Tribes" of 'British-Israel' doctrine and its pompous beliefs are so dangerous, for it is already deceiving those within the so-called "world's fastest growing religion," Mormonism, into accepting the notions of a future Messianic figure from England, but this Satanic doctrine is also targeting Jews today in Israel, as well, as designed. Going back to the above map, something else proves interesting with it. Notice the line I have drawn from Israel, Greece, Rome, and Germany all moving increasingly further north and west from Israel. What I discovered here is how that same path seen above also follows in an historical timeline. That is to say, starting the line follows from, and points to, the next aggressor country in the path of nations that have conquered Israel since ancient times, leading right up into World War II with Hitler's Germany, and who will conquer the Jewish people in the near future. Look again carefully at the map above, Israel was first conquered by Greece in 312 BC, then, Israel was conquered by Rome in 63 BC, then the displaced Jewish people of Israel were "conquered" by Hitler and his Nazi Germany during World War II. Seeing how this line has always been correct in determining who the next aggressor nation to Israel was, and will be, I believe it is entirely correct to announce, given the track record, that England is next, and shall fulfill her role as that next country that Satan uses against the Jewish people. Moreover, this then becomes yet another point of Scriptural evidence that effectively destroys the ignorant idea that Antichrist must be a Persian (from Iran), or Babylonian (from Iraq), or Syrian or Egyptian, as some Christian authors sadly and mistakenly cite today. They make this mistake because the Bible does compare the future Antichrist to be an archetypal Pharaoh, and a 'King of Babylon,' and a 'King of Assyria' all leaders who at one time conquered Israel, like Antichrist is yet to do. But like several other references to ancient kings of the Mesopotamia/Egyptian region, God is merely making an archetypal comparison to the Antichrist, and not leaving clues as to his nationality. I delve into this topic heavily in the "Israel" webpage of this site, but suffice it to say, the Scriptures tells us that the Beast will be a Prince, turned King of a European nation situated northwest of Israel, who of himself is certainly far removed from any Syrian president currently, as some Christians mistranslate the Antichrist to be. As such, in no way has God ever informed us that Satan's 'Man of Sin' was/is/will be of any Arabic descent. In fact, God's Word goes at some length to inform us that Antichrist is of Western nobility, which becomes a point of interest when you grasp that modern London is touted by Occultists to be a modern "Babylon" from which shall one day be ruled by a King, 'The King of Babylon,' (Babel-London), as it were.

The Future Antichrist Kingdom Arises Out of the Former Roman Empire
Just as the birth of the true Messiah was announced to Mary by the mighty Angel Gabriel, so too did God dispatch Gabriel to announce the birth of the Antichrist to the prophet Daniel, albeit some six-hundred years before. In fact, the bulk of the book of Daniel is spent with Gabriel first making the Antichrist prophecy known, to Daniel, and because Daniel couldn't understand what he was being shown, the rest of the book is spent explaining the Antichrist to Daniel in greater detail. We should all thank Daniel for that, because from these, we can glean further the attributes, works, and powers of the Beast. In an unprecedented series of events depicted in Daniel's prophetic book, he is visited by the Angel Gabriel who is commanded to show Daniel the apocalyptic vision of four world empires that would rule leading up to the final Antichrist figure of the Last Days. These four beasts were: a Lion, a Bear, a Leopard with four wings, and a fourth Wild Beast (a Dragon), and another Little Horn developing out of the fourth empire with a Man's eyes and "a mouth speaking great and boastful things against the Lord." These four distinct creatures have already been interpreted as: Babylon (the Lion), which fell to the stronger Medo-Persian kingdom (The Bear) which, in turn, was ended by the lightning conquest of the Grecian forces (the Leopard) led by Alexander the Great. In a few short years he built an Empire which embraced areas of the Mideast, Asia, and Europe, in essence the very first European based Empire to hold such a global position, from which, Rome (the Wild Beast) eventually took over with their empire. Rome itself is seen as a great wild beast unlike any other because it has dual appearances in history, and one of its two incarnations has already passed while the future Roman Empire is yet to rise. In its time, the Roman Empire surpassed all the preceding empires not only in the extent of its domain (covering the Mediterranean, reaching even unto the British Isles) but also in the efficiency of its military machine and power of its application of imperialistic Roman law into each of its united 'commonwealth states.' Rome's ancient "Pax Romana" or Roman peace was therefore merely a foreshadowing of the yet to be revealed, New World Order that a future United Europe and revived Roman Empire would bring about, which was the great goal of Elder Secret Societies to be completed by the year 2000. Rome was also the world's main political instrument in power at the time of Christ's first advent and according to prophecy, it will be in power again just before His Return, making the European Union's very existence today yet another strong sign we are entering the timeframe when the rest of prophecy is to be fulfilled. Interestingly, right after the Crucifixion, it was the ancient Romans who created the necessary port city of Londinium (London), a place where they could land their ships and storm onto the English shore in search of its last territorial land grab before Rome's impending demise, it became the most important trading port from Rome to this new world, this 'New Rome.'

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When Rome did die and eventually broke up into the various European nations, Great Britain, over time, ultimately took the globally dominant position in the world, raising itself up to be the new Anglo-Roman Empire, later to be called the British Empire. Intriguing. Scripture tells us that the Antichrist "Roman Prince" will be born out of one of the nations of the former Roman Empire, whose power as we now know was then given over to London, a Roman city. In other words, what we are quite possibly reading in Daniel 9:26-27 is that the Antichrist is a Prince of London. Interesting also is that the rest of the prophecy in Daniel and Revelation describes the Antichrist, no longer as a mere "Prince" rising from the Roman Empire of a United Europe, but as a "King." Clearly then, this man slated to be the Antichrist follows the natural path from a European Prince, to one of Europe's Kings. As such, there are only so many Kings in Europe today, quite rare individuals as they are. One of them in the future, at the time of the end, will become the Antichrist, the Angel Gabriel who gave Daniel the Antichrist prophecy, has made that abundantly clear, and he shall rule the world, initially, via 'the Whore of Babylon' a Kingdom of its own that rules over many waters, and seemingly from the 7-hilled city of Rome. The British Empire became far stronger than ancient Rome ever had, and she ruled "over many waters", just as Rome did. What's really interesting is that the European Union itself, has been patterned after the ancient Roman Empire, including many of the same countries that were under Roman occupation and rule at the time of Christ. Furthermore, the specific prophecies in Revelation and Daniel make clear that this all powerful United States of Europe, with eventual control from London, will return to the former glorious power that was Rome. Obviously this must occur after America, the current Roman Empire or global 'Babylon', is somehow diminished in power, even as America's own decline, which is increasingly becoming the common belief among Christian prophecy scholars who agree that America must be seriously diminished or removed before the coming of the Antichrist. I would tell you it is precisely because the great Western Empire that was America will be reduced in global power, or destroyed altogether, is why Europe rises to fill its void, and Antichrist becomes its King. This is why you're seeing America decline, even as the forces who work for the Antichrist even now, are actively helping in that sinister effort of ensuring that America will decline. Of course, to those who listen exclusively to the shills David Icke and Alex Jones, you'd think FEMA itself is the Beast. Be that as it may, they are still serving a purpose as well. The vast majority of the world is to be fed such disinformation because they, like Icke and others, have already rejected od's Word, Christ, and the Biblical prophecies so easily out of hand. As it is determined by the Satanic Anglo-elites who create and control the European hegemony, America being removed as a leading superpower will most assuredly prompt the need for another Atlantic nation to take the reigns of global dominance, establishing its own Western-Zionist ideology throughout the world, further solidifying the goals of the Illuminati residing in Europe and that future European capitol of London.

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Keeping that prophecy of Daniel (7:7,8,24) in mind regarding the Antichrist's Kingdom as "The Little Horn," I want to draw your attention next to the very interesting figure that takes shape when one looks closer at the region of north-western Wales, at Anglesey (See map of England-Wales here). There appears to be the outline of a man, arising out of the forehead of the much larger, grimacing, western-looking "face of England," with the man being a "Little Horn" protruding from the English/Welsh landscape. Focusing on this area further, is even seen this 'man' having an open mouth, as if speaking, and a single arm outstretched with finger pointing. Moreover, out of his own "forehead," just above its eye or "eye socket," as it were (See map), can be seen a nearby small island with the name of "Holy Head," where apparently, this area and its shape was known long ago to appear in the figure of a man, much in the same way that some see the state of Michigan as strongly resembling a "left hand." When you understand that the Daniel and Revelation prophecies regarding the Dragon having 7-heads and 10 Horns, with the interpretation actually given in the Scriptures that these are geographic places or nations upon the earth, then you can clearly see why this strange figure appearing in the very landscape itself, may take on huge importance that has for centuries, gone completely overlooked. Daniel cites that one of the horns is seen as the figure of a man, even a "Little Horn" with eyes that conquer, and a mouth speaking great things against God. Adding the fact of how the ancient Druids were known to have dominated this entire area in northern Wales, namely in Anglesey and Holy Head, brings a near supernatural and Satanic aura to the entire surrounding area, but especially in that region of "The Little Horn" itself. Factor into all that, Castle of Caernarfon being located nearby, infamously known for it being haunted, cursed and where Prince William's father received his own coronation as the Prince of Wales, and you begin to form a picture of something quite otherworldly involved here. Regardless, in the near future Prince William Arthur Philip Wales Windsor will have a strong connection with Wales that goes far beyond his own name. According to what I've deciphered from a modern Druidic text based on the prophecies of their ancients, the young man who shall become the Antichrist in the future, shall return to Wales and there be mentored by a surviving commune of "elder ones" and by one arch-mentor in particular, although the present world would have to collapse first, in accordance with the Celtic prophecy. Historical record proves that when the Roman army first encountered the Celtic Druids practicing their dark rites of arcane worship, they were filled with absolute fear and horror at what they saw when they became witnesses of the Druid's bloody rituals of human sacrifice.

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This ancient Celtic priesthood dedicated their ritualistic murders to strange and demonic-looking gods, to obtain their favor. It wasn't long however before the battle-hardened Romans became so frightened by all they had seen and heard of the Celtic Druids, that they did something they've never done before since they became an Empire. They ran, breaking ranks to scatter in all directions. How interesting it is, therefore, that these same areas in Northwest Wales where even the pagan Romans determined to be of a "evil magic," and under "demonic power" held such a prominent place with the Druids then, and British Royals today. It is also known that the areas of Glamorgan in southern Wales were reputed to be the home of the Druid prophet Merlin or Merddyn, who infamously trained the young Arthur in sorcery, paganism, and knighthood, who may very well have encountered the Romans at some point during their conquest of ancient Dark Ages Britain. It was this same Welsh seer who infamously made the prophecy of a "Last Great World Emperor who shall arise from Wales." History tells us that once the Roman legions reported back to the empire about these dangerous pagan Druids, Rome gave the order to destroy them all. Thus were the Druids pushed back across Wales and into the island of Anglesey, where the ancient Luciferian Solar Priesthood made their last stand. Even though history tends to be quite antiseptic in its reporting, claiming that the Romans stamped out every last Celtic Druid in the British isles, some obviously escaped. It is believed some remained in the forests of Wales, while others crossed in ships from Anglesey to Ireland. Some like myself know there exists a solitary band of authentic Celtic Druids who exist there in Wales to this day, and completely in Satan's service, awaiting the moment when this world undergoes its Collapse in the coming years. It is then that this secretive but small society that will foster the King into his own pagan education. Celtic Druidism never died at the birth of the Dark Ages, and a great artifact of its power remains hidden there, in Anglesey, leaving one to wonder what Anglesey holds for the future. Just as his father was, William also will be drawn to the Welsh countryside, and Anglesey. While still at St. Andrews University in Scotland, Prince William was reported as saying "I knew I'd be seeing a lot of Wales in the future.". The haunted place of ancient Druids will always have an undeniable effect, on anyone, yet more so for him, and his being stationed there as a helicopter rescue pilot has not lost its irony on me either, for in the Scriptures our enemy Satan is known as "The Prince of the Power of the Air. Whoever is guiding the young Prince in his life thus far, establishing titles and rank, ensuring he meets the right person at the right time, planning holidays, even meticulously deciding on his upcoming itinerary and where he'll be on certain dates, knows what the Hell they're doing.

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The Romans, repelled by the Druids' practice of human sacrifice (though they themselves had only banned it by senatorial decree in 97 AD) outlawed Druidry by order of the Emperor Claudius in 43 AD. In 60 or 61 AD, the Roman Legions laid waste to the Druid Holy Sanctuary of Mona now called Anglesey. Tacticus describes how black-robed Druidesses (Witches) urged on the Celtic warriors and cursed their Roman attackers. Romans vigorously persecuted Druids for they feared their potential as a unifying force among the warlike Celtic tribes.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. 52

As new groups such as the Illuminati arose to proclaim ancient wisdom, old groups became reinterpreted, even revived. The Druids so thoroughly eradicated were after more than a millennium, resurrected. Witches, so thoroughly persecuted if not quite eradicated were seen in a new light.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 85-86

From an early age in childhood, I had come to the realization that the inner core of my being sprung from Druidic philosophy and values, a fact which had stamped my life indelibly. Instinctively, I grabbed my copy of Geoffrey of Monmouth's The Prophecies of Merlyn off the shelf, and thrust it open of its own accord. A cold chill of realization edged through me as I read the exposed words: And a Boar of Cornwall [a future King Arthur] shall come forth and crush their necks under his feet.

The Lost Books of Merlyn p. xxi

A recent study of the 13th century Robert de Boron's romance of Merlin has detailed remarkably close parallels existing between the characters and careers of Merlin and those of the Antichrist.

The Quest for Merlin p. 195

When he would become King, William will be the first Monarch to descend from King Charles II since Queen Anne. His royal bloodline will be traced up not on the Windsors but on the Spencers because the Stuarts preceded the Hanovers. The Hanovers, Queen Elizabeth II's direct bloodline, mounted the British throne when the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne died without a direct successor. Prince William is now preparing his future role as King by training in all branches of the British military. As of 2008 he is with the Royal Air Force, training as a pilot where he is known there as Flying Officer William Wales.

William will have more kingly training compared to Prince Charles and is already exposed more to charities than his father. By 2010, according to reports from Buckingham Palace, William will join the Foreign Ministry office. After the death of his mother in 1997 and his great grandmother in 2002, he is now considered as the most beloved figure in the Kingdom and the most popular Royal family member. His looks, that strongly resemble his mother, together with the Spencers [Stuart] gene add to his appeal and magic.

And his [Antichrist's] power shall be strong, but not by his own power. The Dragon gave him his power and his throne and global authority.

Daniel 8:24; Revelation 13:2; The Holy Bible

The Antichrist's Symbolic Depiction as a Dragon in Bible Prophecy
Classic depictions of our collective enemy, Satan, has curiously been very consistent over the span of millennia, from man's original interaction with him in the Garden of Eden, where Satan tempted Eve with the first iteration of the Occult, with its blood lust, sex magic, and death's curse (and later human sacrifice, via Cain, the son of Satan) to the angered, nearly-defeated Red Dragon of Revelation, literally, from the beginning of mankind, to the end of the world, has Satan never changed in his unique physical description in all of that time. However, one could make an argument regarding Baphomet, with its medieval introduction of goat-like features, worshipped by the Knights Templar, which I would counter is Satan's spiritual, not physical, attributes. While having the Dragon's scales, wings, and horns of the classic Devil, in Baphomet is seen everything else from a male phallus to female breasts, a goat's head (that symbolizes Satan's spiritual aspects found within Azazel, the Hebrew's scapegoat upon which a blood atonement and sacrifice was made by the High Priest on behalf of Israel's sins), as well as various symbols such the pentagram, caduceus, eclipsed sun and crescent moon, all of which is to depict what Satan stands for, according to the Occultist, balance. "As above, so below." It is no wonder, therefore, that the image of the Baphomet was not created by a Bible-believing Christian, but an Occult-following Satanist hiding behind so-called "gnosticism." Intriguingly, man's own historical depictions of demonic sightings of both Satan and his spectral rebel army throughout the centuries showcase little change from the Scriptures. While clear, Satan has strong reptilian features, his demons have various shapes from everything resembling wingless amphibians to misshapen humanoids that often "haunt" mankind, appearing as everything from "ghosts" to supposed "aliens." It thus becomes little wonder that this very same ancient symbol of the blood-crimsoned Dragon adorned the Roman standards of Titus' army, who destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple in 70 AD, of whose "people" [Europeans] were prophesied in Daniel to return in the end of time to repeat that same historical event, under a future "Prince to come." Not coincidentally, the Scriptures also informs us that the Antichrist himself receives his earthly throne, supernatural power, and political authority from the Red Dragon, which is to say directly from Satan. Drawing a parallel from early Celtic literary sources attributed to ancient Druid prophecies, The Prophecies of Merlin, kept in the Vatican archive, makes an interesting assertion tied into this. In one such prophecy, Merlin looks far into the future to reveal a '...last World Emperor, from Wales...who shall lead the world under the banner of the Dragon.' The Antichrist couldn't have a more fitting title than a "last world emperor," leading the world, of whom Merlin attributes to none other than King Arthur. A second prophecy of Merlin reveals: "The exercise of religion shall be destroyed, and churches be laid open to ruin. At last the oppressed shall prevail, and oppose the cruelty of foreigners. For a Boar of Cornwall (King Arthur) shall give his assistance, and trample their necks under his feet. The islands of the ocean shall be subject to his power. The house of Romulus shall dread his courage, and his end shall be doubtful. He shall be celebrated in the mouths of the people and his exploits shall be food to those that relate them."

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All of this becomes even further highlighted when you consider that the current ruling British Royal Family has made the Red Dragon their official ensign, as clearly displayed also on their Coat of Arms, with the words "I Serve" written next to the Red Dragon's image. In 1969, Prince Charles was made the Prince of Wales at his Royal investiture in Northern Wales, at Caernarfon Castle. The Red Dragon of Wales was clearly presented everywhere at the now infamous ceremony. There was even a large Red Dragon cut into the backrest of the throne in which Charles sat while swearing his oaths as Queen Elizabeth II spoke to Charles with hauntingly familiar Scriptures as if reading, word for word, straight from Revelation 13. At this globally televised event, she announced "This Dragon gives you your Power, your Throne, and your Authority" to which Prince Charles replied to the world - "...I am now your Liege-Man (meaning Lord-man) and worthy of your earthly worship." Certainly what was done for the father in their ongoing monarchial tradition will be passed on to the son, and so from that moment to this, the way was paved for the Antichrist to achieve the false Throne of King David in England, while also having his stake in Wales (and now Scotland where he attends University near Rosslyn Chapel). There is one last connection to be made with the Antichrist, Diana's child, Prince William, and the Red Dragon of Wales, as this future King of England is actually believed to have been conceived in Wales during an October 1981 three-day visit by Prince Charles and his then newlywed Princess, it being Diana's first public engagement and first ever official function outside of London under her new title 'Princess of Wales'. Today, many believe that in their zeal to protect the Merovingian lineage from ever being tainted or producing an unwanted Royal heir who would forever be connected to the future King of England, the Knights Templar ensured Princess Diana's before any possible new marriage or pregnancy could result. In 1997, both a marriage and pregnancy were rumored to be true. She died two weeks later striking the 13th pillar in a Paris tunnel. The Scriptures explicitly describes this spirit of the Antichrist as a Red Dragon, rising up from its otherworldly abyss, and immediately without reservation, seemingly foreknowing its intended target, possesses 'the Prince who shall (be)come' the Antichrist, and the man and 'Son of Perdition' who becomes the Antichrist shall himself do so willingly, perhaps even expectedly, of both his mind and spirit. The events that bring these two together, Satan and his son, will occur largely in secret, but suffice it to say, it will have global consequences thereafter. Interestingly, in some versions of the Bible, the Antichrist is referred to as the "Willfull King" (see Daniel 11:36) and by those held in the grip of the Occult as the 'King of Thelema,' Thelema meaning the Royal or Kingly Will. However, know the Antichrist will not, and in effect cannot rise to power until after the coming battle between Israel and its enemies Iran and Russia, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, which itself likely precedes the coming greater cataclysm that comes upon the entire world by which many nations in existence today shall fall, leaving only ten main European nations, the Ten Horns of Revelation, that make up the Kingdom of the Beast.

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First to arrive will come a global "Raiser of Taxes" that rebuilds the ten European nations after the glory of ancient Rome itself, and then shall Satan's "Little Horn" rise up among the ten, which already interpreted above shall certainly be Wales. Like Christ rising meekly from Bethlehem and going out to conquer the known world for his Father, so too shall Antichrist arise from the aftermath of a destroyed world, among a small people (as Scripture also prophesies), and go out to conquer the world for his father. After the coming Global Collapse, and at sometime during the earth's Reconstruction, King William V will literally be seen as everything to everyone, a man with seemingly all the answers. With the natural charm of both parents, the Antichrist will exhibit the strongest traits of his Germanic father, himself known for trying to unite global faiths as well as adopting a more radical view on "green" environmentalism and energy worldwide. From Diana, his Celtic-Merovingian mother, William will seem to exhibit all her maternal instincts toward humanitarianism, reaching out to the lost and hurting in the world, which is quite uncanny, since the Last Days Antichrist was foreseen by the Bible and every prophet since to arrive on a platform of humanitarian peace, completely beloved, even worshipped by that future world, if only to better counterfeit the persona by which Christ exhibited. In the world's own deceit and lack of knowledge regarding God's own Word, shall Satan's Antichrist easily deceive the world, his greatest legacy among the people being the bringing of peace, security, and a means by which people will only rely on him for their own existence, an Anti-Christ indeed. He will also do that which was never completed by his fathers, he will remove the most devastating weapons of war from every surviving nation as he very subtly creates for himself a world where he alone holds all power, and Satan does this one hand to gain the worship of the entire world thru his evil front man, while on the other hand stockpiling the only weapons that could instantly cause nuclear Armageddon upon this world, and all by his own hand through his chosen one, the charismatic Antichrist King. In attempt at thwarting God from ever finally fulfilling His Word, with Christ's return, Satan's final goal via his World King becomes just that, to destroy the earth completely and everyone in it, so a returning Christ has no Zion, no Chosen people, no Israel, or world to save. Like Hitler, Satan would rather take everything and everyone down with him, as many away from the Salvation of God as he can, and not be alone in his epic-fated judgment. This is why Christ said in Matthew 24:22 had not the last days of the Antichrist's reign been cut short, no flesh would be saved, Jew or Gentile, yet for the Elect's sake those days were cut short. (A more careful study of the prophecy of Daniel seems to indicate that the Antichrist's openly evil reign against Israel was first determined in Daniel 8:14 by the Angel Gabriel to last a total of 2,300 days from the time Antichrist conquered Jerusalem and the Temple until its Cleansing, yet by the time Daniel encounters Christ in Daniel 10:5, the Lord Himself shortens the time of Antichrist's latter reign from 2,300 days to 1,290 days as mentioned in Daniel 12:11-12). Of course, it always becomes quite interesting to see how God has left us yet another sign, quite easy to see, of all these things to come, for emblazoned right upon the flag of Wales itself is the infamous Red Dragon, the single most iconic symbol of Satan, King Arthur, and the Antichrist.

The Antichrist's Symbolic Depiction of a Bear in Bible Prophecy
Revelation 13:2; Daniel 7:5, 24 The Beast I saw which arose from the sea was like unto a Leopard, its feet were as a Bear, the mouth of a Lion. And behold another beast, like unto a bear, it raised up itself on one side and had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. And a (little horn) arises, he shall subdue three kings... This vision and prophecy of the Antichrist is given by the Angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel who cannot understand it, therefore the Angel interprets: The Angel then describes a Bear" who subdues "three ribs" (3 Kingdoms) suggests that the nation from which the Antichrist arises, has already three distinct nations under its control. I shouldn't have to tell you that of all the nations on this earth, Britain stands alone in subjecting three other formerly autonomous nations that once enjoyed their own distinct sovereignty to become the so-called United Kingdom. Those three distinct nations are, or were: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Of all the Scriptures pertaining to the Antichrist and the Kingdom that empowers him, perhaps it is this that goes far in proving the Beast's innate connection to London, specifically. Interestingly, King Arthur lived at a time when these nations were also being unified under a single banner. This would also explain why in the future there are only ten European nations from which the Revived Roman Empire arises with, as perhaps only ten nations of Western Europe will actually survive the coming cataclysm. We are already seeing the Celtic nations unite according to their common ancestral roots. One should remember that the European Union itself saw its rise begin in a 1957 trade agreement signed in Rome between the nations of Europe that led to the European Common Market, and later, the EU, of which the final Kingdom of Antichrist is yet be based after the dissolution of the EU to become that Revived Roman 10-nation confederacy spoken of in Revelation. The Biblical description makes key note of three distinct nations joining the British (Half-Celtic) Blood Prince or King almost immediately. This would be: Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, who would declare him as their Unified King, and with these three, he eventually rises in power to take in seven more loyal to his rule. Notice that it is the Angel Gabriel who provides the interpretation of the vision to Daniel stating that the "Little Horn" [Antichrist] is also symbolized by a Bear. Remember also, the ancient Celtic word for Bear is Arth-ur, and the name Arthur literally means Bear. The Book of Revelation provides a parallel yet expanded view of the nature of Antichrist which is hauntingly familiar of Daniel's vision, and perhaps adds something more. In it we see the Beast is a four-fold creature, being a Dragon, Bear, Leopard, and Lion, exactly the same creatures from Daniel's vision, however, in Revelation, we now see added features of the Wild Beast, who now takes on more detailed attributes of a Red Dragon. From these we can understand there is a mystery to solve in these, very different, amalgamated and merged [Lion/Leopard/Bear] Beasts which make up the totality of the future post-apocalyptic Antichrist Beast-King.

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Antichrist's Symbolic Depiction of a Lion/Leopard/Bear/Dragon in Bible Prophecy
The Beast speaks with great authority, as a roaring Lion, as a King. The Lion therefore represents the symbol of the nation from which this King arises, whilst the Leopard speaks to his strength and youth, connecting with Alexander the Great, who was himself represented by the leopard because of his quick conquering of both Asia Minor and Europe. The Dragon denotes his true source of power, while the Bear reveals his kingly name, Arthur. Fleshing this out further, we know from the Scriptures that Satan himself is depicted both as a Red Dragon and a "roaring Lion" that travels "to and fro upon the earth seeking who he may devour." The Leopard's relation to Alexander and his Macedonian heritage parallels that of William's grandfather, Prince Philip, who was born in Greece as nephew to King Constantine I, the King of Greece. All of these symbols of world status and power become further underscored when you understand that Prince William's Royal Crest itself depicts the roaring lion, with the body of a leopard, and the feet of a bear, with the Red Dragon overseeing it all from beneath. Equally intriguing, were William to decide to use his first name as his regal name, he would be known as King William V. But William is free to use any one of his Christian names as his Kingly name by which history on earth, and in Heaven, will record. Were William to decide on any of the four names given him: William, Arthur, Philip, or Louis, any one of them would make the usual beloved headlines attributed him, in this world. However, Philip II of Spain was a King consort of England, and is his own grandfather's name, while Louis VIII of France was proclaimed King of England in London in 1216, although William's most recent son is named Louis. Therefore, it seems he will be left with only William or Arthur to pick between. Now, should Prince William decide to take the name of the semi-mythical King Arthur, he would immediately lend to the legitimacy of both the legend and historical relevance to the one notoriously dubbed The Once and Future King, fulfilling that ancient prophecy in a single moment. William Arthur's other attributes may contain within them something more than just what has been formerly interpreted on face value, as the entire symbology of the amalgamated Beast of Daniel and Revelation may in fact be a code for the Beast's names...

William - The Conqueror (The King of England) = LION / Mouth / Speaking / Charismatic / Leader
Arthur - King Arthur Pendragon (Celtic, Rome) = BEAR / Feet / Strength / Ressurrection / Spirit
Philip - Alexander the Great (Macedonia, Greece) = LEOPARD / Body / Conquering / Youth
[Merovingian/Stuart] - (Scottish Royal Masonic) Unicorn = Little Horn / Human Eyes / Man
Windsor-Wales - (Celtic Royal Druid Masonic) = Red Dragon / Satanic Power / Possession

The firefighter who initially resuscitated Princess Diana after her 1997 Paris car crash was certain she would live through it. Sgt. Xavier Gourmelon, who led the response team exactly 20 years ago Thursday and administered CPR to the British royal, said in a Sun interview published Tuesday that he was convinced the Princess of Wales would make it when her heart started beating again and her breathing resumed. He resuscitated her and she was conscious and her eyes were open when he pulled her from the wrecked Mercedes she was riding in with Harrods heir Dodi al Fayed and driver Henri Paul. He said she had a slight injury to her right shoulder but saw no other significant wounds or blood on her. "I held her hand and told her to be calm and keep still. I said I was there to help and reassured her," Gourmelon said. "She said, 'My God, what happened?' “To be honest, I thought she would live. As far as I knew when she was in the ambulance she was alive and I expected her to live," he added. "But I found out later she had died in hospital. It was very upsetting." Diana was famously eulogized as “the most hunted person of the modern age."

LA Times: Princess Diana Remembered

About the lack of CCTV footage from the night of her death, and it taking more than two hours to get to a hospital that was just minutes away even in heavy traffic, there were about ten video cameras on the route taken by Diana's car. Despite this fact, there are no recordings from any of the 14 CCTV cameras in the Pont de l'Alma underpass, where Diana's car struck the 13th pillar, because most were "turned off" on the same night she died...the Queen was accused by some of a failure to capture the mood of the nation in the days following the death of Diana. There were also accusations that the Queen remained in Scotland for far too long, and did not return quickly enough to London where intense public grief over the Princess' death increased daily outside the gates of Kensington and Buckingham Palaces. Public grief quickly turned to public anger after the Crown's decision to issue an apparent "business-as-usual" message and attitude.

Telegraph: Diana Murdered?

I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to help me & encourage me to keep strong & hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My Husband is planning 'an accident' in my car. brake failure & serious head injury in order to make the path...

-Princess Diana, Oct. 1996

The 1997 Conspiracy of Princess Diana's Murder and the Royal Cover-Up that Followed
Immediately after the late Princess Diana was murdered, an anonymous source called and stated that the place where Diana was killed was the site of an ancient Temple devoted to the pagan Goddess Diana, and that the 13th pillar where she met her death was explicitly chosen to be the exact point where the altered Mercedes would impact. Add to this certain witnesses actually hearing a large explosion just before the actual impact of the car which initially led them to believe a bomb may have been detonated, and we have the hallmark of something much more sinister going on than what was initially reported. It has been determined on the one hand that the car was driving anywhere from 65 to 90 mph, yet the extreme level of the car's destruction knowing it was heavily reinforced with armor plating has caused much confusion, for example, how could a Mercedes that heavily armored look like it was literally destroyed at 65 mph? Other "investigations" then quickly tried to subdue the original 'lower speed-great damage' report and stated the car must have been traveling in excess of 120mph or more in that short distance from the hotel to the tunnel. It was the French police who claimed that the speedometer inside the Mercedes had frozen at a very high speed, supposedly showing the driver (Henri Paul) had been speeding thereby seemingly absolving any other blame than his own and his obvious need for great quantities of alcohol. One of the most obvious signs of a conspiracy directly involving the French authorities was that the Paris security cameras in and around the tunnel were all switched off just before the accident, with the official word being that they were shut down for repairs. Very soon after the deaths, other reports surfaced that Henri Paul, the driver of the Mercedes must have been intoxicated, the media stating there was found a blood alcohol content of 0.25% in his body yet this too has been proven to be a lie of the French investigative teams because like the entire event itself from the French ambulances 'getting lost' to the scene, the many hours it took to get Diana to hospital, to her dying from something she would have otherwise survived, the blood and bodily autopsies were seriously mishandled in the resulting chaos. More than this, it is Diana's own prediction about her death just 11 months earlier by way of a car accident that reveals itself to be much more than a mere unexplained or coincidental occurrence. A wiser person would ask what led Diana to believe the Royal Family were even capable of such an unsolvable murder.

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Explained away in the report was the many strange events which seemingly became known only after the accident which led to the deaths of Diana, Fayed, and her driver. Excuses were made for the reason every close circuit camera in and around the scene being mysteriously switched off on the night of the crash, as well as French ambulance claims of "getting lost" enroute to the scene when they were only minutes away, not to mention it taking two hours for them to begin life saving work on Princess Diana certainly left ample room for a conspiracy. What cannot be so easily explained away, however, is Diana knowing she would be killed in exactly this way. New light being cast on the French for being somehow involved with the British in Diana's death wasn't helped when after she was finally taken to hospital, her body was immediately drained of all blood and embalmed (mummified) before a proper investigation could be performed. Naturally, the world believed something was amiss yet their knowing very little of the actual facts only led to mourning instead of outrage. Certain facts about that night have been made known and the world slowly learned about things such as Merovingian Kings, Bloodlines, and Royal Secret Societies, as if the killing of Diana made the timing right to release such information. It soon became apparent even to the lay person that Diana met her fate at the hands of some shadowy organization which manipulated events within British intelligence, and that it somehow related to the Merovingian Bloodline, which Diana was descended, and now her two sons being connected by the Blood, and one of them is slated to be the next King. Everything seemingly led back to the Knights Templar being involved, from the location of the accident, its name, right down to the very pillar in which Diana's car struck, eerie connections can be made as if God Himself were leaving the clues. First, Diana was killed after her armored car struck the 13th pillar under a Paris bridge, which in ancient times was called Pont de l'Alma (loosely translated as "A Stairway to Heaven"), which was used by the Merovingian Kings of France thirteen centuries earlier as a place of human sacrifice and worship to the Roman Goddess Diana. The Occult Merovingian Bloodline Diana carried is known as the all-powerful 13th Bloodline of the Illuminati, an extremely ancient Serpentine lineage that can be traced back to Eden.

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In the case of the driver, and his own autopsy, no heavy amounts of alcohol or even the smell were recorded to have been in his organs at the time of death despite the 0.25% ratio made. More startling, his blood was determined to have been 'switched' even 'lost' by the time the Paul family wanted their own investigation opened. They were instead met only with further inconsistencies and mishap, their own questions never being answered. As the few investigations that were 'allowed' went absolutely nowhere, and as those who attempted their own personal independent investigations, such as Mohammed al Fayed, or even security advisor and veteran of Scotland Yard, John McNamara, all discovered they were met by hostile forces within British government. McNamara himself was threatened with an impending arrest and long-term imprisonment if he continued any further investigation, citing his alleged "crimes" to be obstruction of justice among many others. Some of you may remember the variety of reports of a white Fiat Uno that was seen by more than a few witnesses as it sped away from the scene just after the underground crash. Its model-specific paint was even found on the front passenger side of the Mercedes. The same people who were there that night claiming to see the white Uno also had it impressed upon them that this vehicle was the actual perpetrator in causing the "accident." Some even heard to them what sounded like a bomb, a deep thud of a dual explosion before the actual sound of the wreck. One American witness, Tom Richardson, has gone on national television in his own account of hearing an explosion seconds before the car's impact. However, there was one lone witness in particular who stated that he saw a dark car, driven by an indiscernible figure or figures who had in their hand a small device that was described as not a camera, which flashed a strobe-like beam just before impact. All witnesses agree there was absolutely no sound of breaks being applied before the car hit the thirteenth pillar. So many questions were left on that August night in 1997, but what's worse than that is how every investigation that subsequently looked into the deaths were fraught with such overwhelming inconsistencies that its become clear Diana's murder was certainly orchestrated in such a way as to 'never be solved.' Regarding the Bible Matrix referencing Diana and her death in August 1997, are the words that appear in ancient Hebrew "Murdered" "By evil," and "They took my blood." Her chilling admission, seemingly from beyond the grave, describes a "they" who killed her, which perfectly alignes to what she believed in life, with "they" who would eventually kill her to be none other than the British Royal Family itself, that is to say, by the proxy of their own security services.

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Death of a Would-Be Merovingian Queen and the Satanic-Cainite Number 13
The number thirteen itself is intrinsically linked to the Knights Templar as they were known to be finally found guilty of Satanic worship on Friday the 13th, 1307, a day that has lived in mystery and superstition ever since, add to this the fact that the last full year of Templar reign was the year 1313, that the Templars were active in preparing the world for the coming of the Merovingian Antichrist, that the Antichrist first appears in the Book of Revelation in the 13th Chapter, and you have either the greatest coincidence ever, or the greatest conspiracy and cover-up. Princess Diana herself was indeed likely exterminated for two reasons: 1) To cause a shocked world in the wake of her death to venerate her as a form of Goddess, much like Mary, mother of Christ is worshipped today, perfectly setting the stage for her progeny. 2) To cause a rather unique global adoration for her two sons, which her untimely death has certainly created for them on both counts. To the Windsor's Diana had already served her purpose as a Royal "breeding sow" and was therefore expendable. One book which detailed the connections the Occult had with Princess Diana very early on was aptly titled Diana: Queen of Heaven by Rayelan Allan explaining the many fascinating coincidences between Diana and her ancestral connections with the Merovingian Kings of France. Another book, 'The Hidden Evidence' by Jon King speaks directly to the cabal of powerful men who help lead the Royal Family to arrange the doomed Royal marriage between her and Prince Charles in the Summer of 1981, and ever since, proceeded to stalk her every move which eventually led to her untimely death. The secret powers monitoring her couldn't have the mother of the future World King (and "Messiah" to Israel), and/or the mother of a Muslim child, especially, making such statements against the State of Israel. She was already very successful in tearing down Prince Charles in the eye of the world. In fact, many believed she was killed on order by Charles himself, because she said in interview that Charles would make for a terrible future King, and that only her son(s) could save the Monarchy. The 13th Illuminati Bloodline also known as the Merovingian is the purest of the Satanic lineages from Cain to Antichrist. The descendants of this most ancient of bloodlines has given birth to some of the most infamous world leaders as well as the oldest of Occult fraternities steeped in odd, if not deadly, secrecy. Not all are known by name yet most are known by the pagan religions and organizations developed: Celtic Druidry and Witchcraft certainly counted among them, as well as the ancient Mystery Schools of Europe, Egyptian sorcery, black magick of the Knights Templar, and Satanism itself. Some of the very earliest attempts to account for and trace this seed of Satan were books written which did extensive research and genealogy on the early migrations of Cain's descendants. As children, we were told many stories about devilish creatures in high and low places, and those same stories usually were connected to a local Royalty in some way or another. But what our parents never told us was that literal monsters not only exist, but literally control this planet.

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Akkadian, Sumerian, and Egyptian histories and texts reveal much about the expansive migrations of these monsters seen and unseen, for wherever these Cainites went, their shared Occult symbols that supposedly revealed a "divine gnosis" followed them into the very nations they later influenced or outright controlled. For example, the Occult number thirteen (13) itself represents Cain and his lineage, from its nomadic thirteen tribes in the ancient world encompassing Mesopotamia to their dark ages descendants who spanned the whole of Europe. Their own Knights Templar met what should have been the end to one faction of their powerful genealogy, on Friday the 13th, 1307, when the French King Philip IV had arrested the Templar Grand Master, Jacques deMolay and scores of his fellow Templars, who were burned at the stake seven years later. However, upon their being rooted out in France, surviving Templars fled to Scotland to spawn their own elite, Masonic-connected families such as the Scottish Sinclair's and Stuart's, of which the virgin Diana herself was later descended. Diana's own involvement with the number 13 itself proves an intriguing one, since she died at the 13th pillar underneath where, in ancient Paris, the same aforementioned French Knights Templar held human sacrifices of virgins dedicated to Baphomet (Satan). Also interesting, is that the date of Diana's death is precisely 18 (6+6+6) days after August 13th, which according to author Charles Leland ['Aradia: Gospel of the Witches'] was the sacred festival day of Hecate, the Witch Queen of the Dead who is worshipped by various ancient pagan religions, including Satanic Wicca and Witchcraft, with the cannablism and blood sacrifice of virgins. It is believed the number 13 also represents the number of the goddess Hecate herself, which is why witches sacrifice on both on the 13th, of every month, and its reverse, on the rarer 31st (when Diana was killed). According to the 'Gospel of the Witches,' Lucifer and his consort Diana was believed to have had a magickal Child, a daughter named Aradia on August 13, in the year 1313, and that Aradia served as a type of Maiden/Messiah (or feminine version of the Antichrist) to those Witches who worshipped her in addition to Lucifer and Diana. This same Italian sect of Witches, of whose roots stretch back to the Roman Empire, held their sacrificial rites in "sacred groves" near an ancient lake located east of Rome, where the ancient Temple of Diana itself once stood. They ordered themselves in sets of 13, with 13 becoming the basis for covens ever since. The stream that flowed into Lake Nemi was said to contain a water nymph called Egeria, which is believed by some scholars to have been an early template for the Arthurian 'Lady of the Lake.' But at its core of origin, the number 13, despite all its many historical incarnations and esoteric musings within the Occult, is earliest representative of Cain and his thirteen tribes whose own symbolism is best seen today in the Masonic code contained in the United States of America's own most enduring symbols. The fact that Prince Charles, Prince William, and Princess Diana, all contain 13 letters, and that Diana was killed at the 13th pillar, along with her heritage linked to the Templars likewise proves intriguing all its own, as if God Himself is telling us something. Then there is what God is overtly telling us already beginning in Revelation 13: "I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a Beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the Beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666."

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Preceding the August 11 through 13 ritual (which ends with the day of Hecate, the goddess of chaos and death) is the July 28th lunar eclipse. This eclipse is also extremely unusual and powerful in that it also involves a Grand Square and the House of Aquarius goes direct - its effect is at full strength. The Moon on this date is a New Moon - a time to plan and cast spells for the plan. During the solar eclipse, the next day and on the Day of Hecate (every August 13th and 29th of every month), there will be human blood sacrifices. This will signify opening the Eye of Horus, opening the passage for the lower fourth dimensional energy and the closing, the shutting down of the human 3rd eye - consciousness on the planet. They will remove the heart and consume it, signifying the taking away the vibrational chakra of love. They will also remove the liver (strength), the eyes (sight), and brain (knowledge, thought, action). They will consume the blood (life force for them). Their ritual acts all encompass and empower them for what they wish to spiritually do to us. What they do is to be given strength which is brought into actual physical being by the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse, and the grand squares of their ruling planets with those particular energies accompanying the grand squares. The effect on the Earth if they succeed will be terrible. Ultimately, thirteen is the Master Number of Satan, with ''13' being his Occult Signature' that is visibly seen everywhere in his handiwork. Diana died on the 31st of August, 31 in reverse is 13. The Witch's pagan calendar is divided up into four 13-week sections (Winter Solstice, then Spring Equinox, then Summer Solstice, and finally Autumnal Equinox). There are eight major nights of human sacrifice in the occult holiday system: Dec 21, Feb 1, March 21, May 1, June 21, Aug 1, Sept 21, Oct 29-31 (Samhain/Halloween being the most important). The other four nights are only observed (the equinoxes/solstices), and if you add six weeks to each you’ll get the sacrifice night. Add seven weeks to sacrifice night and you get the next equinox/solstice. This is best represented by numerical breakdown of the Satanic calendar. Thus, 13 is the earthly completion of Satan's attempt to achieve all that is God's Trinity, whereby 3 are 1, and 1 become 3, the "Satan as God" concept, not to mention, Diana was killed at the 13th pillar, ultimately *for* Prince William, with each pillar becoming a letter in P-r-i-n-c-e-W-I-l-l-i-a-m. The Venusian (read: Luciferian) number 13 also denoted the stages on the alchemical process leading to death and rebirth. Legends has it that 13 stages were inscribed by Thoth-Hermes as 13 concepts on a tablet called the Emerald Tablet that was made of solid emerald; thus the three stages leading to the creation of the Philosophers Stone, which is yet another Occult allegory for the creation of the Beast.

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The festival of Diana celebrated by ancient Witches on August 13th, was always marked by a torch that reflected their light off the waters of Lake Nemi, which must have only added to the overall gothic mystique and magickal aura of the ceremony itself. The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft states on page 176 that the Moon Goddess Diana belonged to the "torch-bearing class of deities who themselves were always connected in some manner with the Underworld." Today, while anyone can stand upon the Satanic memorial of Diana in Paris that overlooks the tunnel and site of the pillar where she was killed in 1997 to reflect upon her great humanitarian spirit and mortality, even as it's marked by the mythic Torch of Lucifer, only a select number can even view the [supposed] gravesite of Princess Diana at her families estate in Althorp, in northern England. The insular gravesite itself is reminiscent of Avalon, a small island surrounded by mystical waters thus making Diana the archetypal Lady of the Lake derived from Arthurian lore. The overall gothic theme is made complete with a white-pillared Greco-Roman-like Temple nearby that stands in Diana's honor, like the Goddess similarly revered in the ancient Greeco-Roman Temple that once served ancient paganism and its Diana-serving patrons of original Witchcraft. See also David Icke's Diana Assassination video. It should be no surprise to anyone why the recent decision was made by British Channel 4 to air the graphic pictures and video of Princess Diana's impending death. The 13th anniversary of her demise is still an open wound in the hearts of many the world over, to blatantly rip at that wound again by those in the Occult-run media only plays to their deeper agenda at wanting people to have a renewed mourning for her and feel the need to love and adore her all the more, via her ascending sons. With this, their psy-op is nearly complete, and the world is now ready for those pulling the strings behind the media to make known Diana's Merovingian connection. What you will never hear in that same media, is that Prince William is the Order's new King Arthur, an idea to be finalized sometime after the year 2020. New evidence suggests that Diana was, in fact, pregnant when she died. The Templars who have men placed deep within UK Intelligence were not about to have even the possibility of a half-Muslim hybrid Merovingian heir being born as it would have caused a future conflict of interest with the coming Antichrist, whose own supposed Royal genealogy becomes paramount in the future in regard to deceiving Israel. Having a sibling and a living mother with Islamic ties would have certainly been, at the very least, complicated, especially if Diana herself at some future point was convinced to convert on any level, to Islam. Furthermore, British Intelligence knew if she had lived long enough within the Fayed family, who were well known to have set themselves against the Windsor Royal Family many times before in regards to business, certain complications could and would inevitably result with a future 'Mrs. Diana Fayed.' In any event, Diana eventually became a liability and thus a direct threat to the Great Work which is by this time, nearly complete and certainly when the secret cabal of men who control even the Royal Family realized that Diana was a direct threat to everything according to their ancient plan. From birth, Diana's fate was sealed.

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Anyone so marked for death as to efficiently pave the way for the Prince's road to power, will be killed, and given over as a sacrifice for him, from members of his own family, his significant other, to even his own future child(ren). All belong to Satan, in their minds, and blood sacrifice is key for the continued power of the Monarchy; a sure, albeit dire warning unto Catherine Middleton. The ongoing evil perpetrated by the true power behind the Royals, and their security services, proves there will be no stopping them in their murdering Satanic blood-lust at placing their Future King upon the Throne of the World. Perhaps more than anyone else at this time, it is Princess Kate who needs to be reminded that among the security services that were actively following Diana's every move were certain covert elements within the American Secret Service, NSA, CIA, British MI6 and SAS right up until the night she and her potential child were killed at a medieval Templar site known for Satanic human sacrifices of women. The increasingly public and publicized Diana, post-divorce, with her many tell-all interviews (and potential book deals) certainly troubled the Royals, not to mention, she may have been pregnant. Her infamous letter to her butler containing the foreknowledge of how she would be killed in a "car accident," on orders of Charles, tell us a great deal about Diana's own substantiated fears in those latter years of just how far her Royal ex-husband and Royal in-laws were willing to go. Interestingly, the very first Hollywood film that portrayed the Biblical Antichrist, was a film more about his mother, than the young Beast. In 1968, the Roman Polanski directed film "Rosemary's Baby" told the story of a very naïve mother of the Antichrist, Rosemary Woodhouse, played by Mia Farrow, who is struck with intense paranoia of an elderly couple living next door (akin to Queen and Prince Philip) who may be conspiring with her own husband to have her killed. Her feelings are found more or less true when she discovers their involvement with the Occult, and a global Satanic witchcraft coven. As she slowly put the pieces together of why she was made pregnant and closely monitored (like Diana), she undergoes a deep psychological breakdown upon learning that her own child will ultimately be used by the Devil to bring about his kingdom on earth. Clearly, this first ever film about the Antichrist, carried with it a curse all its own, much like the later Omen film. The director's wife, Sharon Tate, was made pregnant during the final days of filming Rosemary's Baby, and in early August 1969, was brutally murdered while pregnant by Charles Manson's cult followers. Both Sharon Tate and Princess Diana were murdered in August, and both, indirectly, by a man named Charles. Interestingly, it was just 40 days before the Tate murder, on July 1, 1969, that Charles was made Prince of Wales, which was also the birthday of Diana, only eight at the time, but was already being watched long before she ever married. Manson claimed the murders were to bring about a race war, and subsequent Apocalypse, in which he would afterward establish himself as the Antichrist. Adding to this series of coincidences, or long-running curse, Diana's son now has a wife, named Kate, the same name given to the mother of Damien Thorn in the original Omen film, as well as in the recent 2006 remake, starring Mia Farrow from Rosemary's Baby, not coincidentally. In the film, Kate is conspired against and finally murdered, helping to pave the Beast's path to power.

Adding more fuel to the intrigue, it was reported recently that “Princess Diana will go down in history as the woman who restored Stuart blood to the Royal Family.” According to Laurence Gardner, the Stuart branch are the inheritors of the Holy Grail. As the Grail Queen (Queen of Cups) it seems that Diana’s son, William, may be the Grail Prince (Knight of Cups). The last time the mystical Grail made such an appearance was in the time of King Arthur of Britain.

Like the Phoenix, Diana was the Holy Grail who came to carry the sword Excalibur for the distance of one lifetime. When her spirit passed, she pulled on the handle of Excalibur. In the end, she was taken to a lake [as] the Lady of the Lake. Is this a sad ending to a legend, or was something else at work in the heavens?

The Queen Mother expired on 3/30/2002: [Since 15 in numerology means 6, 1+5 = 6] She died on the 15th month of the new millennium, at 15 minutes past the 15th hour, which totals 6-6-6. It was also Saturday (Saturn's Day - Satan), the 6th day. Diana died in a Mercedes 600 in a 660 foot long tunnel, again 666.

Ellis C. Taylor

If there ever were going to be an “Anti-Christ”, a King who unites the globe in a universal religion and government, declaring himself to be the embodiment of God, it stands to reason that he would probably come from the Grail bloodline. He would be descended from Satan, which would explain his predestined predilection for evil, but he would also be a descendant of Christ, King David, Abraham, Jacob, Noah and Adam. He could use all of these lineages as credentials to convince members of all the world’s religions that he is not only their divine right king, but the final avatar, or messiah, which their prophets have been predicting. So yes, I think that our generation may yet see the rise of a Merovingian Anti-Christ.

Tracy R. Twyman, Occult Author and Expert

It is also here in England where those that continue to reject their Messiah are based, and why the powerful Judean minority of England always backs their Judean brothers in the Mideast, and why their offshoot America always follows their lead and vice versa. For although England is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, its Kings and Queens are not the true lineage of David. For only in the Last Days will our King David, step forward, via his ancestral blood and fulfill his prophetic appearance via the Stone of Destiny...and a new King Arthur shall reappear to establish a new Round Table of Equality.

David Jay Jordan

Whenever you have need of anything once a month and when the Moon is full, ye shall assemble in some secret place, or in a forest all together join to adore the potent spirit of your Queen, my Mother, Great Diana.

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 175

So that not only this our Craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the Temple of the Great Goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence destroyed, whom all the world worshippeth. And when they heard these things they were full of wrath and cried out saying, Great [is] Diana of the Ephesians!

Acts 19:27-28; The Holy Bible

The whole spectacle was yet another example of what the Bible condemns as an abomination. Perhaps it was the figure of Diana that John has in mind when he conjures up the Mother of Harlots [in Revelation]. Diana was an ancient Moon Goddess known earlier in Greece as Artemis. Witches had been publicly linked with the worship of Diana in Rome as early as 30 BC.

A History of the End of the World p. 67; Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 23, 453

And I saw a Woman sit upon a scarlet coloured Beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the Woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a Golden Cup [Grail] in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of Abominations of the Earth.

Revelation 17:3-5; The Holy Bible

By the oath of Belial and Saturn, the awakening of hidden light. I call upon thee, Asmodeus, devil-lord. I invoke thee within my very essence, Pass beyond the veil little known by most, for I AM a Child of this flesh! I offer now my own WILL to the powers of night, and of the Great Work itself! That through my dedication to the path of Witch Blood, I shall know the secrets not so hidden!

Grimoire of Luciferian Witchcraft



DEATHWALKING WITH DIANA -by Dr. Maureen B. Roberts PhD -A Must Read







The news that Kate Middleton is to marry Prince William has ended years of speculation. But does she really know what she is letting herself in for? The royal family does have a knack of taking women who are either independent, or on the brink of independence, and bringing them very low. Ominously, as the coverage of Middleton's upcoming marriage to William has unfolded, much of it has harked back to that ultimate Royal Wedding 30 years ago.

Aleister Crowley in his book "777" stated the number itself stands for the Qlippoth. Whereas 666 is the destructive nature of the Sun, 777 means the ascension of the 666, into Godhood. In addition to these examples, and there are many, the Almighty has blessed each seventh portion of time, i.e., the 7th Jewish Holy month of each 7th year at the 7th hour. On this date, the Marriage Feast between the Messiah and His Bride begins. 777 is the "Child of Midnight" and a symbol of reincarnation. This is the secret of...that Angelic Beast.

Nemo Pendragon

I was given this official list of 777 names; world dignitaries, governors, all sorts of people, and not one person I knew. I rang up my Grandmother [The Queen of England] and she told me to bin that list and start over.

Prince William, September 26th, 2011

Kate, who I understand wishes to be called Catherine now (more appropriate to a Princess or Queen), will likely be a phenomenon alongside her Solstice King. If the Solstice King and his Queen reflect the chivalry of King Arthur (his ancient ancestry) along with the love of the people’s well-being as the foremost goal of the monarchy (as her Cancer Moon would wish), might their role become something much more appropriate to our times – true leadership figures representing fierce protection of all life and culture? This beautiful couple has much to do with our ancient past and our amazing future.

Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady

Prince William's wedding date is the same as Hitler's wedding date - April 29th. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton marks the 66th anniversary to the day of the bizarre union of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun as the Third Reich collapsed. Hitler married Eva Braun, his long-time mistress, in a bunker as the Russians closed in on him. The pair reportedly committed suicide together the next day although some historians believe Hitler escaped to South America. Are the matching wedding dates of William and Hitler just another of many coincidences?

Prince William Marries on Hitler's Wedding Day

April 29th 2011: The Royal Wedding of the Century and its Occult Significance
It was precisely seven lunar months after the Jewish New Year (5771), and 77 hours, that Prince William wed Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. It has been estimated that 3-billion people worldwide viewed the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, carried live via satellite, to the rest of the world, with a total of 23-million viewers residing in the United States. The remarkable interest and viewership rivals the totals of the 1981 Royal Marriage, between William's own parents. Thus, we are that generation still witnessing the ascendant rise of a young, wealthy, and charismatic Merovingian Prince as he increasingly acquires the humanitarian roles of charitable duty paved by his mother and groomed toward a much larger global responsibility like no other Royal before him. He appears to not only be a man of great reserve, but he also innately displays the noble traits of Masonic chivalry, evoking the medieval knight that adheres to a strict code of conduct, unlike his brother, whom the Royal Family made sure to place him back at war in Afghanistan. It should also be no shock to anyone that while the Royal Family (and their Masonic handlers) had not arranged this Royal Marriage, that the Occult completely overshadows this union just the same. Amazingly, and this was not reported in any media at the time of their globally-viewed wedding, William and Kate have been discovered to both descended from a very evil Tudor known for his wicked and bloody Cainite heritage, the very same heritage that falsely calls itself "Messianic," "Royal," and "Israelite," following the Anglo-Israelite and White Supremist doctrine (See link below). More about that later. Of course, this fact and so many others were completely overlooked by the global media when it would have been most appropriately reported. The media however wanted no one catching on to the fact that Kate is not the "commoner" they wanted so desperately to portray her to be. Sound familiar? They covered Diana in exactly the same way, when she was anything but a typical 'commoner,' indeed. In fact, Diana held just as much Royal Cainite blood, as Charles, if not more. As with all important Cainite unions and marriages, however, the two are always 'blue-bloods,' and related, despite the modern media reporting the fairy tale notion that one is Royal and one is common. It seems that the 'Golden Age of Information' that is the Internet today, with its followers in this generation being so apparently naïve, so ignorant, and blinded by so much deception and misinformation, that they never become completely aware of the darker realities which hold sway in this world, nor the fact that there really are monsters ruling the planet, for Satan himself. Anyone who knows even a limited amount of twentieth century world history should have at least picked up on the date of April 29th, it being infamously renown in pagan, neo-Nazi, and Satanic circles as Walpurgis Eve, the same date Adolph Hitler married Eva Braun. It just so happens that Prince William married his bride exactly 66 years after Adolf Hitler married his.

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Judging from the two seemingly widely varied links above, and almost every other link found in this site, one derived from a Messianic Jewish source, the other from a entirely pagan, Nazi, or Anglo-Satanic source, some might wonder how could such polar opposites both arrive time and again to relate to Prince William? And yet, they do. But understand, such is the nature of the Antichrist, a man who will claim to be of God, a Messiah, but is possessed by none other than the Devil himself, in the flesh. From all I have studied into this nefarious date of April 29th, it appears it is the date so given by Cainites in their skewed veneration of Abel being murdered (or as they view it, "sacrificed") by Cain, in order to please Satan, instead of God. If you remember, God was not pleased by Cain's offering of greens and grains, and only accepted Abel's blood offering of a sacrificed lamb, which God knew was the perfect archetype for His Son's own Holy Sacrifice on the Cross. According to the Cainite tradition, because Cain grew furious at Abel and God, he conjured his Father, Satan, and sought to please only him by sacrificing Abel as the perfect blood sacrifice. In so doing, Cain became the First Murderer and Sorcerer (male Witch), while Abel's Holier blood "fed the earth" and watered the fields, of which Satan accepted and blessed Cain with a robust Spring crop. From that time forward, Witchcraft has always taken a unique view of plants, fields, and trees, especially those that grow up through the "nurtured soil" of an animal or human sacrifice. Further, April 29th is certainly a date that bonds both Cain and Lilith together as one, in some esoteric form of Satanic marriage, as it were. Thus, the fact that this date connects to William's and Kate's own Cainite lineage, as well as it being the Satanic holiday of Walpurgis, the date so chosen by the Royals to wed, potentially speaks volumes all of its own. The date of April 29th has yet another interesting connection within the British Royal family of Windsor itself, as that was the date in 1986 when Wallis Simpson, the thrice-divorced wife of Hitler-sympathizing King Edward VIII [abdicated], finally died, making this date have yet another connection to marriage, and Hitler, in that Simpson and the would-be British King became infamous friends of Adolph Hitler, to the point where, at a face-to-face meeting at Hitler's lavish mountain home in Salzburg, the abdicated King told Hitler that "...the Germans and the British races are one, they should always be one. They are of Hun origin." It is believed Hitler might have allowed them the Throne of a Nazi England, had Germany faired better in the war. Since World War II was soon underway after the time of their scandal, Britain could not trust either Edward nor his bride to not becoming spies for Nazi Germany, so England finally banished them into the Caribbean, where their every move was closely monitored by British security forces until their deaths.

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The date of the Royal Honeymoon of Prince William and Kate Middleton starting on April 30th and carried into May 1 is not any less evil, in that it's a well-known Germanic, pagan and Satanic holiday called Walpurgisnacht (remember, the Windsor family are of Germanic lineage), culminating in Beltane in the Celtic tradition, or as we call it, May Day. According to one very illuminating pagan Witchcraft website: "In our tradition Beltane is one of the two times of year when we pay homage to Tubal Cain. This is Qayin in his fiery aspect, rising in the east. He is the Morning Star [Lucifer], the bringer of light and enlightenment to mankind." Beltane is named after the pagan demon-god Belinos (or as some believe, Ba'al or Belial) the fearsome divinity of the ancient world to whom children were sacrificed in great numbers, being passed thru large, roaring fires. Animals too were often sacrificed and cooked, and divination practiced by cracking their bones on the flames, from where we get the word “bon[e]fire.” In the Celtic Irish tradition, May Day bonfire rituals of sacrifice were an essential aspect of the holiday. Legend holds that on Walpurgisnacht, witches and evildoers come from all over central Europe to Brocken, also called the Blocksberg, a tall mountain in the Harz range for the Hexensabbat, a celebration of unholy Satanic rituals dedicated to both Belinos, the Sun-god, and interestingly enough, Satan himself. Like other bald-top mountains throughout Europe, Brocken is considered unlucky and evil because such similar mountains for many centuries have served as locations for Satanic rituals. The Lysa Hora motif is where we get the legendarily Occult-derived musical piece “Night on Bald Mountain,” composed by Mussorgsky and arranged by Rimsky-Korsakov. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe cemented Walpurgisnacht in popular culture when he wrote a scene of his Magnum Opus Faust, wherein Faust and Mephistopheles witness a Satanic Black Mass at Brocken on Walpurgisnacht. Bram Stoker wrote a short story about Dracula that takes place on Walpurgisnacht. HP Lovecraft and even the modern children's author, JK Rowling, use the Walpurgisnacht theme as well. Walpurgisnacht is also depicted in the classic Disney film "Fantasia" (whose backwards letters contain "Satan") in which the Satanic figure of Chernobog, once described by Walt Disney as “Satan himself,” summons spirits and skeletons from their graves to do his bidding during the festive night of Walpurgis eve, before being banished by Christian Church bells at dawn.

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From their holiday of Belinus and going forward, Witchcraft Covens often met through Walpurgis Eve, and Walpurgis on April 30th, upon which human sacrifices were dedicated to Satan (the same date when Anton LaVey founded his Church of Satan, in 1966), all of which lead up to May 1st to honor Satan's unbridled sex rituals in the form of "May Day." May Day is the time at the very end of April to the beginning of May, with Beltane being the ancient pagan holiday in which "the veils between the Celtic Otherworld and our own are at their thinnest," much like on the Druidic Samhain aka Hallowe'en. Pagan holidays such as Beltane or Samhain, have strange rituals all their own, as well, depending on the nature of the specific Coven holding the festive rituals, that is also dependent on whether an animal or an innocent child, i.e., a human girl of virgin status, is sacrificed to the Dark Lord of the Wood, Cerunnos (Satan), with her virgin blood sprinkled across a stone altar, in a sacred nemeton (Druid grove), shielded from outside view by tall hedgerows. May Day also initiates a time of general promiscuity, unabashed sexuality, Satanic rites of homosexuality, as well as fertile intercourse between a man and woman, where pagan 'handfast' marriages last only a year and a day could be undertaken. Young couples could spend the entire "Honeymoon night" in the woods taking place in paganized Sex Magick rituals until the Sun came up, which they then danced feverishly around a towering phallic Maypole that represented the virile fertility of the Sun-God. Where have we seen that before? Remember, the same Sun God (Lucifer) was similarly worshipped in ancient Egypt of whom was dedicated giant Obelisks, whose architecture later came to Masonic-controlled Britain, then America. In fact, a 555-foot tall (111 feet of it underground) white obelisk stands in our nation's capitol today, dedicated to our first Masonic President, George Washington. Some who joined the later-held May Day ritual were even allowed to remove their wedding rings for this one night, representing Eve's dishonoring of Adam and her subsequent falling willingly under Satan's own seduction, that spawned that very first Sex Magick ritual that resulted in the first so-called "magickal Child," Cain, the ancient forerunner and patriarch of the future Antichrist.

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Thus, within the Satanic pagan tradition, May Day was the time that has long since celebrated Eve, the original May Queen who became pregnant by Satan, with Cain. As a result, Eve became the Mother, Witch, or Whore, depending on the need, from which countless later myths spawned of a virgin, princess, or witch, who met a lustfully divine, albeit forbidden, fallen god of knowledge and wisdom, by which Satan has well hid himself for millennia, into the culture and characters of Prometheus, Apollo, Mithras, Zoroaster, Tammuz, Merlin, and so many others down thru the ages. By the time of the Dark Ages, Eve's shadow had already worked her way into the ancient Celtic and Druid tradition as the pagan Goddess Diana, the 'May Queen' who was sacrificed unto the Sun-God, giving even more credence to the inescapable Diana-Lucifer[a] connection by the time Aradia was later authored, as well as adding yet another aspect to why the Occult elite so purposefully murdered Princess Diana. By 1644, May Day came under a fierce attack by the Puritans who banned it by an Act of Parliament, only for it to later return with the restoration of Charles II in 1660, but it didn’t have the same openly robust force, as before. Thus, Satanic and Pagan revelry was, by then, pushed further underground and held in secret in the form of the Black Mass, while the common folk kept but a shadow of the old traditions alive in their so-called "holiday merry-making." As if I even had to add to the death overtones of the coming Royal Wedding, it has been reported that Prince William invited Kate to the gravesite of Diana one week before the marriage, which must have been a strangely macabre time for Kate, if not an altogether decimating experience. So much strange death, murder, and evil conspiracy has virtually always surrounded the British Royals from the Dark Ages going forward, that it must have crossed Kate's mind that the Royals seem to bring only curse, death, and destruction whenever any outsider is brought into the fold. Might she have unwittingly taken on much more than just a marriage to Prince William? Hindsight provides us a clear understanding that if Princess Diana had never married Charles, she would be alive today, but that, it seems, was never her fate from the moment she was born. For in the moment Diana Spencer was born, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were made aware and planned the most infamous arranged marriage in world history, knowing Diana would give her a grandson and Prince that would one day rule not only Britain, but the world.

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NBC Propaganda Promoting the British Royals Daily on American Television
So it is, in an age when the media is reporting nothing but the declining state of the world via crushing recessions amidst unparalleled natural disasters, famine, new plagues, wars and rumors of more wars, more than any other network, its NBC that consistently shines a light, almost daily, upon Prince William or one of the Royal Family members. The psychological effect that this has on the unsuspecting world is effective in its leading the planet into an increased global adoration of William himself, as it is all designed to. No where is this constant adoration more prevalent within the American media than in NBC's "The Today Show," who seem to find any excuse toward keeping the British Royal Family in their daily headlines, nearly on a rather consistent basis. In fact, the Today Show's own website has a neatly tucked away, but dedicated page to all things British and Royal, seen here. Why does America's NBC network stay so interested in foreign British Royalty, is a question many have asked before. I believe it has a lot to do with the way Diana's own charismatic spell turned all our attentions to her, from 1981 forward, and through her, now is that same spell worked on us by those she birthed, rather than that increasingly draconic, old guard of the Windsor Royal Family. Knowing that Satan's men are well-entrenched in every corner of media today, especially at NBC and their ultra-liberal cable network, MSNBC. Given the number of times they've produced glitzy-styled documentaries regarding such New Age rubbish as "The Holy Grail Bloodline," "The Search for Atlantis," Templar, Masonic, and the occasional, but no less strange pro-Witchcraft documentary, as well as "End of the World/Survival" programming, it becomes quite clear what agenda they're working toward, and already in league with. The television, film, entertainment and music industries, as well as social media, all play an active role in the ascension of the Antichrist, today, and sometimes their dedication to the Royals can be determined by as much what they will report, as what they won't. For example, on New Year's Day in 2012, found near the British Royal Family's Sandringham estate, was the cold but rotting body of a missing woman that immediately became a cold case. It was determined that the the Royals were actually at the estate for their Christmas holiday while the woman's corpse was dumped there. The media was quick to not make much of this, despite the still unsolved mystery surrounding the young woman's untimely demise. Other news items not making their way across the pond; Kate Middleton's family is related to the late Queen Mother herself. Interesting that.

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In keeping with the strict "blueblood" tradition of interbreeding, Kate Middleton and Prince William are in fact cousins, sharing an infamously evil ancestor that was so bloodthirsty and notoriously evil, that he has since been virtually erased from history, or at least far from the network media's reporting. In fact, NBC and others are attempting to spin the story that Kate is a "commoner" in the same way that Diana was, even though Diana had just as much, if not more, Royal Blood than Charles. As mentioned, NBC obviously wants to keep the Future King in our daily sight, and always in the back of all our collective minds, in its inherently positive reports about William, always coming across as a great humanitarian or keeping with the modern definition of what it means to be a hero. On the day I'm writing this, Prince William has made the 24-hour news cycle once again, for his "heroic efforts in saving a Russian ship that was sinking" off the coast of Britain. Just before this event, He and Kate were helping UNICEF provide food to third-world nations. Just before that, the Royal Couple visited a Cancer Hospital and had the resulting photo op with terminally sick children went viral. This and more all happened within a single month. One might rightfully ask, who is actually behind all of this obviously faked Royal humanitarianism of the King to be? Moreover, why are they trying so hard to ensure William is paraded across the planet and only seen as a life-saving humanitarian who can do no wrong? In yet another sunny NBC report coming out of London, it seems that while the elder Royals, including Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and the Queen, attended a recent event celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, it was Prince William and his new wife along with Harry who were noticeably absent. Do those who manage William's every move actually believe this to be a positive report? Apparently, they do, which speaks volumes as to who they might be, and what they themselves believe. Perhaps it was them who steered William away from such an event that honored King James and The Bible in the first place.

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In a revealing chapter of a recent book written about the new Royal couple and their infamous 2007 break-up, amidst rumors of cheating, William was heard shouting loudly at Kate "Do you know who I AM? No one tells me what to do! I do what I want!" which is reminiscent of the loud outbursts from his angered youth when he taunted and threatened his school-age peers with locking them in the Tower of London to await their beheadings. From these examples, and others, we can already glean what motivates him, and what motivates him is power over people. In fact, in the days leading up to the Royal Wedding, Prince William issued a decree, as it were, threatening reporters with "using the fullest extent of the law" should anyone get too close to Kate. Not to mention, William is still fueled by his intense hatred against the paparazzi press over his mother's death. Unlike anytime before, he now has the ability and increasing power to make good on his threats. Regardless, the world will only see a cheerful time during the wedding festivities, on the surface of it all, as usual. Thus, anything negative related to his new Bride, and the press, could only fan that older flame of hatred in him into a raging inferno. Taking this to the furthest extent and possibility, or, inevitability, should Kate be killed, despite the cover story associated with it, this would push William toward the complete ego collapse from which they will build a new order and world for his darkened soul to enter into. Everything changes after that. In this world that is increasingly fraught with murder, death, war, terrorism, assassinations, natural disasters, civil unrest, and those yet untold deadly things coming. For every beginning, there must come an end. As such, the demise of his wife would actually be necessary if those who control every aspect of his life are to have him, and his idyllic world, thrown down into a sea of churning, negative emotional states of loss, depression, despair, hatred and vengeance, which, after all, is the exact mental state Satan would want his chosen one to be in, to better lure him toward the dark side, using hate, anger and regret as an undeniable Unholy Spirit that draws both father and son together, perfectly counterfeiting the Triune God. Those who know Prince William already know of his dark side. He's already making strange statements to press about his children keeping him up at all hours of the night, as if children need attention in a Royal's life. In one infamous case going back almost two decades now, William nearly killed a photographer whilst riding a horse, "forcing the horse near the man, who fell backward into a nearby ditch, as William let out a furious four-letter rage that greatly unnerved the photographer." Thus, albeit largely hidden from public view, there clearly exists a dark side which churns within Prince William Arthur, already, bringing to mind the Scripture: 'Anger provides a great foothold to the Devil.' -Ephesians 4:27

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And He [the Antichrist] Shall Have No Desire of Women
Many who initially take the task that is my website always start out with a certain sense of disbelief, wondering how could someone so seemingly good-natured as Prince William ever turn into a man that would after a short period, literally overtake Hitler in his blood thirsty need for complete power. And yet, time and again, we see this smiling Prince has a lineage descended from not only Vlad the Impaler, but the first murderer himself, not to mention the fact he clearly has an unresolved anger issue going back to childhood. Factoring in this and everything else he is connected with, via his family, and those ancient Occult forces which empower them, the idea of this powerful Future King being the evil despot of a new Dark Age world suddenly becomes less silly, and more realistic with each day and each prophecy being fulfilled. Helping him get toward that final state of dampened existence, just before he is taken over completely by Satan's possession of him, will be the killing of his wife and children, which becomes the very catalyst that causes William to afterward "having no regard of women" as cited in Daniel 11:37, not to mention that having been possessed by the Devil himself lends one to taking on the Devil's sole mission, in the very short time Satan has left by that point. Naturally, therefore, the Antichrist has no desire of women because his mission is to destroy every last man, woman, and child on the face of the earth. So while the end-time world (on this side of the Rapture and Global Collapse) still enjoys the days of 'giving and taking in marriage,' as prophesied by Christ in Matthew 24:38, a time is coming when the world, under the Antichrist's 'changing of times and laws,' that will no longer regard marriage as an institution, as prophesied in 1 Timothy 4:3. Thus, the Royal marriage of William, and even that of his brother, exists to be destroyed. With this, the Masonic-led security forces that also murdered a pregnant Diana is now able to achieve their next goal that prepares William to become the weakened, brooding, angry, dark despotic King he is destined to become, while at the same time forcing the unknowing world to coddle, love, and adore him all the more, feeling great sorrow for the mounting losses in his young life. Only when William is further weakened by such a devastating event and tragedy, could Satan then carry out the next phase of his Antichrist manipulation, leaving William with the dark choices he is yet destined to make. While William's temperamental personality can just as easily disintegrate into a vengeful rage, as it has shown to before, whatever sad events coming his way lend to a very dark world indeed, even as those same events are carried out to elicit a specific emotional response from the planet itself, before, but more importantly, after the Collapse.

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It is no surprise therefore, that the usual signs of curse, death, and destruction surrounding the new Royals, which now, includes Kate herself. In time, it will play out, bringing to bear that most revealing of statements of which Queen Elizabeth II alluded to shortly after Diana was killed (when conferring with Paul Burrell in 1997) saying "Be careful, Paul. There are dark forces in this country that we know not of." While on the one hand, the Queen claims to know of these dark forces, she also claims not to know them personally, which I find hard to believe knowing she is ultimately in charge of the government, including, Britain's security services, and is connected to the oldest, most affluent, and most connected Occult families in Britain who wield power. The Knights Templar in Scotland are known to have sworn their protection over the ancient Merovingian Bloodline at all cost, that is to say over its future King, the one Satan has waited on for thousands of years, his Antichrist. His men in all the various secret societies, specifically the Templars, are charged to protect the Cainite/Antichrist lineage, to the point of using any manner of malevolent aims to achieve that goal in order to bring their future King to bear, and in a matter befitting the Son of the Devil. Just as in The Omen film trilogy about the Antichrist, where Damien Thorn's own path to power is cleared by the deaths of those around him, we shall also soon see how one by one, the old Monarchy surrounding William falling away, eventually giving rise to the inevitability of his uncontested Kingship, and within that same inevitability, how both Prince Charles and Prince Harry will likely have to be removed from their order of succession to the Throne, either thru their unique ability at causing their own scandals, or thru their own untimely deaths via some freakish accident. Interestingly, before she died, Princess Diana gave a BBC interview in which she recalled the 'dark time' early on into her new life as a Royal. She went on to describe a day in which during her first pregnancy, of how she contemplated throwing herself down a set of long, marble stairs in order to kill herself and the Royal Child (William) that was growing inside her, which according to her, seemed to be the very reason why she was systematically chosen for marriage. In a lucid moment, she explained she was used to produce a male heir to the future Throne of England, so that the Windsor Monarchy could continue well into the 21st century. And so, while William's early life as a husband and father are today seemingly a blessing to all those who marvel at such, horrific events are coming. Everything changes after that.

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After a string of solemn global events, and William inevitably turns darker which has been the far-reaching plan all along of those same dark forces which killed his mother, the next turn in his life is to become indoctrinated by Occult magickal thinking, sowing fertile ground for next phase of their plan, similar to the way Hitler himself was molded by the men who guided his own Occult path to power. At the ultimate end of their dark influence, the same unseen forces who are guiding William will leave him completely under Satanic control, which ultimately ends in his complete Satanic possession, for he has been chosen. It is his destiny. As he grows in knowledge and stature, a shadowy mentor shall emerge out of the forest mists, who shall take William into his care. This one shall engage all of William's thoughts toward the Welsh Druidic tradition, as well as the Satanic mysteries behind the Cainite Kabbalah, ultimately introducing William to his "true father." In time, as the fleeting world rises out of its own ashes, it will be seen that he has returned, like a phoenix, but not alone. For several much more glorious in appearance than he, shall rise with him. Thus, much will happen in the life of William that will be unknown to the rest of the blacked-out world during the years after the coming Collapse, the result of which, leads this one-time Prince of a seemingly good-hearted nature, into a darkened King, his eyes burning with Occult wisdom and understanding dark sentences, as it were. Prepared for him will be the unseen technology it takes to implement his own rule of law, and later, the Mark itself, which is the foundation of the financial structure that places him in absolute power over the world of man. That same unseen technology, as well as other elements that will ensure a smooth transition into his global New Order, is being created today, and being heavily vetted, and tested, because one day, this same 'green tech' will help him rule the planet. Events will move quickly for him after that. Factor in that we are today living in a world of great upheavals and ever more radical changes again coming toward fulfilling this prophecy. That said, it should be noted of the real reason why Kate is not going to be attending William in his official Royal visit to Israel in 2018. Those who prepare the Future King's itinerary know well of the destiny that they outline for him, also knowing he will be without wife in those perilous days coming. As such, we are already seeing the dark shadowing of things to come, so to speak, when William is more exclusively to be about his father's business.

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As the boy becomes a man, his father's minions pave the way. Set in motion now, Armageddon, final conflict, end of days. When the Jews return to Zion and a Comet rips through the sky, the Holy Roman Empire rises, then you and I must die.

According to Illuminati legend, King Arthur (in reality a type of Antichrist) will draw around him the bravest and noblest Knights in the realm. They and their Monarch will comprise the Circle of the Round Table. In Great Britain today, certain members of the Illuminati including Prince Charles and Prince Philip, take part in rituals and symbols of an odd secret society called the Order of the Garter. This Order with its ceremonial magic, is thought to be a precursor to the coming establishment of the Round Table. So demented are the leaders of the Illuminati that they fancy themselves to be inheritors of the Arthurian legend.

Prince Charles Prepares a Path for the Once and Future King
In recent years, several prophecy writers and teachers have proposed that the Crown Prince of England, Prince Charles, is the Antichrist, in waiting. However, one would be wise to remember how transfer of power works in Monarchies, especially in British history, which is sorted at best. There have been numerous examples of how British heirs took power, by force, via strange events, circumstances, missing persons, murders, deaths, or just by the sheer will of their shadowy backers. Of course, none of that need be if a King-to-be has a father who simply passes on the power of the Crown, to him. Many today increasingly believe Prince Charles might simply abstain his Kingly place in line, and role, to instead pass it on to William, which is exactly what the majority of British people want him to do. Thus the son inherits all that was of his father, by Monarchial right, a right still seen by some in England, as well as in Europe, as Divine. As far as Charles being Antichrist, Monte Judah, Joan Veon, and a Jewish author named Tim Cohen have recently produced research with this view. Tim Cohen, the author of a book entitled The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, has the most in-depth work on the subject, perhaps to date. The strength of his premise is largely found in the genealogy, religious beliefs, and heraldic symbols associated with Prince Charles of Wales. The flaws in his theory however are found in the genealogical evidence largely built upon the historical teachings that are found in the Merovingian history, i.e., the dynastic European Royal families descended from various secretive groups such as the Priory of Zion, and Knights Templar, which is true for the Merovingian lineage, the only issue is that Prince Charles is not descended from the Merovingians, his ex-wife was. While most scripturally sound Bible prophecy authors reject the veracity of connecting Jesus to this elaborate and dubious European genealogy supposedly going back to King David, some of the conspirators themselves believe it, so it becomes a valid source of information for their own and others' deception. While some in the Royal Family believe it to be true, other outside of the Firm know it to be a grand deception which leads to the completion of the Great Work, the setting up of a false Messiah in Israel.

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Born Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor on November 14, 1948 at Buckingham Palace in London, England as the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Charles is today current heir to the British Throne. Charles was made Prince of Wales in 1958 and served as a pilot and commander in the Royal Navy from 1971-76. After a string of women in his life, most notably Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 at one of the century's grandest Royal weddings. The match proved a bad one; the couple separated in 1992 and were divorced in 1996, the year before Diana's untimely death in a Paris auto crash. Their union produced Prince William Arthur in 1982, current heir to the Throne after Prince Charles. If Prince Charles ascends to the Throne of England after September 18, 2013 - the Prince, who would be nearly 66 years old would become the oldest successor to do so. Only King William IV at 64 years old at the time of his accession in 1830 was older than Charles is now when he became Monarch of the United Kingdom. Prince Charles is already the oldest man to hold the title Prince of Wales since it became the title granted to the heir apparent, and he is the oldest British heir apparent. He is both the third-longest serving heir apparent and third-longest serving Prince of Wales in British history and is well known for his extensive charity work, which includes The Prince's Trust, The Prince's Drawing School, The Prince's Regeneration Trust, The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, The Prince's Charities and The Prince's Charities Foundation. He also carries out a full schedule of royal duties and, increasingly, is taking on more duties from his elderly parents as official representative of the Queen and deputy for his father. Tom Gallagher, Encyclopedia Britannica editor and a British expert in Romanian politics and history has wrote that Charles was once offered the Romanian throne by Romanian Monarchists of the ancient Vampiric House of Count Vlad Tepes [Dracula], to which Charles was fast to decline, but not before it was quickly picked up by the press and reported around the world, although, more interesting, however, were the larger media outlets who seemingly pushed the story into obscurity and wouldn't report it.

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As a type of False Messiah himself, clearly Prince William's father is unknowingly or knowingly preparing the way for his eldest son. The following are just a few of his own titles and accomplishments and what he has done to place himself in such global prominence leading many to believe that he, Prince Charles himself, is to become the person of whom the future world will adore and worship. However, those who believe Prince Charles is the Antichrist must ultimately admit that Prince William, who thru blood inheritance, and imminent line of succession to the Throne of England, shall certainly reap all of what his father has already sown. Prince Charles received his power and authority from the "Red Dragon" in his induction ceremony to become Prince of Wales. His Coat of Arms contains a great number of Biblical imagery connected with the Antichrist (the same of which is reflected in William's own current and future crests). Given his extensive holdings, he could be one of the richest men in the world. His name adds up to 666 through various means. Prince Charles has been instrumental in the toleration of all religions, especially that of Islam, in his slated role as the world's Green Advocate. He also claims descent from King David, Jesus, and Mohammed. He also spearheads and prepares any and all new cutting edge, as well as 'earth friendly' technologies that will later be used by William in his time to better enact his control over a reduced albeit significant future global population. In his ongoing efforts of preparing for his son for the world, and vice-versa, Prince Charles has also partnered with the United Nations and World Bank, steers the environmental ethics and business agendas of over one hundred of the world's largest and most influential multinational corporations, is credited for the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto Protocol, and other such "Green Movement" causes, enforced environmentalism, and is behind the funding of scientific research reducing the effects of 'global warming.' Prince Charles even appears to have been responsible for the initiation of the current Mideast peace process, which came about just before the late Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in 1995, an event foretold by the Bible Code.

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In 1994, Prince Charles stated that he would be known as "The Defender of [All] Faiths", rather than "Defender of The [Christian] Faith" which had been the former title for England's Kings as the titular head of the Church of England for hundreds of years up to his announcement. He initiated the Global Security Programme and its lecture series, for which Mikhail Gorbachev has since became a spokesperson. In 2002, the Prince of Wales launched the 'Respect campaign' which calls for greater tolerance and understanding between all global faiths and religions. Also in 2002, Prince Charles joined a Druid Council called the Gorsedd of Bards, adding to his already long list of other such secret societies and Knightly orders such as the Order of the Garter, the Grand Druid Council, the Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Thule Society, Knights of Malta, White Brotherhood, the Temple of Light, Rosae Crucis, OTO, and several other quasi-political magickal groups. In May 1995, Prince Charles had his son William "marked" in his right hand by an electronic chip which was touted in the media as being merely a homing device that would interact with a UK satellite in the event Prince William were ever kidnapped and/or missing. This same technology is thought by many to be a tool by which enslaves a future world under the banner of Global Unity, where no one could buy or sell, or even participate in that society unless they are similarly marked.' The book Antichrist and a Cup of Tea which sets out to prove that Prince Charles is the future Antichrist, and details the British Monarchy's centuries-long conspiracy for a New World Order notably using its unique standing within the Order of the Garter, an Order of Knighthood originating in medieval England and most recently bestowed on Prince William, its 1,000th member since the Order was founded in 1348. The Order is the pinnacle of the honours system in the United Kingdom as its membership is limited to the reigning Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 Knights as his Companions around the British Throne. Knowing the Order's founder created the Garter based around epic Arthurian tales of chivalry and knighthood, his 24-member Companions rule is clearly there to mimic the 24 Knights of the Round Table, that in itself is the counterfeit of Christ's own Heavenly Round Table of 24 Elders. The Order of the Garter is rightly believed to comprise the core leadership of all modern Secret Societies, and includes the top members of the British Royal Family.

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After the coming Collapse, as the world moves closer toward a totalitarian state, with Europe/Britain leading, and while the earth is still rising out of a time of great global civil unrest and lawlessness, the coming Antichrist will early on exhibit a leaning toward martial law against any and all who cause instability in what is to become his New World Order that is being forged in small ways even now, by our politicians and elected (or selected) leaders. As with all despotic tyrannical leaders, this will begin slow at first and likely begin in secret yet as more power is gained by his hand, and the world falls under his complete control, then will he begin to show the iron fist which always appears once all the power given, turns into the power that is all-corrupting. Much like that which was recently seen in the way a campaigning Barack Obama of 2008 seemingly held all the answers for a hurting, war-weary America in search of its own redemption, with its people, in their utterly blind naivety, having been so perfectly primed and prepared for one like him to arrive. So too it will be with all those who are to be dazzled by the Antichrist (and the Red Dragon that empowers him), in their own blind ignorance for much the same reasons but on a more global scale that's fed by a lack of Biblical knowledge. In so doing, shall they fulfill the ancient prophecy written of them of their blind adoration for Satan. Therefore, it is from that future world who has seen the Antichrist that shows us in the present how this Beast will be seen, never discerning that, as Scripture also informs us, that this man is empowered by the Devil himself, and not from whatever source that will be claimed he is working by. This is important, as the prophecy is also showing us the extent of the lies connected to Satan's man, that force the witless world into believing he is the exact hero/Superman/Messiah figure who can solve all the world's then many problems. In this, then, has the Masonic "Great Work" and plan been very effective, in leading up to that time, and today. In a world that just witnessed every kind of horror that proceeded after a world war and comet strike, as well as the resulting complete collapse of society, already vetted but once empowered, the Antichrist King will be quick to crush every kind of lawlessness remaining across the planet by first seemingly defeating "the great evil" that will have been conveniently placed for him to remove. He shall then establish an order of new laws and times, based upon his desire at establishing a New Order for the Ages. As such, he will be seen as the only one having all the answers to the world's many "post-apocalyptic" issues.

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And I saw another Beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb yet he spake as a Dragon. He deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of miracles. And he has power to give life unto the Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the Image should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a Mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads...

Revelation 13:11,14-16

In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John saw in a vision of the latter days an enigmatic aspect of mankind’s end-time civilization. In Revelation 13:15, he saw that there would not only be an actual political leader called the “beast,” but that there would also be an “image of the beast” which was something separate from but like the beast himself. Verse 15 says the beast system will be able “to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” John was struggling to describe in low-tech language what he saw would occur in the very high-tech latter-days.

Holograms and the “Image of the Beast”

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia alleged that the Tavistock Institute, acting by the orders of the [British] Royal Family, was responsible for the Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people were killed by Martin Bryant.


Image of the Beast Will Both Speak and Kills Anyone Not Worshipping The Beast
The United Kingdom's Prince Charles is to appear at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in January 2008, however Prince Charles will not be attending the summit in person. Under the guise of saving fifteen tons of carbon emissions by actually flying there, Prince Charles will still be in England while appearing to every single person at the Arabian Summit via a new technology utilizing a holographic 3-D image in which a video projector will beam an image of the Prince on to the floor that is then reflected up on to a paper-thin sheet of foil to create an optical illusion that makes him appear as a three-dimensional image on the stage. His six-minute speech called for a sense of urgency against global warming. He said: "Scientists are now saying that the problem of climate change is now so grave and so urgent that we have less than 10 years to slow, stop, and reverse greenhouse gas emissions that are destroying our planet. Common actions are needed in every country to protect our common inheritance." Sean Reel, Commercial Director for Connecta Group, which produced the image, said: "He was keen on using the hologram to show his commitment to reducing the carbon footprint." He's walking back and forth and gesturing with his hands. It looks as though he's right there." As a result of the technology, the Prince could be seen in more than one place yesterday - both in Abu Dhabi and visiting a former colliery in Ayrshire. This technology is so advanced, that the image of the speaker (whilst in full-rendered three-dimension) can even make individual eye contact with every single person in the audience, as well as carry on a conversation with any person in the room. Like every other advance in technology, it will take some time to perfect before it's brought to market but it seems that we may not have to wait long. The current system only displays in one color. Perhaps in another decade or so, commercially viable holographic television screens could come to market. As stated in their website "The applications for such a system could essentially change our daily lives." The lead researcher of the development, Nassar Peyghambarian states that "the first [applications] that come to mind are remote video conferencing, manufacturing, 3D-mapping, telemedicine, global defense security, entertainment, and a myriad of other uses to be announced in the future."

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In Israel, a 61-year-old Israeli cybernetics expert and tech investor named Yitzhaq Hayutman wants to use this same cutting edge holographic imaging technology to bring in the era of the Messiah, he says. Hayutman believes that by using the funds we would receive in a current $20 million patent-infringement suit, he could create a hovering holographic Third Temple beamed above the still-standing Dome of the Rock. Whether it’s a hologram cyber-structure or some other form of three-dimensional imaging yet to be revealed in the future, Hayutman believes that a technological Third Temple does away with the need for a physical building. Under his plan, Jews would receive their Biblically accurate Temple without razing the Dome of the Rock which would fulfill their ancient, widely revered Jewish prophecy that the Temple will descend from the heavens as a manifestation of light. “And then the Messiah will come,” he says, citing the collective hope of the Jews worldwide that upon the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem would then usher in the time of the man that will bring in an era of global peace and security. In keeping with the unfolding global applications of this new technology, a team at Tokyo University was one of the first groups to successfully create a system of touchable holograms, whereby one could interact with a hologram in real time, thus "unleashing an entirely new set of potential applications to be created for the near future." Given that technology is ever evolving at an exponential rate, yet another major development in holographic technology is already making headlines. A new device has been created that can transmit high definition three-dimensional images in close to real time. This could result in major advances in holographic telepresence and Internet technologies where a VIP's speeches can be made live to a live audience around the planet. The False Prophet's control over a future technology to present the image of the Antichrist on a global scale, that is able to both speak and interact in real time is what all of this current tech is leading us toward. Governments who have already sworn their allegiance to Satan already use secret technology in attempt to bring us all into submission, largely via the Internet and subliminal messaging using hi-low frequency electromagnetic waves.

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Another so-called "black project," is their Project Bluebeam that makes use of the atmosphere as a reflective screen for laser-generating satellites that project simultaneous images over the entire planet enabling a global form of mass hypnosis. It has been demonstrated that focused ultra-high frequency UHF electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce various levels of mind control over test subjects. These effects were revealed at length by the CIA on September 21, 1977 in testimony before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb who directed the MK-Ultra program at that time, was forced to discuss the scope of the CIA's research to find techniques of activation of the human brain by remote electronic means. Out of that has come various black projects over the decades that still pursue this same goal, which is summed up by another finding citied in that 1977 testimony: The use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential." This capability could "allow test subject (Manchurian candidates) or agents to be deeply planted with no conscious knowledge of their programming." The third step in the Bluebeam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication, of which American Lt. Col. Alexander's states: "If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, mind control of the entire planet is now possible." The goal of this deals with a set of scientifically controlled global images projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness and drown them into a wave of suicide, murder, and psychological disorders. After a coming global Collapse event, the very same technology will be used for seemingly benign purposes of "worldwide healing," when populations will be ready for the New Messiah to re-establish order and peace. Even though the Antichrist will be a man possessed by Satan, it is obvious that the Antichrist will not be omnipresent but will nonetheless attempt to counterfeit God's omnipresence in every way possible. Whereas today we have Alexa, Cortana, and Siri who can both speak and listen to our basic voice commands, the technology is coming where holographic technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality is combined to allow the False Prophet to seemingly "give life unto the Image of the Beast that shall both speak and cause anyone who will not worship the Beast to be killed."

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This constant threat of death whether openly presented or secretly carried out, would ensure that all the future citizens of Satan's New World stay in lock step with the Antichrist, just long enough until he marches them right into Hell itself. The technology will be such that anyone not providing immediate worship to this Image of the Beast, would be killed by the Image of the Beast. The military today is already creating what are generically called "Hunter robots" who can autonomously kill any perceived enemy using an advanced form of artificial intelligence. Such new technologies however are mere precursors to the Image of the Beast, in which the Antichrist has made for him by either his war contractor company, or of the coming technology is more supernatural-based, and created by Satan's host directly (even as they've already infamously created several stone and crystal machines of the ancient world that secretly marvel scientist's to this day) is left up for the future. It is certain however that a multi-tiered technology will be made for him that allows everyone to worship him regardless of their geographical location, and this technology shall be as pervasive as the World Wide Web is today. Thus, has Prince Charles served his only true Royal duty to the overall Great Work by preparing the foundation from which his son will later use to great advantage. Without the balance that was his Merovingian mother to guide him in his life, like she desperately wanted to, William is now left to his earthly father, a man who has already been linked directly in his own mother's murder. Amazingly, as if to connect Charles all the more to a potentially murderous mindset, it was Prince Charles himself that curiously revealed he has direct descent from Vlad the Impaler, a ruthless mass murderer known for impaling his victims alive, that also became the basis for Bram Stoker's Dracula. Why he would so proudly admit that, knowing he is overwhelmingly guilty in most thinking minds, is beyond normal reason, but speaks to the impunity by which the Royals have placed on themselves in this world, where the Queen, Prince Charles, and now, Prince William, are even absolved from any kind of persecution by a British court or magistrate, under a new law, made solely for them.


[MOSES SPEAKING to ISRAEL] Gather unto me all the elders of your tribes, that I may speak these words in their ears, and call Heaven and earth to record against them. For I know that after my death ye will utterly corrupt yourselves, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you and evil will befall you in the Latter Days because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to anger. Moses spake to the House of Israel the words of this prophecy: But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find Him. Likewise, if thou seek Him when thou art in Tribulation in the Latter Days, then He will not forsake thee or destroy thee, nor forget the Covenant of thy forefathers made with Him.

Deuteronomy 31:28-30; 4:29-31; The Holy Bible

[JESUS CHRIST SPEAKING to ISRAEL] I have come in my Father's name and you (Israel) have rejected Me (as the Messiah) but another is coming (Antichrist) who shall come in his own name, and him you will receive and accept (as Messiah). And how could you believe Me when you only accept each other's praise whilst never desiring the glory that can only come from God? But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom you have placed all your hopes. For had you believed Moses, and understood the Torah, then you would have believed Me, for he wrote of Me and My coming unto you.

John 5:43-46; The Holy Bible

Then Jesus said unto His twelve: Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all things that are written by the Prophets concerning me shall be accomplished. For I shall be delivered unto the Gentiles to be mocked, spitefully treated, spitted on, scourged, and put to death, but on the third day I shall rise again. And they understood none of these things which He spoke.

Luke 18:31-34; The Holy Bible

[Resurrected Christ speaking to His Disciples] This is what I meant before, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses (the Torah), and in the Prophets, and in the Psalms [entire Old Testament] concerning Me. Then He opened their understanding so that His disciples finally understood the whole of the Jewish Scriptures.

Luke 24:44-45; The Holy Bible

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Theology Used by Satan to Promote His Antichrist
2Thessalonians 2:3-5 For that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, then that Man of Sin shall be revealed, the Son of Perdition who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the Temple of God, showing himself that he is God. For the Mystery of Iniquity doth already work: only he [the Spirit of Truth] who now restrains will let, until he be taken out of the way and then shall that Wicked shall be revealed. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they received not the Love of the Truth (Jesus Christ), that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie. Powerful words there. And the Jews have only made themselves ready to be deceived, for since the death of Moses have they worked against God and allowed Satan to infiltrate their religion, of which they made into their "golden calf," the same religion that has ultimately produced the Satanic Kabballah that today warps the minds of both Jew and Gentile alike. How could the Jews NOT be deceived by the Mystery of Iniquity, when their own Rabbinical writings dictates: "In every generation is born a descendent of Judah who is worthy to become Israel's Moshiach." Even their Chattam Sofer states: "When the time will come, G-d will reveal Himself to him and send him, and then the [Occult] spirit of Moshiach, which is hidden and secreted, will be made manifest in him." Seeing the way Jews today speak about the coming of their Moshiach [Antichrist], it's easy to see why God will allow for such a strong delusion directed at them. So what would ever make the Jews believe in such a strong delusion that causes them to choose the obvious Satanic counterfeit over the Son of God? Whatever that coming delusion could be, it somehow causes Israel to completely suspend all former reason to be taken in by something they would, under any normal circumstance never consider, let alone become so persuaded by. Moreover, whatever this future deception is, and in whatever form it takes, it somehow makes Israel accept a King of European descent as their Messiah. How could that be? I have concluded that the misleading and deceptive use of the Occult, specifically the heresy of Occult bloodlines played up as Royal and Israelite, coupled with a metaphysical form of revised Judaism, combined with a new belief system overall that arises from an entirely new mindset based around proof of extraterrestrial life in the Universe itself, will take the post-Collapse society closer to whatever it will be that the Antichrist and False Prophet will also deceive them with on top of all that. So how could that same Bloodline theory that casts Jesus Christ as progenitor of a so-called "Holy Bloodline" worm its way into Judaism? The short answer is that after the Battle of Gog and Magog, will come a wave of deception headed toward Israel. Christ described that time as a rising of false Christs and prophets who will deceive many. One specific form of deception is already being disseminated today by certain Jews warped with notions of so-called British-Israelism, backed up by its twin heresy in the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel doctrine, that cites western Europe as being populated by lost tribes of ancient Israel, in effect, making Messianic candidates out of European Royalty. Since most Jews still believe their Messiah must herald from the 'Royal Lineage of King David,' any seriously considered Messianic candidate therefore must have his seemingly endless genealogy traced back to King David, as falsely interpreted to be whoever sits on the British Throne now and in the future.

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It is therefore sad to note how mainstream religious Jews still will not recognize Christ as their Messiah whose lineage is easily traced back to King David, while at the same time being the literal 'Son of David' who fulfilled every single Messianic prophecy attributed Him during His first advent. Interestingly, Jews have never believed Christ to be their Messiah because of His Davidic lineage, as they see it, that came thru his mother's side and not His paternal father's, of whom they believe was either Joseph or another. They are also quick to point out (somewhat mockingly) that *since* Christ was the product of a Virgin-birth, how could He have any father whatsoever, let alone be a descendant of David on His paternal side. In this, they remain willingly ignorant and limit the power of God, for as Jesus was correctly called the 'Son of David' so too did God make Him the Son of David, that is to say, He is the literal 'Son of King David'. In other words, the seed by which God the Father used to impregnate Mary had the entire genetic code, DNA and Bloodline not only from the Davidic lineage, but it was from King David himself. It seems even God's people have lost sight that with God, all things are possible and all things are done according to His Word, Will, and Wisdom that easily surpasses man's own comparatively dimmed intellect and limited power. In fact, this is what the Angel Gabriel was referencing when speaking to Mary, stating that nothing was impossible with God. Moreover, it was precisely in that same fateful moment when Gabriel announced she was to give birth to the Messiah, that she was then impregnated by the Power of God which overshadowed her with our eternal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by way of the literal seed and DNA genetic code of King David. In short, the Jews actually believe Moshiach Ben Josef and Moshiach Ben David are two separate people, when they are both fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who is both the Son of Joseph, but moreover, the Son of King David. Verily, the Creator of all things (and of the Universe itself) certainly has the power to create a Son after His own heart, just as David marveled and wondered how His Lord could speak with His Lord, referencing God the Father speaking to His Son in Psalms Chapter 2. With this, via King David's own DNA, has God established in Christ not only the Divine Right to rule, as both "The Son of God" and "The Son of Man," but also fully established Christ to be the ONLY rightful Ruler ever born to become Israel's Divine Messiah, thus, making Christ the literal Son of God (by Spirit) as well as King David (by flesh). This is why Jesus is often referred to in the Scriptures as The Son of Man, The Son of God, and The Son of David. In other words, since Jews rejected the Son of God (the Son of David), Satan therefore will provide his False 'Son of David.' Now, where some cannot believe even of this basic Truth, in effect closing the door on Christ, in so doing have they only opened a door for the Antichrist and his forerunner, the False Prophet. It is here where modern Israel stands today.

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And He said to all of them, How say they that Christ is David's son? King David himself sayeth in the Book of Psalms: The Lord [Father] said unto my Lord [Son], Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool. King David therefore calleth Him [The Son] Lord, how is He then, his Son?

Luke 20:41-44; The Holy Bible

The Angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin married to a man of the House [lineage] of King David, and the virgin's name was Mary. And the Angel said unto her Hail, thou that art highly favored [because of her lineage and her love toward God], the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his many sayings. The Angel then spoke, Fear not Mary for thou hast favor with God. Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name JESUS. He shall be great and shall be called The Son of the Highest [God/Father], and the Lord God shall give unto Him the Throne of His [earthly] father, King David. He shall reign over the House of Jacob [Israel] forever, and of His Kingdom there shall be no end. Then said Mary unto the Angel, How shall this be, seeing as I've not known a man? The Angel answered and said The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the Power of the Highest shall overshadow thee. Therefore shall also shall that Holy conception be called The Son of God.

Luke 1:26-35; The Holy Bible

The Gospel of God, Which He [God, the Father] had promised afore by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures, concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh.

Romans 1:1-3; The Holy Bible

And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away. And He that sat upon the Throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said unto me, Write for these words are true and faithful. He that overcometh [the old world] shall inherit all things [of the New World]. But the unbelieving, abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the Lake of Fire. I, Jesus have sent my Angel to testify unto you these things in the churches that I AM the Root and Offspring of David [Son of Man], and the bright Morning Star [Son of God].

Revelation 21-22; The Holy Bible

God's Name given to Moses was "I AM that I AM." Do you see the Father [I AM] and the Son [I AM] in that name? They share only One Spirit between them, called the Holy Spirit. WGod.

Clinton Ortiz, Return of the Once and Future King

Godfroi de Bouillon; Grail Family and actual scion of the Merovingians was installed in everything but name as "King of Jerusalem." This work contains a special introduction by Otto von Hapsburg, who today is titular Duke of Lorraine and "King of Jerusalem." It might be that the Merovingians were ultimately of Judaic origin, but if this were so it seemed to us essentially incidental. However important it might be, there was something of even greater importance involved. We were still overlooking something.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 346, 438, 312

This puts the Priory of Sion's claim that the Merovingians survivor is the rightful [heir] or legitimate King into context. On the one hand it appeals to the powerful archetype of the Lost King such as with the British, with King Arthur, their "Once and Future King".

The Sion Revelation p. 194

The concept of a 'Great King' would thus have constituted a fulfillment of Nostradamus's prophecies. And it would have actualized at least in some sense, the Monarchist blueprint outlined in the 'Protocols of the Elders of Sion.' And the Hapsburgs would haven been more than imperial heads of State. They would become a Dynasty of Priest-Kings like the future Messiah anticipated by the Jews.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 229

Through its golden portals shall pass the New Zionist Messiah, King of Planet Earth. Before its evil altar he shall announce to all the world that their Universal Savior has finally come, a man knowledgeable of "the Holy Kabbalah," the exclusive heritage of the people of Israel.

Freemasonry's "Morals & Dogma", page 839

]In 1919 the British-Israel-World Federation was founded in London near Buckingham Palace. During this time many prominent British citizens patronized this organization. This organization continues to this day, and it continues to maintain local Chapters throughout the British Isles and the world.

Wikipedia: British Israelism

This is precisely what the religious Jews of Christ's day have done, and their descendants in modern Israel continue to do, in refusing to give God any credit of holding any real power to fulfill their own prophecies regarding a Virgin birth, of a child born in Bethlehem, who is "the Son of David," as their own Messiah. It was and still is their great lack of understanding God's Word, that they put Christ to death, and continue to spit in God's face to this very day. However, thank God He is merciful, and will keep His long-standing promise to Abraham, Moses, and David, for the future of Israel. At His first advent, did Yeshua display His great strength that was perfectly manifested in His great humility, which of itself was to undue and reverse Satan's great pride. When Yeshua healed, he did so removing Satan's power over mankind, which is disease, blindness, and death. Jesus proved the true power of Messiah through his miracles that caused the blind to see, the lame to walk, and the dead to rise. In this, while God provided Israel their King, did Israel, because of their own wayward heart being pulled toward paganism, and seeking after vain signs, did they not recognize their own God in the flesh, and this God is Triune, even as the I AM (Father) that I AM (Son) share but one Spirit, Holy. If any person of Jewish descent or religion is reading, understand also that when Jesus stood in the Garden of Gethsemane weeping blood, knowing all He was about to endure and seeking even more strength of the Father's will to carry it out, the Father in that moment showed His Son every single soul Jesus was about to save, in the very dramatic way, and it was this that gave our Lord the strength to endure the destruction of His body at the hands of the world and its vain world system, for Christ knew only upon conquering Sin and Death itself, would we would then be able to follow that path he paved back into His eternal glory and be able to stand in our Father's presence upon our own deaths. This is what true Christianity is about, that God is still creating, and in Holy perfection is He calling out to us, even those of His eternal Elohim. Whereas the Angels that existed before had elements within it that fell with Satan, seemingly breaking the Elohim, God has seen to it that we should refill its perfect number. Through Yeshua's 'Great Commission' (the opposite of the Occultist's so-called 'Great Work') we are then called to help others receive Jesus so that though they were also lost, they may yet be saved and return to their Creator who gave them life, and chose them from before the foundations of the world. This is God's perfect will. At the end of it all, stands God's perfect Love and Spirit that unites us as His eternal family, Elohim, with Christ being the Key to achieve God's will. In the end, it will be revealed that the true King of Israel, as our Creator, even He who sits at the Father's right hand, was, is, and will forever be the Key to life, Wisdom, and Shekinah glory. Satan himself cannot duplicate but only counterfeit Christ, thus all he has ever given the world is himself, as the counterfeit of God's Word, both literally and spiritually. And yet, the very Book that the Jews dismiss out of hand, called Revelation, has as its chapter 22 and verse 16 this verse: "I Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I AM the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

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Because God's Word also takes upon itself to have become a literal, physical book, has Satan seen to it that the Jews be given "another gospel," as it were, even a counterfeit addition of God's Word, called the Talmud and Zohar, whose spirit of deceptions ultimately became the Kabbalah, by which Jews and Gentiles could more effectively worship Satan, through both word (allegiance of oath) and deed (sacrificial murder). The Kabalistic (Satanic) system and its two books from Hell attempt to make it appear Satan is Christ, and that Christ is Satan. However, as truth so goes, even the most religious Jew of Judaism will discover one day, when the Abomination of Desolation sheds his thinly-veiled Messianic persona to reveal he is none other than Satan in the flesh, that somewhere along the way have they, as Jews, greatly erred in regard to Satan, and moreover, in regard to the Way, the Truth, and the Life, of whom no one may return to the Father (I AM), except thru the Son (I AM). Understand, Satan's revealing, of itself, will be used for the greater good, for God takes all evil and returns them for good as our reward in accordance to His will. Therefore, Satan's revealing also reveals Christ, and this is the mystery of Christ revealed: The I AM (Father) that I AM (Son) share one Spirit, and in these Three are One fullness of God, our Creator, who said "Let Us make man in our Image and Likeness." I AM that I AM, Father and Son, and their unifying Spirit that also indwells in us, by which Satan cannot effectively counterfeit. Because we also know that when the Holy Spirit leaves this world, He takes us with Him, in Rapture. Thus, because of this Godly work yet to be done with Israel, Satan will be allowed to provide them with his counterfeit son from the supposed lineage of Israel's King David, to much better reception by Israel. This is what the entire lie behind the so-called "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" is about, Satan's counterfeit to legitimize the Antichrist as the Messiah in Israel. Even so, God's ultimate plan for the Jewish people is to finally bring Israel around to the Truth, and bring them around He will, at Christ's return, ironically, to save them from what would be their national genocide at the hands of the Antichrist, their chosen Messiah. Some might also find it quite intriguing that here it is, we are living in the 21st century and there are still two (otherwise modern) nations on earth that still "anoint" their Kings with a special, "Holy Oil" that is believed to be consecrated, and thereby blessed, by God Himself. These two distinct nations are none other than Britain and Israel. Also today, those who control global events to the extent of their Satanic ability are increasingly attempting to make it seem the Antichrist will be the very Messiah figure the world needs. To some extent, they will be behind some of the crisis leading up to 2019-2021 and be initially in control of the world after 2022 up until the time they give everything over to the Beast, including the vastness of their accumulated power and wealth. Of course, since much of the world, even the Jews themselves, are somewhat aware of how the Revelation prophecies (or their own similar-unfolding cultural end-time prophecies) unfold, while at the same time, remain completely ignorant of how God's prophecies will actually unfold, the powers in league with Satan and behind the Antichrist will first bring about a series of seeming fulfillments of prophecy, just to make the Antichrist appear he is exactly what the world needs after the coming Global Reset.

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Jews Will Accept Antichrist Because They Still Reject Jesus as Messiah
To understand more completely how the Jews to this day have set their vain imaginations apart from I AM THAT I AM, God and His Son, one need only view the above video as the Jews make their case, point by point, of how supposedly Jesus couldn't ever be the Messiah. And yet every single point made in this video is easily refuted highlighting their maligned understanding of their own Scriptures. Clearly, as proven in their own history, the Jews have time and time again placed themselves in error regarding the things of God, and His Word. They'd be the first to admit it, because they cannot gainsay against it. They have made idols to golden calves even while Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments, they've adopted some of the Occult religious beliefs from surrounding ancient pagan nations into their own, and have even worshipped the "gods" (Shedim; translated demons) of surrounding nations, the historical accounts of which also appears in their own Scriptures. From the clear proof therefore, does any of that sound like Jews ever had a solid or secure understanding in the way God thinks and what He desires for them? No, it does not. In fact, they went into captivity into Egypt, into Babylon, and into Assyria, only to later have to live under the control of Greece, then Rome, because of their many errors in regard to their own great misunderstanding regarding their God, let alone Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is why Jews will once again be completely blindsided by what's coming upon them in the near future, with the (false) Messiah they will choose. As seen in the video above, Jews are especially high-minded on the topic of Christ, believing that every word that falls from their mouths are God's own feelings on the matter, because they are Jews, and we are not. Well, this is not only ironic, but vapid, when considering how they've been collectively wrong so many times before in regard to their own ancient God and His ways, weighed against their own ways that they've vainly made into a god. Because they've completely deceived themselves with the Talmud and Zohar (that led to the Satanic Kabbalah) in addition to the strange way they interpret the Old Testament, to not see Christ all through it, have they missed out on what would have been a saving miracle for them in the first century, right up until this very moment. Even after death, the resurrected Christ explicitly showed His shocked followers precisely where in the Jewish Scriptures came all of the prophetic Scriptures regarding both His first and second advents, and how He fulfilled each and every one, starting with Genesis 3:15 itself. It is right there, where the Jews have completely closed their minds, not understanding how the Jewish Messiah was to show God's Power and strength through humility, at first, only to return after two thousand years (see "two days" of Hosea 6:2, understanding that a "day to the Lord is 1,000 years") to destroy all of the armies encompassed round about Jerusalem, during Armageddon.

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In other words, both they and their first century ancestors made a choice to become willingly blind toward seeing all of the many Messianic prophecies about Yeshua's first appearing as a humble Healer, as clearly mentioned in their own Scriptures, to instead choosing only to focus on the much more hero-like 'Conquering Messiah' that destroys Israel's enemies outright. Destroying Israel's enemies Jesus will do, at His return, and He must return because Israel is about to make the biggest plunder of its existence when allowing the Antichrist to become their Messiah. Amazing, and quite sad as it is, you can clearly see in the above video how they're setting themselves up for just that. In fact, their short-sighted interpretations of the Scriptures have only moved themselves further from God all the more, despite they having the land once again. What they think is some kind of reward of having Israel returned to them (after 1,878 years) is not a reward for their holding on to Judaism, as they believe, but God is keeping His promise to Abraham, as well as bringing back His Son, and because the prophecies state the Messiah comes to Israel at the end of days, to save it, Christ's return becomes all the more vital to why Israel exists now and why Jews should be paying a little more attention. But will they? Of course not. What did Yeshua say of the Jewish priests and scribes of His first advent? He said they have made themselves spiritually blind and deaf, even spiritually "dead," regarding the living embodiment of the Scriptures that Christ when He dutifully became the Law of Moses and the fulfillment of the Prophets, even taking upon Himself an ever greater punishments for those who sinned against the Law, with each stripe on His back given to us for healing, and each drop of His Blood for redemption. For if the Jews knew Abraham or Moses, they'd be the first to understand that Yeshua was their King sent from Heaven, and yes, the literal Son of God, and man. Speaking of Himself, Yeshua told them that He is not only their Messiah, He is of the I AM THAT I AM, that is to say, the Father and the Son, of whom Christ told the Jewish priests, that "I and my Father are One," as well as "If you've seen the Son, you've seen the Father." This, however, remained a completely foreign concept to them, as it still does to this very moment. So, while worshipping what they perceive to be God, they deny both the Father and Son, even that same I AM [Father] that I AM [Son], who led them out of bondage from Egypt, as well as cast them out of Israel for their not recognizing I AM, the Son. Let he who has eyes to see and ears to hear read Psalms 2 again for clarity. I will now go point by point and refute the eight points of Jewish ignorance about the Lord Jesus Christ, as given by Rabbi Tovia Singer in the video above.

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1] There has been an "ingathering of the exiles" starting first with a large exile of more than two-million Jews fleeing Russia for America from 1880 to 1920, of whom a great number later emigrated to Israel after 1948. Since 1948, millions more have made "Aliyah" to Israel. Of course, the Jews misinterpret this point by believing there are still "Lost Tribes of Israel" that will return to Israel when the Jewish-desired Messiah (the Antichrist) has come, a belief that will seemingly be "fulfilled" by Antichrist when he and his False (Elijah) Prophet claim Europe, and chief among them, Great Britain to be where they will find these supposed Lost Tribes. Here again, Antichrist will present the Jews all that they've misinterpreted the Scriptures to become (by rejecting Christ) and therefore still expect to see. Again, what we call Jews today are the majority collective of the original tribes of Israel, meaning, the House of Israel and Judah is already combined. As Christians, we believe that this prophecy will have its ultimate fulfillment when Christ will bring countless "exiles" into that eternal Zion within God's New Heaven and New Earth to come.

2] The Knowledge of God has covered the world, in that Jesus is not only the world's most famous Jew, Messiah, and King, His Christianity has become the largest populated religion in all of history, far outnumbering that of either Islam or Judaism itself. Moreover, His Gospel, morality and teachings have systematically filtered down into many of our most important laws today that emphasize truth and justice over Godless immorality or anarchy. Furthermore, the Scriptures speak of a time when the Gospel of Christ will have literally been heard by every single tribe, culture and nation, upon which, the end of time will then come.

3] The resurrection of the dead certainly has happened and is happening every single day since Christ was crucified and paved the path for those who were dead, both spiritually and physically to live again, even eternally in the presence of both the Father and Son. Therefore, the Jews seem to pick and choose their own interpretations of these major points that they have against Christ, even as Christ has amazingly fulfilled each and every one of them, but not in ways they want to see or expect. This again goes right back to the great pride of the Jews, who have set their minds as such that only they can interpret God's own Word better than God Himself. It is right there they make their greatest error. In that overwhelming pride, they would scoff right here, however, wasn't it they who argued God's Word with God Himself? Moreover, wasn't it God's words coming through the mouth of John the Baptist (His Elijah) when countering that great blinding pride of the Pharisees by telling them that God could easily make "children of Abraham" out of mere rocks? "But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: And think not to say within yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father' for I say unto you, that God is able to turn these stones into the children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire." I find John's prophetic words here most intriguing, as he mixes both irony and dual prophecy by asking of them 'Who has warned the likes of you to flee the wrath to come?' John is of course referencing Christ Himself, who warns Christian-hating Jews to flee from Jerusalem when they shall SEE the Antichrist sitting in the Temple. The irony is also there, because Jews will suddenly believe all of the New Testament upon seeing one of its horrific prophecies, regarding Antichrist, coming true before their very eyes, even as they will choose that same accursed one to become their (false) Moshiach," that shall forever stand as the greatest irony of the Jews. "Blessed is he who doesn't have to see, to believe."

4] The rebuilding of the Temple will occur after the Battle of Gog and Magog, in a time just before the Antichrist arises to deceive the Jewish people. In fact, because the Third Temple is built, is one of the most important factors why Israel will be deceived by the Antichrist, because he is either instrumental in its creation, or arrives just after it is built. Insomuch as the Jews have never as yet even realized that Jesus spoke in truth when He announced that He is the Temple of God, of whom the Jews shall destroy, and He will rebuild in three days, to mean that when Christ was resurrected in three days, He became God's more perfect Temple by which both Jews and Gentiles alike could afterward enter into, and obtain forgiveness for their personal sins. One of the primary purposes for the First and Second Temples, was for its designated High Priest to offer a national atonement of sins thru the sacrificing of certain animals, namely a perfect lamb without blemish or spot, so that sins could be forgiven. In this, it has never entered into the proud Jewish heart or mind that God would ever send His own eternal and begotten Son, or that He even has such a Son, to become the Temple's more perfect and eternal sacrifice for all sins, not just of Israel, but for anyone who accepts God plan of Salvation. This is not to say that there won't be a need for a Third Temple to be built, because even the Scriptures prophesy that a Third Temple is coming, however, we need to understand that a physical Temple, built with concrete and human hands is only a temporary representation on earth of God's more perfect spiritual Temple in Heaven. It can safely be said that Jews have erred regarding the interpretation of their own Scriptures since the death of Moses. By the time we arrive today, in their belief that the Temple will be rebuilt when Israel's chooses a Messiah, whom we know will be the Antichrist, goes a long way to prove just how much the Jews have erred. They also cannot account for Christ being crowned as Israel's future King, Lord and Messiah who shall sit in that same Temple after His Return, and upon its cleansing. As soon as Christ enters the Third Temple, and sits upon its Throne, 1,000 years of universal peace shall begin, after which shall a New Earth and New Heaven unite God with the eternal spirits of mankind forever.

5] Universal peace shall begin as soon as Jews recognize Christ as their only Messiah. What's really interesting here is that Israel could have already been well into 2,000 years of peace already, had they accepted Christ while He yet walked among them. In effect, collectively, the Jews will only remove their own blindness to who Christ is when they literally see Christ coming back to them from Heaven, to destroy he is who destroying them, which instantly shows them on every level, just how they erred when Christ, their True Messiah and King, has to return to save them from their chosen (false) messiah king. In fact, the first century Jewish notion that their Messiah would come to destroy the Roman Empire is precisely why the Jews ultimately rejected Jesus Christ, not understanding that because of their rejection, Christ would have to come again to destroy all of the many more global enemies that are yet to encamp round about Jerusalem during Armageddon, led by the Revived Roman Empire of the Antichrist. So to say God is not finished with Israel would be an understatement. The entire Tribulation drama that will befall the world is precisely to bring Jewish hearts and minds around to seeing Jesus Christ for what He always was, their conquering Messiah, even their only Messiah, and God's only Begotten Son.

6] All the Jewish people will return to the God of their forefathers only after they witness the great miracle of divine protection upon Israel during the Battle of Gog and Magog, when God shall supernaturally destroy the armies of Russia, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Turkey. Immediately after this battle, shall they then rebuild the Temple, and only then, shall they begin to cry out for a Messianic King to lead them. Enter Antichrist and his faux peace.

7] As mentioned, upon His defeating of the Antichrist (the Jewish false messiah) at Armageddon, when Christ is finally seated in the Temple on that 1,335th day, and is recognized and thus anointed as the King of the Jews, by the Jews, only then will the rest of the planet finally be at rest, and a time not seen since before the moment Satan tempted Eve, shall result. In those days, shall the Jews finally understand the whole of the Scriptures, even that of the New Testament, but moreover, how the first and second advents of the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach was prophesied over 300 times in the Jewish Bible alone. For 1,000 years there shall be a universal understanding of God's Son among all the tribes of the earth. This shall finally fulfill the Scripture regarding "through Abraham's seed, shall all nations be blessed" for Christ will indeed save the world, spiritually, but moreover, also in the literal sense, as well.

8] Jesus is not only a direct descendant of King David, as I prove, He is King David's literal Son. While Jews still love to limit God's power, what did Gabriel say unto Mary? Nothing is impossible with God. Thus, how difficult was it for the Creator of everything to remove King David's seed/DNA and use it to impregnate Mary? Did not the same 'I AM' say unto David "You are a man after my own heart"? After God's heart did He make a Man of whom would be God, even the Son of man being the Son of God. In fact, the New Testament itself opens with these obviously important words: "This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, who is the son of David..." Regardless of this Rabbi in the video placing this as his sixth and final point to make, as to why Jesus supposedly could never be their Messiah, this same point made is precisely why Jesus Christ is their Messiah. More intelligent minds can see right thru all of this and can easily conclude that by the same reasons why Jews reject Christ today, will be the very same reasons why they will accept the Antichrist tomorrow. For the Antichrist will have ready-made "proofs" tailored for them to answer these six points they make in regard to a Messiah of whom they would follow. In other words, Satan knows what the blind Jews desire most from a Messiah, and so, he will ensure those very same attributes are fully met in his Son, the Antichrist, to deceive them. Indeed, some of these future proofs needed to be made have already been 'proven,' insomuch as the Antichrist (that future Jews will accept as their Messiah) will be able to have his genealogy traced back to King David. This is precisely why the Aryan-Satanic elites periodically cause a stir surrounding the so-called Grail lineage, even as the Scriptures tells us that they'll deceive Israel, and the world, with "vain legends and endless genealogies." Ultimately, what the Jews still cannot understand is how Jesus not only fulfilled all of Jewish Messianic Scripture given in regard for His first advent, but He also became the living embodiment of their Torah. Thus, instead of worshipping the direct manifestation of the Torah itself, that is Christ, the Jews instead worship their now skewed rabbinical and Occult-infused Kabbalistic ideas of what they vainly believe the Torah has become, in their minds. But further than that, the Jews want to remain continually blind to the Pre-Incarnate Deity named 'I AM,' who is Son to the Father 'I AM', that has appeared multiple times to the patriarchs of the Old Testament itself, such as Moses (Christ was the voice speaking to Moses from the burning bush) and to Abraham, who led him out of Ur to settle a new nation. In one instance, Abraham even served Christ refreshments at his tent, as Christ told Abram and Sarai of their yet to be born child to be named Isaac. And so, I ask any Jewish person reading this, who do you think Jacob (later named Israel) wrestled with? Was that merely an Angel who would not give his name, seeing as how it would reveal a great mystery, or the "Angel of the Lord"? How ironic it is, therefore, this name given as Israel, by God, for the Jewish nation STILL wrestles with their God [I AM] and King [I AM] to this very day.

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This is exactly why Christ told the Jewish Priests of His day, that He won't be their judge, but that Moses Himself shall stand against them in Judgment, for Moses was the author of the Torah, and Moses foreknew that God's only begotten Son is not only the eternal Messianic King of Israel, but His own Creator. After all, it was Moses who first penned the Scripture citing mankind's own creation as follows: "Let US make man in OUR own image and likeness," of which King David later added 'Who is this, my Lord that speaks to my Lord?' Insomuch as the Jews have never understood how or why God would need a Son, it was perfectly understood by those elder Jewish patriarchs, ancient prophets, and anterior kings closest to the Lord that knew God's Son was the Father's manifested Divine Word and Love, literally, and as Moses and David knew, that one day this same Son of God would become flesh, even the 'Son of Man.' Moreover, much of the Jewish Law itself (of which Jews still revere to this very day) was prophetic in regard to Christ's life and Crucifixion. In fact, Yeshua HaMoshiach (Jesus Christ) was both the Word and the Law made flesh. Thus, the law, being temporary, served its intended purpose for early Israel in that it would bring Jews a temporary way to absolve sins until the Messiah came. Moreover, the Law was to serve as the prophetic template by which Jews would recognize Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law. However, because the Jews became tainted by a) their own pride of those same religious traditions, in effect, making a God out of the religion itself, and b) Because Jews absorbed certain pagan religions of surrounding nations and incorporated them into Judaism (that later manifested themselves into the Kabbalah, Talmud, and Zohar) they did NOT recognize their own God of the Torah, as was intended. This, despite the Scriptures making it very clear in Psalms Chapter 2, written by their own King David, that the Messiah is THE SON OF GOD. Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) is the literal, spiritual/physical manifestation of God's eternal love. In other words, Jesus is God's perfect love, personified, literally, made in the form of a Spirit/Man, and as God's only *begotten* Son. In short, the Son is literally *part* of the Father, who existed in Spirit before He was ever born of woman. This is what the Jews have never understood, of how the I AM that I AM, is the Father (I AM) and Son (I AM) who are made One God, as they both share the same Holy Spirit. Neither have the Babylon-tainted rabbinical Jews ever interpreted Isaiah 53 correctly to ever determine that the Messiah, as God's Son, was also Israel's eternal Passover Lamb of God, who came to teach, heal, but also to suffer and be killed. The Jews, being less spiritual to ever see that, could not understand why Yeshua just didn't kill the occupying Roman armies outright, like Jews were expecting the Messiah to do in their misinterpretation of Zechariah. In so doing, as Israel's eternally perfect Passover Lamb, Yeshua would take on all of Israel's (and the world's) collective sins as well as the punishments for those sins, to arise victorious on the other side of death three days later.

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Therefore, because He was sinless in life, Christ's shed Holy Blood at death became the perfect atonement acceptable to God, for both the Law, as well as every sin made past, present, and future that was formerly beholden to the Law. This is why Jesus said that His (first advent) coming was to fulfill what was written of Him in the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets, while it is at His (second advent) Second Coming, that He is forced to destroy the many armies who've come to destroy Jerusalem during the reign of the Antichrist. So, despite their heavy loyalty to the Torah, and within that service to the Occult Talmud and Kabbalah, aside from the Prophets who wrote under direction of the Holy Spirit, the Jews have never understood their own Scriptures, exactly as Jesus proved, because He is there throughout the Old Testament. God revealed Himself to both the Old (and New) Testament prophets who wrote down what the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of the Father and of the Son) commanded them to write, thus, while God's prophets of old understood the fuller meaning of God's epic plan of Salvation, the vast majority of rabbinical Jews that came after understood not. In large part, this has been the Jewish dilemma since Moses came down from Sinai and found his people worshipping a golden calf. Verily, as religious Jews never understood the things of God, they have understood even less about Satan, their greatest enemy of all. In so doing, they have unwittingly allowed Satan to enter closer among them, and his only desire for them is to complete his ancient plan of genocide of the entire House of Israel and their descendants. Today, Jews don't have to literally worship a false idol of gold to be blinded, as their skewed Judaism has become a golden calf all its own. Why? Because their religion gets in the way of God's plan of Salvation for them, via His Son, Yeshua Ha-Moshiach, Jesus the Christ. So when they say that the Second Coming of Christ is "proof" that Jesus is not the Messiah, it should be understood that Christ returns to save Israel from the future genocide caused by the very 'messiah' that Jews eventually allow to obtain 'the honor of the Kingdom [of Zion]'. Try telling that to Jews today, and I have, and you'll be met with immediate anger and overwhelming ignorance, by which they have already allowed Satan to have completely blinded them, that, by default, is tethered to their own hatred and/or misunderstanding of their true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Case in point, I give you the following video, by a Israeli Rabbi named Yair Davidy, who preaches that modern England (and moreover their Royals) are a "Lost Tribe of Israel," as well as literal descendants of King David, which again, is a total set-up for the coming Nazi-inspired Antichrist, by which Satan will achieve his five "I Wills" through King William V.

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And His disciples asked Him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say unto you, Elijah has come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they desired. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. Then the disciples understood that He was speaking to them about John the Baptist.

Matthew 17:1-13; The Holy Bible

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the [first] coming of the Lord, and he shall turn the [religious] heart of the fathers toward the children, and the heart of the children back to their [fore]fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with cursing.

Malachi 4:5-6; The Holy Bible

And Elijah answered and said to the captain of fifty, If I be a man of God, then let fire come down from Heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And there came down fire from Heaven, and consumed him and his fifty. I beheld another Beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb yet spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first Beast and causeth the earth to worship the Beast whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders, even making fire come down from heaven.

2 Kings 1:10; Revelation 13:11-13; The Holy Bible

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, that shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect.

Matthew 24:24; The Holy Bible

This book will show that much of what we know about the Antichrist points to the conclusion that his goal is to deceive the world into believing that the Messiah has come, that the Messiah is, in fact, God, and that he deserves the worship of the world. His destruction of the enemies of Israel in Daniel 11:40–45, his seven-year covenant, his rebuilding of the temple and starting the daily sacrifice, his eventual ending of the sacrifices and sitting in the temple to accept worship, his making Jerusalem the capital of the world, even his promotion by the False Prophet who, this book argues, will claim to be Elijah.

Chris White, False Christ: Will the Antichrist Claim to Be the Jewish Messiah?

The Appearance of the False Prophet Believed to be the Prophet "Elijah"
Malachi 4:5-6 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the [first] coming of the Lord, and he shall turn the [religious] heart of the fathers toward the children, and the heart of the children back to their [fore]fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with cursing. This preceding Malachi Scripture is the final two verses of the Jewish Bible which ends quite dramatically with God demanding that His people return to the religious roots of their ancestors (before they became corrupted by the religions of their Egyptian, Babylonian, and Assyrian captors) or God will send a strong curse (see Deuteronomy 30:19, Matthew 27:25, Ezekiel 39:23-29 for a mystery revealed). Revelation 13:11 uses "earth" to indicate Israel, and as God would have it, Revelation 13:11 is referencing the False Prophet. Thus, in so many ways God is speaking to the fact that there is coming a False Prophet to Israel, and he shall appear like Elijah, but nonetheless, shall speak like the Dragon (Antichrist/Satan.) Naturally, because they rejected both Christ and His stated "Elijah" in John the Baptist (see Matthew 11:13-15, 17:11-13), the Jews of today are still expecting Elijah to arrive soon in order so that he reveals to them the identity of their Messiah, of whom we already know is the Antichrist. Thus, what Malachi was actually referring to, by saying that Elijah must first come to show Israel their Messiah, was fulfilled in John the Baptist who 'came in the spirit of Elijah,' which is also to say that if the Jews accepted John as such, then they would have also accepted Christ. They did not, on both counts. In fact, the promise of Elijah's return is so pervasive in the collective Jewish mindset, to this day, that it's become part of the overall Passover tradition itself. Each Passover, Jews will leave a seat at their table open for Elijah, with the hope that he returns and guides Israel. He will, but not from God. Satan, therefore, will deceptively provide Israel exactly what they expect. Enter the False Prophet Elijah, a demonic figure having 'two horns like a lamb, but speaking like a Dragon' that is to say, he is seemingly Holy (as Jews determine "holiness" to be) and arrives on God's behalf soon after the Battle of Gog and Magog. He will astonish Israel in that day, and shall call forth for the rebuilding of the Jewish Third Temple, where the Dome of the Rock stands today. As a result, the world will have not one, but two twin spiritual strongholds in that era coming, Glastonbury and Jerusalem. The rather interesting parallels between the coming False Prophet, and Elijah begin with 1 and 2 Kings where we read that Elijah, as the Prophet of God, came up against the prophets of the demon-god Baal, whom the Jewish people of the time were heavily being persuaded by, so much so Elijah had to ask them: “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is your God, then follow him.” The Biblical account goes on to say that the people said nothing, being undecided, and it was given to Elijah to come across the pagan "prophets of Baal," who challenged him of His Holy God's power, that was to measured against the power of Baal. In a single instant, Elijah commanded fire down from Heaven, and it consumed every single pagan among them who came in the name of their Satanic Baal.

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This tells us many things, including that such overt displays of supernatural power, as they appeared in the Old Testament era, will again be on full display just before and certainly during the time of the Antichrist. Therefore, from the account of such power as commanded by Elijah, we must also assume that any coming false Elijah to appear to have the same power of similarly devised evocation. So is it any wonder that God has made sure to inform us in Revelation 13:13, that, indeed, the False Prophet himself, when in the sight of the Antichrist, shall likewise "command fire from Heaven" exactly as the prophet Elijah infamously did? Then you have to consider who might the False Prophet, as if in revenge, might be setting ablaze with such supernatural fire? Perhaps the Prophets of God, that is to say, anyone who believes in Christ and is indwelt by Him? The next thing we can glean is even more of a conjecture on my part. Knowing the many Biblical ironies and ironic fulfillments approaching that come full circle within the Tribulation, might it be that even as the true Prophet Elijah came up against Baal and his "False Prophets," that it should be the False Prophet himself that is possessed by the Arch-Demon, Baal, to deceive the people of Israel all over again, albeit this time from the side of perceived "good"? Certainly, Israel will be deceived from the notions put forth by the False Prophet that the Antichrist is their Messiah, just as Israel will be entirely deceived by the False Prophet, as their own ancient patriarch that has brought the ancient "power of God" into their future era. In that regard, of deceiving the Jewish people to force their belief into thinking any European could be their Messiah, I've already concluded that the False Prophet will make great use of, and twist, 1Kings 11:33-39, Ezekiel 44:1-3, Jeremiah 17:25, Isaiah 60:1-11, among others, to make a certain British Royal to falsely appear to be something of Divine origin, thus presenting him fulfilling certain key ancient Scriptures outlined only for that of Israel's true Messiah. All the supposed great miracles attributed to both the False Prophet and the Antichrist will completely stun the world and especially the relatively young Jewish State who still struggles to find its national identity in an evil world that increasingly is coming against its own right to exist. Many Jews today see their present historical identity, or lack thereof, being intrinsically linked to three events which have yet to be fulfilled: 1) The Battle of Gog and Magog, 2) the Temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem, and 3) the arrival of (the False) Elijah who directs Israel toward their (false) Messiah. Just as in ancient times, religious Jews today still have the same many requirements for one to be considered their Messiah, yet those same requirements are becoming increasingly more liberalized in their interpretations as the New Age movement has seemingly worked to target Jews and their "rigid belief system." The end result of this British-Israelism belief upon the minds of the Jewish people, therefore, serves to soften up the masses before the False Prophet arrives, who shall confirm every facet of its inherently false teaching.

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While the world, including teachers of prophecy, seem to overlook the False Prophet, especially naming his elusive identity, understanding the nature of this Second Beast is key to understanding how Satan plans to deceive Israel into accepting his Son, the Antichrist, as their Messiah overall. To help, God has provided us Revelation 13 that clearly describes two Beasts rising, one from the earth (interpreted as Israel) and one from the sea (a foreign or island nation), and since Israel did not accept the True Messiah Jesus Christ or His Prophet in John the Baptist, they are today still waiting for Moshiach Ben David (Antichrist) and Moshiach Ben Yoseph (The False Prophet) to arrive, and despite the names given to the Beasts in Revelation, it will be the Second Beast 'Elijah' appearing to Israel first, with the First Beast Antichrist 'Messiah' appearing after. And I cannot underscore this enough, but this is exactly how Satan shall deceive them by providing Jews exactly what they expect, that is to say that Elijah must arrive to finally reveal to them their Messiah. God help the Jewish people. If this is the case, then what is the actual meaning and fulfillment of the prophecy in Malachi about Elijah returning shortly before the Day of the Lord? The actual truth of its fulfillment is clearly told to us in Revelation Chapter 11 and connected to the Transfiguration event, for both Moses and Elijah shall return to the people of Israel during the Tribulation period. As prophesied, these Two Witnesses are sent from Heaven immediately after the Antichrist confirms a seven year Peace Covenant with Israel, after which, during the next 1,260 days the Two Witnesses shall preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Jews during that time, telling the people of Israel they have just made a deal with the Devil, literally. Moses and Elijah will also display great supernatural power from God, counteracting the power from Satan that is given to both the Antichrist and his False Prophet. Naturally many Jews at that time having just accepted the seemingly God-sent and admirable Messiah (Antichrist), will at first, have major difficulty believing he is actually Satan in the flesh. However, over time, the Two Witnesses will have their dramatic effect over the Jews in Israel, and so shall a great many turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and become Tribulation saints, or as Christ more specifically called them "the very elect," even those who cannot be anymore persuaded by Satan's Beast, nor his False Prophet, nor any of the lesser demonic-possessed false christs and false prophets who shall also arise at that time.

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For this is the very purpose of the Tribulation and the Antichrist himself (as God uses him) to make Believers in Christ out of the proud and spiritually hard-hearted Jews, period, full stop. In fact, during that first half of the Tribulation, the Jews will become so evil under their (false) Messiah's reign, that they will desire to kill their fellow Jews who haven't been so persuaded to believe in the many powerful lies of the Antichrist or his False Prophet. In contrast, other Jews within the Antichrist's Kingdom will bypass God completely, in those days, and return to worshipping demons, such as Molech, Chemosh and Baal, the demonic gods of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Assyria, for the very same reason their ancestors did before. Many Jews in those days during the first half of the Tribulation will have their hearts renewed to (metaphysical) Judaism, and as a result, they shall serve as Jewish priests, Rabbi's, teachers, scribes, judges and magistrates who have completely bought into the Antichrist and False Prophet's global New Age version of Occult-Kabalistic Judaism. We know this because the Scriptures in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 tell us that a time will come when Antichrist shall turn on the newly-converted Christian Messianic Jews, and have them rounded up and brought before Synagogue's, where rabbi's, judges, and magistrates have them either killed, imprisoned, or scattered among the nations. Immediately after the Tribulation of those days, shall Antichrist and his Gentile armies turn on Israel, and conquer Jerusalem itself, killing anyone in their path as they make their way toward the Third Temple, where Antichrist finds the Two Witnesses guarding the entrance of the Temple. Supernatural as they were, able to cause droughts and every other manner of plague against Antichrist's Kingdom for 1,260 days prior, the Scriptures declare that the Two Witnesses are no match and the Antichrist shall supernaturally kill them where they stand. After which, Antichrist enters the Holy of Holies (much like King Antiochus IV did in the First Temple period, which is why Christ called the future Antichrist "The Abomination that makes [the Temple] Desolate") and declares himself to be God. As the rest of the deceived Gentile world celebrates the Antichrist's victory, giving gifts to one another asking 'Who can make war with the Beast?', the remaining Jews that haven't fled Jerusalem, are likewise killed in similar manner. Revelation 11:11 tells us that while these [Two Witnesses] Two Towers of God fell, and their destruction was televised worldwide, the power of the Holy Spirit shall enter their bodies and they shall rise again three days later (like Christ), and ascend into Heaven. The Great Tribulation, that lasts for an additional 1,290 days will initiate, and only those Jews who will take heed of what Christ commanded of them in Matthew 24, to flee into the Judean wilderness, will be saved when Michael the Archangel is to stand up as a Prince for his people, leading them into a place of refuge "from the [human] face of the Serpent" as Revelation 12 calls the Antichrist.

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An Analysis of the Future Antichrist's False Peace for Israel
Daniel 11:21,24,38-39, 8:24-25, 9:26-27, 1Thessalonians 5:3; Luke 21:24; Matthew 24:3,14-16 There shall arise a Vile Man, to whom they [Jews] shall not give the Honor of the Kingdom [title of the Messiah], but he shall come in peaceably and shall obtain the Kingdom [of Israel] by [lies] flatteries; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches, and he shall forecast his devices against the strongholds, even for a time. But in his estate shall he honor the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honor with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge [and] increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy supernaturally and shall prosper; and he shall destroy the mighty and Holy People. And through his [peace] policy shall he also cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by [a false] peace shall he destroy many. The Prince that shall come, shall afterwards destroy the City and the Sanctuary [yet first] he shall confirm the covenant of peace with many for seven years; and in the middle of seven years shall he then cause a terrible and unholy destruction. For when they shall say, Peace and safety then sudden destruction shall cometh upon them, as travail upon a [pregnant] woman with child and they shall not escape. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles [Europeans], until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. And as He sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto Him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the Sign of thy coming, and of the End of the World? Nation shall rise against nation, wars and rumors of war, famine, earthquakes, floods, yet when ye [Jews in Israel] shall *see* the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet stand in the Temple, then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: For then shall be Great Tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to that time.'

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As mentioned, some within Freemasonry have been for over a century now the lies about their own Anglo-heritage somehow being linked to the nation of Israel, and yet the reasons the outer-caste of Masons are still to this day deceived with such notions is directly because it will serve the Antichrist's own grandiose claims told about him, in regards to Israel's future deception, in regards to their acceptance of him as their "Messiah." One need only look at how the vain and historically inaccurate beliefs supporting British-Israelism came into the psyche of the Anglo-elitist Cecil Rhodes and his only care was that Anglo-British should rule the world. Underscoring all of these twisted visions of Satan's human followers on this planet only serves, therefore, as a roadmap for Satan to ultimately deceive, divide, then conquer Israel (ancient Zion) for himself. In the case with immortals, as Satan and God are, Satan's War still rages on, even as his own manifesto against God, his original 5 "I Wills" uttered against God so long ago, are to this day what guides him, and ultimately brings him back to Zion, that is to say, Jerusalem. Therefore, Lucifer's ancient and ongoing battle is over the Temple and Throne of God at Zion, the Gateway to Heaven, which is literally where Heaven met earth in the pre-Adamic Age. In fact, because of God's ancient presence atop Mount Zion is the reason why its earthly counterpart called Jerusalem is to this day so contentious among mankind. That first War in Heaven still reverberates among us to this very day. Even though Zion, the Throne of God, and Heaven itself has since been lifted up from the earth, with God, into the Third Heaven (to one day return again to a New Earth as a New Heaven; Revelation 21:2, 10. Hopefully you've already determined why the Anglo-Masonic European nations and specifically the Satanic-serving United States and its master Great Britain need to fortify, promote and "protect" Israel and Zion (Jerusalem) so, as well as why they've always held a vested interest in the land itself. Their god Lucifer demands they carry out his will, and his will is Antichrist. While it seemingly would stand in only Israel's best security interests at heart, it's entirely the opposite. The Satanic Anglo-Elites are hell-bent on first the global jealousy, hatred, and future destruction of the modern State of Israel because that is the ancient dream and sinister desire of their literal father, the Devil. Of the Antichrist "dividing land for gain," it is interesting that Prince William's own Gaulish ancestor in William the Conqueror, commissioned "The Domesday Book" (in December 1085) after the Norman invasion and conquest of England in 1066. The Domesday Book essentially kept division of land and asset records among British and Welsh, including specific hides of land, who owned them, or who were provided them from William himself in his own dividing the land for gain. Needless to say, its two books contained a huge amount of information that eventually led the book to be compared to the books of the Last Judgement and ‘Doomsday Book,’ as described in the Bible, when the deeds of Christians written in the Book(s) of Life are to be opened before God for His judgement over the souls of men.

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When this celestial Round Table manifests on earth, it will be chaired by a Merovingian descendant of King Arthur who was the fabled Guardian of the Grail during his particular era of history. Another New Age book titled 'The Light Shall Set You Free' recalling 'King Arthur's olde mandate' at Glastonbury, confirming that England will be the future center for world Transformation. It will be through 'the Grail in England' that the energies of transformation and ascension will be channeled, which eventually will bring the Earth into the Seventh Golden Age.

Antichrist Accepted as King of a Post-Apocalyptic New World
Revelation 17:8; Daniel 11:23; Revelation 6:2-4 The [spirit of the] Beast shall ascend out of the Abyss and goeth into [the Son of] Perdition. For he shall come up, ascend, and become strong with a small people. Behold a white horse: and he that sat upon it, for a Golden Crown is given him to go forth and conquer. Thus, very much like the Antichrist, upon his own ascension to power, Adolf Hitler surrounded himself with a relatively small group of German men involved with a local secret society named Thule who shared common interests in both the Occult, as well as global domination via racial Aryan ideologies. In similar fashion, Antichrist himself is to ascend among a small society of the most elite, steeped in Satanism and the darkest aspects of his Occult religion, who were from old destined to guide the aging King toward his rule over the world. According to some very obscure works spanning a few Occult texts, this elite group are descendants of the original nine Knights Templar who bound themselves to this ancient work at the time of the Crusades, who themselves grew into the most renown and mysterious Occult order bound by a secret oath by which all secret orders have since spawned from its Satanic root. In this way, has the larger Luciferian Great Work and plan toward Antichrist manifested within the whole of secret societies themselves since at least the dawn of the Crusades, and before. Daniel 11:20-27 Then shall stand up in his estate a Raiser of Taxes for the glory of the Kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle. And in his estate shall stand up a Vile Person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the Kingdom [of Israel]: but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries. And with the arms of a flood shall they all be swept away from his presence, and they shall be broken [killed]; yea, even the prince of the covenant. And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time. And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army; and the king of the south shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him. Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow. And many shall fall down slain. And both of these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table but it shall not prosper, the end is not yet.

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With this, we can now see how the coming Collapse of 2020 dramatically affects events favoring the Antichrist's ascension to power. For after the destruction there is to be a period of global reconstruction, building up the waste places for a period of some years (possibly three), out of which shall arise a great Raiser of Taxes who shall build upon the remnants of ten surviving European nations, a great Revived Roman Empire, and yet, in those days even he is quickly removed from power and taken out of the way. Notice the vocabulary used in verse 22 of Daniel 11, with its detailed description of a flood, that like the Collapse, clears away all former powers that clears the way for the Antichrist's path to power, "even the Prince of the Covenant," as Daniel 11:22 states. As such, with the removal of all former leaders and politicians of the present world system, arises the Vile King to quickly take the reigns of such former powers. The Scriptures then tell us that this newly crowned Antichrist King shall waste no time, but immediately seek out Israel in order to "confirm" a former peace treaty between it and its many neighbors. It is then, almost from his onset, that he begins to work deceitfully against Israel. The Jews, and to an even greater extent, the world itself, will not see the Antichrist as evil during those first 1,260 days after he confirms the peace covenant with Israel, but make no mistake, even as the Scriptures tell us, that behind the scenes, Antichrist will have knowledge of those who also hate the Covenant, meaning the Jews themselves, as much as he does. This is startling, because it also means that while the Antichrist shall be playing out his faked role as the Jewish Messiah, to the point of even engaging in their many laws, sacrifices, and oblations, regarding the Jewish Feast Days and Temple observances, such as sacrificing bullocks, rams, and lambs, he does so only to make it appear he is their prophesied High Priest. All of this, with Antichrist making such ovations to Israel, is only in keeping in with Satan's attempt of gaining access into that Third Temple's Holy of Holies, in order to desecrate "God's Throne" there, thus, setting up the Abomination of Desolation. The prophesied 'Abomination of Desolation' occurs because Antichrist has finally gained all of that which Satan is allowed to attain (his 5 "I Wills"). Once the Jewish Temple is his, Satan sheds his fake Messianic persona and suddenly everyone sees the Antichrist for what he really was, as Satan in the flesh. Many Jews will die on that day, even all of Israel's renown Israeli Army will have been routed by then, rendering Israel almost completely defenseless, leaving 1,290 days called the Great Tribulation, to ensue, when Hell is literally released upon the face of the earth (Revelation 9:11). And yet, all of this begins with something so seemingly innocent, when the Antichrist initiates his role as a seemingly benign global humanitarian for peace, a role that can already be seen today with the many global and humanitarian causes provided him to carry out as a representative of the British Royal Family.

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And he shall speak great words against God (the I AM That I AM, Father and Son). In his estate shall he [Antichrist] honor the god of forces: a god whom his forefathers knew not shall he honor with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus he will take action against the strongest fortresses with the help of a strange god, and he will give great honor to anyone who also worships this strange god.

Daniel 11:37-39, 7:25; Revelation 13:4; 9:20-21; The Holy Bible

Cain has always been at the center of true Satanism, or at the very least placed somewhere within its offspring in Druidism or Witchcraft. Adepts assert it was Cain who first used the Craft to debase God which culminated in the murderous sacrifice of Abel. Robert Graves in his seminal work titled 'The White Goddess' which contains the traditional verse sung during the Witch's Sabbat. Tubal-Cain thus became associated with the most ancient Horned God who is still worshipped the world over.

Aradian Witchcraft: The Worship of Lucifer and Diana

The Hexagram consists of 6 sides, 6 points and 6 smaller triangles, thus 666. Before Revelation was written, 666 stood for the Triple Goddesses as 6 was a sacred number, and still is today in Hinduism and Buddhism. So the story of the Beast 666 in Book of Revelations was a attack on Goddess worship as 666 was also used to represent the Triple Babylonian Goddess Ishtar whom Revelation called, "The Great Whore Of Babylon,"

Goddess Symbolism Within Freemasonry

This necessarily places her in the role of a Goddess figure. And just like the Virgin Mary, the figure of the Magdalen built up by legend, and portrayed in Catholic iconography, has most certainly been patterned on the imagery of the ancient goddess Ishtar or Venus. Mary Magdalen is shown wearing the same headdress in a statue outside the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. Ishtar was actually called “the Mother of Harlots.”

Tracy R. Twyman Interviewed About Rennes-le-Chateau

The Temple of the Great Goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all the world worshippeth. And when they heard these things they were full of wrath and cried out saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians!

Acts 19:27-28; The Holy Bible

The whole spectacle was yet another example of what the Bible condemns as an abomination. Perhaps it was the figure of Diana that John [Book of Revelation author] has in mind when he conjures up the Mother of Harlots. Diana was an ancient Moon Goddess known earlier in Greece as Artemis. Witches had been publicly linked with the worship of Diana in Rome as early as 30 BC in the writings of Horace, Ovid, and Lucan.

A History of the End of the World p. 67; Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 23, 453

And I saw a Woman sit upon a scarlet coloured Beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the Woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a Golden Cup [Satanic Grail] in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her [sexual] fornication ["and the blood of the saints"]. Upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of Abominations of the Earth.

Revelation 17:3-5; The Holy Bible

Before she was removed, Princess Diana had said of William: I believe Wills can rebuild Camelot and I will be his Merlin. Together we will return to the chivalry, pageantry, and glory that was King Arthur. William will remake the Monarchy by showing love, leadership and compassion.

Excerpt from the best-selling book Diana: Life of a Legend

Whenever you have need of anything once a month and when the Moon is full, ye shall assemble in some secret place, or in a forest all together join to adore the potent spirit of your Queen, my Mother, Great Diana.

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 175

In the Typhonian Tradition the Bear is the constellation of Ursa Major. The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Satan to be properly invoked. To the Priory of Sion (the secret, occult organization dedicated to preserving the Merovingian Bloodline), the Bear was an animal of the Goddess Diana. According to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, the authors of The Templar Revelation, ' ...the Merovingian kings, from their founder Merovee to Clovis were 'pagan kings of the cult of Diana.'

The Merovingian Connection

Since the so-called "Enlightenment," mankind has gradually fallen under the spell of the Kabbalah. What we have been taught to believe is "progress" is actually the resurgence of an ancient Satanic pagan fertility cult, epitomized by the Kabbalah. The "god" of the Kabbalah is not god at all. It is Lucifer. Freemasonry is based on the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is based on ancient pagan mythologies which recount the story of an original God who created the Universe, and a usurper god (Lucifer) who eventually defeats God and comes to rule the Universe in His stead. Essentially, the god and the goddess were seen as two aspects of a single god ...Lucifer.

The Kabbalah- The NWO's Satanic Bible

Antichrist Worships Satan in the Form of a New Goddess Religion
Daniel 11:37-39, 7:25; Revelation 13:4; 9:20-21 In his estate shall he [Antichrist] honor the god of forces: a god whom his forefathers knew not shall he honor with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus he will take action against the strongest fortresses with the help of a strange god, and he will give great honor to anyone who also worships this strange god. And the people worshipped the Dragon which gave power unto the Beast, and they worshipped the Beast. And he shall speak great words against [the Male] God, and shall wear out the Saints, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand for forty-two months. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god for he shall magnify himself above all. And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues, repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk. Neither repented they of their murders [human sacrifices], nor of their sorceries (Satanic magick), nor of their fornication (sex magick), nor of their thefts (robbing decreasing natural resources and from those not deemed fit for the Kingdom of the Beast). Once again, we are shown many things in relation to the coming Antichrist-King, with good reason, for even he worships a god, albeit NOT the God that his fathers worshipped. Therefore, if we are to narrow down the Antichrist's identity, the question immediately becomes, which God did "his fathers" worship? This is easily answered once you discover who Prince William's, and indeed, his fathers from Princess Diana's lineage include, such as King James, the same King whose name graces every King James Bible since 1611. So not only does William's distinct Merovingian (Cainite) genealogy supposedly grant him access to the Throne of Israel's Jewish Messiah, via British-Israelism, this future King William V can even make the claim to Christians that he carries direct descent from King James, the creator of the King James Bible itself.

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Society today is increasingly being tempted by Witchcraft and 'Earth Magic' as if its in their hereditary given to them by Eve, who was also tempted by Satan with such powers over God's world. Gaia, or Mother Nature worship, who is already regarded as God by Wiccans, and God, by their account, is Feminine, not Masculine. Interestingly, in the days and months following the death of Princess Diana, many grieved so intensely by her untimely devise, that they claimed to be receiving messages from her from beyond the grave. Many have forgotten that her presence in this world was that strong. And, who can deny that William's intense love and longing to see her again is so strong, that he would love nothing better than to be able to have her at his side once more, and together, they could set the world to right. Satan knows perfectly how to tempt his Antichrist candidate. You might remember Diana's famous line about her being William's Merlin, and he rebuilding a global Camelot with her help. Strange, for a mother to say about a son who at that time was merely a child. Perhaps she did know something much more of his fate than she formerly let on. At any rate, it becomes a matter of necessity to discern and interpret this prophecy about the Antichrist worshipping a God[dess] of Forces, of whom his ancestors never knew, perhaps never knowing because she wasn't alive in their day? Amazingly, and fitting here, both the Romans, Ephesians, and the ancient Celts worshipped a Goddess Diana, so much so that her name even appears in the New Testament, when describing how fierce her worshippers were, to deny God Himself in favor of "the Great Diana." The same Bible also tell us, that even though the then Satanic-possessed Antichrist will have no longer desire mortal women, at some point in his future, he will, however, very likely replace his personal loss of a Divine Feminine by instituting a Mother Goddess, for the world. One need only look at the way the New Age movement has been propagating their Mother Earth - Gaia - Goddess figure deity, and her power over so-called Earth Magick, to understand that all of that former brainwashing of pagan Witchcraft and needing a Goddess, instead of a God, over the period of several centuries served as the lead up to when Antichrist (possessed by Lucifer himself) will initiate Goddess worship globally. In other words, Antichrist is merely keeping within the family pagan tradition when de deceived entire nations into worshipping Venus, Isis, Diana, Ishtar, Columbia, Cerridwen, Rhianna, or Hecate, as opposed to the very male Godhead. One example of Satan leading his followers toward a balanced blending of male and female godly worship was seen in the transgendered fe-male hermaphrodite deity of the Satanic-worshipping Knights Templar, called Baphomet. I strongly believe in his twisted desire to be included within the male Trinity, Lucifer originally proposed to bring his newly defined homo-feminine energy to supposedly "balance" the dominating male energy of the Godhead. Of course, this would also mean Lucifer was actually demanding to unite with the Holy Spirit to become part of God Himself. Our Creator was not persuaded. Thank God.

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Since the future World Church of the Antichrist will be rooted in ancient Babylonian paganism whose ancient Goddesses are still venerated by millions worldwide and because the Antichrist has already been determined to be both Biblically connected to ancient Greco-Roman as well as Celtic proto-culture, certainly this Goddess who shall be received as central to any Antichrist Church must be one that was worshipped in the ancient world, including Rome and Dark Ages Britain, right up until to the present day. As such, Diana was not only vehemently worshipped and violently adored in the ancient world, she is still being invoked as a relevant Goddess right up until the modern age. The name Diana is not lost in its eerie coincidence to that of Prince William's mother, herself seen as the modern version of a benevolent Goddess figure adored the world over, in life, and even more so in death. Also interesting is the fact that Princess Diana was buried in Althorp on a small isle surrounded by water, recalling the timeless Arthurian Lady of the Lake saga. Even the Scriptures cite how Diana was held in such high regard among those who withheld not to invoke her name at the dawn of Christianity, which still holds true today. The Goddess Diana is so intertwined within modern Witchcraft that those invoking her name in their blood rituals are known as Dianic Witches, and it shall be Witchcraft (and its male counterpart, Celtic Druidism) that shall make up the core belief system of the future New Age Church of Antichrist. The Scriptures of Revelation 9:20-21 and 1Timothy 4:3 detail a future time when people accepting the Antichrist religion will worship demons in the form of idols, as well as abstaining from eating meats and partaking in marital sex (or the Godly institution of marriage will be banned altogether in Antichrist's Kingdom). For just as Christ will be given over in Marriage to His Church which is called Virgin [Revelation 19:7-9], so shall the Antichrist have his counterfeit Church, albeit a Whore. Instead of having Christ's Blood wash away the sins of man, Satan uses Christ's Blood(line) to perpetuate the Antichrist's washing of man's minds. Instead of being built on God's Truth, it is built on lies, from the original liar to mankind who since Eden has sought to destroy man. Witches today want to erode the Bible in favor of Witchcraft that place women above man, as Satan adores for his own twisted purposes of deception, as goddess above God. Now we know why the Antichrist's Goddess, was a 'god whom his father's knew not,' because his fathers, meaning his ancestors going back hundreds to thousands of years, couldn't have ever seen, let alone have known of Diana Spencer specifically. [1961-1997].

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In Occult lore, Babalon is the Dark Primal Mother Goddess holding the Grail which contains the Knowledge of both Womb and Death. There is a Satanic prophecy that speaks to this 'sacred feminine' aspect comparing Babalon to Jezebel returning with her children (see Revelation 2:20-24) culminating in the Whore of Babylon, the feminine side of the one-man empire of Antichrist. The Whore stands in direct opposition to Christ's Virgin Church, also called His 'Bride.' Satan's Whore, therefore, is the Global Temple Babalon, the Whore Bride of Satan. The Magdalene (Merovingian) Bloodline, from which is brought forth flesh for the Antichrist. This is the reason why Catholics, who have been worshipping their version of a Virgin Goddess for over two millennia, will easily be able to assimilate themselves into that future Rome, the Satanic Vatican, the probable location of that future Antichrist Church called Mystery, its children called 'deceived.' The fact that the Book of Revelation depicts the Whore of Babylon as riding upon the Beast proves that these two distinct entities share power in their meteoric rise to power, however once Antichrist achieves all that brings him complete control of world power, he suddenly brings the Whore down to her utter destruction. Interestingly, as early as 900 AD, the Church actually addressed the pagan worship of Diana in the Canon Episcopi, a document which stated that the followers of Diana were deceived by Satan himself regarding her worship, of course this was all done at a time when the Church itself practiced Goddess worship itself in the form of Mary [Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 450]. The Canon Episcopi itself helped establish the historical concept of the Sabbat which also cited that as chief of the Demon horde, Diana was equated with Satan therefore the women who follow her must be worshippers of the Devil [History of Witchcraft p.54]. The Canon specifically says: "some wicked are perverted by the Devil and led astray by illusions and fantasies induced by demons, so that they obey Diana's commands; on certain nights are called out in her service, for Satan has the power to transform himself into a god/goddess." Diana has as many names as Lucifer himself, and therein lies another strong clue. She was the Beltis of the Babylonians, Ishtar of the Assyrians, Astarte of the Phoenicians; Isis of the Egyptians; Artemis of the Greeks; Venus of the Romans, and Diana to both the Ephesians and ancient Celts, which of itself proves interesting in that the two cultures never interacted (but had the same demon god). From the earliest epoch of Babylon and Nineveh up to the present day, she has been almost universally represented as a young woman with a male child who is given to the world for its King. As Isis, she was regarded as the mother of Horus.

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However, and here's another clue, the same Scripture that admits Antichrist worships a "God[ess] of Forces" a single verse earlier [Daniel 11:37] speaks to us, thusly: "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god, for he shall magnify himself above all." Not regarding the "desire of women" is interesting. Look around today, the desire of many women, especially Pagan women, wiccans, and Witches, is without question a Goddess figurehead. Just as Satan provides the Jews all of what they expect in their male Messianic figurehead, in Israel, Satan also provides everything that would complete the desire of pagans; a global church and feminine deity. The line in Scripture that cites "a god whom his fathers knew not" tells us more than is seen at first glance. The Scripture seems to be telling us that the Antichrist's Bloodline ancestors were not Christian at all, but were inherently, pagan, as its only pagans whom have worshipped gods and goddesses. Now, we know that King James of Scotland/England is part of his Royal genealogy, but be aware that King James was only one Christian King in a line of Satanic and pagan Royalty that extends far anterior to that of the late medieval era, going back to the original Lucifer-worshiping Druids of Albion. The fact that even William's oldest pagan ancestors wouldn't have recognized the god(dess) whom Antichrist ultimately chooses to represent his global Pagan Church also speaks volumes. In Revelation 17:9, God warns of us of pagan Rome and its current "worldwide Church" and what their future Goddess becomes. Because God wants His people knowing every important aspect of that Tribulation to come, far in advance, as any good Father would, He has always made us keenly aware, far in advance, of the moment coming when Satan's Beast will no longer have need of that false Roman Throne and its Pagan Church, rebuilt. For Satan never needed anyone in his own selfish bid to storm God's true Throne (in Jerusalem) and announce himself as God, his goal from the moment he became Satan, and evil. As such, Revelation goes on to explain how Antichrist will command his Ten Kings to "burn the Whore with fire, and to eat her flesh." This almost certainly proves the Ten Kings under Antichrist are those same Ten Archons who've ruled earth and Hell, under Satan, since The Fall. You might recall that Revelation 9:11 informs us that one of their names is Apollyon, a viceroy of Hell who rules over the souls of the human damned, and demons, in the black, cold, bowels of the earth where there is human weeping and gnashing of teeth. The dreams of the Satanic Elite, who rule with the Antichrist, shall rejoice in that day, when millions of the Satan's Church are killed by Satan's demonic forces who do the will of the Ten Kings. So they shall all be judged, and be taken to Sheol. God's will is done with them.

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This leads me to conclude that the god of forces that Antichrist worships is none other than Satan himself, but in his well-established Pagan Goddess form left over from the ancient world. It is a fact that Satan shares no power with anyone other than what he makes for himself. The Antichrist himself is only being used as a human tool so that Satan can physically carry out his 5 "I Wills" that culminate in him seating himself on the highest Throne on earth. Thus will he do within the Holy of Holies in the coming Third Temple, in Jerusalem, from whence he then will claim to be God Himself, perfectly counterfeiting Jesus Christ's own destiny given Him by His Father. Knowing this aspect of Satan's ego, alter-ego, and narcissistic personality, it becomes somewhat easy to determine the persona he will use to achieve his aims in building a One World Church, that while separate from seemingly worshipping Satan, the world will worship the "Red Dragon who gives him his power, throne, and great authority," nonetheless. Therefore, Satan will use the one entity by which ancient druids, witches, Templars, and modern Freemasons worshipped Lucifer thru already, within the many forms of the pagan Goddess, including the Moon Goddess of the Hunt, Diana. Of course, Satan might also update his supposed "Divine Feminine" alter ego to match his Occult-influenced New Age audience of today, and William more directly, to emulate the late Princess Diana herself. Satan's feminine personage in the form a Goddess is yet another aspect to the coming narrative by which the whole world will be deceived, and, indeed, were already deceived in the ancient world before, thru Isis, thru Ishtar, thru Artemis, and by Diana. With the spiritual attention given the 'Divine Feminine' and Goddess worship itself on the rise, as well as its religion in Witchcraft and Wicca now fast on the ascendant, an entire generation is becoming deceived by the relentless Masonic propaganda seen everywhere today. Interestingly, the women's suffrage movement itself had many Masonic adherents attached to it, going back to the turn of the 20th century. It almost goes without saying that by the time America was going thru its dark 'Aquarian' rebirth in the 1960-1970's, were such malevolent forces, such as the Eastern Star Freemasons and others, at work behind the subversively pagan, liberation and abortion fronts, whereby Satan effectively reshaped the once Christian-dominating United States to what we have now, with far-left Christian-hating liberalism clawing their way up the acceptance ladders, while its arm in the media and arts actively push, promote, and propagate Witchcraft, homosexuality, and abortion, in that order, both politically and socially. Those who control governments and make policies that favor Antichrist tomorrow, are already doing so today, the foundation of which have the Freemasons guided this nation from its very inception and it is all for an intended purpose that goes far beyond mere equal rights for women, of which no true Christian should gainsay against in its pure form. Within that darkened purpose is found a sinister agenda that neither regards women, nor their children, but again, Satan only. Satan certainly would not have the world awakened to the fact that they are worshipping him, so he provides the New Age "balance" mantra of a God-like man (Antichrist) united with a God-like feminine Goddess (Antichrist Church) so that the New Age lie regarding a return to perfect balance is made manifest in the Beast, and its female rider, the Whore of Babylon. This is exactly why the powers that rule this planet demand a blending of male and female for this last generation, to ensure that the worship of Satan, via Diana and Lucifer, as one. This is Satan's counterfeit to the Holy Trinity going forward.

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While the increasingly deceived world is again being taken hostage, spiritually, without their knowledge, with many fully convinced that they're following after a pagan Mother Goddess of Nature and its Forces, they are actually, in fact, as Revelation states, only worshipping the Dragon, Satan himself. God has made us quite aware of this ongoing fact, even as it's happening right before our very eyes. The Scripture in Daniel 11:38, citing that 'he shall honor a god of forces,' that seemingly contradicts the Scripture just before it, in 11:37, 'he shall not regard any god, but magnify himself above all,' proves that this 'god of forces' that Antichrist worships is none other than Satan himself, but in the guise of a false god for the people to worship, whilst Antichrist (possessed by Satan) only honors himself. There's also a stark difference between the Antichrist's Reptilian, Satan-worshipping [Cainite] fathers and the children of Israel's, God-worshipping Sethite fathers. From Revelation 9:20-21, we know that Antichrist's coming 'Church of the New World' shall also worship lesser demons in the form of idols made from gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, and that they shall also commit human sacrifices in the name of that Goddess (Satan) and these lesser pagan gods (the she'dim). Now you know why Witchcraft and every form of Paganism is so prevalent today, for it is Satan's globally-accepted religion of the near future. Interestingly, Prince William's own father does not worship a Goddess, as such, in keeping with the Scripture that this new Goddess is a 'god whom his fathers knew not' yet Prince Charles does venerate mother nature, via a core "green" belief that is sweeping the world at present, from raw/organic food intake, to so-called "clean" alternative energy uses. Thus, the Antichrist will likely do away with all or most former energy sources such as oil, coal, and nuclear, in favor for only clean, natural sources, which is what we should have been using since steam was taken over by the greed-fostering industrial age, but the Antichrist seemingly initiating a global green policy only serves to bolster his own image among his Millennial audience that have been brainwashed toward all things "clean" and "green" since children. In fact, many things attributed for, by, and to Antichrist will be all for show. Not stopping there, he will also completely do away with the present Gregorian-based (Christian) calendar which places Christ (and more specifically the year of his birth) as its central apex for marking the years, and in its place instill an ancient Pagan calendar (that also reflects Satanic 'Holy Days') to restart at year 0. The Luciferian symbolic Solstice worship of June 21st would certainly be paramount at that time, as Sun worship will be the expressed (and enforced) global religion of Antichrist and his world kingdom. Prophecy also informs us that in addition to Antichrist changing the times, he will also change the laws, which certainly speaks to his complete takeover of the world by that time. In preparation for that age when Satan's Antichrist rules the world, it is the inherently this subtle use of Godless liberalism that's slated to win out over former, more traditional Christian-based conservative 'American values.' As America staggers under the weight of such destruction by evil's own tyranny, you will know Satan's man is at hand when her light begins to flicker, before being snuffed out completely.

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A royal decree will go out into all the Empire that whosoever refuses the Mark of the Beast, or refuses to worship the Image of the Beast, the same will be rooted out, their connections exposed, with all involved systematically killed. Even here, Satan is merely counterfeiting what God has in store for those who refuse Him. Revelation is clear regarding the Mark of the Beast, saying, anyone who partakes in any of the Beast's world system, either by taking his mark, his name, or number of his name upon their right hands or foreheads, the same shall be forever deemed to be an enemy of God, whose own judgement is immediate and final, eternity in Hell, having no chance at Salvation. Because God has already taken His Church to Heaven, He no longer clings to His "raining on the just and unjust" that He instilled since the beginning (for God knows there can be no Salvation for those who hate Him). In the Great Tribulation, God deals with the world in a much more harsh way not seen since the time of Moses, when He dealt with ancient Egypt and its own archetypal Antichrist, the Pharaoh. Thus, while the world attempts to move on in their new pagan Utopia, God will invariably become a constant reminder to the Beast's Kingdom that, ultimately, it is only He that controls everything. In fact, God is always there reminding Satan that he is created, and despite all effort, Satan can never rise above His Creator. In Matthew 24:38, Christ compared the Last Days to the time of Noah, where "they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the Ark," and indeed there shall be drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, right up until the moment all who are saved enter into 'the Ark' of the Holy Spirit, that carries us away in Rapture to forever be with our Creator. Thus is the description of Noah's time perfectly depicting our time now. When Christ comes unexpectedly for His people, the world left behind will enter the Collapse, after which, those who survive it shake off the ashes of the present world to a starkly different world more geared toward them. The Scriptures are also clear about certain aspects of those new laws by which the Beast shall put into place in those days, such as abstaining from the consumption of meats, and the forbidding of marriage. Here, were see that vegetarianism will become a main tenant of that future Goddess-centered New World religion sanctioned by the Antichrist and his False Prophet. Even today, we see how many of those claiming to be part of both New Age or Wiccan-based "earth" religions, proudly declaring their vegetarianism as part of their overall "belief," that's connected to their equally shallow spirituality that never regards their own Creator over His creation. As far as the Antichrist's coming population control mandate, via the law which prohibits marriage (1st Timothy 4:3), and families, we also see today how both the obviously-controlled liberal (also Satanic) media and arts have made it a mandate of their own to propagate the destruction of the family unit, whether that is thru cheating, divorce, anger, revenge, murder, or simple hate, every one of these sins are nurtured today, and systematically instilled into everything from the movies and shows that families watch, to the Satanic-influenced music they and their children grow up listening to.

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The Satanic global elites have made it no secret that they desire to see the world and its increasing population reach a static point, by which it can then be decreased to only a few billion, as opposed to the nearly 6-billion we have already. This will of course provide yet another reason why Antichrist will have everyone in his Utopian Kingdom to be numbered and marked, with the Mark of the Beast, as both a financial system, and tracking technology, but also as a form of monitored 'global census' whereby knowing how much to divide the post-Collapse earth's accumulated resources, including land, that becomes a vital part of his globalist policy (read Daniel 11:24). Seeing how Satan is again deceiving the world, one can then see a glimpse into how Lucifer originally beguiled and convinced one-third of God's own Angelic Sons to rebel against their Creator(s), both God and His Only Begotten Son. Does this mean God made a mistake in creating Lucifer as His first sentient being, made "perfect in all his ways"? Hardly, but suffice it to say, it is directly because of this office of "The Morning Star" so given to Lucifer upon his creation, coupled with the beauty and obvious majesty bestowed him, that whilst holding his own authority over every other Angel who was created after him, that Lucifer believed he was part of God, to some major extent, by default. But, while being made in perfection, having also perfect free will to choose, we can also determine how much Satan, in all his vain ways, is a mere counterfeit to God's original, sustaining, perfection. By the time Lucifer was witness to God setting the foundation for the earth, much speculation has been made whether Lucifer himself had a hand, so to speak, in the creation of this world. I would say this, because of the fact Satan ultimately controls every wicked kingdom of this world, being its "divine feminine" god (and goddess) of forces, it is no wonder that he also holds power over most everything in and of the earth, including its air, being the "Prince of the power of Air" -Ephesians 2:1–2), its Water, as "Leviathan" (Job 40:15-24), but also, Earth, as its "Prince of the world" (John 14:30), and also over fire, that was built into in the "midst of" Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:18), and Lucifer, to some extent, even holds power over this world's very spirit (1 Corinthians 2:12). Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit are the very same five elements reflected in the Satanic Pentagram. Understand, however, earthly elements of our physical world are mere reflections of what God has already created in Heaven, before Lucifer was even made. Descriptions of Heaven include it already having "stones of fire" (Ezekiel 28:14), a "sea of glass," (Revelation 15:2) and earth-like "tree(s)" (Revelation 22:1-3) that have all been reflected into our world. In fact, the Garden of Eden itself, by which Lucifer also dwelled in the age that was (Ezekiel 28:13) was the earthly Garden of God, by which Lucifer deceived (and "beguiled") Eve, thus paving a path back to his paradise lost. Part of Lucifer's entire plan, is to regain not only his former position as Morning Star, but enthrone himself as God in His city of Zion.

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Despite his finite hubris that has sustained him for millennia, as a created being, Lucifer cannot create out of nothing like God has power to do, which is why Satan is reduced to merely counterfeiting God, which is also why he must resort to manipulating mankind to do his bidding, while God has established free will innately with every human created. In fact, Satan would having nothing in this world, if it weren't for man allowing his rule over them. As such, Lucifer has no power to speak things into being, like God can. Therefore, whether Satan designed the physical elements of earthly nature as it stood in that First Age is up for debate, but one thing is certain, his followers are absolutely convinced of it. Despite whatever Lucifer could claim, he is nonetheless a mere created being, that, in the end, owns nothing other than what God would temporarily allow to fulfill His will. As such, he could never be or become God, and ironically, the closet he will ever get, is Anti-Christ and then be defeated. Another important aspect with him, is because Lucifer felt so much more was due him then he was already given, he ultimately desired to become one with the Triune Godhood itself, in effect, making the Holy Trinity a four-fold Quartarian Sovereignty to oversee the Cosmos. This is precisely why the Pyramid stands as Lucifer's desired symbol because, in addition to Egypt's ancient dynasties themselves being linked to the Satanic bloodline, the physical symbol of the pyramid represents four-equal sides of power that lead upward toward a singular focal point. The Freemasons use the stone pyramid with the unfinished capstone and eye of Horus (representing Lucifer/Antichrist) on the American currency, because Satan has not yet toppled God, in their view. It is believed that if he couldn't become God, that Satan would attempt to take the Throne by force and rule over all. In so doing, Satan become Sin, even the father of it, whose only affirmation is then, Death, which is the removal of God eternal from one's otherwise eternal existence, leaving them to Sheol in the bowels of the earth, devoid of all that is good, or of God, 'where there is blackness, and weeping and gnashing of teeth.' This is the empty inheritance of what awaits all of those unsaved who place themselves there, in their service to Satan, whether or not they realized they served the enemy of God, in life, while in the flesh, or not. After the Judgement Day, it, as well as the entire earth itself, is ignited by the Breath of God to become the eternal Lake of Fire.

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Antichrist Employs His Supernatural Powers of Genocide and Destruction
Daniel 8:23, 11:36; 2Thessalonians 2:1-4,6,9-12; Daniel 11:37-39; Matthew 24:9-15 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a King of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And the King shall do according to his will and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation is complete. Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto Him, that ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the Day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a great falling away [from the Christian Faith] first, and then that Man of Sin be revealed, (the Antichrist), the Son of Perdition who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God and now ye know what restrains him that he might only be revealed in his time. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the Truth [Christ], that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the Truth. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand) Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house. Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child, and to infants in those days! But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day [more proof Jesus is speaking not to Christians, but future Jewish Christians here, in Israel, who get saved in the Tribulation]. For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened (to 1,290 days as opposed to the original 2,300 days).

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Here we see many things, the first being that Christ will not arrive before the Antichrist, as many in the early Church were obviously concerned with. For this reason, 2nd Thessalonians places a strict chronological series of events which must occur first before the return of Christ, and what must occur first is that which restrains Satan and his Antichrist even now, must be removed and taken out of the way. Many scholars interpret this to mean the Holy Spirit and his (true) Church which restrains Satan. Both are true, for where the Spirit goes, the Church follows and if the Spirit goes back to complete the Trinity, the Church is raptured. Therefore, it is the power of the Holy Spirit that prevents Satan from carrying out his ancient will of global destruction and setting himself up as God, even now. Once the Holy Spirit removes itself from the earth (taking with it the chosen remnant of the Church), Satan is allowed to finally bring his Antichrist to bear, with the deceived world next believing that he alone is the only Messiah the world will ever receive. The Willful King will speak great words in blasphemy against the Holy Trinity. In their place, shall he promote every "endless genealogy" "legend," and "teaching of demons" to work, toil, and strive to speak against, curse, castigate, even outright blaspheme the Holiness and Divinity and Salvation of our Lord and true King, Jesus Christ, and the God who gave Him. This is what was meant in 1John by the spirit of Antichrist which comes in the Last Days, as it makes mankind more apt to deny Christ's Divinity, of whose teachings are already seen infecting the Churches today, marked by those deny the reality of the Holy Trinity and the full power of God. Notice also, the Scriptures own words "In the latter time of *their* Kingdom" which depicts a Kingdom of Satan already established in the earth. This is most interesting because it relates to the true lineage of the Antichrist and that of his forefathers, who are not Jesus Christ, King David, or Solomon, but Jubal, Lamech, Tubal, and Cain, and their descendants, the Merovingians, Sinclair's, Stuart's, and (Saxe-Goth) Windsor's. The Antichrist King having "knowledge of dark sentences" proves his connection to demons and Satan himself, even before he becomes possessed by them, for having an extensive instant knowledge found within the Occult can only come by either a lifetime of serious study, or via demonic possession or communication. The Satanic prophecies themselves point to what I refer to as The Source Kabbalah that is yet to be discovered. This Source Kabbalah will provide the Antichrist and False Prophet everything they'll need to wreak the most destructive forms of magick, resulting in total chaos upon the earth. This is why God has warned us all in the Scriptures never to become involved with sorcery (demonology) as it literally opens a gateway by which Satan could hold even more sway over this world, meaning over mankind, then he already has. Satan within Antichrist, holds no such boundaries, having the power to not only destroy "the mighty and Holy People of God" [the Jews], he will also have the power to kill God's Two Witnesses sent from Heaven. For just as Christ stated He could conjure twelve legions of Holy Angels to defeat the Romans in Matthew 26:53, so too will a Satanic-possessed Antichrist be able to conjure entire legions of Hell's most wicked to destroy even his mortal and immortal enemies sent from Heaven.

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Because the future Antichrist will be possessed by the same ancient Morning Star that brought Heaven war, there will be many attributes that Antichrist will likewise display that were seen before when Lucifer became Satan. The Antichrist's unique human ability to 'understand dark sentences,' that is likely the language of demons and Satan himself would indicate that the Future King will become one with Satan and Satan's minions, Abraxas. The ancient Chaldean language of the Book of Daniel, as originally written and translated by the Strong's Bible Concordance, reveals both the words 'dark' and 'sentences' to be the same word (#2420), to mean "a puzzle; or "trick saying." The expression itself comes from the root word #2330 which means "to put forth." This important clue tells us that the Antichrist will purposely use language designed to mesmerize and trick his audience, ultimately placing them under his complete control, even as he is under Satan's direct control. His being able to also understand Occult languages, for example, Enochian, proves his sinister intent toward mankind itself, for Enochian can be extremely dangerous, as well as handling 'magic squares,' etc. Understand, Lucifer deceived the Angels under his command to war with their Creator, therefore the level as to which Satan distorts reality is able to even deceive Angels themselves, let along ignorant mankind. Consequently, Satan is a defeated foe, so prophesied, as lies cannot stand under the full weight of the Truth. So, his only purpose now is to cause mankind's last generation of evil doers to fulfill their own accursed destinies and rise up to mutiny against God, as Lucifer Himself has, so that they too may be cast down into outer darkness and ultimately, into the Lake of Fire with him. In return, God receives unto Himself only those who truly love him, and would worship Him as their Creator, in all faith, forevermore. In this way, God is still creating an (eternal) environment by which there would never again rise up another 'Lucifer' amidst God's coming New Heaven and New Earth, and stands as the reason why God made humble servitude as a form of Godly worship to be begin with, so that by it, we could all come into His wisdom by reason of His Holiness thru His divine love, grace, and mercy perfected, extended to all of us who would simply receive it. The loyal Holy Angel's own humility thru love served its purpose in fully exposing Lucifer's free will for what it became, evil. This is also why Christ originally came to us as a meek and humble servant for all, to reverse and undo the works of Satan's evil and original sin that came by way of his uncontrollable pride and wanton violence. In this way has Jesus set a better example for us toward the only path back to the Father by which we are saved. This is also what the Jews cannot understand (yet), because they fully expected any Messiah of theirs to be an all-powerful, glorified, conquering supernatural hero who immediately destroys all of Israel's enemies, when Christ was better setting the example for how we should live in a world bedraggled by sin. In every test toward humility, resulting in His own shed Blood, did Christ set the perfect atonement for mankind's collective sin. In so doing, Christ became the ultimate, conquering, and supernatural hero defined in a Godly Messiah, who by His death and resulting resurrection, won the keys of both Death and Hell from Satan, setting mankind free ultimately from God's judgment, but again, if they so choose it. Conversely, anyone wanting to remain in sin, in any form, will likewise receive its own reward.

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Thus, we should all be advised. No matter what you believe today, in denying God you are only serving another that is not God. However, because Jesus has defeated both the world system and its prince, Satan, does He return for us to unite with His Holy Spirit, gathering us up unto Himself in the coming Rapture. In so doing, will Christ and His Spirit remove us from Satan's coming war of wrath against both man and God, to live forever in His sight and under His divine protection. Likewise shall we return with Him after the Tribulation, when Christ shall destroy both the Antichrist and his False Prophet at Armageddon. The most important warning the above Scriptures are trying to get across, therefore, is just how great the deceptions will become in a world no longer indwelled by the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit, or that of His Church, followed by how great the destructions will become among those that follow the Beast. Satan's architects of this global manipulation are daily making significant successes in their efforts at eroding both traditional Christianity and precepts as well as its innate moral values, to replacing it with very European, Monarchial, and heretical lies. Even so, we were warned by the Scriptures of Truth, the world will be given a new religion, new morality, even a new history, which seemingly will explain all those things we today call 'mysteries.' The year 2020 itself is to see a major paradigm shift and transformation in the world's mindset pertaining to Christ, who will be eroded to the point of common mortality, less deified, more humanized, and ultimately become of little real importance other than His so-called Messianic Bloodline, of course, which ironically gives power not to Him in the eyes of this current generation, but to 'another one' coming, of whom they will accept. It will ultimately be one single event which causes this great defection and falling away from the Christian faith, after which, all of Christianity will be thought of as a religious pariah the world over, in need of stamping out completely. The world is indeed going thru a softening up process of late, yet after the Collapse and the "descent of the gods," all will move forward toward a belief closer to ancient Paganism, Celtic Druidism and the deeper aspects derived from arcane sorcery, creating for itself the foundations for a New Church ascending, spiritually called Babylon, for its tenants are based on Lucifer once again establishing his stranglehold upon this ancient planet, a power he once had before Christ won the Keys of Death and Hell from Satan at Cavalry. The soon appearance of the Antichrist, therefore, will be used to separate humanity on the basis of either their total acceptance or utter rejection of their own Creators, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father, God. Accomplishing that, brings Lucifer closer to his ultimate goals at fulfilling each of his Five I Will's, that, if accomplished, would place him over God, and as a result, Sin, Death, Evil and universal chaos would reign supreme, forever in the place of God's Holiness, Perfection, Eternal Life and universal order.

He [Antichrist] shall further corrupt those who are secretly against the Jews and their Covenant, but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do great exploits (against Antichrist). They that understand these things among the people shall instruct many others, yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days. And some of them of understanding shall be killed, to test them, even unto the time of the end.

Daniel 11:32-36; The Holy Bible

And at the time of the end shall the King of the South push at him [Antichrist] and the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships but [despite that] he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow.

Daniel 11:40-41; The Holy Bible

After 42 Months of Increasing Power Satan Finally Possesses the King
Daniel 11:23,27-28,16,30,17,41,31-32; Revelation 12:12;11:1-3; Revelation 12:13-14,17; Daniel 12:1 And after the league [made] with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people. And both these Kings' hearts shall be filled with mischief, and they shall speak lies at one Table; but it shall not prosper: Then shall he [Antichrist] return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be [secretly] against the Holy Covenant [Israel]; and he shall do great exploits, and return to his own land [England]. But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will. For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved and return [to Israel] and have indignation against the Holy Covenant and none shall stand before him [and live]: and he shall stand in the Glorious Land (Israel) which by his hand shall be consumed. He shall set his face to enter with the strength of his whole Kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: He shall enter into the Glorious Land, and many shall be overthrown: And arms* shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the Sanctuary [Third Temple] and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall [in its stead] place the Abomination that maketh Desolate [Antichrist in the Third Temple] and such as do wickedly against the Covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries (see also the Necronomicon p. 202). Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the Devil is come down unto you, having great anger and wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time left. And the Angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the Temple of God, and the altar and them that worship therein, yet the court which is outside the Temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles (Antichrist's European army) and the Holy City shall they tread under foot forty and two months. *The word that is translated as "arms" in "arms shall stand on his part," is no less an intriguing one. Modern technology increasingly has the ability thru killer drones that serve the Beast, killing anyone deemed as an enemy of his future United Global State. Future machines imbued with AI will be cast as robotic hunter-killers in that Orwellian society coming. Today's smart cell tech, with all the mass mind-conditioning and mass-surveillance control behind them, will eventually morph into augmented AI devices by which all mankind will plug into the BEAST-net patterned after today's internet, that is already being drawn into Jewish-hatred and Anglo-racist ideologies. As prophesied in Zechariah 14:2, a second hellish Diaspora is coming for Jews who continue to reject Christ, even after seeing Satan in the flesh sitting in the Temple, while those who accept Christ in those days shall rise up to flee Jerusalem and are saved by Michael the Archangel for the remainder of the Great Tribulation, as stated in both Daniel 12 and Revelation 12.

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Both Revelation and Daniel agree: For He shall command Michael to stand up and protect those who shall hide themselves from the face of the Serpent. And to the Woman (Jewish Christians) were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time (protected 3.5 years) from the face of the Serpent. And the Dragon was wroth with the Woman, and went to make war with the remnant of 'her seed' [See Genesis 3:15] which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. And at that time shall Michael [the Archangel] stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of thy people, and there shall be a time of Tribulation such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time, and at that time thy people [the Jews] shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the Book of Life. As seen above, both Daniel 11:27-31 and Revelation 13:3 prophesies that at some point in Antichrist's reign, he is assassinated and seemingly dies from a mortal head wound, which brings in an event that stuns the entire world, leaving the Satanic possession that ultimately overtakes the Antichrist to be much more of a dramatic event than most ever theorized, as it may coincide with the assassination attempt made against King William V somewhere very near the midpoint of his global reign. Shortly afterward, however, he suddenly arises with even greater supernatural power, completely mocking the Holy resurrection of Christ. For just as Christ was only dead for forty hours and resurrected, then ascended unto His Father, so shall Antichrist, albeit in counterfeit. Upon becoming completely possessed by the spirit of Satan, shall the 'Son of Perdition' then rise up and go forth to attack Zion. Since Christ was crucified 3 1/2 years into His reign as Israel's (unrecognized) King, by the Jews, perhaps the Antichrist, as Israel's (recognized) 'King' will be assassinated precisely 3 1/2 years into his reign, by a Jew. This would be startling, even as I write it, but it reveals much into the extent of how far Satan will yet go to prove his power. The timeframe of 3 1/2 years is also important and may provide the final clue. The Scriptures explicitly detail the number of days that Antichrist will reign as Israel's false Messiah, that is to say, seven years in the Jewish lunar calendar, which works out to be 1,260 days to the Tribulation's midpoint, then an additional 1,290 until final Armageddon. This then makes for 2,550 days in total. Since the Scriptures also predict that the Antichrist suddenly turns against Israel at the midway point of the Tribulation, it is therefore entirely possible that the Antichrist is killed by these 'Ships of Chittim,' is then completely possessed by Satan and arises from certain death, in which from that day forward, Antichrist is then given the full murderous strength of Satan's power. Clearly, this event then brings about the Time of Jacob's Trouble, which also coincides with the first day of what is called the Great Tribulation, which is Antichrist's final 1,290 days. As such, immediately after this attack, Antichrist breaks the seven year Covenant with Israel and he then sets out to openly attack the Jewish State precisely 1,260 days from the time he originally signed the false Covenant of Peace. Because of this, I have determined that the Antichrist will not be completely possessed by Satan until that first day of the Great Tribulation, despite what others say.

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Interestingly, the seven-year duration of Antichrist's faux peace treaty made with Israel and others, is the same amount of time that Antichrist is allowed by God, to rule. We also know from the above Scriptures that about midway through this seven year period, just after he leaves a 'Round Table meeting' in Israel (likely discussing details of his false Peace Covenant with Israel, going forward). He then returns to his native England having great malice in his heart regarding the Jews, knowing he has just deceived most of them into thinking he is their Messiah, and is close to being able to murder them in their sin. Suddenly, Antichrist is attacked by the Ships of Chittim, after which he sends in his entire gentile (European) Army to conquer Israel and trodden on its Temple for the next 42 months to be trodden underfoot by the Gentiles, reminiscent of the way the Roman armies under Titus took both the city and the Sanctuary as prophesied in Daniel 9:27. Even though the Scriptures do not outright say, I believe there must be a connection drawn from this attack he receives by these mysterious ships, and his immediate counter-attacking and conquering of Israel, as if fueled by pure revenge, leaving one conclusion, the Ships of Chittim must be of Jewish origin. Not only that, these ships must be operated by Jewish Messianic believers, even those who have become Christians by the testimony given by the Two Witnesses. Remember, the Two Witnesses have been prophesying against Antichrist, and for Christ, during the first half (42 months) of Antichrist's rule, whereupon at the end of that time, Antichrist arrives in Jerusalem to kill them. Now we know what brings him to such anger enough to shed his humanitarian and Messianic guise to turn around and attack Israel: the Ships of Chittim. When researching this Scripture in the Hebrew, I discovered that these Ships of Chittim are launched from Cyprus, just off Israel's coast. Therefore, might these bands of ships be some kind of Jewish resistance movement against the "Messiah" whom they've learned is the Antichrist? I believe so. Notice that the Scriptures make clear that these ships are renegades, not fulfilling the will of any State policy, but seemingly carrying out "their own will" against the Beast, meaning, if they are Jews, as I suspect, they are not moving against Antichrist as ordered by the foregone State of Israel, but carrying out their own plan for killing the Beast, because they already have knowledge that he is Satan in the flesh.

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Daniel and Revelation then predicts that Jewish Believers in Christ will be led into the wilderness of Israel, by Michael the Archangel himself, who the Book of Daniel Chapter 12 calls "a Prince" over the nation and people of Israel, and of whom Revelation 12 cites has protective "wings of a great eagle," whereby Jewish Messianic believers in Christ shall then be nurtured for the entire duration of Antichrist's Great Tribulation reign. This Great Tribulation period, has always been marked by the "Prince that shall come" who arrives to take over Jerusalem, and its Temple, but as we can now see, it will also quite possibly be marked by a mock "resurrection," whereby Satan, the Prince of Darkness, fully possesses the dead body of his human agent, and Prince/King, of whom shall yet stand against the Prince of Peace, the King of the Jews Himself, at Armageddon. Thus, what was a great man of humanitarianism and peace, and enabler of global prosperity will suddenly, after his seeming resurrection, live up to his true legacy as a bringer of death, destruction, and global chaos, not seen since the world began, for Satan now has a body by which to carry out his grand symphony of man's ultimate demise. The very fact that it requires God's strongest and most capable Archangel, Michael, to once again rise up and battle Satan, speaks to how relentless Satan's own attacks against the Jews in Israel will be. In effect, Satan attacking the Jews spiritually, has been going on since at least the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and certainly by the time the Jewish religion was under a specific Satanic attack via the introduction of the Kabbalah and the Talmud, both of which have done more to make actual Jews seem Satanic themselves, than any other work undertaken by those who only call themselves Jews, but are of the Synagogue of Satan. Despite God blessing the modern State of Israel, its army, goods, and services, in keeping with His promise in regard to the Jews returning to their ancestral home, of which God promised He would bring them together to their land, and bless them there, Jews today have far removed themselves from God's spiritual direction for them. Because they have rejected God and His Son, who is the God of the Old Testament, they leave God no choice but to provide for them exactly who they've been spiritually worshipping since the moment they physically rejected Jesus Christ. In time, Satan via Antichrist, will fulfill every Messianic hope of a New Age stored within the collective Jewish hearts and minds, as influenced by Kabbalah those twisted minds now are. He will do this early on, under the banner of global peace via a false religion and peace that itself conquers the world, from his metaphorical white horse, no less.

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However, there can be no lasting peace while nations are always on the verge of war, with war even being an option. Ironically, as Antichrist secretly prepares for Armageddon, the war to end all wars, he will be removing every weapon of war from the hands of the people, not with the intention that they not attack each other, during his global tenure, but that they not attack him or his own forces, as they systematically take over the world. This also means that Antichrist will make it difficult for any one nation to later rise up to attack any part of his global kingdom, which is essentially the reason for a New World Order, under one controlling despot, so that no one nation rises above another, namely the despot's own. In keeping with this, he may likely seize the world's nuclear arsenal under the guise of a "global peace initiative," but instead of dismantling the destructive weapons, he would stockpile them for his attempted later use at Armageddon, when Christ returns. Perhaps this answers how the Whore in Rome is "eaten" and destroyed in an all-consuming fire within a single day. Revelation 17:16 also points out that the Ten Kings "which hate the Whore of Babylon" shall destroy her under the Antichrist's command, despite fulfilling the will of God Himself that it be done. Aside from the power of God that shall take His direct vengeance out upon the earth, through seals, cups, and trumps, could nuclear weapons also be what is being referenced when 1/3 of the Sun is blotted out, 1/3 of all grasses burned, etc. Knowing Israel already owns an arsenal of such weapons, might they be used by the Beast against the nations, to cause the world to hate Israel all the more with its weakened survivors seeing no other alternative but to attack the Antichrist in Jerusalem with combined force? The Scriptures speak to the entire world coming against Jerusalem in the last days of the Great Tribulation. The very fact that such nation cannot simply use nuclear weapons against the Antichrist proves something very intriguing has happened to the world's nuclear stockpile by the time he turns on Israel and the world at large. The result? Armageddon. The way for the Kings of the East (China) and the King of the North (Russia) to go on the attack against Jerusalem will finally be cleared. The world, specifically Israel, has allowed one man to rule, completely disregarding their owns prophets, prophecies, and ultimately their own Messiah. If world history has proven anything, it has shown that any ruler given such heights of power invariably becomes corrupt, and where such evil has invariably sought to force mankind's demise before, the Antichrist will attain the perfect position and power to facilitate mass genocide upon the human race. In former times, it has always been Satan who worked through the 'antichrist spirit' which has invaded many spiritual offices serving man's carnal need, yet it will be Satan's final assault on man and God that seeks the total annihilation of God's entire creation on earth. As such, forty-two months into the reign of Antichrist, Satan will have so completely possessed the man who becomes Antichrist that any former trace of the former Prince will have been completely erased by that point, and he will no likely be in control of either his mind or his body in that time. The Scriptures inform us that the Antichrist will have a fierce countenance, which again speaks to his mind and body being completely taken over by the insanity that is Satan, an ancient evil so far removed from the understanding of modern man that we cannot begin to contemplate, or measure, its corrupting profundity of innate wickedness or the depravity of the boundless Evil that sustains him.

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He must be Antichrist sitting in the Temple of God!

An Arthurian Reader p. 206

And as He sat upon the Mount of Olives, the Disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, When ye see the Abomination of Desolation (Antichrist), spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, stand in the Jerusalem Temple, then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains. For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to that time. And except those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved: Then said He unto them, When this Gospel is preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and tribes; then shall the end come.

Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13

And there shall be signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the Stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, earthquakes in different places. Wars and rumors of war. Famine, pestilence. The Sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Matthew 24; Luke 21:25-26, The Holy Bible

And the rest of the people which were not killed by these plagues from God, still would not repent from creating their idols by which they would worship demons in the form of [Goddess] idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood. Neither did they repent of their murders, nor of their Sorcery, nor of their fornication, or their theft.

Revelation 9:20-21; The Holy Bible

How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Morning Star! How art thou cut down to the ground, you which corrupted the nations!
For thou hast said in thine heart...

1] I WILL ascend into Heaven [Heavenly Zion].
2] I WILL exalt my throne above the Angels of God.
3] I WILL also sit upon the Mount in the Sides of the North [Earthly Zion].
4] I WILL ascend above the heights of the clouds.
5] I WILL become like God [as a false Christ]

Isaiah 14:12-14; The Holy Bible

'The Willful King' Conquers Israel Then Invades the Temple in Jerusalem
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 The Son of Perdition who stands against God, will sit in the [Third] Temple of God claiming that he is God. Once Antichrist sends forth his united European armies to trodden the Holy City of Jerusalem underfoot (until the times of these Gentiles be fulfilled) and destroys any surviving Israeli military forces that stood to protect Jerusalem, Satan's power will then be at its absolute height. Having accomplished all of his ancient desires through his 'Man-Son,' who brought the entire world back to him once more, Satan/Antichrist then mockingly rides into the city upon a white horse making his way toward the Eastern Gate, kills the Two Witnesses who protected the Jewish Temple, and makes his way thru to the inner sanctum leading to the Holy of Holies, enters the hollowed Sanctuary and commits the ultimate blasphemy against God by seating himself therein upon a throne, announcing to the world that he is God in the flesh. With that, the most ancient and Great Work of the Occult that was always patterned after the working of Satan, has finally been accomplished. Antichrist enters the Third Temple at Jerusalem, which in pre-ancient times was called Mount Zion, and the Sides of the North, which was then ascended above the heights of the clouds, having just crushed both fleshly and Angelic forces alike, he places himself above all the Angels of God, and then claims to be God Himself (the I AM), and therefore believes he has achieved every one of his 5 "I Wills" vis the Antichrist, his proxy; King Will-I-AM the Fifth. Therefore, Lucifer, now as the evil-incarnate human King seated in the Temple, as a Christ-like King, above the Angels, claims to be God, the 'I AM,' seemingly fulfilling all Five of his ancient I Wills which he has exultantly proclaimed, has he also revealed himself. Utilizing Lucifer's own 5 I Wills against him, in the very language of the Antichrist (English) has the Antichrist himself been revealed into an English anagram: King / Will / I Am / 5 or King William V, aka King William the Great (Let him that hath wisdom understand, and count the Number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man...). This was the very reason why Lucifer fell, to become Satan in the first place. Thus it makes sense that his chosen Antichrist figure, as his human representative here on earth, should have a destiny, purpose, name (and lineage) that best reflects Satan's own. Now you know what is really behind all of the pagan disinformation behind Witchcraft's Pentacle, and Satanism's Pentagram. As another interesting side note, we see for the first time the Scriptures and their intriguing commentaries referring to the Antichrist as 'The Willful King' in Daniel 11:36.

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Revelation 16:1-2,10-11; 9:20-21 And I heard a great voice out of the [Heavenly] Temple saying to the Seven Angels, Go your ways and pour out the Vials of the Wrath of God upon the earth. The First Angel poured out his Vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the Mark of the Beast, and [upon] them which worshipped his Image. And the Fifth Angel poured out his Vial upon the Throne of the Beast; and his Kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of Heaven because of their pains and their sores, and yet still repented not of their deeds. And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues repented not of their [devil] worship of idols made from gold, and silver, brass, stone, and wood, made by their own hand. Neither repented they of their murders, Sorcery, fornication, nor of their thefts. From this we see just how the overwhelmingly unrepentant Citizens of this coming Satanic Utopia would rather die than renounce their unabashed loyalty to Satan, or his demon 'gods' that they worship thru various idols made with their own hands. From this, it can be determined that Witchcraft and its idol worship, that is only increasing among Millennials and teens today, goes forward in the future to become an even more integral part of daily life and false religiosity, in the reign of the Beast. And yet this is the very purpose for the Tribulation, and why God allows such a coming era to seemingly flourish for a time, if only to display the stark contrasts between those who humble themselves in the face of a Godly-defiant world and wholly accept God's offer for Salvation via His Son, or, if they shall stay on their road to destruction that never ends in Hell, of which Satan's Son shall certainly provide them, at his end. Because so many are on that path already, this last generation of mankind, supposedly being the most intelligent of any before them, will actually be proven in the end to be the most ignorant of them all, surpassing the Pharisees themselves. This is because, like Lucifer, they hold the same great pride that shields them from having an innate fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of all wisdom. In other words, God can only work with a soul that understands that he is the created, and God is the Creator, something Lucifer failed to understand. It was that same humility that leads to perfected reason, that Lucifer couldn't lower himself to grasp, and thus, because of his own wisdom and beauty, did Lucifer lift himself all the higher, above God, His Son, and their Spirit. The wiser among the Jews, during the Antichrist's reign, will see this same evil shining through from beneath the shadow of their chosen "Messiah," for Satan's own maniacal ego cannot contain itself, which has always been his greatest weakness. And so shall the Antichrist begin to speak out against the ancient God of the Hebrews, as Scripture makes clear. With also what the Two Witnesses shall bring to light, shall Christ finally be made manifest in their eyes and the Jews will start to awaken, as they see Satan in the flesh.

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In those days, shall some Jews finally begin to understand why Jesus came to this world, initially as a meek Lamb of God prepared for slaughter, showing His undying reverence and honor for His Father, insomuch that the Lord laid down His life for us, so that anyone who would accept it, could also be saved to live forever with the Father. The Jews will ultimately understand for just as Satan has likewise taken flesh, to destroy them, has their ancient God taken on flesh, and manifested Himself in His perfect love to save them. Instead of dying for our collective sins, and setting us free from the bondage of Death and Hell, the Accuser that is Satan prepared the snares of Sin and Death, wanting to kill us all whilst in our sin, so that we may be forever separated from the Love of God, that manifested Himself in Christ Jesus. Such is the stark contrast between the Prince of Peace, and the "prince of this world." Even in this very moment, as it was in the beginning, right up until the Great Tribulation's end, is God ever-working toward our Salvation, sending His Angels who go forth preaching the everlasting Gospel (Good News) of Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah, to all, so that they too may be eternally saved. For God's Word shall not return to Him void. The majority of the world, however, has already made their choice, Knowing that man's sinful heart is seared, unaffected, and lazy, Lucifer allows the world to live quite comfortably within their own sin that goes unrecognized, without so much as a guilty conscience to better guide them. Just as Christ is being increasingly shunned, metaphysical humanism is increasingly taking over, as mankind becomes increasingly reliant on Lucifer, which is why mankind allows Satan's 'Global State,' operated by those who believe Lucifer is God, to rule over them in the way that it does, under the guise of "freedom." But it is all a lie, just as the Antichrist himself is the lie made manifest, and no wonder, for Satan is the Father of lies. For ever since Lucifer uttered his first words to humanity, has mankind been infected with the “spirit of Antichrist,” that is to say, a spirit which denies God as both the Father and the Son (I AM that I AM) that leads to man's own destruction. One need only look at what has become of the Godless United States, to see how successful Satan and his children have become in their epic work against God and His Son. And so, as we approach the Great Tribulation, marked by a time when the Antichrist will do away with God altogether, will he perform false miracles, signs, and wonders to prove to the world, once and for all, that mankind should likewise battle God, even as Lucifer rallied his angels to do. Mankind is ready to embrace just such a person, that while at first deceives with "peace and harmony" in a world of "tolerance, love, and goodwill," will at the end wage his most epic war, using God's own creation against their Creator. This is Satan's endgame, and the people he doesn't kill outright, are those he will later want to use to help him dethrone Christ.

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Daniel 11:42-43 He shall enter also into the Glorious [Holy] Land, and many countries shall be overthrown. But these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom [Russia], and Moab [Arabic nations], and the chief of the children of Ammon [Persia/Iran]. He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. Here's perhaps one of the most enigmatic Scriptures found in Daniel regarding the Antichrist. At first glance, clearly the continent of Africa is being referenced in such a way as to drop the name of two places that represented the African nation at the time of Daniel, being Libya and the future nation of Sudan. Interestingly, Ethiopia was wrongly translated in Ezekiel 38, of which I have more correctly translated as Sudan, and this is because the original Ezekiel manuscript never mentions Ethiopia, but "the area south of Egypt" which in King James' day was Ethiopia, but since his time, the modern nation of Sudan came into existence and today sits directly south of Egypt. Does this mean Antichrist shall have the continent of Africa under his complete tyrannical control? Which nations have a large stake in Africa today? The glory of the 19th century British Empire itself was bankrolled by its military incursions into Africa and the plundering of its vast deposits of gold, silver, emeralds, etc. In so doing, have such British aristocratic plunderers, such as the renowned Cecil Rhodes (who later created the infamous Rhodes Scholarship, where upwardly mobile elites and their children are secured an education and future into the Anglo-Cainite Network) has done much in paving the way for the Anglo-British Empire, funding those initial Anglo-corporations that afterward became the same Anglo-controlled, multinational corporations that have promoted every kind of evil since, from black slavery to white greed, from ethnic genocide to the global drug trade, from African and Middle Eastern wars, to modern slavery of all kinds. Since the Antichrist is also bankrolled by those who control the global wealth, and therefore placed in power by their own hand, in their allegiance to Satan, it seems Antichrist merely carries on this evil tradition to its fullest extent, funding his own murderous campaign of placing all non-white nations under tyranny. There has arisen a recent story that connects Prince William and racism in regard to African conservation. In following the nature of the Satanic Bloodline, that has proven itself to be inherently racist against anyone of color, and knowing of Britain's historical racism against Blacks in South Africa that led to apartheid, might this mean there will be a White subjection imposed on Africa and other nations during the Great Tribulation, when Antichrist will be seen as a ruthless tyrant? Another point can be made in this with regard to Ethiopia and Antichrist attempting to prove he's the Jewish Messiah. Ethiopia claims to being the secret caretakers of the ancient Biblical Ark of the Covenant, which remains to be seen. Adding to the mystery, is the Templar and Masonic tradition (that factors even more prominently into the Antichrist agenda) that the modern Templars in Scotland are the true caretakers of the 'Ark of God,' and it will be found in the near future somewhere near Rosslyn Chapel. So whether the Ark is suddenly 'found' in Scotland, which is another land and heritage that also claims to be a "Lost Tribe of Israel," it is yet for the future. (See also Prince William Accused of a 'White Savior' Complex and Britain and its African Slave Trade.)

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Daniel 8:10 The [Little] Horn waxed great even to the Host of Heaven; and he cast down some of the Host and of the Stars to the ground and trampled upon them. This Scripture is most curious as the Antichrist, being Satan in the flesh whose true destructive power is now finally unleashed, seemingly even has gained the power to kill both Jews and Angels, as the Greek word used for Star and Host in the context provided, indicates that the Antichrist has destructive power over both Angelic hosts of Heaven, in addition to the many Jewish Messianic believers in Jesus Christ at that time in Israel. Similar to this, as the Antichrist is casting down these Angelic forces of God, he rises amidst his own band of warrior fallen Angels, as well as the mysterious ten kings or knights who suddenly appear with him (see Revelation 17:12; Daniel 7:24). Reading Daniel 7:20 conjures up an interesting vision and contains relevance, as the Antichrist is seen as being "more stout than his fellows," the word stout meaning he is physically more swarthy, possibly shorter, even darker in appearance, which is interesting as those exact same attributes describe perfectly the appearance of the ancient Celts. It is also my belief that this dark future called the Tribulation, leaves those who survive the impending global destruction that brings it about, to be haggard, unkempt, and ragged in appearance, but where some interpret that the Antichrist must be a short, dark-skinned figure of a man, because of this description, they are not taking into account that the Scripture actually cites that the Antichrist only appears as "stout" in comparison to that of "his fellows." That being the case, and knowing the Revelation 17 prophecy regarding 10 Kings who arise that shall give their allegiance to the Beast, just before Armageddon, who might these fellows of Antichrist be? This goes back to answering who are those ten kingdoms that arise before Antichrist comes to power, with himself referred to as 'The Little Horn,' that arises after them. As the Bible usually interprets itself, with Daniel foretelling of a ten-nation confederacy coming in the Last Days that is patterned after the ancient Roman Empire, clearly Europe will be included among the ten, but as some interpret, it may also be that the world itself has been divided into ten regions with Europe as its controlling head.

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Revelation 17:13 These Ten Kings have one mind, and shall give their power and strength, and their Ten Kingdoms, unto the Beast. Just as Christ was clearly given and held great supernatural power even in his first advent, of which the account given in Matthew 26:53 makes known to us that He would have easily been able to call forth twelve legions of Holy Angels to fight on his behalf against the Roman Army, which could have entirely decimated the Roman Empire itself, so too will Antichrist who is entirely possessed by Satan be able to call upon Satan's Angelic Host to do his bidding. This would of course mean the Antichrist will have knowledge of Goetic Magick, which is the art of summoning powerful demons who cause a wide variety of chaos and mayhem ranging from incurable plagues and disease to afflicting the planet with every sort of 'natural' disaster on a grand scale of which have never been experienced by modern man, let alone imagined. Goetic Magick as used by some of the most wicked magickians throughout history were able to use its arcane black arts in conjuring some of the most ruthless entities of the spirit world in order to maim or kill their enemies, fetch information that was unknowable by man, such as very detailed accounts of the Fall of Lucifer or the location of buried treasures. Goetia (Middle Latin, from Greek γοητεία goēteia "sorcery") refers to a practice which includes the invocation of angels or the evocation of demons, and usage of the term in English largely derives from the 17th century grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section. It contains descriptions of the evocation of seventy-two demons (72 Demons being all that await those who believe in 'Allah') that was famously edited by Crowley in 1904 as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King. Carefully consider that the Scripture given above refers to Ten Kings over Ten Kingdoms of the post-collapsed world shall have 'One Mind,' and as such, shall give over all their power [and wealth] unto the Antichrist. Even today, the 'One Mind,' arising from Luciferian Occult and Globalism ideals are being pushed from cradle to grave among this Millennial generation, from the earliest education to the corporate work place (and is also found within the entertainment industry itself). Such brainwashing is being heavily promoted to dull the minds of this ignorant generation, even as they are the future citizen [slaves] of the coming post-collapse, utopian-like, New World Order to be originally governed under the rule of Ten Kings, ruling over Ten Kingdoms, before the Antichrist is given all power.

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Fallen Angels as "Pagan Gods" Returned Bring Plague, Famine, and Death
The Annunaki, seen by the ancients as powerful glowing god-kings, were once God's Holy Watchers whose task it was to look after the dealings of mankind in the ancient world. Genesis Chapter 6 and the Book of Enoch both inform us that in so doing, they fell in lust with the daughters of man and took them as wives, the same who later beget a race of giants known as Nephilim. This says much about who and what these ten Kings will be, as well as of their appearance when compared to the evil-possessed Antichrist whose only other Biblical description by Daniel is that of having a "fierce countenance." It is Matthew 24:37 which tells us that "As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Christ be." Noah's days were an extremely wicked age described as a time when Fallen Angels impregnated mortal women, and matches Revelation where those who worship the future Beast also worship demon gods in the same ways as the ancients did. Revelation 9:20-21 states "[men shall not repent of their demon worship] neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornications." All of this taken together paints a frightening grim picture for those who live in the Beast's Kingdom, with their murders (human sacrifices), their sorcery, their fornications (sex) with demons. Under seven years of rule under the Antichrist, mankind sinks to a level of Satanic depravity not seen since the days of Noah, even Sodom and Gemorrah. We can now see why Christ compares the last days with that of Noah's time, when wickedness of every kind flourished and filled the earth. So the Ten Kings ruling with the Beast are likely ten Alien/Annunaki or local cultural Messiahs that the ancient world has worshipped before, and whose return is prophesied in their own "holy writings" (i.e. Quetzalcoatl, Mohammed, Christ), each demon portraying themselves as supernatural Kings, overseeing the affairs throughout the ten regions of his future Global Empire. The prophecy in Daniel 11:39 speaks to this coming Beast Kingdom that arises from the Sea by telling us 'he [Antichrist] shall cause them [the Ten Kings] to rule over many, dividing the land for gain.' The very fact this future Global Kingdom is ruled by One King, yet divided into ten, each controlled by a lesser King, parallels the mythic legend of Atlantis having ten districts ruled by Ten Kings. Within the supposed sacred halls of the round Temple Church in London, built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century, rests ten effigy memorials of Templar Knights called "kings." Moreover, the British Museum holds an aptly titled painting called 'The Ten Kings of Hell.'

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Revelation 12 then describes how Satan will pursue the nation of Israel with relentless fury, his intent being the complete destruction of the Jewish nation from within, a goal he tried to accomplish previously in history in attempt at preventing the Messiah from ever being born. Once the Antichrist turns his European Army against Israel and solidified total control over Zion, God in Heaven readies His Warrior Angels of Destruction to wreak havoc upon all those who have sottishly aligned themselves with the Two Beasts, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and upon their global Kingdom temporarily placed under their control. The Age of Great Tribulation begins and it is entirely centered around Israel, specifically Jerusalem, where Antichrist has made his Throne, and from where he then rules over the planet with great cruelty and a fascist iron fist, counterfeiting Christ's Millennial 'Rod of Iron rule' given Him by His Father (Psalms 2 and Zechariah 14:16-19). At this time, Jewish apostates and rebels who have followed the Antichrist will begin to be purged out of Israel (Zechariah 13:8 says two-thirds of Israel will die) while those Jews who finally see what their choice in a Messiah has become eventually look toward Christ for their salvation, believing the Gospel ministry of the slain Two Witnesses, will be protected. 144,000 Jewish people will be sealed and protected by God to serve as evangelists during the Tribulation: twelve thousand from each of Israel's ancient tribes. Their ministry will be similar to that of the Two Witnesses in leading the Jewish people to faith in their one and only True Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ who Himself speaks from the past in Matthew 24 (quoting His own words which He gave to the ancient Jewish prophet Daniel), to the future Jews of that Great Tribulation to flee into the Judean wilderness, upon seeing the Abomination of Desolation (the Antichrist) seating himself in their Third Jewish Temple. He further informs them to look up, for their redemption is near, as His return soon follows the 'Abomination that maketh desolate.'

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God assured Israel through Jeremiah, "I AM with thee for I will make a full end of all the nations to which I have driven thee; but I will not make a full end of thee" (Jer. 46:28). Though deliverance of Israel will involve the personal salvation of individuals, it will occur on a grand scale large enough to literally become a national deliverance. The remnant of believing Jews during the Great Tribulation constitute the "all Israel" of Romans 11:26, not to mention, the future nation entirely being saved by Christ at Armageddon. Thus Israel's hope is that someday its purging will end, the nation will be saved, and the long-awaited messianic Kingdom will be established. The end of Daniel 12:1 verifies that fact: the delivered are "every one that shall be found written in the Book." The promise of deliverance and salvation is for those who believe, shall again be given to the Jews. The Book of Revelation explains how the remnant of Israel will come to believe in the One Judaism has so long rejected, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Even though the Antichrist's power is seemingly increasing in its destructive might, Israel itself is not to be completely destroyed because as prophesied in their own Jewish Scriptures, at that 'Time of Jacob's Trouble,' the Angelic Prince Michael the Archangel will rise up and personally undertake their defense as prophesied in Daniel 12:1 to lead the Jewish remnant out of Antichrist occupied Jerusalem and into the vast wilderness for the remainder of the Great Tribulation, the Scripture even specifying the exact amount of days from the time Antichrist enthrones himself in the Jewish Third Temple, until the time Christ returns and the Temple Mount is cleansed for the preparation of Christ Himself to be seated within. During that remainder of the Great Tribulation's 1,290 days, Satan will release all of Hell's forces against Israel and the Messianic Jewish remnant just as Heaven's most powerful Angels are directed by God to release His wrath of increasingly devastating destructions upon the Kingdom of the Antichrist, leading up to Armageddon.

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Daniel 8:13, 12:7-10, 9:25-27, Revelation 16:16-17 Then I heard one Angel speaking, and another Angel said unto that certain Angel which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the Transgression of Desolation [Antichrist] to give the Sanctuary and the Host to be trodden under foot? And I heard the Man clothed in linen sware by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for 1,290 days when he [Antichrist] shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the mighty and Holy people [the Jews], all these things shall be finished. And I heard, but I understood not: saying Lord, when shall be the end of all these things? And He said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the latter end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. Know therefore and understand: the people (the Army) of the Prince that shall come shall destroy the City and the Sanctuary (Jerusalem and the Temple), the end thereof shall be with a flood, and even unto the end of this age, desolations are determined. He (Antichrist) confirmed a peace covenant with many for one week [one shabua; 7 years] yet in the middle of the week [1,260 days later] Antichrist shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease in the Temple, and make [Jerusalem and the Temple] a place of utter desolation, because of his transgression. And at the time of the end, tidings out of the East [China] and out of the North [Russia] shall trouble him (Antichrist): therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy many. Behold, the Day of the Lord cometh: for all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle. Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations as when He fought in the Day of Battle. In that day shall be great mourning in Jerusalem and in the Valley of Megiddo. Another strong point needs to be made here, and Jews more than anyone need to understand this,. At his first advent, Jesus came humble and humiliated to destroy (reverse) all of Satan's works (1 John 3:8). This means that while Jews fully expected their Messiah to be a supernatural war leader, acting on behalf of God, God instead had a greater lesson to teach Israel, and still does. For it is Israel's own great pride that is like unto Lucifer's own, and as a result, God must correct Israel if He is to keep His promise to Abraham and save Israel, even for His namesake. Ergo, this is why God will allow Satan to become Antichrist, so that through Israel's choosing him as their Messiah, they would ultimately see their great error in judgment, and return to Christ, even as Christ literally returns to them at the time of their greatest need, at Armageddon, Christ's second advent.

But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him [Antichrist]. Therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the Kings of the East [China] might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the False Prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the Kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the Battle of that great day. And he [Antichrist] gathered them into a place called Armageddon.

Daniel 11:40-44; Revelation 16:12-16; The Holy Bible

Saith the Lord, which stretched forth the Universe and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people. All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. And I will seek to destroy all the nations that have come against Jerusalem. And I will pour the Spirit of grace upon the House of David [the Jews], the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Zechariah 12:1-3, 9-10; The Holy Bible

Current Events Setting the Stage for Antichrist's Later Battle of Armageddon
China has been an "emerging nation" for decades, going back into the 1960's, but one that was for the most part, struggling-financially. However, within the last thirty years, and with the blending of their own version of Western-styled economics coupled with uneven trade policies having beneficial export ratios by which they can manipulate their currency against the West, namely the American Dollar, has in effect, siphoned American wealth and made them prosper. This is proving to become a fateful, albeit dangerous, and even prophetic venture for them. China is also known to be taking a new, much less subtle, military stand against the West, as well. This includes, but is not limited to: stealing American technological assets and hacking American military and power grids that leave many in the security world believing China is preparing to war with the United States, as is Russia. And yet Revelation has predicted it all, even of China's meteoric rise to power, but also making it abundantly clear that by the time Antichrist is in power, China would have emerged to become the "Kings of the East" (a global superpower) and that together with Russia, both China and Russia would cause great consternation for the Beast, during his own last days. It has been reported that China will be the strongest economy in the world by the year 2030, and we already know that much of that same mammoth economy is pouring into their collective military already. Revelation explains that at the end of the Antichrist's reign, just before Christ returns to destroy him at Armageddon, that the Antichrist will "hear tidings (news) out of the North and East, that will greatly trouble him, therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many." This would suggest to mean that not every nation will fall so easily, or ultimately, into Antichrist's global union, as Armageddon nears. In fact, Daniel 11:41 states that there is to be three distinct nations who will not fall under Antichrist's global sway. These are: Edom (Russia), Moab (Arabs), and the Chief Children of Ammon. No one will know for certain who these Ammon children are, but common sense tells me that they must be 1) a large nation that has a history of being hard to control by the Masonic West, having a longer history of anti-western ideals and 2) Situated in the East. Revelation further explains that the Kings of the East, which could only be China, therefore, along with (Edom) Russia, shall decide to attack Antichrist in a preemptive strike, after they apparently determine that he is about to destroy the entire world.

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The Book of Revelation astonishingly predicts that the total number of troops that China alone will send to invade Israel will be a 200-million man army, a number that far surpasses the numbers behind China's current military, which, according to the Human Development Report of 2007-2008, is the largest in the world already, at 2.25 million troops, nearly double the amount of America's current 1.5 million. Moreover, since China is spending one-hundred billion dollars per year on their military, it has been estimated that the Chinese military will achieve this 200,000,000 man army by the year 2030. Helping them achieve that vast number of human-military resources, as we approach Armageddon, is China's current relaxing of its one-child only policy, to allowing two children. At some point, however, one has to ask themselves, why does the future Chinese superpower during the Antichrist-era feel it needs a post-Global Collapse military of 200,000,000? Perhaps the massive number is in direct response to the great number of international and civil unrest in a world without America or the basic rule of international law that once dominated countries to adhere to some form of basic human civility. Perhaps the vast number is in a more direct response to the future Antichrist's own armies, bolstered in great number by advanced robotic drones and near-immortal, technology-driven AI who can easily destroy due to their inability to die like their mortal counterparts. Regardless of this darker future and fomenting need for a coming World Order to bring back this world's former civility during that time, China and Russia's unified aim will ultimately prove to work against the supernatural Antichrist and his army, by whatever conventional means they could still utilize negatively against him and his forces. That said, it becomes very interesting that both Russia and China are already utilizing "cyber-warfare" as a means to gain some sort of control over the Masonic West, as if knowing what tribulation lies ahead for their respective countries. Also interesting, it has been recently reported that a future Russia and China option may be, if necessary, to unite their militaries into one conglomerate strike force against any threat in their sphere of control. While the Antichrist is today busy living a life of seeming normalcy today, on this side of the coming Collapse, and thus, remains far from the sphere of control of those future nations that ally against him, it is interesting how that in a very real sense, the Bible Prophecy has already proven true. Russia and China have already aligned themselves, militarily, in the event they are met by a future common foe. The fact that they reside in the North, and in the East, respectively, as the Bible reveals, only proves how far those current treaties made between them will go in their determination to attack the future 'King of the World.' If that is the case, then perhaps the reason for their attempted invasion against the heavily fortified Antichrist Kingdom at Jerusalem (called "Armageddon") is because Antichrist has threatened to annihilate the entire world using the nuclear stockpile that he has collected from those nations who were under the initial impression that he was 'The Peaceful Messiah.'

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Armageddon Begins: The Return of Christ Ends the Antichrist's War on Jews
The reason that Satan via Antichrist brings all nations to battle with him at Armageddon, in Israel, is because Antichrist hears negative "tidings out of the North and East" of a military alliance and coup about to come against him. Immediately after hearing of this report, he essentially challenges not just Russia and China to battle, but what's left of the entire world's armies to meet him in valley of Jezreel, upon the plains of Megiddo. What comes next is the Battle of Armageddon, of which we also know to be "the Last Day," "The Day of the Lord" and "Christ's Return," simultaneously. His "Five I Wills" already having been accomplished, both literally and metaphorically (thru King William V), Satan's aim now is to destroy Israel and the entire world itself, and everyone in it, so that Christ has nothing to return to. This would be Satan's last desperate attempt, therefore, of eradicating the Godly promise and Biblical prophecy of Christ returning to Israel (prophesied in Zechariah and Revelation) to ultimately save the Jewish people in the fullness of time, of which Armageddon will likely fall precisely 6,000 years from the time Adam was created, thus leaving 1,000 years for Christ's Millennium. (This would also mean that the Hebrews have been miscounting their generations, because as it stands today, they have counted only 5,778 years since Adam.) And so, how could Satan attempt to destroy this world at the end of Antichrist's 7-year reign? As mentioned earlier in this website, Antichrist will cause the planet to enter into a so-called global peace initiative with him, one in which he guarantees a nation's peace and prosperity, if they would de-nuclearize by providing him all weapons of mass destruction. Of course, it will also be said that these weapons would be destroyed. They will not. Antichrist instead stockpiles them for his final sinister plan of destroying the planet, himself, beginning at Zion. This would be why Jesus told us in Matthew 24:22, that "unless those days [of Antichrist's Tribulation] were shortened, no flesh would survive." As you've no doubt witnessed for yourself in this site, the future Antichrist mirrors much of what of Adolf Hitler believed, aspired to be, and carried out in World War II, namely the attempted genocide of the Jewish race. So when Antichrist hears news coming out of the north and east, that forces his retreat to his occupied capital of Berlin, it becomes intriguing to learn that Antichrist shall effectively do the same, upon hearing that armies are inbound from all sides, wanting to crush his once unbeatable armies, but moreover, to blot out his existence, personally. This would fulfill Daniel 11:45 'yet shall he come to his end, and none shall help him.' But what Hitler did not have was nuclear weapons, otherwise he would have very likely allowed the Russian and American armies to enter Berlin, and then trigger a nuclear nightmare, thus taking as many people down to Hell with him as possible, denying a total victory to the Allies in so doing. Thank God, literally, that Antichrist will not be given the chance either. Stopping these gathering armies upon the plains of Megiddo, and all of Satan's attempts at global destruction, will be the sudden bright appearance of Jesus Christ returning with the glory and power of His Father. In an instant, shall every one of the heathen armies of the world gathered there, are destroyed before the mighty and conquering King of Israel. He shall set His fiery eyes upon them, speak a word that utterly wastes their existence, as His wounded feet touch once more upon the Mount of Olives to destroy both the Antichrist and his False Prophet who shall immediately be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire.

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So shall Satan himself also be bound and cast into the Bottomless Pit. Interestingly, Megiddo has been the scene of prior wars that were epic in scope before, from Biblical times to the time of Napoleon, to the Battle of Megiddo in 1918. Equally amazing, it is written in Revelation that China will cross an already dried-up Euphrates river, with its four demonic inhabitants once banished there being released into the world, as 200,000,000 Chinese troops enter the once fiercely-defended borders of Israel. Russia, already having crossed over Israel's border before in their past (our future) during the Battle of Gog and Magog, will do so again as their own last option. Ironically, Russia will have a total of three battles against Israel: 1) The Battle of Gog-Magog, prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. 2) Armageddon, prophesied in Zechariah 12 & 14, Revelation 19. and 3) Gog-Magog II, spoken of in Revelation 20, which occurs at the end of Christ's Millennium. Once the City and its Third Temple Sanctuary are ritually cleansed (of the evil that Antichrist placed inside it) at the 1,335th day, then shall Christ enter the Temple of His Father, by way of the Eastern Gate, and He will seated upon His Heavenly Sapphire Throne (read Ezekiel 1:26) and reign as Israel's King of Glory for 1,000 years. The entire world shall finally be given a peace like its never had before, while the Son of God reigns from Jerusalem on that Millennial Sabbath Day, lasting 1,000 years. In that day, Mankind shall prosper, and the world shall spring forth in true peace and harmony, the likes of which Satan could only attempt to counterfeit with his faux New Age. And so shall it be as it was in those eons of the First Age, before Satan fell, and later, set his eyes upon Eve. The entire world, man and beast alike, will once more be achieve perfect balance with one another. "And the lion shall lay down with the lamb ... and a little boy will lead them" is a prophecy about this new era, fulfilling Isaiah 11:6. Such creatures, the lion, lamb, even a child are also represented in the stars above, so might the stars have been forecasting God's entire plan all along? As you've seen earlier in this website, eclipses also play a major role in William's life, this far. Eclipses are like power points that run through space and time in regular series called Saros cycles. The Saros cycles take about 1200 years to travel from the North to the South Pole, and vice-versa, each series has a different founding horoscope as well as a different theme. William was born into a series called 2 Old North, which began in 792 AD, just before the first recognized English King was crowned. It is due to end in 2036 AD, when King William Arthur is 54 years old. This raises many questions. The most obvious is when William becomes the King, whether or not he will be the "Last King." The meaning of the Saros 2 Old North Series is said to be that of “separation or ending of unions,” a recurring theme clearly lived out in William's young life thus far. The time allotted for this period of 'Saros' is 18x37, the equivalent of 666 years.

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NOTE: Because of Christ's own hinting within His Parable of the Fig Tree, that Armageddon and His return, even all of prophecy itself would be fulfilled in its entirety within the 70-100 year lifetime or generation of those people who were alive in either 1948 or 1967 when Israel, the "Fig Tree, put forth leaves"* somewhat answers that most unanswerable question as to when all of these things, regarding the Antichrist's Tribulation and Christ's Return, must occur. What is a lifetime, then? Between 70-100 years now, so this puts the Tribulation and Christ's Return to destroy the Beast at somewhere between the years 2018-2067. Although, because Satan must first be given his 7 years to reign as Antichrist, this would then push that timeline of Christ's Return closer to a 2025-2067 timeframe. Speculatively, 2025 would have to be further pushed back to 2030 to include for the ascension of Antichrist, at its earliest, because even if the Collapse happened tomorrow, there must exist a space of time, say five years at least, to allow the world to rebuild before Antichrist can rally that post-civilization era into a New World Order. So we are looking at the Tribulation to occur somewhere, at its earliest, between the years 2030-2067. Now that this is correctly determined and we have a more proper timeline, 1948 cannot be the starting point of Christ's 'generation of the Fig Tree' as it doesn't leave enough time for the Antichrist to achieve what is destined him. In other words, 70 years from Israel's rebirth in 1948 brings us to our current year of 2018, and there is no way Antichrist can spend the 7 years due him, in the remainder of our present year. Consequently, the year 1967 is almost certainly what Jesus was referring to when connecting a generation alive at the time of His return. And, it makes perfect sense, since Israel cannot be considered a full-fledged nation, reborn (or even an archetypal 'Fig Tree putting forth leaves') without its ancient capital - that also happens to be God's most important city on earth, Jerusalem (Zion). Because Jerusalem was captured in 1967, however, and the Jews will never give up its 'eternal capital,' and moreover, this places the Tribulation and Christ's Return, squarely between the years 2030-2037, if a Biblical "generation" equates to 70 years. If Christ's use of the word "generation" is 80 years, then the Tribulation falls somewhere between 2030-2047. Being completely thorough here, and leaving open the possibility that "generation" meant natural lifetime span, knowing that present life expectancy now is in advance of 100 years, a generation could also mean, our current lifetime(s), as aforementioned. In that case, the Tribulation is pushed to its furthest and final extent, at 2030-2067. In other words, Armageddon and the return of Christ can occur no earlier than 2030, and no later than the year 2067. *Another point that isn't referenced to as much as it should be, in relation to Christ's Fig Tree Parable, is that the Jews weren't the only ones that suffered during those nearly two Millennia after Israel, and its capital city, were lost to the Romans in 70 AD. The land of Israel itself was also negatively affected, as well. Rabbi Menachem Kohen of Brooklyn discovered that the Israel “suffered an unprecedented, drought that lasted from the first century until the 20th century – a period of 1,800 years [that] coincided with the forced dispersion of the Jews.” More amazing still, when rainfalls for Israel were tabulated from the early 1800's to the late 1960's, it was discovered that Israel received its largest rainfall totals in 1948, when the modern State of Israel we born, and in 1967, when the Jews recaptured their ancient capital, Jerusalem, a city they haven't occupied since 70 AD, when Rome destroyed it.

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That Fig Tree, referenced by Christ, has certainly put forth leaves in our generation. Of this, Christ also said, "That same generation (that is alive to witness the Fig Tree's putting forth leaves) shall not pass away, till all things written are fulfilled." I have just turned 50 years of age in 2018, which is to say, I was conceived in 1967. So it is entirely this/my/our generation that Christ had foreseen, who 'shall not all pass away, until all things written in the Scriptures are fulfilled.' This would naturally include everything written in regard to not only the Tribulation period, but more importantly, of Christ's Return. In connecting more of God's timing, Christ also makes it a point to reference the time of Antichrist's reign as being 'cut short, lest no flesh would be saved.' This becomes another vital clue that points to a most interesting aspect that is hardly mentioned, if ever. Daniel 8:14 proves that there was a time when Satan and his final agent of destruction were originally to receive a total of 2,300 days to employ their evil within the Great Tribulation period. However, when God peered forward 3,000 years into that dark future, He obviously saw or determined that no flesh would survive a 2,300 day Great Tribulation period under Satan. Therefore, the decision was made to cut the number of days from the original 2,300 down to 1,290 days, as mentioned in Daniel 12:7, 12, and Matthew 24:22. More amazing still, is discovering that this determination made by our Creator, regarding the reduced numbering of days within the Great Tribulation, took place in real time whilst He was yet revealing certain aspects of that future Tribulation to Daniel. Perhaps more amazing still, is the fact that when you double that original half-Tribulation period (whereby God originally allocated 2,300 days) to 4,600 days, this proves the original Tribulation timeframe was 12 (lunar) years for the Antichrist's reign, that roughly equates to a decade in our present calendar. But because those added 1,010 days [2,300 - 1,290 = 1010] would have resulted in the destruction of every single man, woman, and child on earth, God "shortened the days" to only 1,290 days, whereby Satan is allowed his destructive power to complete his own ancient indignation (his 5 'I Wills' personified in Antichrist) against God and His creation. As an interesting side note, regarding the timing and the specific year of Armageddon, it was none other than Sir Isaac Newton, who in 1704, calculated that Christ's return would be fulfilled in the year 2060, specifically. However, how Newton arrived at that year is what's more interesting. He wrongly assumed that the 1,260 days that are attributed to the power of the Beast, were instead to be taken as a numbering of years, in effect, totaling 1,260 years. Moreover, Newton used the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire by Charlemagne, in 800 AD, connected with the Pope’s religious primacy of that specific year, to, in his mind, initiate the marker from which God started his countdown to the end of time. Consequently, the 2060 year marking the end of time as we know it, was arrived by simply adding 1,260 years to 800 AD, which, in hindsight, is seen as a rather crude way to determine the end of days, but given that the Second Earth Age will extend at its furthest to 2067 (see above), the man may have come closer to revealing the Tribulation timeframe and/or Christ's Return than any other before him, certainly before 1704.

Blessed and Holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection, on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the Saints, and the beloved city [Zion]. And fire came down from God out of Heaven, and devoured them. And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the Beast and the False Prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. And I saw a great White Throne, and Him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the sky fled away; even as there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God. And the books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life, and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and Death and Hell [those in graves and in the center of the earth] delivered up the dead which were in them, and they were judged every man according to their works. And [those who were in] Death and Hell were cast into the Lake of Fire. And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.

Revelation 20; The Holy Bible


The Priests of Cain: The Knights Templar and Global Freemasonry Take Control
1717: Year when an Occult British society of Druid priests united in a venture to create a Masonic Grand Lodge in London, where they would meet to discuss global affairs forming something called the Druid Circle of the Universal Bond. Not coincidentally, 1717 was also the same year that an Order of Freemasons in Great Britain opened their own Grand Lodge also in London, where the dual-caste societies of Masonic Druidism remains intact to this day. London's Druid-inspired Masonic movement became the leading Occult society of those who secretly held the Luciferian ideal that would further the Great Work by way of a great social alchemy which was to culminate in a world that would shift from Christianity to Satanism, just before the rise of Satan's Antichrist. Many of these men involved in the Satanic Druid inner-caste of Freemasonry were placed into the most prominent positions of power from where they could guide society into 'Luciferic initiation' using various educational, social, and political campaigns. Because Freemasonry in London had seemingly eclipsed the elder Scottish tradition in its rise to power, certain neophytes were largely unaware of their Templar history back in Scotland. The tradition of what became the Scottish Rite was as follows. After the dissolution of the Templars, many of the Knights repaired to Scotland and placed themselves under the protection of Robert Bruce and that, after the battle of Bannockburn, which took place on St. John the Baptist's day (in summer), 1314, this monarch instituted the Royal Order of H.R.M. and Knights of the R.S.Y.C.S. from which the present Degree of Rose Croix de Heredom may have taken its origins. Whatever may have been the origin and foundation of the Royal Order of Scotland, its claim to the oldest, if not, indeed, the only Masonic Order of Knighthood, is presumably valid. The Order of Knights Templar Masons was instituted by Freemasons, but has nothing Masonic in its ritual. With regard to the veridical history of the Order, there is presumptive evidence of a Provincial Grand Lodge that met in London in 1696 and indubitable evidence to show that in 1730, the same Lodge met at the Thistle and Crown, in Chandos Street Charing Cross. Prince Charles Edward Stuart, in 1747, issued his famous Arras Charter, in which he claimed to be Sovereign Grand Master of the Royal Order.

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Many of the insidious Cainite elite in Scotland, including its Stuart Royal Family had developed strong connections within the Masonic Neo-Druid inner-caste which arose from remnant factions of the Scottish Knights Templar, as they all shared the same goal. The politically-exiled Scottish House of Stuart had become even more involved in the idea of placing one of their own line on the Throne of England. Toward this effort was the creation of Scottish Rite Freemasonry which sought to replace traditional British Freemasonry by introducing higher degrees than those offered by other Masonic systems at the time. It promised initiation into greater and more profound ancient mysteries preserved and handed down by Knights Templar. It established more direct connections between Freemasonry and those already involved with Alchemy, Cabalism and Hermetic thought (collectively regarded as 'Rosicrucian'). Scottish Rite Freemasonry elaborated not only on the antiquity but also on the illustrious pedigree of the Craft. In time, Scottish Rite Freemasonry evolved into the main organization behind the true thrust of the Great Work that was carried over into their "New Atlantis" (America), and subsequently, by the late 1700's thru early 1800's, such devotion to Lucifer was literally built into the American capitol's landscape. Freemasons were included into membership of British Parliament, the House of Lords, Mi-6, attaches to the Royal Family, and certain members of the Royal Family themselves over the last 300 years have became powerful Freemasons of the Satanic inner-caste and out of these, some became renown world leaders affecting global policy, such as Winston Churchill, who arose to lead Great Britain during its 'greatest hour' in what was the second World War. Churchill was born in 1874 and his father, Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill, had been a Freemason and this may well have provided Winston with his first introduction to the fraternity. Although there are different accounts of exactly when and where Churchill became a Mason it seems that he was initiated into the Entered Apprentice degree in 1901 in Studholme Lodge (no. 1591) in London. Churchill subsequently advanced through the Fellow Craft degree and was raised to a Master Mason in March 1902 in Rosemary Lodge (no. 2851). A photograph in Stuart Piggot’s book The Druids shows a young Churchill flanked by a number of men, some wearing Druid robes and others in ordinary suits. According to the inscription this photograph shows Churchill’s initiation into the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids in August 1908 at Blenheim, his family home. The "Ancient Order of Druids" (also known as 'The Order') was founded in 1781 by Henry Hurle.

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The year 1833 was a defining period for The Order as it saw a schism over the issue of its future orientation. The majority of members sought to take The Order in the direction of a fraternal and "benevolent [front] society" and they departed and adopted the name United Ancient Order of Druids. The minority retained the original name and continued mixing their fraternalism with the darkest aspects of Occult mysticism. The Ancient Order of Druids in particular had a considerable overlapping membership with Freemasonry, staying true to the inner-caste and outer-caste system by which modern Freemasons (especially in the America outer caste) are never told that they only serve Lucifer, but in his place, they are provided by their superiors, a less controversial god to worship initially, named Ja-Bul-On, mixing the Torah with demonic paganism throughout their "ascension" thru the degrees. In 1866 Little founded the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, a project not dissimilar to the Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids. SRiA members were also required to be Master Masons first and just as Little’s druid order studied Freemasonry and Druidry so the S.R.i.A. also concerned itself with research. It was three members of the S.R.i.A. William Wynn Westcott, Samuel Liddle McGregor Mathers and Dr. W. Woodman who founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (an order which has gained a notorious reputation largely by introducing the self-titled 'Beast,' Aleister Crowley, to the Occult.) The British Royal aristocracy itself linked to Freemasonry directly or through one of its parallel groups such as the Order of the Thistle or Garter, as well as several other Knightly Orders, chivalric organizations, and their many humanitarian front groups. British Freemasonry traditionally provided three degrees of initiation, which is remarkably similar to Wicca/Witchcraft which offers the same three degree system. The Cords of Initiation were used to indicate the level of experience in many traditions of Witchcraft with knots indicating first, second, of third degree attainment. Some believe that using cords to indicate degrees originated in the 19th century while others believe the practice originated in more ancient times when cords that were used to bind the Slain God/Divine King in the European mystery tradition's mockery of Christ's sacrifice. In the same vein, the Red Cord symbolized the Royal Blood of Cain and identified the initiate as a follower in league with the inheritors of the most ancient of all pagan "mystery traditions," that Satan is their blood-Father and Witchcraft is his religion. Today, such red cords are most often seen being worn around the wrists by those who study that accursed Satanic-warping of the Word of God, known as Kabbala, which has been Satan's greatest spiritual weapon against both Jew and Gentile alike, since its Satanic inception. Understand, Satan's greatest physical weapon in the Antichrist, shall yet merge with his greatest spiritual weapon, in the last days for an unprecedented attack upon God's people such as never before. For this reason should we be warning Jews of what was, and what is to come.

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Any amount of serious research into the Occult, including ancient Druidism, Demonology, and its conjuring spells that later became the most ancient forms of Witchcraft, were born out of Satanic worship from their inception, even as such cultural and ancient pre-Christian religions long worshipped Satan before Satan's name ever appeared in the later Holy Bible. Of course, you'll never be taught that in any classroom, not when the Masonic education system can teach anything and everything related to the very same pagan religions of world that revere every kind of false god, but a mention of Christ or the God of the Bible (in a non-sarcastic way) will get you immediately suspended, along with the loss of your free speech, etc., until you comply to only their rules. Such is the vast control of the satanic Freemason, and their increasingly Anti-Christ(ian) laws. Not coincidentally, within the halls of Freemasonry itself, Christ is shunned, completely, in favor of ancient Canaanite, Babylonian, and Egyptian deities like Isis, Anubis, and Ra, and whatever else falls under Satan's many ancient names spanning across time and culture. What other nation's education system(s) are so blatantly shunning God, Creationism, and Christ, at every level, in every grade, whilst using (Masonic conditioning) curriculum techniques that cause children to believe in Witchcraft than those nations already supporting the Antichrist, namely America and Britain? No wonder, the indoctrination continues far removed from the classroom, that teaches nonetheless that America and Britain are somehow Lost Tribes of Israel. A simple read of any of Manly P. Hall or Albert Pike's many writings proves the Masonic global conspiracy is in fact, a global effort to supplant Christ, as the Grand Architect of this world, and Israel, to instead replace Him with Lucifer, their God of Freemasonry of the "New Aeon." The "New Age Movement" itself being created for the ignorant masses to lure them deeper into an Occult mindset that ends in worshipping its heavily promoted Aquarian Messiah. Perhaps your children, have never understood this was Satan's modus operandi from the beginning. No one has ever even mentioned such a thing to them, how could they know if the one most silent on the matter is none other than you? Remember, Satan works in counterfeit actions to God's Will, thus, he finds ways to counterfeit not only God, but God's Word to the point whereupon evil is called good, and good is called evil - another prophetic hallmark for our last days. When the supposedly beloved children you raise are allowed to also be raised in state-funded Antichrist indoctrination centers, by those brainwashed themselves to believe in the lies made up by those who taught them, teaching that there are no moral absolutes, or that evolution is the result of no God existing, how could any of that lead to the progressiveness they claim to serve, unless that progression is positioning itself ever toward the Masonic god of ascending degrees, shallow secular humanism, and Occult gnosis?

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Taking the Masonic-state's education to its furthest, even scientists themselves know that the universe is not old enough for life to have formed by chance alone, so they now have chosen to extend time to infinity in an endless loop, in their vain attempt to explain away God. Of which, they now claim that our present universe came out of a another universe far older, and that universe also came out of another universe, far older, and so on to absurdity. They create all these simplistic, baseless, made-up theories to explain away the obvious, and hide behind an obscure shadow ad infinitum, just so that they never have to consider, even for a moment, that a Creator could speak His creation into existence. Beyond Luciferian glorification, do those who call Satan their god attribute all earthly worship to only one earthly kin. That is to say, Scottish Rite Freemasons display their seemingly benign servitude to the current House of Windsor by referring to Queen Elizabeth II of England as The Queen of Babylon, Babylon being the allegorical reference from Revelation denoting a Masonic ten-nation confederacy under the future Antichrist. However, her seeming veneration is misleading, as it is not her they ultimately worship but the place-holding office she holds, moreover, the British Throne itself who according to them is the Throne of Cain, of which one day will return to see a King's coronation. The obliviously, benighted Freemasons of the outer-caste were never allowed to know the fullest extent of the workings within the inner-caste, which holds even more true today within Freemasonry. It is believed that the Masonic neophyte must achieve "Ascension" toward the coveted 33rd degree, because it "readies the man toward the knowledge and acceptance of the secret behind Freemasonry itself," that Satan exists and is the Masonic 'God.' As such, whereas Satan and his demons are laying the spiritual foundations that we can't see, he requires the earthly Mason's help toward physically building that New Secular Order for his Antichrist to later secure. For millennia, Satan has deceived those in the Occult well, for these same workers of iniquity only hasten the time when the Beast sits in a future Masonic-built Temple in Jerusalem as the Resitiutor Orbis, Adam Kadmon, Rex Mundi, Alchemical-Christ; himself being the result of countless men in league with the Wicked One since the time when men and their wives first conversed with the Serpent-being to become wise of evil's beguiling "gnosis." As Overlords of this Great Work, they will stop at nothing less than Satan's final goal achieved, the ancient destiny accomplished. Even the Scriptures spoke of it, that subtle alchemical work of the Mystery of Iniquity which never ceases until Lucifer is seated upon a throne and seeks to destroy all those that placed him there, for Satan ultimately does not share power. Luciferianism can even be seen in the very names from which they choose to brand their societies with: The Golden Dawn, Order of the Morning Star, Eastern Star, Silver Star, White Light Order, Order of the Sun, Black Sun, Sol Invictus, The Solar Temple, and most infamous of them all, the Illuminati, whose God can be none other than the Light-Bearer himself, as they do subtly admit. The inner-caste of Freemasonry uses the outer as a type of hedge of protection from the outside world and this was admitted more than once by the renown Masonic Masters Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall. Not only is their own admission of two completely separate levels of awareness within Freemasonry made apparent in their writings, yet they also exultantly confess who the God of Freemasonry truly is...

Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange mysterious name to give the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer is the Son of the Morning! MORNING STAR! Is it he who bears the Light!

Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p. 321

The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explanation is reserved for the Adepts, the [true] Princes of Masonry.

Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 819

Satan is referred to by Occultists and Masons as the Morning Star, that is, Venus, “because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness…” and Masons themselves (and others) tell us that Lucifer is the Light bearer and the Morning Star. Blavatsky writes about the Druids, Magi, Zoroastrians, and others all greeting the Morning Star, the beautiful Venus-Lucifer.

Druid traditions were also preserved with Freemasonry, which is thought to have evolved from the Druids or at least alongside of them. This connection is addressed in Gould's History of Freemasonry. The three part structure of the Masons is identical to the three offices of Druidic priesthood: Ovates, Bards, and Druids. Also, the secret teachings embodied therein are practically the same as the mysteries concealed under the allegories of Blue Lodge Masonry.

Gerald Gardner is considered by most to be the founder of modern Wicca starting around 1939. Gardner was a Freemason who had also studied Oriental Mysticism. Gardner blended the hereditary Witchcraft of New Forest Coven with Masonic-like ceremonies and a handful of other practices popularized by Golden Dawn creating the religion we know today as Wicca. Many of the Rites, Initations of three Degrees and ceremonies of Wicca are borrowed from Freemasonry. It is claimed that Aleister Crowley was initiated by George Pickingill in 1899 and that Crowley initiated Gardner in 1946 and shared his Book of Shadows with Gardner which helped form the basis of Wicca.

Essential Wicca p. 17, 353, 391

Pickingill openly advocated the demise of Chrisitianity and tried to form an alliance with Satanic Covens to expedite his vision. It has been alleged that in order to protect against their discovery, the elders of the hereditary traditions in [Britain's] East Anglia set things in motion to discredit the claims of Gerald Gardner concerning the [modern] survival of Witchcraft families.

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 327

In order to survive, these cults went "underground," meeting only in secret and creating strict laws to ensure non-discovery. Witches took refuge in Masonic groups and other Secret Societies both to protect themselves and to continue the ancient practices with other Witches. Masonic influences in the Witches' Craft are readily recognized by their own similar practices. Modern scholarship point to the inclusion of such things as a three-degree initiation system, similar beliefs, ancient pagan, and the "five-fold kiss" as evidence. The First Degree of Initiation begins with a warning and the initiate's courage is tested at the point of a sword. He or she is given a password and is blindfolded. The Second and Third Degrees follow similar lines. In fact, in style, if not quite in content, the [Witchcraft] Initiation is entirely Masonic.

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 23-24, 169: Witchcraft Out of the Shadows p. 110-111

Contrary to the German-Nazi concepts, secondary assessments of the Order's ritualistic [Satanic] rites are interpreted as Paganism, specifically [from] the Druids or Wiccans. The Satanic Occult theme draws historical memoirs with the Celtic and Scottish peoples.

Between Job 38:7, Revelation 12, and Isaiah 14, it's Ezekiel 28 that goes furthest to explain how a once mighty Cherub, Lucifer, who was 'perfect in all his ways' later became rebellious, proud, haughty, and violent, against His Creator. In that one chapter, God details that having once been perfect, superior, wise, and even beautiful, Lucifer, nonetheless used his own God-given free will toward a self-deception that made him rebel against God, believing that because he was so vastly superior above all other Angels, that he should hold an even higher office among them, and be seen as part of God Himself. The words used "thou wast perfect in all thy ways, until iniquity was found in thee" clearly indicates that while Lucifer was divinely perfect, and stood alone in that Godly perfection, every other Angel made was obviously created somewhat less than what God sees is complete perfection and for good reason, as anyone else made so perfect might have also developed a God complex of the highest degree. Consequently, it was only Lucifer's own free will, and later, discontent, that brought himself down from the loftiest position that he was given as one of two Morning Stars. Who were they? Revelation 22:16 and Job 38:7 implies that both Christ and Lucifer held the office of The Morning Star, at the creation of this world, but while these two "Morning Stars sang in unison," and every other lesser Angel "shouted for joy" in praise of God's expanded Universe and physical Creation of earth itself, it wasn't long afterward that Lucifer started becoming "lifted up, because of his own beauty" and having "corrupted his own Wisdom by the reason of his brightness," and by "trafficking" the wealth of earth's resources into his own "sanctuary," that was located in the "midst of the sea." God, thru Ezekiel, further indicates that as Earth's Morning Star, Lucifer began to set himself up as Earth's only "God," within that oceanic kingdom once situated between the ancient Americas and Europe, of which God destroyed by water in a single day, which then prompted a War in Heaven. It's this War in Heaven, between the two Morning Stars, that is still being fought today in our world. As his own "I Wills" indicate (Isaiah 14:12-14), Lucifer wanted/still wants nothing less than to be God over this world "in the sides of the North," at Mount Zion, from whence Heaven met Earth. From Jerusalem, he wants to ascend into Heaven, above every Angel, as God, something set aside only for the Messiah. From this, we can see why Satan exists, and why he must play out his role as the Antichrist soon, leading all those who would follow him into eventual destruction. From great evil comes a greater good. How much more does God merely use and allow Satan to become a perfect threshing tool, as each soul is perfectly vetted, making this temporary world and our imperfect lives in it, a perfect test to determine where we shall exist in the coming, more eternal, New Heaven and New Earth.

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In this, think not in terms that God is with us, as the Hebrew name "Immanuel," makes known of Yeshua, but that as God, Jesus will cause us to become One with Him, as Elohim. This is why Yeshua requested of His Father that we be "made in their image and likeness," God knowing the end from the Beginning. Christ one day giving each of us the White Stone with a name on it known only to us, but also collectively, the Morning Star, proves that while becoming our truest selves in His creation, individually, will one day God the Father, His Son, and their Spirit likewise include us into Elohim, becoming One with God. As it was in the Beginning, so shall it be at the New Beginning. This is what Satan can NEVER counterfeit, and this is what makes him most hateful, against both God and us, that God shall freely give us what he himself has always desired most but will never attain. With everything viewed through that much larger picture, should we rejoice in Him already, for Blessed is he who believes and has never seen, than he (Lucifer) who has seen God, and believes not. So it is, that while Christ is the only "begotten" Son of God, meaning Christ was always with/in God, Lucifer was the first perfect being created by this Triune God. As such, Lucifer felt he should not be seen as a separate being, like the rest of us who came after, but should be divinely included into the Godhead itself as his vain inheritance never given, but to us, it shall be given. Fast forward to the time of the creation of mankind upon the earth, and how this war between the two Morning Stars was played out in Cain vs. Abel with deadly efficiency. Cain, the son of Satan who was a "murderer from the beginning," believes he would do well to provide God only the lowest of his grown excess taken from the earth, while the archetype for the Son of God - Abel, provided God the best of his well-tended flock in sacrifice unto God. In this way did God return honor to Abel, but not to Cain. Also in this way did proud Cain grow hateful toward his brother, and led Abel to his slaughter. Just as he once beguiled even the Angels of God, did Satan, in time, go on to beguile even his own children, and that of mankind further, into worshipping himself as the Father, even their father, and as God, even their god of (vain) light and (hidden) wisdom," as the Freemasons blindly see Satan to be. For Satan knows how to destroy man thru gnosticism, that is to say, a lying knowledge of evil that only serves evil, from the father of lies who gave it, promising to make men as God. Interesting it is then, how the Freemasons, as so-called 'wise, master-builders' and other secretive gnostic societies who came before them, worship the very same black Sun-God of Darkness! As such, the highest degrees of inner-circle Freemasonry know very well who they are worshipping in their building such a terrestrial Kingdom for Satan. As you will see, it's no coincidence, therefore, that this same future kingdom being built today on the precepts of gender-blurring and pagan goddess religions, will have a group of men under Satan's earthly authority who are actively manipulating the planet and this generation into all things Satanic, Occult, magic, mind-altering, demonic, so-called "trans-gender," and homosexual, as a way to blend Lucifer with Diana but more importantly, to remove the Patriarchal nature of God to install Lucifer as Man's counterfeit Creator.

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To those who would ask why would the Satanic global elites via Tavistock ever want to force children into homosexuality, the answer is simple. Because they want to destroy formerly innocent children as a grand sacrifice unto Satan, knowing many of their souls will go to Hell as a result of their unrepentant sin. This is how truly sick and evil Satanists are, who whilst blaspheming God in Heaven, are also forcing His hand to destroy those reprobate children that they themselves turned to evil. In their own twisted devotion to Satan and his wicked demons, Tavistock global mind control is also connected to much of child sacrifice and child prostitution rings worldwide. Insomuch that Satan's own mind control infected 1/3 of the God's formerly Holy Angels, in Heaven, is why they force once innocent children into sin and death on earth. In regards to the Masonic number of 33 itself, a number that to them is equated to 'the all,' understand that 33% makes up 100% of Satan's demonic force, which is why the 33rd Degree is considered to be the apex of Masonic rank. Another key and historical evidence linking elder Luciferian Solar Cults with 33° Freemasonry, and its Satanic worship, is found in one of their most enduring symbols: the Baphomet, which make no mistake, is merely an stylistic Occult effigy of Satan himself. The most ancient Druids first, then the ancient Mystery Schools, followed by the Knights Templar and their own spiritual offspring in the Freemasons, as well as every occult society and lone magician that followed in their left hand path. Because it is Satan, have attributes of this Baphomet shared itself into everyone of these same cultures aforementioned. Baphomet shares its animalistic appearance with Herne and Cernunnos of the Celts, as well as the Greek god Pan, all of which naturally lent its overall physicality to the classical image of Satan, as both a Serpent and a Goat, a Dragon and a Man, a Woman and a Child. Perhaps even more telling as to the true dual-nature of Baphomet is its image being used by some Satanists to depict the Beast of Revelation, the Antichrist, itself depicted as a combination of animal attributes fused with human similarities, even as the Animal (Satan) shall enter into a Man (Antichrist) that so perfectly counterfeits God's highest expression, which is His Spirit entering into a Man (Christ). Further examinations of Baphomet clearly display several other archetypal and mysterious symbols throughout its devilish alchemic appearance. In 1754, the first 25 Degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry were written by the Jesuits in the College of Jesuits of Clermont in Paris, for the purpose of restoring to power the Jesuit controlled House of Stuart to the throne of England. There are a series of degrees in the Masonic York Rite hierarchy known as the Order of Knights Templar. The Templars received papal sanction as "the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ" a decade after their founding. Of course, such a title merely was in name only, with the actual Templars themselves knowing of whom they actually served, and it was never Christ. Moreover, if they were anything even remotely related to Judeo-Christianity, it was only in the instance that they adopted the Jewish Kabala as a major source of their worshipful existence. Albert Pike connects that fact to Masonry, in Morals and Dogma, explaining: “Masonry is a search for Light ... that leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabbalah.” However, the earliest pagan rituals by which gave us the same Kabbalah, of itself blends the most ancient forms of magic with the Torah itself, largely by way of Mesopotamian and Babylonian conjuring rites of demons, via immolation, molestation, and Molech ritual blood sacrifices and burnings, all of which the Templars later engaged in, and were rightly accused of.

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For example, it carries the sign of the Pentagram on its forehead, the mark of this Beast where above it is seen a Solar torch, of which Eliphas Levi commented saying that the flame of intelligence shining between his horns is as the magical light of Lucifer himself. Examining further still, one notices one arm is female, the other male like those of the Divine Androgyny, its hands forming the sign of Hermetism, one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah (As above, so below). Medieval Astrologers saw within Baphomet the conjunction of the Moon and Venus, or the Sun and Moon united in tantric eclipse, while Alchemists saw Sun and Moon in union of transmutation, ethereal with material, while common pagans believed it to be their Sun-God merging with their Moon Goddess. Satanists both past and present believe it to be Satan and his Whore of Babylon, the woman riding the Beast. Clearly there is an alchemical union of powerful cosmic duality represented, a union which brings forth something else entirely: The Child of Ascension, a prodigy of Satan. However, in the middle ages, the Baphomet was believed to be an idol represented by a human skull, of keen importance to the crusading Knights Templar, who were thought to worship the demonic effigy as the source of fertility and wealth. Later admissions by neophyte Templars attested that they had been instructed by elder Templars to worship the idol as their only god and savior, the elders anointing the image of the Beast with the fat of murdered children. In 1307 King Phillip IV of France accused the Knights Templar order of Satanic heresy including male sodomy, blood sacrifice, the magic of invoking demons. During the height of Templar power in continental Europe, Templar's built the infamous 'gargoyle-protected' cathedrals including Notre Dame, Chartres, Reims, Amiens and many others, with many placed in very unique geometric patterns against the landscape, that when seen from above, formed perfect Pentagrams obviously dedicated to the goddess Venus (Lucifer). The Prince of the Air also had them corrupting the Catholic faith from within by pretending to be in line with its agenda. This also begs the question why Church authorities allowed a Lucifer-worshipping bankers, that the Templars became, to adorn their cathedrals with all manner of Occult and pagan artifacts and effigies placed internally and/or externally. Chartres Cathedral itself was built by Templar Masons using "sacred geometry," on a site where the Black Madonna was venerated from pre-Christian times. Beneath Chartres is a crypt, originally a pagan 'initiation grotto' and before that, a 'healing well' of the Druids. Knowing that such watery grotto's are also where demons are said to have made pacts with wandering souls throughout old Europe, it becomes clear why Druids, and other pagans saw them helpful in all things where the 'Otherworld,' being fed of sacrificial blood, bled through its own power into our own.

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Perhaps the best-known representation of Baphomet is the drawing by the 19th century French magician, Eliphas Levi, whose Baphomet has a goat's head, human trunk with rounded, female breasts, a caduceus in the midriff, human arms and hands, cloven feet, demonic wings with a pentagram placed in the center of its forehead and a torch on top of the skull between its horns. Levi combined elements of the Tarot Devil card (where a naked man and woman are bound in chains to Satan) and the goat worshipped in antiquity in Mendes, Egypt, which was said to fornicate with its women followers, as the the Devil was reputed to do with witches, which only strengthens the point that Baphomet and its torch is actually the representation of Satanic carnal knowledge (and Bloodline), just as the pagan fires of Beltane to this day have their connection to the celebration of carnal wisdom, the Knowledge of Good and Evil as it was called in Genesis. The Witchcraft historian Montague Summers suggested that Baphomet was a combination of the Greek Baphe and Metis, meaning 'absorption of knowledge.' The midriff also lends a clue toward the overall nature and identity of the Baphomet, as it is covered in reptilian scales. 'And Satan, as The Serpent, was the most subtle Beast in the field.' In The Garden of Aton, compiled by Nora Boyles in 1993, a spirit guide by the name of Ceres-Hatonn is reported of accusing the Freemasons of unspecified black magickal practices and ritual Druidic-Masonic rites. The center of these accusations was found to be within their Satanic worship and involvement in the Gothic Templar-styled Black Mass. According to Ceres, Freemasons and other occultists utilize the symbol of Baphomet rendered by Eliphas Levi for the same horrible purposes as their Templarian forefathers before them, in which all manner of evil practices were carried out in the name of Satan, whilst employing the image of Baphomet. In describing the Baphomet illustration, Boyles wrote: the lower abdomen clearly shows the Caduceus in the form of a stylized phallus, strengthening the new theory that Baphomet is in fact an encoded fertility symbol for the explicit purposes of Satanic pro-creation. Furthermore, using the Masonic Atbash Cipher in decoding the name Baphomet, we are given 'Sophia,' the Goddess of wisdom who is also equated with the Moon Goddess Diana, whose male consort is Lucifer. Certainly, therefore, the myth that is Diana (Lucifera) will be used by Satan in some capacity to promote his Antichrist King, because she already appears in his surrounding mythos far in advance of his arrival.

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The image of the Baphomet, revered so vehemently among Satanists, is nothing more than the secret of the Satanic/human hybrid bloodline, a Royal Satanic lineage which ultimately produces the Antichrist. Secret societies therefore utilized this kind of Occult symbology, specifically the enigmatic Baphomet effigy as idol worship steeped in deep esoteric mysticism to keep their Great Work a well-guarded secret only imparted to trusted members, while those who are actually born into such knowledge are aware of the Baphomet's true personage, DIANA-LUCIFERA on one level, and Satan-Eve, on another. Despite what Occultists say to the uninitiated, the frightening depiction of the Satanic Diana idol was ultimately to convey the birth of the Alchemical Christ, the Antichrist, as a Golden Child. The Egyptian God Horus and his symbol of the All-Seeing Eye above the Pyramid (a symbol whose roots are traced back to Atlantis) is most often seen today on the back of the American Dollar bill. The Eagle depicted on modern currency was originally going to be a Phoenix, symbolizes a new, secular, American Order that the Freemasons were attempting to bring forth, as rising from the ashes from the older Piscean Age and order, of which they attribute to Christ. The seemingly contrary words of "IN GOD WE TRUST" seems to clash with the same Freemasons desiring a "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" (a New Secular Order), but not when you understand that their Masonic God is not the God of the Hebrew or Christian Bible, nor is their "freedom of religion(s)" idea in the Constitution there to protect Christianity, but to protect Luciferian Witchcraft and Masonic Satanism, only then can you begin to understand that what they have since built around that seemingly benign Constitution, is little more than a grand Satanic Empire that hides itself behind the quite-telling and ever-shrinking title of a "Christian nation." In other words, what America is today achieving in its obvious and increasing Satanic worship toward Antichrist has literally been in the works since 1776, and long before. This is nothing new and suddenly brought about by the liberal Democrats, as the ignorant Right-wing continually deceive their flock with. It is indicative of both parties, but moreover, that force which has controlled both parties since their inception. As such, their Masonic Sun God, Lucifer, is quite openly seen by his parallel representative in the Egyptian deity Horus placed on America's most used denomination so that the message was always clear who and what governs the United States at its core. For just as the Horus myth parallels the Satanic trinity that ultimately represents the Antichrist himself, thru its Egyptian counterparts in the Father Osiris, Mother Isis, and their magickal Child Horus, we know that the exact same Occult archetypes are actually represented in reality by Lucifer, Diana, and young Prince William-Arthur of Wales. Back to the ongoing British Masonic experiment that is The New Atlantis, called America, it was ultimately decided that the Roman Eagle should best represent the new nation, while also depicting their god's eye overseeing an unfinished 13-stepped, pyramid (13 is both Satan's and Cain's prime number). In total, the symbolism carefully chosen and portrayed on the back of our Satanic Anglo-American currency represents their Cainite history, of where they have been, from Atlantis to Egypt, from Rome to the Americas, as well as where they are still taking the world itself, from Cain to the Antichrist. In other words, the Masonic dollar is pictorial history of Satan's children, who have been at the creation of every pagan empire since the dawn of man. This is precisely why we are seeing America's true Masonic hand at work, subtly turning America into just another pagan empire, in keeping with its original design. If America could in any way be compared to ancient Babylon, then of a truth, Babylon is falling according to the design for a New Atlantis.

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American expatriate journalist and author, Charles Leland in his investigation into ancient Witchcraft traditions in Italy which culminated in his authoring 'Aradia: Gospel of the Witches' (1899) details at length the importance of Diana and Lucifer as the main God and Goddess of true, hereditary, European Witchcraft. Aradia also recounts the legend of The Children of Diana in which it is stated that Diana created the Great Spirits of the Stars, with 'stars' being a known Biblical metaphor for Angels. Italian Witches believed therefore the Grigori (Watchers) as Lucifer's demonic fallen Host of Angels, were the literal offspring of Diana and Lucifer. Richard Cavendish in his book 'The Powers of Evil' makes references to the Watchers as Fallen Angels of Satan that magicians would call forth in their ceremonial magic. [Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 430-432]. Similarly, Celtic Irish legends informs us that the Goddess Dana is the mother of the Tuatha de Danaan. Aradia: Gospel of the Witches by Leland goes on to explain that the Goddess "Diana initially had by Lucifer, who had fallen, a daughter whom she named Aradia which Diana had sent to the earth to be the First Witch to teach Witchcraft to those who would learn, thus setting up a secret cult in opposition to Christianity." [A History of Witchcraft p. 150] Leland's book would probably not have had the influence it did if not for the credibility allegedly bestowed on it by the work of Margaret Murray who startled academics and historians with her book 'Witchcraft in Western Europe.' Murray who lived in Glastonbury, England received mysterious information by what she called an "unknown informant" whilst living in Glastonbury, the reputed Avalon (and burying place of King Arthur) which proved to be the key that unlocked the door to the whole mystery. Murray believed that she discovered the secret meaning behind the religious history of Europe, and so did others. Her theories created an enormous stir when they first appeared. In two later books: 'The God of Witches' and 'The Divine King in England' she extended her theories even further claiming that the Witch religion of the God that is reborn not only survived but actually dominates British Royalty to the point many English Kings were ritually murdered according to the rite of the cult. [A History of Witchcraft p. 152-154]

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Depiction of the Pagan Trinity
Diana and Satan with their
Child (Symbolic of the Antichrist)

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It is virtually impossible to understand the Witch cult without first comprehending the position of the deities of Wicca ... The "Horned One," ... was Satan. The Goddess, whose name is also secret, is of great significance to the witches themselves ... Thus Diana went to the fathers of the beginning, to the mothers of the spirits which were before the first spirit and lamented unto them that she could not prevail with Lucifer. They told her that to rise, she must fall; to become the giant of Goddesses, she must become mortal. Diana went to earth, as had Lucifer, who had fallen even into the Underworld. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, ex-husband of Diana is the current top Noble of that Order of the Knights of the Garter. Is he a High Witch of the Wicca cult? Was Diana also a Witch of Wicca?

Quotes From Alex Sanders

Oh Horned One of ancient fame, I invoke you by your secret name that echoes down through history lore as [Satan] Lover of the Holy Mother [Diana]. You are our co-Creator and Father. Transform my soul that through You I may see the whole of vision great that is your plan to transform all the souls of man.

Wicca: The Complete Craft p. 262 simply the guy in charge of the Underworld and the spirits of nature who witches regularly invoke. Wiccans call him the Horned One, the old grimoires call him Satan — but it’s basically the same guy. My lecture about Satan’s role in the grimoires focused heavily upon this very subject.

Satan and Paganism – Should Wicca Go To Hell?

The symbol of Baphomet was used by the Knights Templar to represent Satan. Through the ages this symbol...represents the Powers of Darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat. Many people in the Middle Ages thought some women rode at night with Diana, Goddess of the Pagans. The Goddess of [all] witches had various names, but learned texts commonly refer to her as Diana, Goddess of the Moon.

Anton Szandor LaVey; The Satanic Bible p. 136; Exploring the Unknown p. 207

The Devil would not lead us to death and fire, but to life, creation, pleasure, ecstasy and wisdom. Lucifer has been described within a Sabbatic context before, specifically as the husband of Diana from the legend originating from Italian folklore. Lucifer (the Sun) was the husband of Diana (the Moon). The two were joined in a great union of opposites.

In Witchcraft, the Old Ones was a term for the Primal Spirits, the so-called 'Elder Race' [or Watchtowers]; god-like beings to which Diana went to seeking solace from her consort who praised her for her courage. They told her that to rise, she must fall, to become the Goddess she must become a mortal [i.e., Princess Diana].

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 315

Crowley's wife Rose repeated the strange phrase over and over again, adding "It's all about the Child." On April 8th, Crowley sat down alone in the apartment and awaited the message of the gods [demons] and for three days, Crowley wrote down all that he heard. The result was the Book of the Law which announced the passing away of the Aeon of the Dying God (Jesus Christ) and the inauguration of the Age of the Crowned Conquering Child, Horus [Antichrist]. This book would also become the foundation stone for modern Witchcraft.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 95-96

Surely if true, these demons were Satan's emissaries, appearing in forms answerable unto Horus and Mompta, the old deities of Egypt, to delude unhappy men. For those dark caves and mummy repositories are Satan's abodes, wherein he speculates and rejoices on human vain-glory, and keeps those Kings and conquerors, whom alive he bewitched whole for that great day when he will claim his own, and marshall the kings of Nilus and Thebes in sad procession unto the pit.

Religio Medici, 1643

The promoters of witchcraft, and especially Wicca, are constantly reminding us that their religion is not Satanic, but research into their history proves otherwise. One of the foundational texts of Wicca is called Aradia: The Gospel of Witches. According to the text, the Goddess Diana is Queen of the Witches. She is said to have a brother, named Lucifer, who is The Sun God. Diana incestuously seduces him to create the unholy union between Diana and Lucifer. The political explanation has been offered that the idea of Lucifer as the true head of the witches was too 'strong meat' for the beginning Wiccans. However, Diana is described as 'Queen of the Serpents' [lineage].

The Darkness Now Growing In America

Since the so-called Enlightenment, mankind has gradually fallen under the spell of the Kabbalah. What we have been taught to believe is progress is actually the resurgence of an ancient Satanic pagan fertility cult, epitomized by the Kabbalah. The "god" of the Kabbalah is not god at all. It is Lucifer. Freemasonry is based on the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is based on ancient pagan mythologies which recount the story of an original God who created the Universe, and a usurper god (Lucifer) who eventually defeats God and comes to rule the Universe in His stead. Essentially, the god and the goddess were seen as two aspects of a single god, Lucifer. Lucifer who exemplified evil, was known as a "dying God" because every winter he died and descended to the underworld, where he ruled over the spirits of the dead. Lucifer demands sacrifices [and] must be appeased to avert his evil and direct it against one's enemies. The most evil sacrifice is the slaughter of a child. Livingstone explains: "This [child sacrifice] became the basis of this cult throughout the ancient world. Rituals of death and resurrection imitated that of the god [being reborn on June 21st]. Participants would imbibe intoxicants and dance to music in order to achieve a state of ecstasy, [then] supernatural abilities like shape-shifting, clairvoyance and other magical powers. In this state, they would slaughter a child and eat its flesh and drink its blood so that the god [demon] could be reborn in them." These rituals afterward involve sexual orgies where a priest and priestess impersonate the god/goddess [Lucifer/Diana] in a "Sacred Marriage" and produce a "son of god" [symbolic of Antichrist] who would then rule as 'King [of the world].'

The Kabbalah- The NWO's Satanic Bible

The black witches and magicians, being aware of this, and knowing that this terror could come from the very depths of the dark side of the subconscious, accepted sex rites and blood [murder] rites as a basic foundation for their worship, and they learned to control this terror that could come from within themselves to wreak havoc among the unsuspecting (page 16). The general accepted symbol of the left-handed path is the inverted triangle, called the triangle of darkness, symbolic of the Christian [abode of the dead] darkness, and it is passed on to this day among initiates.

Quotes From Alex Sanders

Keep in mind that this ritual is not of modern origin. It has been practiced by Satanists since the days of Babylon. It is a multi-generational practice and it involves human sacrifice and the Satanic “Sacrament,” the consumption of the sacrificed victim’s literal blood and flesh. Kabbalah has instructed the literal Children of Satan the world over how the conjuring and controlling of powerful demonic entities that by utilizing certain geometrical lines combined with very specific harmonic frequencies of sound – the protective “Watchtowers” can be temporarily disabled, allowing very real and very powerful demonic Fallen Angels to communicate with the sorcerer or the witch.

The Story Behind The Story

All Witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 72


Aradian Witchcraft: The Worship of Lucifer and Diana

Treguenda: [Aradian Sabbat] Aradia's followers meet every month at the full moon
Aradia Invoking: At Midnight during a full moon, Witches invoke the spirit of Aradia
Conjuration of Cain: Cain is conjured as a lunar spirit and asked to foretell the future
Diana Conjuration: Diana is implored and constrained to perform the Witches wishes

Cain has always been at the center of true Satanism, or at the very least placed somewhere within its offspring in Druidism, Witchcraft, or its Occult Magick. Adepts assert it was Cain who first used the Craft to debase God which culminated in the murderous sacrifice of Abel. Robert Graves in his seminal work titled The White Goddess which contains the traditional verse sung during the Witch's Sabbat known as 'The Coal Black Smith,' clearly pays homage to Tubal-Cain as a Kenite Goat-god. Tubal-Cain thus became associated with the most ancient Horned God who is still worshipped.

Aradian Witchcraft: The Worship of Lucifer and Diana

The Basic Steps to Becoming a Dianic [Satanic] Witch

*Be sponsored by a member or approached by the [a] Devil.
*Renounce all previous religious vows.
*Swear to obey the Devil and sign a pact to this effort.
*Be rebaptized and take a new Witch name.
*Be branded with the Devil's Mark and drink blood from a ritual sacrifice.
*A snakeskin Garter is optionally worn on left leg to denote the Witches rank.

The cult, although 'Dianic' after the famous description of night-riding with Diana in the [Vatican's] Canon Episcopi worshipped the Devil, the male horned god. The prospective Witch joined through several marked ceremonies of admission. Having been approved they would renounce all previous religious vows and take new ones to Satan, to obey him and make over to him both body and soul without reservation. This verbal contract would then be reinforced with a written pact or signed covenant. Covens comprise of 13.

From 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History' p. 67, 90, 100-101, 130-131, 136

The Grand Master was further assisted by a Maid or Queen of the Sabbat who acted as consort. Sir Walter Scott described her in his Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft as a girl of personal attractions whom Satan placed beside himself and treated with particular attention.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 174

They worshipped with sex orgies held in underground or in abandoned buildings. In the flickering light of their torches they began by chanting a litany of demonic names until the Evil One appeared. The Devil appeared as a Beast or in a form reminiscent of the Canon Episcopi. They renounced Christ and desecrated the Christian Cross. Torches were extinguished and the congregation indiscriminately copulated. Children were inevitably conceived at such meetings and eight days after they were born - they were eaten.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 67

Related theories held even up into the 19th century in Italy when Charles Leland wrote of Witches who worshipped Diana and Lucifer. 'Aradia' was a legendary medieval Witch in Italy whose name was popularized by Charles Leland. Aradia was born on August 13 1313. The year 1313 probably denotes a mystical concept; August 13 was the ancient sacred festival day of the Goddess Diana and 13 is the mystical number of the Moon. In Leland's book, Apollo is identified with Lucifer [whilst] Diana is his consort. Diana being the Goddess of the Moon and of childbirth. Lucifer was viewed as the eternal consort of the Roman Moon Goddess Diana.

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 260-261, 15-16; A History of Witchcraft p. 150

Do you really think all of this is coincidence? What are the odds? So what are we really looking at? We have President George Bush Jr. who is 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Officially becoming the 43rd President on December 13th of a nation that originally had 13 colonies, who celebrates its Independence Day July 4, which is exactly 13 days after Summer Solstice on June 21. Anglo-Israel belief teaches that America is the 13th Tribe of Israel. Bush rules from the White House which the cornerstone was laid by a Masonic Ritual on Saturday, October 13, 1792, which is surrounded by 13 approximately straight lines of avenues which Freemason L'Enfant planned for the city to be symbolic of the 13 stripes of the national flag upon which also has an Israelite Star of David comprised of 13 stars.

Robert Howard: George Bush Jr. and the Number 13

The names of the Lord's people are multiples of 8, while His enemies are multiples of 13. The numerical value of the [Jewish] Seth line of names collectively is a multiple of 8 whilst those of the [Cainite] Cain line collectively is a multiple of 13. Cain's bloodlust continues in his Bloodline today. It is said that there are 13 Bloodlines that comprise the “Illuminati.” In fact, there is only Cain’s bloodline

E.W. Bullinger

By meeting in groups of thirteen Witches were following an ancient tradition: Christ had twelve Disciples [making Judas the 13th person in the entourage when including Christ]. Likewise, King Arthur seated twelve Knights around the Round Table [making himself #13]. King Edward III enshrined the number 13 in his Order of the Garter, England's highest Order of Chivalry. One can still see it encircling the Coat of Arms of the British Royal Family. The Order comprised of twelve Knights under the King and twelve under the Prince of Wales, that is, two 'covens' of thirteen. The King as its leader wore a mantle covered in a total of 168 Garters which with the one he wore on his leg made 169 (or 13 x 13). For Gardner it established the Sacred 13 at the heart of British aristocracy and demonstrates the use of the Garter as a badge of rank amongst Witches.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 172-173

The Following Symbol Seen on Our Current U.S. Dollar
Proves the Masonic Government Claiming False Heritage
as Israel's Supposed Lost Tribes of Ephraim & Manasseh


Manly P. Hall stated clearly in his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, that the US was nothing less than a “Masonic experiment,” designed to allow Freemasons to “dominate the world.” Considering the world from which they were escaping, one in which [Christian] religious dogma still influenced all aspects of life, whether their experiment was a noble one or not is perhaps based on your own perspective.

10 Intriguing Masonic Connections To The Founding Of America

Masonic orders have contained the most influential men in many governments, and virtually every Occult order has Masonic roots.

Satanic Church Founder Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals, p. 78

Freemasonry is a powerful force – it has infiltrated in all power structures and it exerts a malefic influence in America and in the entire world.

The Secret Homosexual Agenda of Freemasonry

British Freemasons Work to Establish Their Greatest Commonwealth
On May 14, 1607, a Masonic group calling themselves Virginia Company landed a group of colonists in Jamestown, Virginia, where the first American Masonic secret society was set up. The fact that the London's Masonic Hall already had their hands in the creation of the United States by 1607 proves without any doubt, from the very onset, America was created to be a Masonic nation that would be forever linked with the Masonic Brotherhood back in London. The lofty ideals of this element of the Anglo-conspiracy created by English Freemasons surprisingly came about in part by the literary works of Sir Francis Bacon author of The New Atlantis in 1627. Bacon is said to have "exerted a considerable and beneficial influence on the forming of America," the understanding being that the Freemasons were going to build for themselves, a New Atlantis, a powerful utopian society which would be a Masonic light and leader of the world. Almost immediately after the novel was published, Christoph Nicolai began claiming that a grand, Anglo-American, cross-Atlantic conspiracy was underway between American Freemasons and prominent English Freemasonry and Rosicrucian's in London to conceal secret political efforts to restore the exiled Scottish House of Stuart, as well as rebuild the Temple of Solomon in America (since there was no 'Kingdom of Israel' at that time), whereby ever since, the persistent rumors of a grand Masonic conspiracy of London and American societies have never wavered from that time to this. One thing is certain, after the formation of the new Druidic Grand Lodge built in London in the year 1717, the ranks of Freemasonry surged as increasingly more Freemasons were enamored of the Atlantis conspiracy, even if it meant treason and war with the armies of the then British King. In time, as the plan took root across the Atlantic, even while the earliest Americans who settled the first Colonies were comprised of British "Christians" known as Puritans, enslaved to the Crown. By the 1760's, their "Founding Fathers" came to power, bringing with them the arcane secrets of Occult traditions from Satan's former pagan empires of Egypt, Greece, Britannia and Rome, filtered thru the so-called 'Scottish Rite' and handed down to them from the Knights Templar, Cathars, Merovingians, and that vanquished Celtic Order of Solar-worshipping priests before them. These same Founding Fathers wasted no time in establishing themselves as architects of this New Atlantis weaving their brand of Satanic Templar-Druidism into the fabric of the burgeoning American government. Interestingly, America started with 13 colonies, the same number of counties in Wales, and no doubt, the number 13 originally connected to Atlantis itself. Thus is America connected to Atlantis, making America only a temporary 'experiment' that is to prepare for the next Atlantis to come, the global United Kingdom (Antichrist Empire) controlled by The Beast by way of Masonic London. And yet, Masonic America also seemingly protects God's Chosen in Israel, however, Cainites only seemingly protect Israel today to save it for the Antichrist tomorrow. Why? Satan wants to destroy Israel himself. Antichrist is his weapon, and those so-called Twelve Tribes of Israel from which Britain and America are supposedly descended from, are of two of the Tribes to be sure, just not of Israel. They are descended from Cain and his Thirteen Tribes, of which America and Britain are NOT the Israelite Ephraim and Manasseh, but Cain and Tubal-Cain.

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The very same ancient and Occult symbology carried over from Scotland and England derived from the York/Scottish Rite and Bavarian Illuminati quickly took root in America, just as the Masonic Founding Fathers imposed their own powerful influences onto every facet of the New Atlantic Kingdom. The earliest evidences of British-Israelism were displayed through the Masonic secret language of symbols even then, more clearly seen in the modern version of the Great Seal today. Just as the Biblical Kings and prophets were each given divine revelations often times thru the guidance of an Angel, America's first President, George Washington, himself a Masonic Master, was reported to have prophetic visions about America already foreseeing the future greatness and power of the New Masonic Kingdom. Despite the efforts of the despised King George, there was no stopping it. A New England was to be created across the Atlantic and become vastly more powerful than the original, however, what those who weren't privy to the Masonic plan for a New World Order couldn't realize, that the new Masonic nation was never going to cut its ties with England completely, quite the contrary, it only waited for a time when even the ruling powers in England would themselves become Masonic, and the two governments would be as allies, thereby establishing the Masonic dream of raising up a New Atlantis that was to be a united venture of Freemasonry to ensure their shared goals were met. It is this same bizarre notion that even now unites the secret Masonic commonwealth governments of America and Britain today, the same nations who are behind every evil global conspiracy during the last three centuries that ultimately seeks to place a Bloodline descendant of Satan's Cain upon the Messianic Throne of David, meaning, Israel. However, a perfect world for tomorrow cannot be built without the blood of countless innocents at the hands of their Masonic Overlords. Thus, for today, the Trans-Atlantic Alliance or New Atlantis being the temporary superpower that empowers the Anglo-British plan toward Tribulation dominance, even now controls world events thru the use of disinformation, assassinations, sabotage, political intrigue, puppet governments, tyranny, and Middle East wars that protect Israel long enough so that Antichrist can take Zion. Again, not everyone in the American government knows the Masonic end game that leads to the Antichrist, in fact, most no not know. However, that matters not when those who do know are in the highest echelons of command behind the scenes and know that United States is still a British Colony. King James I of England, the first (Scottish-)Stuart King of England, most famous for his King James version of the Bible, was also responsible for the First Charter of Virginia in 1606. That Charter granted America’s British forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. The charter also guaranteed that all future Kings and Queens of England would have sovereign authority over all future citizens and colonized land in America, despite American history reporting that this British charter was absolved in 1776.

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Although King George III of England seemingly gave up most of his claims over the American colonies, ensuring the American people were completely pacified with the ideal of "freedom," the King kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonizing America the rest of his natural life. It's no mere coincidence therefore, that the year 1776 itself saw both the rise of the Aryan Illuminati in Bavaria, and the rise of the Masonic United States in the New World, even as both operations were being orchestrated by the same Satanic Royal Family. In fact, their choice of starting such an undertaking in the year 1776 is rooted on their promoting Satan, whilst debasing and mocking Christ. Knowing how far numerology factors into the Occult and Masonic Gnosticism, in general, the year 1776 is best explained 888 + 888 = 1776. Understand, the number of Jesus Christ is equated in the Gematria to 888. Thus, the year 1776 becoming the starting year of the Secret Societies' largest push toward Antichrist that has carried us into our modern era, was a way of mocking God's and His Son by showing them how they can turn what is a Holy number into something completely evil and Anti-Christ. And we have already seen at least one of their Masonic "new ages" before, dressed up as the Novo Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages) of the United States of America, where from its inception was following an all too familiar pattern seen in Europe. Long before America's own British-born Forefathers (of whom only some were Freemason, but all were Anglo-racist) the Puritan and Pilgrim people themselves were slaves of the British Crown. While the Pilgrims were Separatists, seemingly, the Puritan "Christians" were openly loyal to England and the British Monarchy, as non-separating Congregationalists who believed the Church of England was the one true church, and whatever ruling Monarch that exists at the time is its Godly head. While the Separatists served to pacify the idea of freedom, the Congregationalists became those powerfully elite families by which arose the most elitist "American Freemasons" from among them, some of which went on to take the highest positions of power offered them. So while the Anglo-racist Pilgrims pr